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RCMix Kernel for HTC Evo 3D – Stable 1.728Ghz Overclock!


So, this is an update for the RCMix Kernel, which was not allowing my Evo 3D to be overclocked beyond 1.5Ghz couple days back. But with its latest version 2.2.3, you can in fact overclock it to a whopping 2Ghz.

For my Evo 3D (the maximum CPU will depend on your phone), I was able to achieve stable 1.728Ghz and got near 100MFLOPS on Linpack.

Download the latest RCMix Kernel here:

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Download RCMix Kernel


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RCMix Kernel for HTC Evo 3D [Overclock 2Ghz]!


For those of you looking for overclocked kernel on your permanent rooted Evo 3D, you might want to try out RCMix kernel, which supposedly give you wings to near 2.05Ghz overclocking although I have only been able to get it near 1.5Ghz.

Please try it out and let me know what the maximum overclocking speeds you get.

Download RCMix kernel here:

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Download RCMix kernel

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