Anorexia ICS ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 3D! [Sprint]

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For this week, check out the Anorexia ICS ROM for those of you with a rooted Sprint HTC Evo 3D. Built by XDA user ognimnella, the Anorexia ICS ROM does feature a full-featured AOSP (Android Open Source Project) ROM with 4G WiMAX working.

Only issues? I’ve had some trouble with Bluetooth sound and camcorder, but otherwise this ROM is very nice.

If you don’t mind some of those issues and want to run a pure Google OS (instead of Sense), definitely give this ROM a go and let me know what you think!


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Download Anorexia ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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24 Responses to Anorexia ICS ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 3D! [Sprint]

  1. Bill JUdd says:

    Help! I flashed the cm10 and gapps and now the phone will not restore. when I hold the power and Dvolume I get a white screen HTC Quietly Brilliant for about 5 sec and then I goes back to black.

  2. Yzak says:

    I have a problem. I have downloaded many of the roms posted here, and I have the same problem with any of them, I can´t get the wifi working!!! Do you know which could be the problem? Thanks

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      try a reboot if wifi fails, usually after a reboot it will work fine thereafter.

      • Yzak says:

        Thanks for your reply, but no, I tried the reboot and didn’t work, the WIFI keeps telling me “Error” everytime I try to activate it. The funny is that I have the same problem with every custom ROM I try to install but I don’t have this problem with the original ICS once I restore my Nandroid backup…

        • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

          Do you have S-off? If not, install boot.img with fastboot or use Dumlock, or use FlashImage GUI.

          • Yzak says:

            No, I don´t have S-Off, I’ve been trying the cable trick but after 100,000 failed attempts I decided to give up. It´s there another way to get S-Off that you can explain to me? Please!!

            • austin says:

              I followed the instructions on this site and I was able to get s-off with the wired trick first try. Maybe you are doing it wrong.

              • Yzak says:

                I wasn’t joking whan I said that I tried like a 100,000 times following the video and nothing happened…

                • Mike says:

                  Make sure your timing is right, your using a SINGLE insulated copper wire, and your not using the beta non public release like they link on here. Go to Unlimited.IO and get there copy. Saves headaches. If you get stuck on there Flash screen, I.E the HDD symbol with the JuopunutBear name above it, cmd promt, goto your file location to where you put their files, ControlBear -f will reboot you into fastboot mode so you can restart your phone and try again. It also helps if you stick the wire end in the hole on the connector so when it tells you to do it jsut touch the ground part on your sd cover that way you aint fumbling to stick it in the hole and the grnd it. Afterwards

  3. austin says:

    What issues with WiFi did you have?

    • Mike says:

      the only issues I have found with wifi is the low power to connect at a distance, if you want to stand over your router then your fine. Move about 50 – 75 feet away and your signal drops to a low. And there is alot of force closes with this ROM. Google+ is the major one, no hangouts or messenger on that app without force close. Other little things that are annoying but funny thing is when I try to recall them after playing around in the ROM I forget what they were bc there many and few. But you’ll know when playing with things and features. Other than that is a nice AOSP, fast, a lot of custom changes to your liking can be made. O and 3G speeds are very slow in this ROM and signal is also.

  4. Mike says:

    I have problems with mass storage. i may thing is another bug of this room. but i can not get it connect to my pc.

  5. mike says:

    Well for most of you, the wire trick is simple to do. First do not download any links from a tut video more than likely you got a beta version not meant for public release! That was my problem til I went to actual dev’s of the program website, not only were they pissed I had it, after hours of talking to them and winning their patience, they almost didn’t wanna help. So google unlimited.IO get there actual public release, I did it first try. Had to improvise on a few things, but its easy. Its more your own thing can’t follow others “videos” I’ve been modding and such for awhile, even been to school for EET, if you don’t feel comfortable don’t attempt it! It does involve shorting your phone out, and your sd card will default to RAW format so get one you throw away BC I’m still at loss as to how to on recovering that, no formatting tool will even touch it. With that said no s-off no flashy, found that out with lots of headache and false empty promises from htc as to why “unlocked” is enough, its not! Seems all new ROM’s boot loop and just not seem to load, yes even after formatting every partition on my phone and reflashing, only allowed access to certain partitions with s-on, hence the reason for s-off…… Hope this helps, I wish there was a way for ne one to contact me with he questions be glad to help if I can. O did I mention I got the wire trick my first try? Lol

  6. Luke says:

    do you need g-apps for this?

    • mike says:

      No sir, just get the play store installed and download them all. Well I mean you can get g_app but there all on the play store. Gapps are just google way of cuttting os install sizes down since they offer them in play store now.

  7. Luke says:

    can I install this ROM with 4EXT, with hboot 1.58 and S-ON?

    • mike says:

      Havent tried the stock 1.58 but s_on is the deal bteaker. I would s off first. Otherwise just do. Abackup and flash, don’t work restore..and enable smart flash in your text recovery, never noticed a difference when I had s_on and used it bit who knows… I’d s_off man. Otherwise just try it out you can always restore

  8. alex says:

    hey i want to download this rom but im not very good at software stuff. the first rom i downloaded i dident do it right and my evo 3d is stuck on htc boot screen, i can not acses eny of my phone only the boot loader and clockwork mod, help me fix my phone pleas :0 i would very much appreciated it oh and also my phone is s on 😛 i dont relly know what that means..

  9. Blaine says:

    I installed this ROM and rebooted, but now it shows the HTC logo and a colorful X splash screen, then reboots and I see the HTC logo again. This loops infinitely. What can I do to fix this?

  10. Mando says:

    my evo 4g lte stays locked after the root and it say s-on

  11. Mando says:

    i cant update my evo 4g lte because it shuts down automatically after clicking install now. (in the software update window)

  12. ommy31 says:

    Necesiti saber si funciona para hboot 1.58

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