Best HTC Evo 3D ROM – Synergy ROM Review! [3500+ Quadrant]

Best HTC Evo 3D ROM of the week? It is Synergy ROM, which got me consistent 3500+ speeds on Quadrant at 1.728Ghz overclock speeds.

Currently, this is probably the fastest ROM for the Evo 3D and you might want to give it a go if speed is your thang plus battery life is not too shabby.

Let me know what kind of quadrant speeds you get with this, thanks!

*Note – Currently those of you who rooted your phone using HTC method, you cannot flash a new kernel, meaning no overclocking but you can still flash this ROM.

Download ROM here:

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Download Synergy ROM

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43 Responses to Best HTC Evo 3D ROM – Synergy ROM Review! [3500+ Quadrant]

  1. Blaze Henryson says:

    Slow download speeds…I’m getting 4.8KB/Sec
    This is going to take forever to download. Anyone have another link for this?

  2. Chris says:

    Max, I flashed this rom and the wifi says error and wont work. I wold like to remove this rom because of this fact but dont really know how. I tried running the original “su-” rom from when i rooted it, but the synergy rom is still there? So im asking how do I get back to the way it was right after I originally rooted and ran the su- rom?

  3. mikem8700 says:

    im currently using the synergy rom on evo 3d, but how can i update my software to 2.3.4? i check for updates and its saying phones up to date, but im still at 2.3.3. i unrooted and went back to a stock rom and it was still saying phone is up to date, is there any way to download the update somewhere else and install through recovery possibly? or am i just doing something wrong? and when trying to watch a video on youtube or any other site, it has a caution sign on the video and when trying to play the video is says adobe flash, the content is not supported and says cannot play video but i have adobe flash on the phone. max do you know how to resolve these two issues? or anyone

  4. Blaze Henryson says:

    Anyone having an issue using wifi tethering? My computer will not connect. I get limited access… can anyone help??

  5. emanuell says:

    i cant w8 to use it does it have an oc damon like the viper rom

  6. Anthony Hernandez says:

    sounds like this rom is a mess for some….

  7. VenpaCasa says:

    Hey u mind telling me what version of the rom and what kernel you used to get those scores?

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      I used the kernel in the Synergy ROM.

      • emanuell says:

        what kernel exactly i went to there site and and i flashed like 3 and every1 broke the rom 🙁

        • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

          You don’t have to flash another kernel, it’s in the ROM itself, but if you rooted using HTC method, you can’t overclock. This one was done using revolutionary.

          • emanuell says:

            i dont get it. u should make a video plz

          • darryl says:

            what he means is that the rom already has the kernel included so it flashes when you flash the rom. to overclock you set cpu. revolutionary is the first root program for the evo 3d the htc method came later. so if you rooted with REVO then you can overclock, if you used the htc root method then overclocking is not available as of yet. silverneedle by netarchy is the best kernel i have used so far, but the one in synergy is flawless as well! have fun and remember to SUPERWIPE your phone prior to flashing the rom!

          • emanuell says:

            ooo i found out what the prob was i guess 2.3.4 wont let u flash a kernel but 2.3.3 let me and i do have Revo

  8. Gustavo says:

    is there any other link for this ROM ? i left my laptop downloading it since i left from work this morning and it gave me an error message when i tried flashing it…i wanna re download it …but the downloading speed is ridiculous

  9. eL_Oscar says:

    Is there another link to download from, because it keeps telling me its over 12hours, can anyone help?

  10. tim says:

    hey guys download synergy rom at HTCDEV.NET it works great and faster download

  11. muddassar says:

    I have tried installing the nightly version and the un official version but when i install it thru recovery it says an error… Some kind of status 7 error. Never had it with any other roms before. Now whats that? is it a cdma rom thats y it isnt working on my gsm phone??

  12. Pcar9119 says:

    I don’t understand something. I rooted my phone early on with revolutionary method, I installed this ROM, and I can’t over-clock my phone. Can anyone explain this to me? I have setcpu installed and I can only crank it up to 1.2. I was running MIKGg and silverneedle and had it stable at 1.8.

  13. Pcar9119 says:

    Max, can you post a link for the 2.3.3 version of the synergy rom. I want to be able to overclock this rom. I really like all of its features, but I want overclocking. I really don’t trust other sites. Thanks!

  14. Gary says:

    why can’t i get synergy updater when i download rom, also restart doesn’t work on phone however power off and on works. rom feels great though, just need a little help

  15. B3@R says:

    I used the synergy nightly load 318 which is gb 2.3.3. It gives overclock. Hit a quadrant of 2760 before oc then peaked at 3786 after oc with 3550-3650 scores continuous. I think the synergy 319 nightly is a faster ROM but it’s gb 2.3.4. Anybody know if the silverneedle kernel or another for that matter that’s a good kernel with oc & will work with the gb 2.3.4. Version of this synergy ROM. I’m rooted with revo method.

    • Austiego says:

      Could you please provide a link or directions to the version of synergy that allows for overclocking. I have searched for it on XDA with no luck. Thanks!

  16. John says:

    Hey max how can i get my setcpu to 1728? my setcpu only allows me to set at 1188.

  17. Austiego says:

    I very much appreciate all of the tutorials and articles you post Max!!

    I just rooted my phone using the Revolutionary method. I tried downloading the Synergy rom from the link you provided above but it was too slow. I did however download what appeared to be Synergy 2.3.3 from RomManager on my phone. I flashed the rom to my phone and I cant seem to overclock over 1.188GHz. I dont understand what happened.

    Does anybody have a link to the correct version of Synergy Rom 2.3.3 that allows overclocking to 1.7GHz?

    Thanks in advance guys!!!

  18. aaron says:

    ok so i flashed rom its not that i cant overclock i just dont really know how i downloaded setcpu and it just goes to stock speed. my phone is rooted with revolutionary! so how do i go about overclocking?

  19. Darryl says:

    If you are rooted you need a kernel that allows overclocking. Most use Silverneedle or rcmix. Rcmix is very buggy for me though. Download Silverneedle and flash it via recovery, wipe davlik and cache before flashing.

    • aaron says:

      i have flashed many roms on my phones but never a kernel… does my clockwork back up save my stock kernel if i flash silverneedle? that just what im worried about losing the ability to get stock kernel back. also in the video or somewhere in this tread it says that the rom itself has the kernel embedded in it..? is that not the case? it says if you root with revolutionary and not htc you can do the overclocking on stock kernel.

      next on flashing the kernel is that something i flash from the “install zip from sd” in recovery? or do i rename file pc86img?

  20. nowie says:

    hey everyone does anybody fixed the tether on this ROM yet??? seems the tethering doesnt work…

  21. Cameron says:

    I have found it to be very unstable. Constant spontaneous reboots, skins are lost at reboot, screen locks while typing.

  22. jose says:

    This rom is valid for a evo 3d GSM?

  23. Thomas says:

    get assert failed : getprop(“ro.product.device) == “shooter”
    E:Error in /sdcard/Synergy….. .zip (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    Also have a GSM Device..
    is it possible that thats the problem? and if .. is there a way to overclock my device?


  24. DeVZakk says:

    Hey just flashed today. my only issue is that my 4g and wifi are not working at all… weird any suggestion like a radio update or something?

  25. robert says:

    guys, i’ve got a question.
    i tried to install this ROM on a htc evo 3D GSM, but it won’t install. is this because i do not have the sprint version?
    or does synergy rom also support SPRINT-less phone?

  26. calvin says:

    i have leedroid 3d 5.2.1 with the leedroid kernel aswell and they allow 1944 mhz…

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