Evo 4G LTE Stock ROMs

For those of you who want to go back to stock on HTC Evo 4G LTE, you can flash this rooted version easily using TWRP recovery without unrooting.

Download 3.16.651.3 Stock Firmware with root for HTC Evo 4G LTE (Flash with TWRP after factory reset)

Credits – XDA

6 Responses to Evo 4G LTE Stock ROMs

  1. Will says:

    When in TWRP i hit install choose the 3.16.651.3 Stock Firmware with root for HTC Evo 4G LTE. My device says installing but it quickly resets back to the ‘teamwin’ splash screen and stays there. The only thing I can do is reboot to recovery. No OS loads. i am using TWRP 2.1.8. How do I save my phone?

    • Grim says:

      For quick fix just use abd + fastboot and flash custom rom untill you can fix the problem. if the wifi doesnt work when you flash it grab the boot.img out of your roms zip and flash it should fix wifi problems

  2. Kevin VanConant says:

    I am having the exact same problem right now.
    I’ve tried multiple roms and just tried this one and it just goes back to the splash screen.

  3. Jim says:

    I am having the same issue. Any help would be great. I tried to an OTA update using HTC software and it wiped everything

    • JourdainEvoMeanBeanRootS-Off says:

      Go to team wins website, download and install a newer version of twrp recovery that supports the touch panel driver that the update software 3.16+ came with try and see if that helps I’m on twrp 2.7 and it work fine also if you can’t install any Rom not even stock and you don’t have any nandroid backups witch you should have made sure you did at some point otherwise your an idiot or just wiped everything including your back up go to xda developers.com and search meanbean Rom for EVO LTE and read download and put it on the root of your sd and wipe cache,delvic,date,system and then flash meanbean if it says “LOOK” in twrp screen when flash is over hit reboot it will power down, boot up, install the kernel for you and then power down, boot back to twrp recovery again for you all on its own then simply re flash the meanbean Rom once more and your all good but you should still read meanbean Rom on xda like I said and remember a working EVO with meanbean is better then a brick

  4. Philip M. says:

    i got my evo 4g lte in june. It works perfect, until I rooted it. i need a new rom, so i got meanbean 3.09. and now i can never use other rom. im s-on and unlocked bootloader. this was beore having s-on. i need help with s-on to off please.

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