FreEvo 3D ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 3D!

Recently, I’ve been trying many different ICS ROMs and honestly without my 4G working, I find it hard to use my phone to tether, which is one of the coolest features about my Evo 3D.

Anyways, I did go back to Android Gingerbread and found a really good/simple ROM that gives me great 3G/4G signals, performance, and battery life.

For those of you who use your phone as a daily driver and you need 4G with great battery life, I suggest you to give FreEvo 3D ROM a try, what I am running right now. This ROM comes de-bloated, de-Sensed, and with everything working.

Download ROM:

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Download FreEvo 3D ROM

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Don’t forget to say thanks and donate to XDA user freeza who made this ROM!

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8 Responses to FreEvo 3D ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 3D!

  1. Monkboy24 says:

    Voicemail not working for this rom!

  2. mo says:

    This Rom mess my phone up. Cant even do a master reset to get the phone working again.

  3. benedict says:

    it’s not stable at all

  4. itczar says:

    I can’t get 2.3 to load no matter what i try… no problem however w/ 2.2. 2.3 installs but then I’m in an endless reboot. I’ve tried formating everything, except the SDcard (w/ ROMs on it). Anybody else having problems or anybody have an idea what’s going on?

    I love 2.2 but seems like 2.3 has newer code and features so hoping to move to that asap.
    Thanks! Keep up the good work freeza!

  5. brian willard says:

    hey max can you try ad find us a visual voicemail zip file to work with clockwork mod 4 all I can find is for 3. I dont want to down grade

  6. brian says:

    Check out the link for add ons for this ROM pretty cool

  7. lark says:

    This ROM is the best one that I have used everything works except for gmail. Tryed installing it and all that happens is fc. Any help would be grateful, thanks

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