HTC Evo Hacks is a blog about hacking your HTC Evo 4G and 3D.

This blog is to help those of you new to Android system and HTC Evo 4G and 3D, our step-by-step guides hopefully will help you in hacking your HTC Evo 4G and 3D.

Why stick with stock Android OS when there’s a multitude of options available with custom ROMs?

For beginners, please see our HTC Evo 4G Cheat Sheet/FAQ or HTC Evo 3D Cheat Sheet/FAQ.

Also, you can now install Ubuntu on your HTC Evo 4G!

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  1. Sean says:

    I am interested in rooting and flashing my HTC Evo 4G and Samsung Galaxy 4S (Not the touch). I am not very computer savvy. Do you offer a service where we can pay you to do this for us? If not can you reccommend someone who knows how to do this with their contact information. it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. gregory says:

    your ics the new one screwed up my evo 3d it will not turn on at all

  3. Roselio says:

    Does any of this hacks work on a HTC EVO SHIFT 4G??

  4. lance says:

    where’s the love for other evos? i have the design 4g and don’t see any roms/toolkits, etc. anywhere

  5. Matt says:

    Been following you and messing with my Evo 4g for a long time now- its been great.
    Anyway,may be time for a phone upgrade- what do you suggest?

  6. Richard Gearhart says:

    It is unfortunate that like the I-Phone, the battery is not removable. I am due for an upgrade in 9 days, but I think I will stick with my original Evo 4G (running MikG 3.11)

  7. Abe H says:

    Max I REALLY need your help here man. I been studying your instructions for weeks now and I finally decided to take the plunge and root my sprint evo 3d cdma. I followed everything to the t, did the HTC unlock, installed revolutionary, updated all my drivers, and everything else I was supposed to do. I tried numerous ics roms and I was able to flash every single one of them but every single time I get stuck in a boot loop! I’ve looked in every possible forum I could find… was able to successfully load one meanrom that I found but that’s it. I’ve tried everything. I’m pretty sure all my files are correct, I even did it EXACTLY as you did in one of ur vids but still no dice. I may have to go back to that meanrom but I couldn’t sign into Google account or get wifi. I don’t wanna revert to stock either. My guess is I have some file in the wrong folder but I checked and rechecked everything. Its prolly something small and stupid. ANYONE, PLEASE HELP!!! I’m out a phone. Help

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      If you have HBOOT 1.50 S-ON, you must install roms from fastboot or flashimagegui otherwise you will end up in a bootloop for ROMs that come with custom kernels. Most ROMs come with custom kernels.

      • Abe H says:

        I did man! Tried BOTH and got nothing but boot loops. Im gonna try 4ext when I get home from work.. do I need to use command prompt with that or can I just reboot into recovery right from the app? Will 4ext properly flash the kernel? someone told me to try extracting the rom to my c drive then placing a copy of the boot.img in my rootevo3dnew folder and entering command fastboot flash boot boot.img?

  8. Don says:

    Ok…. So I rooted my gen 1 EVO 4g a while ago…. Have done nothing more than install titanium and uninstalled a few bloated items…. But I would like to unroot the phone so that I can get the over the air update from Sprint…. How can I do this….? Or should I just see if I can find a copy of the newest HTC Rom for the EVO elsewhere?

  9. Timothy Nix says:

    I need your help bad. I had an Evo 4g and I rooted it and ran several
    roms on it and a month ago I upgraded to an Evo 3d. I ran the Viper rom on it after I watched your review and I was really happy with the overclocking, the battery life and performance. But I flashed the cm9 mod and was having trouble with gapps so I went back into recovery and flashed gapps. my Evo went into a boot loop and now it wont do anything but reboot into tne Htc logo screen. I can start up into the bootloader screen but it wont go into recovery. I have tried to load recovery into the SD card with a card reader and then place it back in the phone but it doesn’t see the image. Can you please write me some instructions on how to get out of this boot loop. I need my hone back.

    • Abe H says:

      I swear Im gonna make my own page for fixing boot loop cuz its been happening to a lot of ppl lately! Tim what recovery are u using

      • FRANK says:

        I need your help i have got a htc evo that was flash for boost mobile , as a diffrent phone now it don’t work. how do i set the phone back as an evo ? now that boost has the evo for sale i tryed to set it up and they are telling me the has a diffrent account and that i have to cancell the account but i can not they ask me for a pin so now i can not use the phone can it be rest back to the org system

        • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

          You have to change IMEI back to Sprint I think but that’s out of scope of what I can help you with. Try one of those guys who flash to boost, they can probably do it.

        • Timothy Nix says:

          I had twp recovery . Thats not the correct name but that’s the beginning of the initials. My 3d wont go into any type of recovery nor will it load recognizable on my computer so i can send it commands. lt wont do anything but boot and reboot every 2 minutes into the htc logo. When I watched the instructions on how to flash the cm9 rom it said now your warranty is gone and you are screwed up. not those exact words but pretty close. I think they are creating roms to destroy. but anyway if you can help me recover this brick i would be willing to pay. i would like to give you my email because it took me a while to find this post again. i need my phone back. thanks.

  10. Avi says:

    I don’t see any rooting or tether on HTC EVO 4G DESIGN !!!
    can you direct to it?

  11. Abe H says:

    Hey Max, quick question. If I accept the ICS system update on my 3vo when it does happen to come out, will my phone then be unrooted again?

  12. evo 3d mods says:

    Hey zedomax,
    Thought you might be interested in seeing how your website helped me in the beginning and then I just took the ball and ran with it on my videos as far as smart phone hacking! Pulled off some complex stuff over the past few months! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and helping us “beginners!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEn8waqlqo8.

  13. Chean Wai Fong says:

    I have got a China made phone iHTC One 4G+ which has got Gingerbread 2.3.6 Kernel Version
    installed. The Baseband version is MAUI.11AMD.W11.50.SP.V6.F1. I have been trying to root this phone but have been unsuccessful. I have tried, SuperOneClick , HTCSupertoolsV3, Gingerbreak V1.20, and even have tried the manual process using adb commands. Some of the errors I get eg. Dir not found when I push files into phone location /data/local/tmp … Permission denied when requesting for SU. (Superuser is installed but do not have the SU binary), etc I have also read somewhere that says that Gingerbread 2.3.6 cannot be rooted. Is that true ?
    And advise will be most appreicated.

    Thanks in advance

  14. Roselio says:

    i see everything for HTC EVO 4G and 3D but nothing for the EVo SHIFT, if you could please put it up because i have checked other websites and their instructions are not so good

  15. Joe Capell says:

    I would like to know how to flash the phone and have countious free use like if I just bought from the box and turn on the servies. I love my phoe and I would not trade it for anything. I just need sone help and guildences on how to do this? Thanks

  16. DONNA says:


  17. andrew says:

    hey zedo im having what appears to be major problems i have a evo 3d on sprint i relocked my phone then rooted i tried to do the wire trick to get s-off but my phone is stuck on the juopunutbear screen i took the battery out and turned it on and still the same thing now and im not sure if i went int recovery what to do. i also took my sd card out and put into an adapter and the computer says i need to format it before i can use it any help is appreciated

  18. Korey says:

    have htc evo 4g on sprint, i rooted it by following your youtube video. Sprint just tried pushing the update for android 2.3.5 to my phone. Can i accept and download or do i have to do something else since it is rooted???

  19. Gary says:

    I recently rooted my evo 4g, got a popup yesterday about an HTC upgrade. If I do this will I lose root capabilities?

  20. Don says:

    If u rooted ur phone… You will NOT be able to update over the air from HTC/sprint/Verizon/att….

  21. Grant says:

    Hey these vids are great. I did my evo 4g along time ago but now have evo 4g lte. My question is if i unlock the boot loader and load a custom rom, what happens when the lte is released. Will my phone be 4g capible or do i need to go back to stock RUU and download new software… Also i have watch all of your GREAT VIDs and read ALL your post but one thing is missing i think. When i want to revert to the RUU install for unroot, How does the bootloader get locked again after had useing the htcdev UB tool. Does the SuperSU unroot do this for you?

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      No need to unroot custom roms will have lte.

      • Grant says:

        Thanks for your anwser. I thought lte would work. But now about the second part of the question. I think if i followed your steps correctly i have nothing to worry about. But can you briefly discribe the part where the boot loader gets locked again. I know the 20 min RUU install will make it not show Tampered**, does it also lock the bootloader. Im not to worried i just need to know at witch point the loader gets locked so i will feel like i fully understand the whole thing before i unlock it. I have run the bat file and it works great. You and xda are the best. Keep up the great work.

        • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

          You can lock bootloader anytime using fastboot oem lock to get rid of tampered for warranty u can run ruu.

  22. Jim says:

    Ok like an idiot not thinking I accepted the new Android update from Sprint last weekend and now my WiFi Tether isn’t working. My phone is still unlocked with S-ON. Is there any way possible to get it working again?

  23. Grant says:

    LOL… that’s easy. Thanks man you are an inspiration. You too xda peeps. stay high on htc…

  24. Anthony says:

    I want to install the latest HTC software update 1.22.651.3, but I’m having trouble with TWRP installed. How do I install the update???

  25. James Grinstead says:

    I’ve been following you for some time now and I’m wondering if you do anything on the web for samsung galaxy s 2’s? I just got one…

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Galaxy S2 rooting site! http://galaxys2root.com

      • James Grinstead says:

        Also im wondering if u could help me with something else, I wany to root my phone, which is a Samsung galaxy s II, everythimg works, but when I boot into its stock recovery via volume up and power the only thing I can do in that menu Is scroll up and down the four options with the volume keys, the power key does not work in that menu.. Hence why i’m afraid to root. I can give u my number if you email me if u think instructions over the phone would be easier, I called sprint and their tech support couldn’t help me. Very annoying. So I figured id ask the next smartest person I know with phone lol. Hope you can help. I live in Socal if you know of any
        xylophone repair shops that I can go to as well

        • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

          Use home buttons. And try http://Epic4GTouchRoot.com for Sprint Epic 4G Touch and http://GalaxyS2Root.com all other Galaxy S2 phones.

          • James Grinstead says:

            So Sprints Galaxy S 2 is called an Epic 4g Touch? I went on that link you gave me and that Epic 4g touch looks just like the phone I have.
            But i’m confused now because it says Galaxy S II on the back…???!!! Lol got me all fu**Ed up now Zedo.

          • James Grinstead says:

            Nevermind Zedomax, after doing research on your site you linked me I figured it all out… Sorry for the dumb questions lol, I am now rooted! Thanks again! Keep up the good work.!

            • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

              yes, the Sprint version is actually called Epic 4G Touch, it’s a Galaxy S2 alright but we all refer to it at Epic4GTouch not to get confused with all the other Galaxy S2s. 🙂 No questions are dumb tho.

      • James Grinstead says:

        My galaxy s2 is from sprint. That site does not support my phone. not with sprint anymore what happened dude?

  26. Ghost says:

    I just rooted my Sprint Galaxy SII Epic 4G TOUCH, I just got the request to install or something like that onto my phone, can I click yes to install that? Will it mess up root? Should I not mess with the update?

    • James Grinstead says:

      Can I click yes to install that 4.0.4 update without messing up root? It keeps popping up every fifteen minutes to install, very annoying. What are my options here? I was also wondering if I should UNROOT, install the update, then re-root… Is that possible? Please get back to me on this soon, again I have the Sprint Epic 4g touch D710,, rooted by following your method, like always lol.

    • Grant says:

      Don’t do it. Your can manually install a rooted copy.

      • Grant says:

        You will loose root and it will be allot harder to unroot again.

        • Grant says:

          To get rid of the update available warning go back to a back up you have, or install the rooted version of the update manually, or go to a custom ROM like meanrom, and then turn off update checker in settings so it never bothers you. Never do ota updates again. Make back UPS…

  27. Zark Starton says:

    Your website is a crap attempt to make money through SEO on Google and doesn’t deserve to be the #1 result for “Evo 4G LTE roms” because you have no content whatsoever. If you’re going to spam up the search results, at least provide something of value rather than stealing content from other sites. You don’t even have a forum, man. How’s that for feedback?

    Not that you’ll probably care, as long as it’s making you a little money on the side.

    • James Grinstead says:

      Ha! Wow, if you were actually smart enough to read through the posts and videos i’m sure you’d get more than enough help on this site, Zedomax had been making videos for a long time with Pre-school explanations so ppl like you don’t get confused and throw there daily temper tantrums. There’s a reason why his site pops up number one. . . Son.

      • Zark Starton says:

        Don’t call me “son”. Go back to preschool yourself; I guess when I put “ROMs” in my search query I’m just expecting more than a wall of links. A listing of ROMs might be a good start? (There, if you want some productive feedback that’s it) Otherwise how is this website more useful than me going to the XDA forums’ Development section?

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Thanks but I never did any kind of SEO attempt to be #1, perhaps you are an SEO expert who is looking into this too deeply. I don’t steal, I provide credit link to XDA forums on most of my posts. Thanks for trollin’ but you obviously never looked through the site and read through the comments.

    • Grant says:

      Wow some people just like showing how dumb they are.

    • Zark Starton says:

      Actually, there’s nothing I’m really confused about here, nor am I looking for help. It’s just annoying that this site is clogging up the search results when other sites with far more relevant (and better organized) content should be higher.

      But hey, as long as Google’s algorithms think you’re the best, I guess you’re the best. I’ll troll on.

  28. Ajax says:

    I have an HTC EVO 3D
    Software Version: 2.89.651.2710RD
    Android Version: 4.0.3
    HUB: 1.58

    Am I able to Root it?

    If so what would be the best method?

    • Grant says:

      start at evo 3d faq. read all that and make your determination. You also need to know what hboot your on,.,. I believe you can start at the hboot 1.50 or higher link then do the wire trick to get s-off.

  29. Grant says:

    Zark, I will excuse your ignorance once more. If you pull your head out of your ass and read the very first lines you will see evo 3d roms evo 4g roms evo 4g lte roms, And unlike those sites that just have a download option Max gives a great detailed explanation of the roms and thier pros and cons. So you know what your downloading before for you actually do it. Also you have a fucking stupid ass name. No wondering you act that way. If you have a problem talk to google not us… Its not our problem you cant read….

  30. Gary Lee Boucher says:

    You really need to check out the ROM from cellcustomize.com. MIUI V4 “JEANS” for the EVO 4G.
    Android version 4.0.4
    Kernel Version
    Sun May 2702:15:20 CDT 2012

    This is the best ROM I ran out of the box for 18 on batteries. while my wife with Cyanogen 7 could not last the whole day on a charge. You need to review this ROM it is awesome.

    • Grant says:

      I do like that one… Is she using it all day. or just doing normal calls and facebook uplaod stuff. bc i too have been going through alot too. Have you tried under volting. Lots of roms offer tweaks if your s-off.

  31. ronnie says:

    I don’t see any rooting or tether on HTC EVO 4G DESIGN !!!
    can you direct to it?

  32. Nicolas says:

    Hi Max! where is the link for the Viper ROM for the 4G LTE EVO cannot find any that work?


  33. jarell says:

    i clicked the link to download rootevo4gnew.zip and it opens up a new tab but all it says is connecting. nothing is downloading

  34. Bossoline says:

    Just got my replacement phone in the mail today from Sprint ( HTC Evo 3D “CDMA”) and it’s loaded with the ICS 4.0.3 (Sense 3.6) and wanted to know if you could help with a Rooting walk through video. Found one on you tube but the audio and camera work was pretty bad. Looked like he knew what to do to get it done just didn’t trust doing the step’s with out being able to see well or hear him all that great. Your video’s are always clean and to the point. I have to get this bloatware Off my phone… Oh yeah & S-off as well .



  35. Craig111 says:

    Okay….so what else is new?
    Any solid ROMS with Google Now integrated?
    I am ready to move on from MeanRom ICS but cant seem to find much better.
    Surely by now something bad @$$ is out there.

    Let me know!

    • Grant says:

      Well there are alot of versions of mean rom if you like them. Have you played with the overclocking features in the post.boot. there are alot of features in there to play with. If you just want something new there is Nightlies like SuperLTE rom that you run with svn that lets you update a folder every night just downloading the new parts of the rom and then you make a new zip and flash it. Or there is Rejuvenated stock rom with aroma install witch is really cool bc it lets you choose what kernal and everthing during install. its my fav right now.

  36. Michael says:

    I am working through the root process on my 4G EVO phone… I’m get
    the following error message…

    “error: cannot determine image filename for ‘recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img'”

    Following video and step-by-step instructions,,
    After you unlock bootloader:
    Video goes to (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdv4_s_7rgY):
    CMD prompt and enter\type: fastboot flash recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img

    Which is step 22 I believe in step-by-step instructions
    but the video and step-by-step are not in sync

    Following Step-by-Step instruction:
    Step 22. Connect your Evo 4G LTE as a media device to your computer
    and copy the file CWM-SuperSU-v0.87.zip in Evo4GLTERoot2 folder to
    anywhere on your phone etc…

    I followed video:
    enter\type: fastboot flash recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img


    “error: cannot determine image filename for ‘recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img'”

    FYI.. this is a Sprint 4G EVO refurbished phone…I have not activated
    the phone …

    Should I activate the phone and then proceed to root?

  37. Grant says:

    I saw the same thing on an s3 I rooted.. I reflashed the Cwm recovery and for some reason it look britter and bolder when i rebooted into recover. then i flashed the CWM-SuperSU-v0.87.zip and it worked. And no you dont have to activate the phone first.

  38. Chris says:

    Im new to all of this. However, after watching the video, I have successfully rooted my EVO 3D! Great job on the video by the way! I was wondering if I still need to flash it from a Sprint phone to a Boost phone so i can use it on my Boost account? If so, do you know of any step by step instructions to do so? Ive been looking for a bit, and it seems pretty complex…. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

  39. knight88 says:

    Dear Sir,
    I accidently upgrade my HTC EVO 3D to 4.0… Can i downgrade it or recover it back? pls help me 🙁

  40. Boss says:

    I tried clicking on the link that say download the free HTC Evo E-book but it keep bringing up my yahoo account with blank page. I guess it’s because my main e-mail acct. is mra???????@yahoo.com, also like sean posted May 10 I am 65 Y.O. and I just learn how to enter contacts in my cell and all the different things you say to do to root my phone. can I overnight it to you alone with a return overnight package and what ever you charge will you root it for me? I have a old verizon tablet I would like to use when I go three times a week to the VA Hospital because using the cell to go oline it’s to small for me to see so I use my tablet. e-mail me with answer.

  41. scott says:

    you need to start putting the up to date versions on here instead of beta stuff this would be a great site if u could keep it up to date with the roms and rom versions

  42. Don says:

    OK… got a MAJOR issue… JUST updated my EVO 4G LTE with over the air update via wifi… and now… NOTHING seems to work… (first off… service is disconnected and only connection is over wifi) .. what is going on.. what should i check?

    i can still access my router with my phone… but NOTHING else works…

    • g says:

      If its the LTE you need to. Turn on mobile network then click/touch the word network witch will open another window and you Need to change it from cdma/lte to only cdma. This will. Ring your 3g connection back up. It’s happing to everyone until the release LTE.

      • Don says:

        as was stated above… i have NO service cause of outlandish bill… and ONLY connection was over WiFi… and now i have NOTHING…. the ONLY thing i can do is access my router with my phone… NOTHING else…

  43. Dan says:

    Any advice, my rooted HTC EVO 4g seems to be trapped in a boot up loop. Start up splash screen then 4G screen then black screen then repeats it over and over. Removed battery couple of times no change.

  44. Mustafa Ali says:

    my htc evo 3d i rooted it put didnt downdrade the bootloader, so when i start it up it gets stuck on the start screen

  45. Jay says:

    Have you heard of any ROMs for the EVO 3D on Virgin Mobile that allow 3 way calling? Is the stock VM ROM blocking this function or is it the Virgin Mobile network?


  46. daniel says:

    First off, I’m happy as help with my EVO rooted.. thanks, my question is, I just moved to a new city and I have the tethering app but I can’t connect it to my ps3. It works for everything but that.. do you know of any eat to make that work if possible?

  47. JB says:

    Your youtube vids are a great help to unroot my 4G LTE. I’m using the Fresh Evo ROM. However, I’m trying to update the software and everytime I tried to flash the zip file for the update it’s always unsuccessful and shows an error message. Anything I can do to update the software? Thanks!

  48. Daniel Tai says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you so much to provide this information. I followed your instruction to root my htc EVO 4G LTE ( Sprint) and I am stuck at step 28 where I am supposed to click on “Install” and finish. The screen is not responding to anything ( locked). Please help. I am willing to pay reasonable compensation of your time. Thanks.

    Please send me an email first of your phone number.
    Daniel Tai ( TAIRAQ@HOTMAIL.COM)

  49. Fion says:

    What’s your email address? I want to ask if you’ll sell me a link from one of your articles for $30. Send me an email to discuss further.

    Speak soon

  50. Chad says:

    can someone help me i cant get any roms to work on my phone

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