Evervolv Android 4.2.1 ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [Sprint/GSM]

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Feeling left out? Jealous of your friend who just bought a Nexus 4?

Well, no more do you have to feel like that as Evervolv Android 4.2.1 ROM is here to rescue you!

Although not perfect yet, the Evervolv ROM brings you the latest Android 4.2.1, Android 4.2 GMail/apps, and more.

There are some bugs like GoogleNow not working but this is still a fully usable daily driver for your Sprint or GSM Evo 3D.

If you want to try out the latest butter smooth Android 4.2.1, give this ROM a go and leave your feedback on what you think of it!


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Download Evervolv ROM for Sprint HTC Evo 3D

Download Evervolv ROM for GSM HTC Evo 3D

Download Gapps for Android 4.2.1

To install, reboot into recovery, do wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, then reboot!

Credits – Sprint, GSM

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48 Responses to Evervolv Android 4.2.1 ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [Sprint/GSM]

  1. Seth says:

    Hmmm, keeps on rebooting…

    • Milhouse says:

      Hi, I could really use some help guys…I have successfully rooted my HTC EVO 3D (gsm)…Then I watched rou How-To install 4EXT here htcevohacks-com/htc-evo-3d-hacks/how-to-install-4ext-recovery-on-htc-evo-3d-cdmagsm/ and flash ROM via 4EXT here www-youtube-com/watch?v=qmflyjocqsc. I have rooted phone before, SU is there, kernel minooch-com/franciscofranco/Galaxy%20Nexus/JB/JB-4.2/tests/ , UNLOCKED, hboot 1.53.0007, S-ON. So i decided to flash this new custom ROM htcevohacks-com/htc-evo-3d-custom-roms/evervolv-android-4-2-1-rom-for-htc-evo-3d-sprintgsm/ using 4EXT recovery (newest version). And theres the problem…I proceed wipe data/factory reser, then install rom form SD card, install gapps, reboot, take battery off during rebooting > recovery > wipe cache + dalvik > reboot… and it booted to screen “Android is upgrading… Optimalization app x of y” (y = 84), then it shows “Startin apps.” …and that is the point, where it stucks…:( ANY IDEA PLS??? I tried reflash the rom x times, but no progress…PLS ANYBODY? 🙂

      • jimmy says:

        Simply what u wont . If ur rom was missed then u must be in sansai rom 3.5 with aroma instaler .
        After starting rom s_off it . Bye wire trick or revolution .
        Ten install any . that will be working perfectly ..


  2. Seth says:

    Aaaaaand gallery/camera is completely broken 🙁

  3. Seth says:

    Yeah, I’ll be checking into the Viper3D ROM or ANYTHING that lets my 3VO keep its 3D camera: that was basically the whole reason I got it.

  4. Seth says:

    It was definitely solid in every other respect though, so I’m pretty bummed 🙁 A great find. Thanks for sharing!

  5. alejandro morin says:

    hey quiero hacer root a mi fon y ponerle el nuevo room dwe isc 4.2.1 como lo ago??????????

  6. Mam's says:

    Super Rom! domage pour la 3D!!! Comme le dit Seth si on a le EVO 3d c’est pour la 3D.
    Tres bon travail les Dev.

    • Kobra One says:

      Primero eacarba un hoyo en la tierra luego metes el evo 3d lo cubres kon tierra le hechas agua y lo dejas alli prendido hasta ke le salgan raices y ya estodo ka .

  7. luis says:

    do I need to downgrade my phone from 1.53 and s-off?

  8. Boozey says:

    Does flash player work with this ROM? Or is it inevitable that there will ever be a basic adobe flash player for Android 4.1 and higher?

  9. hovik says:

    stuck at evervolv startup screen. did all the wipes possible, but can’t get past this screen. using CWM, hboot 1.5 +. anyone know how to fix this?

    • luis says:

      I think you have to downgrade to 1.49 and s-off

      • angelo says:

        Everyone says this for every ics and up Rom I have hboot 1.5 s-on and I run
        Them all. You can flash from your computer with go to start type in cms to pul
        Command prompt then cd/rootevo3dnew hit enter then type
        fastboot boot cwm- then enter your phone quill
        Reboot to recovery flash the Rom restart and enjoy jusrt make sure you do a factory dats reset before you do this or it will not work properly and you’ll have to do the reset and repeat

  10. Jan says:

    Reboots every 15 minutes regardless of what i do and has no 3D… I’d really love an AOSP Android 4.2 Rom for my phone, but this one is not fit for daily use yet. Too bad, the article had me excited. Its a bit strange that so few custom Roms have 3D seeing as how most EVO3D owners likely bought it for that reason. That’s why i still use the NonSense Rom, it is fast, stable with good battery life and has a great camera app and full 3D support. Too bad it’s out of development.

  11. Randy Jacob says:

    So sad. I was looking forward to replacing my super buggy Venom3D ROM.

    Even did a Superwipe beforehand.
    Sprint EVO 3D
    HBOOT 1.58

  12. Double says:

    I was on hboot 1.58 with soft and had to downgrade to 1.50 in order to get any of the newer jb roms to work. Was getting boot loop before downgrade.

    • Double says:

      I was on hboot 1.58 with s off and had to downgrade to 1.50 in order to get any of the newer jb roms to work. Was getting boot loop before downgrade.

  13. UserX says:

    cam is working, ofc no 3d but working good

  14. Raul says:

    Anyone have problems with not recieving text?

  15. Chris says:

    I installed this rom and now when I make phone calls, the screen goes black and doesn’t come back unless the other person hangs up and my audio jack quit working.

    Should’ve never upgraded from Cool ICS

  16. UserX says:

    after some days of nonstop testing:

    – i cant phone cause in calls the audio is laggy..
    ->in forum thay say it is fixed in the nightly but i used the last stable Evervolv-Signum-3.2.0p2-shooteru.zip

    – Bluetooth is not working..
    ->in forum thay say it is fixed in the nightly but i used the last stable Evervolv-Signum-3.2.0p2-shooteru.zip

    – GPS is not working..
    -> coder are work on it

    – Camcorder dont work..
    -> ?

    – Cam work only till i start to zoom a lil..
    -> ?

    – HDMI (over MHL) dont work..
    -> thats normal on AOSP roms

    – 3D cam/recorder dont work..
    -> thats normal on AOSP roms

    + 3D pictures work (with the help of the app “Jmz 3D Switcher”
    + 3D videos will probably also work (with the help of the app “Jmz 3D Switcher”
    + had 0 os freezes
    + had 0 os reeboots
    + near 0 lags
    + over 8000 points in the AnTuTu Benchmark with a lil ocing

    = its a stable, fast and near lagfree 4.2.1 rom.
    = i think this will become my new daily rom in near future, whan the coders fixed the audio lags (when mic is in use and display is off..) and the GPS =)

  17. Tony55 says:

    This rom looks nice,but…… it is terrible… im using it on sprints cdma and the volume is super low on the ear set and speaker, the gps works when it wants to, no camera support which is the most important for me, no voicemail , 4g not working, i cannot access people from my contact list through the dial pad by dialing in the letters of the a name as i did with previous versions, calls drop a lot, internet sometime does not work although my phone will show full connecting on sprints data or wifi( i have to reboot my phone each time this happens and it’s fine for a couple of hours), and the rest im still testing… what i do like is that it is good on battery, smooth , fast, and like i said the rest im still testing… i will post any other issues i come across … in my opinion this is not a good daily rom

    • Knux Kitsune says:

      Try a new nightly. Everything’s working for me. Volume is louder than the CM10.1 ROM I was using before, and I use GPS and Bluetooth frequently, as I use my phone as a GPS for my car and my car has Bluetooth. Contacts are all there… I think you just got an early build that was still rather buggy. The latest is 10 November 2013.

  18. L8rpete says:

    Have tried to downgrade from 1.57 to 1.49 so I can join in on the JB experience, but I keep getting Model id errors. Can anyone give some advice? And yes I change my cid to ht__001. Doesn’t help! By the way love your videos Max, keep them coming!

    Thanx in advance guys
    L8rpete .

  19. Mark Bencze says:

    I have the rogers evo 3d and its rooted. I flashed evervolv but it just boot loops. Is there any way to fix thos. I want this rom. Actually any rom would be nice that actually works. I havent found one that works yet. Any suggestions?

  20. Ken says:

    Pretty much new to this. But I’m stuck on the Evervolv bootup screen. What’s the fix?

  21. jackson says:

    I was wondering how is the battery life with this rom, I haven’t been able to find too much about it. I was using the gangnamstyle cm10 rom and it had some problems with battery drain. If this one gets good battery life then I will probably try this one out.

  22. rob says:

    Lol. This is stable just a few minor bugs

  23. josehonda says:

    men, the camera app dont work, how fix it??

    • Knux Kitsune says:

      Are you still having trouble with camera? It’s always worked for me, but I’ve only run Evervolv nightlies since the beginning of November.

  24. Marco says:

    Does this work for the Virgin Mobile HTC EVO V 4G?

    • Knux Kitsune says:

      It does work on Virgin Mobile’s HTC Evo V 4G, but it shows the carrier as Sprint, and so far, voicemail notifications show up as SMS with code information. Other than these minor inconveniences, everything works, data is snappy, voicemail works, calls work (obviously), MMS, roaming, etc all works. The 3D switch does nothing, but that’s simply due to no JB ROM working with the 3D as of yet. Not sure why there hasn’t been a nightly since the 10th though.

  25. Emin Altan says:

    This room look like a crap. When I was installed this rom my phone everthime rebooting. This rom battery exploit quickly. I do not recommend this rom.

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