Elegancia ICS ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [Sense 4.1]

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For this week’s ROM of the week for Sprint HTC Evo 3D users, check out the Elegancia ICS ROM based on Android 4.0.3 and Sense 4.1.

The Elegancia ICS ROM comes with FOUR different launchers including Apex, Atom, Sense, and Nova. Also, this ROM features GoogleNow, Enhanced Audio Beats, and performance enhancements that make it super fast.

Now, if you are looking to be on the latest Sense 4.1 (not available on stock Evo 3D), this is definitely the ROM for you. But couple things to note, that 4G Wimax, 3D, and HDMI is broken on this ROM. If you don’t mind those, definitely this is still a fantastic ROM to run as daily driver.

Check it out if you are looking for a ROM such as this one and let me know what you think!


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Download Elegancia ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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20 Responses to Elegancia ICS ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [Sense 4.1]

  1. It freezes up before it can even starts up. I’m glad I backed up my old rom.

  2. TeamFitness00 says:

    It freezes up before it can load up. I’m SO glad I backed up my old ROM.

  3. Ernesto says:

    What Hboot do you have?

  4. TeamFitness00 says:

    4EXT recovery touch and the other original recovery mode

  5. Odbar Gwapt says:

    Bricked the phone straight off.

  6. travis says:

    HTC’s graphics are awesome. This ROM has the coolest look I’ve been able to find so far. HTS’s attachment to their phone sure bogs it down though. I waited thirty minutes for it to load before I had to reboot, sign out of HTC and Google and leave the WiFi off before I could even attempt to put apps on it. Even whit the super charger V6 script it was dragging. It ended up losing the system UI and wipeing it. I’m going to give it one more shot though – Hope I can get it to work. It looks sweet! I think Titanium Back Up is causing me problems with the systems.

  7. Reaper says:

    Max, am I going to have a problem with this ROM if I have the 1.5 bootloader?

  8. Craig says:

    Thanks for the review!! I just flashed this and I am glad I did.

  9. Odbar Gwapt says:

    Well, running HBOOT 1.58 and using TWRP, it runs, but Wifi is iffy. Took several tries– still do not have WIFI, but it is a nice ROM.

  10. Fernando Juarbe says:

    Everithing works fine exept there’s no camera or camcorder for my Evo 3d with Elegancia ROM.

  11. Reaper says:

    NO CAMERA AT ALL? UNINSTALLED! Love this ROM but I gotta have a camera…..

  12. xcalibur says:

    any fix on the camera part yet??? ROM is great but like Reaper says, got to have cam and vid

  13. Reaper says:

    Sorry guys…. The camera will work with a camera app from the play store. What I DID have problems with was my streaming apps were losing signal after a couple songs. I did not have this problem with my previous ROM and as soon as I went back to the old one the problem stopped….

    • austin says:

      Ya same prob here with Pandora stopping after 2 songs. Got app for camera working . WiFi works but I can’t figure out if it is stopping stream at idle or what is there a tweak to fix? Works well on everything else. Love ur work max. Thanks.

  14. travis says:

    When are you going to find us another ROM Max? I really want a stable Sense 4.0 for my 3D.

  15. travis says:

    Also, Do you know which ROMS are compatible for which kernels for overclocking. I tried one of them you had for the weekly ROM, I forget the ROM, and had listed that it overclocks with the TIAMD kernel. It did work fantastic but it was a 2 version of Android. If anybody knows of a good Sense ROM and a compatible overclocking kernel please let me know.

  16. corey wilson says:

    can this be used on the evo v?

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