HTC Evo 3D Cheat Sheet

Here’s cheat sheet/FAQ for HTC Evo 3D, you will need to root your Evo 3D before trying to install any new ROMs.

If you don’t know what rooting means, please watch this video first:

For Sprint HTC Evo 3D

For GSM Evo 3D:

Bootloop, Wifi or 4G WiMax errors on Evo 3D?

I assume you are rooted using HTC Unlock Method on HBOOT 1.50 or 1.49 (most likely the case), if so,
you will need to use one the the 3 following methods to install a new

HTC DumLock Method
(recommended method/easiest)

Flash Image GUI App

Fastboot Method (requires connection to computer)

Otherwise you will most likely end up in a boot loop in every ROM install.

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162 Responses to HTC Evo 3D Cheat Sheet

  1. Radek says:

    Hey! I tried to flash KingCobra rom on my evo 3d hboot 1.5 (gsm) i got bootloop, tried to fix it with DumLock method, now my phone keeps rebooting to recovery. What should i do?

  2. AJ says:

    Can you guide us on how to unroot evo 3d GSM??

  3. Mike says:

    I need some help. I am trying to root my htc evo 3d and when it comes to the fastboot flash unlocktoken unlock_code.bin part, it does not reboot or do anything. I did all of the steps in the video and I have no idea what to try next.

  4. Ernesto Burnbaum says:

    Does anyone know of an ICS Rom that allows for Free WiFi Tethering? I have WiFi Tethering working on my TweakedSynergy Rom, but I was unsuccessful in getting any WiFi Tethering on my ViperROM IC3D Rom. I was able to install FoxFire and use BlueTooth to tether, but that’s not really a good option for me.

    Just wondering if anyone else has found a working WiFi Tether for ICS or is this something that is just going away and won’t be available with the ICS Roms?

    • Ernesto Burnbaum says:

      for Evo 3d, that is.

    • Ernesto Burnbaum says:

      I found the solution for this. Apparently, all the ICS ROMs work with the WiFi Tether App, you just need to go into the Apps Settings and Change Device-Profile to Generic ICS, then Check the box for Routing Fix.

      Worked for me for ViperROM IC3D and for d3rpROM ICS.

  5. JASON GARDNER says:

    I was wondering if anyone had found a overclockable kernal that will work with the new d3rp ICS roms. I have a modded sprint Evo 3D with S-OFF HBOOT 1.50. I am currently running the 3drp ICS rom and I love it. I really want to test how far I can push it. I had my CPU pushed to 2.2 GHZ dual-core. Worked for about a week then crashed. I would like to try at least 1.5 Ghz to 1.7 Ghz overclocked. If anyone has a tested kernal that I can try it would be great. If not, I’m sure someone is currently working on one. Thank you everyone…

  6. Reno says:

    I have a Sprint 3D EVO and I have my msl number, what can I do with my phone knowing the msl?

  7. Jimmy Kirby says:

    Is there any method for reverting back from ICS. I really need to use apn back up and restore to get data on my page plus evo 3d. The latest Ruu works but leaves me in boot loops. responds with incorrect cid. I relock but cannot get back to stock. HTC method . s on . micvirgin ICS.

  8. Ken Policarpio says:

    Is there any way to sim unlock HTC EVO 3D for free?

  9. Aditya Bhatt says:

    Hey buddy I want To root my Evo 3D which has OTA ICS please help

  10. Hector says:

    i tried to get s-off but something went wrong and i just takes me to juopunutBear screen PLEASE HELP!

  11. hasnain bin saeed says:

    i have gsm evo 3d, and at bootloader screen, instead of locked/unlocked, revolutionary s-off is written.
    i am new to android and dont know wt it mean…..
    kindly tell me what it means and how to install a rom on handset, i accidently format all partitions of my handset.

  12. wilson pio says:

    Help please.Why stereoscopic games doesn’t work on ICS.

  13. Blaze3d says:

    Hello I was wondering I just get a few months ago a htc evo V 4g basically it’s the sprint evo 3d for virgin mobile would this root work on this phones ? if not can you point me in the right direction please 🙂

  14. Sam says:

    I have ICS and HBOOT 1.58. I tried using your video on Unlocking 1.5x but I cannot get fastboot to “send” the unlock code.
    I’m attempting to unlock HBOOT 1.58 via HTC Dev and am having problems. I took the most recent OTA and am not rooted, am locked, s-on, etc.
    So completely stock and never been unlocked/rooted.

    I’ve signed up at HTC dev., as well as already received my unlock code from them. I get to step 12 and attempt to send the unlock code but it just hangs forever. I’m seeing this in the cmd prompt

    C:\Android>fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
    sending “unlocktoken’ (0 KB)…

    And it just hangs here and does nothing. I waited about an hour before I gave up.

    I even went back and ran the RUU 2.89.651.2 and attempted the entire process over again with no luck. It just hangs and doesn’t “send” the unlock code.

    I also verified that fastboot is recognizing my device by fastboot devices which returns my serial number/id HT02Z2H…etc.

    Any thoughts? I’ve searched but can’t find anything on this error.

    Please help!

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Did you copy the unlock code to the directory after receiving?

      • plannb says:

        In order to get the bin unlock code from HTC you have to get the abd file from android sdk yourself. If you downloaded the abd it will not work. I had tried that method first myself. HTC does not recognize the abd from someone elses phone. If you follow all of the steps from HTC you will have no problem. There is a lot of people giving instructions on how to unlock the bootloader when the best guide there is and one that will not fail is from HTC.

  15. Sam says:

    Yes. I took the bin file they sent, copied it to the directory, it shows up in the dir, but just hangs when I try to send it to the phone.

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Hangs? Did you check your drivers? Does it say FASTBOOT USB on your phone?

      • Sam says:

        Yeah hangs = after I execute “C:\Android>fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
        sending “unlocktoken’ (0 KB)…”

        I don’t get anything…not even an error/fail message
        It just has a blank line like it is still trying to send…but it never does, goes until I inplug./

        Yes it does say FASTBOOT USB on my phone.

        Don’t think this would matter as I can run other commands but I am using the USB drivers from installing the latest version of HTC Sync. I installed HTC sync to get the drivers and then uninstalled just the HTC Sync app…not the drivers.

        Is it possible that I MUST be using the drivers you supplied?

        • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

          Oh make sure HTC Sync is off. Either drivers will work.

        • DaShocker says:

          Man im having the same issue with flashing the recovery.. got the bootloader unlocked but the recovery just hangs the same way yours does… hmmm.. thinking maybe my computer gonna try on another pc..

          • DaShocker says:

            k so instead of going to my old desktop i turned on my guest profile on my laptop and tried it through there and SUCCESS!!!! the recovery file flashed through no problem..

  16. plannb says:

    Do you have any methods for fixing the Wi-Fi on the EVO 3D with a custom ROM? I have tried several custom ROMS and with each everything is great excepting the inoperable WiFi. When trying to turn on Wi-Fi I always get the same Wi-Fi error. I know that it is not a problem with the hardware because it works when restored to Sprint’s ROM. Please help me to turn it on.

    • travis says:

      Never mind, I fingered it out myself. It was a Team Genesis ROM and I was using their newer version that is not for the EVO 3D. The older version TeamGenesis v2.9 – Sense 3.6 CDMA works great, all the same features plus working WiFi. I now can take the back up from that ROM to make the WiFi work on others.

  17. Chris says:

    So on my Sprint Evo 3D I’m unlocked, on hboot 1.50 and have S-off (wire trick). And I can only successfully flash about 1 in 10 roms. I have tried almost every possible recovery (am now using 4EXT) but have no success. I’m constantly getting boot loops. What am I doing wrong?

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      try using revolutionary recovery for s-off.

    • travis says:

      Use your first backup to make the rest work. Preferably a back up from your first working custom ROM. If a ROM is failing as soon as the flash begins install the “system” from (recovery) your working ROM and then continue with the installation. If you are getting hung up in the boot loop don’t wipe anything. From your recovery install the “boot” partition, only “boot” form your working back up then reboot the system. If it’s hanging in the boot loop it’s probably a crappy, unstable ROM anyways so don’t back it up. Just get the apps you like out of it and then wipe it away.

  18. Hahn says:


    Recently, HTC released the official version of ICS for my Evo, I had a custom ROM on mine with 4EXT, I loaded the back up I made before I installed the rom and downloaded the update from Telstra, but for some reason it wont boot past the HTC symbol. Any suggestions?

    • travis says:

      Did you use a TWRP for your recovery, originally. If you did it is really east to either flash you original boot from hboot or easier to install from recovery. You did make a Nandroid backup before you treid installing anything new right? If not I can send you the boot from mine.

      In this ROM you got from HTC does it have the installation for Android 4.0. I found an older ROM from Nocturnal I would love to keep if it wasn’t Android 2.3. I wish I would have kept the update HTC sent me when it first came out. I can’t find it anywhere.

  19. travis says:

    Hahn, I read that wrong originally. That ICS is the update AI am looking for. It would be so awesome if you could give it to me. There are a few ways you can get bast that boot loop. As i mentioned earlier it is easiest if you had a TWRP backup origianlly because you can go directly to it from recovery. Just run the recovery install .zip from sd and flash, out of recovery, just the boot file. If it was a CW recovery go to your back up from your PC and copy the boot img to your sd root then flash it from they command window while your phone is in hboot. depending on what the file is name the cmd should be ‘fastboot flash boot boot.img’ if the image is named something else repl;ace .img with what ever it is – ,ost likely .win or .win.md5 . Like I said if you don’t have it let me know and I’ll get it to you.

    I don’t believe that ICS changes your ROM it is an update for the OS – Android 2.3 to 4.0 but I’m not sure. Does anyone know for sure?

    • Hahn says:

      I used 4EXT to load my recovery? I notice that 4EXT takes over the Telstra update install as well. (Telstra is my mobile service) If you tell me how I can give the update to you I will be happy to! I’m not sure where my phone downloads it too?

      • irving lopez says:

        hey i need amm htc 3D stock boot.img
        where can i find it? im runing

        HBOOT – 1.58.5858
        OpenADSP – v02.6.2226.00.0217
        eMMC – boot
        May. 17 2012, 15:16:44

        thats how it appers on boot menu

        please i really nead it

        thank you

  20. Hahn says:

    sorry I’m new to all this

  21. Hahn says:

    what if i downloaded the update and made a back up of my phone?

    • travis says:

      Do you have a drop box account? If so I can get you some good files that will help you out and that is how I can get yours. If you don’t pleease register here Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. Sign up for free! it gets me more space. No worries on being a newb I just rooted my phone for the first time not to long ago. Didn’t sleep for two days trying to get it out of the hboot, same issue you are having. I looked through a million posts trying to get it fixed and tried everything. If you made a Nandroid backup the first time your fine no matter what, but if not I can refer you to a couple of ROMS that get up and running the first time you try them. Your first backup probably isn’t going to work any ways because of the recovery you used, I hear the lower versions of recovery habitually cause hboot loop so is most likely what your problem is. Go to the file you backed up in and see if you can just get the hboot image out. Even if you do get it to work I suggest you upgrade your recovery. There is two ways to flash one from inside your ROM and one from your hboot. Which ever recovery you want to be there permanently you need to do from your hboot. I flashe TWRP 2.2.0 from my hboot because when I use a ROM that bricks my phone it is the easiest to recover from. When I am just experimenting I use CW 5.8 because CW is the only one compatible with ROM Toolbox or ROM Recovery. They will both install a CW recovery for you from inside a workable ROM. When you brick you have to open recovery with your computer and it will always go back to whichever one you flashed from the command. It’s real easy to flash the recovery from your computer. Search for TWRP go to their site and download TWRP 2.2.0 I like it because it is a touch screen. They have instructions on how to flash but if you have a hard time finding me know and I’ll post it here, it will help others too, let me know. You could try extracting your hboot first. I don’t think it will work because of your recovery. You have a new OS from HTC, I’m sure that will install the first time you try you just have to put all the information you lost back on your phone as I’m assuming you haven’t installed Titanium back up yet. Let me know what you want to do. I have no problem walking you through it. Please drop that ICS in your dropbox when you get it up.

      • irving lopez says:

        hey i need amm htc 3D stock boot.img
        where can i find it? im runing

        HBOOT – 1.58.5858
        OpenADSP – v02.6.2226.00.0217
        eMMC – boot
        May. 17 2012, 15:16:44

        thats how it appers on boot menu

        please i really nead it

        thank you

  22. John says:

    Hi all i just tryed the root method for gsm, i have now unlocked bootloader and s-on with 1.58 and ota update to ics. All went well but i cannot for the love of me get into recovery i have used your image an tryed another 1 but i either get it stuck on the htc emblem or it just boots normal. How long should it stay on the htc emblem most i let it sit was about 15 minutes. Any help will be much appreciated.

  23. wilson pio says:

    Need help rooting EVO 3D HBoot 1.58 // 2.89.651.. I went to the hole proses.Everything is ok on the computer but nothing happens on the phone.

    • gmyg07/Deed says:

      did you ever find out how to root EVO 3D HBoot 1.58 // 2.89.651, im in the same situation…

      • tavo70 says:

        I try to unlock my wife’s phone ,went to htc, sign in with my user name and password,got my unlock code but didn’t work.I made an account for my wife on htc ,did the hole thing and this time the code work.Don’t know why.

  24. gmyg07/Deed says:

    hey zedomax, can the evo 3D downgrade method work on hboot 1.58/ software version 2.89.651.271, its (Sprint CDMA)?

  25. DaShocker says:

    Had an evo3d fully rooted and using different Roms every month then my earpiece went out… now i got my replacement a week ago and can’t hack it… man im irritated.. i have a full restore file waiting will all my preferences rom shortcuts etc… been a week and im going nuts.. got bootoader to unlock but dang thing wont take recovery through fastboot… any advice or help is greatly appreciated.. again bootloader is unlocked.. running hboot 1.58 and new ics. 2.89..

  26. Jay Stone says:

    For some reason, and this is AFTER I got Root, Unlocked, and S-Off, whenever I use ANY ROM, when I start Wifi, it begins to bootloop. Any ideas? I have hboot 1.50 if it matters.

  27. Xavier says:

    Hey Im having a problem with flashing CyanogenMod I tried 7 9 and 10 I keep getting boot loops I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

  28. viktor says:

    ohh….please help me, I installed 4ext and after updating ROM starts to turn on the phone and immediately restarts

  29. viktor says:

    I installed 4ext and after updating ROM starts to turn on the phone and immediately restarts

  30. Reno says:

    Looking to put the new Viper 3d on Sprint 3D Evo, I he OTA 4.0.3 ICS with 1.58 HBoot and 2.58.651.2. 710RD and HTC Sense 3.6. What do I need to root this phone? I have tried to find current videos, but all are about a year old and show HBoot 1.50 and gingerbread. I would really like some help being pointed in the right direction on this.

    • Reno says:

      BTW, I do have my MSL Number, if that helps at all.

      • viktor says:

        Thanks,but i’m can’t say it on English and than I say it on Russian I think you can translate it : я уже смог через bootloader заблокирован его через fastboot и установил официальную прививку проще говоря сделал откат операционной системы. Мне понравился viper3d но он очень быстро разряжал телефон за два-три часа,сейчас жду официального android 4.1 уже пообещали сделать ее,спасибо тебе за твою видео

  31. Gerry says:

    Hi, late to the game but motivated. Yesterday, I used the fastboot method for 2 steps : 1) to unlock the bootloader of my GSM Evo 3d X515a hboot 1.53. And 2) to root it and install ClockWorkMod 6. It worked and Titanium back-up & ROM Manager confirm it. Hurray… why did I wait so long, don’t know… Now can’t find the way to S-Off with Hboot 1.53. Help please, I’m a step away from freedom. Thanks

  32. mathbenc says:

    Hello! I have rooted gsm htc evo 3d 1.53.0007 s-on and i tried to install custom rom. I did several times but i get always stuck on boot screen. No i want to get back to stock rom and i did backup before installing custom rom. How can i do that? Please reply!

  33. Eric Boaz says:

    Is there a method for rooting the EVO 3D Virgin Mobile …. System update says there are no available updates. I have version 1.14 with HBOOT 1.59. PLEASE HELP

  34. Betillo says:

    Hey there, Max! Quick question for ya.. have used your guides to root and install roms before all of which worked great.. Well after an issue with Google voice messing up texts and such, I used your video to unroot my Evo 3d CDMA.. went through a long process of trying to get my phone rerooted after getting the problem fixed with my texting. My question for you now is, Now that I’ve got my phone re-rooted whenever I try to install a new ROM, (CyanogenMod 10 Gangnam Style which is what I had installed previously) I finish the install and reboot my phone but upon rebooting, nothing happens but the animation for the CyanogenMod ROM itself.. Any thoughts one how to get past that? I’ve tried unrooting and re-rooting again and have reinstalled CM10 a couple times (as well as a few others) but keep getting stuck in the same place.. Any help would be great!

  35. Don says:

    Gentlemen! All of you who have been having problems installing the recovery, GREAT NEWS! You, we, all have downloaded a bad recovery. Download the recovery again and again and retry installing again and again until it goes through. That’s what I did. I downloaded a good recovery and reinstalled in using the fastboot flash recovery command and PRESTO! Someone needs to post a good recovery download because all the ones I downloaded where bad. This time you don’t need Luck! And, we all owe HTC Evo 4G Hacks a HIGH 5!

  36. Don says:

    Another thing! When I installed 4Ext Recovery, 4Ext Recovery said CDMA not GSM. So, I changed to HTC Evo 3D GSM and installed 4Ext Recovery. But Recovery would not boot. Rebooted, installed 4Ext Recovery for CDM and PRESTO CHANGE HO!

    NOTE: Make sure you uninstall HTC Sync before you try to install the recovery listed above!

  37. taylor says:

    hello i followed the root meth on the site but it still did not unroot my phone everything said it went correct but still dont have root access

    i have a HTC EVO 3d from sprint with android version 4.0.3

    softwear version 2.89.651

  38. TEO142 says:

    Hi! I tried to downgrade as you explained in the vid, and the HTC screen didn’t pop any loading bar… and my Hboot remained 1.53…. now if i try to install a new rom , my phone keeps rebooting instead of Bootlooping…

  39. leftnubbybobby says:

    I need some help from someone who is willing to spare a lil bit of time explaining I do know the just of things just circumstances have made it to where im left in bits and pieces of files and knowledge of what the heck I did. please oh dear jesus someone help a mug out. my phone is as follows:

    sprint htc evo 3d(white model)
    *** UNLOCKED ***
    May 17 2012, 15:06:44

    that’s what my bootloader screen says when I have selected HBOOT AND FASTBOOT on the bootloader
    I am functional except for the fact that I don’t have actual service I have wifi and I am running the team genesis 2.9v sense fully functional I just would like to actually have s-off and actually unlock everything in my phone.


  40. Burhan says:

    Hello ..

    I Tried installing cm10 disarmed toaster .. But now my phone is not working .

    There is only one animation that it shows on reboot . and goes no further

    I installed it when i was s -on and i have a h boot 1.53.0007

    Please help need to get it fixed

  41. brian musil says:

    sprint htc evo 3d unlocked with the htc method software 2.95.651.5 710rd unlocked shooter xc ship s-on rl hboot 1.58 this is a new replacement phone to replace one with a bad screen. i installed sprint conection optimizer and lost my swipe. sprint says there is nothing they can do till nex update if i want it fixed now to root it so i did. using cwm recovery tried htc dumblock but it wont run tried fastboot and gui wont work with fastboot i can get 4.2.2 loaded to a bootloop and have to restore my original rom. i just want swipe back but now i want a newer operating system for my trouble. do i need to downgrade my hboot and how and do i need s-off? any advice would be apreciated thanks

  42. i have the HTC EVO V 4G basically the HTC EVO 3D but for virgin mobile i want to know if this method will work for my HTC please email me i really want to root it so i can get viper3D rom

  43. will the root work for the htc evo 3d for virgin mobile?? please message or email me. thanks

  44. zee says:

    i have unlocked bootloader via htc dev method and tried to install a custom rom called wild for night cm10,1
    however after installling the rom my phone is stuck on boot animation forever(i read the u only need to wait 5 minutes for the phone to boot up for the first time) about 30 minutes and still phone does not start, i restart the phone and still the same thing happens. however when i flash the boot.img (fastboot method) file of the custom rom then my phone starts up on the htc screen then changes into custom rom boot animation screen and stays there for about 2 seconds then suddenly my phone keeps restarting over and over again repeating in the same pattern. i managed to fix that by reinstalling the boot.img from the stock nandroid backup and restored the phone to originial ics rom. however i have never been able to successfully install any rom on my phone beacause anything i install gives me the same problem, what should i do thanks

  45. Ethan says:

    Hey I just booted up my rooted HTC Evo 3D and now it just keeps looping through the white HTC screen and a black screen with a vibration between them. I can access my recovery menu but I no matter the option I choose, it just goes through this same loop that happens when I normally boot up the phone. Have I bricked my phone and or how can I fix this? (A factory reset would be fantastic)

  46. kepher says:

    hey I got this EVO design 4g from sprint bought via black market so I wouldnt go to sprint or any wireless provider to help make my phone work otherwise they don’t help me because my country Kenya got none of this but I,managed to unlock bootloader n root my phone phone instal recovery I wanted to instal jb and am wondering if the gsm network is gonna change back to sprint only ..or will just work cool.

  47. hasan says:

    hey i have a htc evo 3d and the data wont work unless im connected to wifi or near 4g… why wont it connect to 3g… can u help me trouble shoot this…?

  48. JoshP says:

    Hi, im using an HTC EVO 3D x515m GSM with HBOOT 1.49.0012 S-ON, and i keep trying to install roms, but i keep getting bootloops. Help :S

  49. Ethan says:

    Hello could someone please send me to the right guide for my phone (Details Below) Also, is there any way to install Jellybean on my Sprint HTC Evo 3D after it has been rooted?

    My Phone:
    Carrier: Sprint (Flashed to Page Plus)
    Hardware Version: 0002
    Software Version: 2.95.651.6 710RD
    Model Number: PG86100
    Android Version: 4.0.3
    HTC Sense Version: 3.6
    HBOOT Version: 1.58.0000

  50. Drew says:

    Ethan, I am looking for the same thing. If you find one as well let me know. I have tried going through the ringers of downgrading Hboot to use cyanogenmod 10.1 using wild for the night rom but been having a heck of a time.


    • Matt says:

      Ethan I am also looking for the same thing! I don’t know how to unroot with HBoot Version:1.58 & Software Version: 2.95.651.5

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