ICS ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 3D! [ICS Deck e3D]

For those of you who can’t wait for the official ICS update on your HTC Evo 3D, you might just want to give the ICS Deck e3D ROM a try, a fully-working ICS ROM (without camera/4G) built from Android 4.0.3 sources.

Although you lose 4G and camera functions on your Evo 3D, this ROM is otherwise flawless, smooth, and overclockable to 1.8Ghz.

I’ve tried many ICS ROMs and I have to tell you that the Evo 3D is a “perfect” candidate for ICS as this ROM demonstrated how well it would far. Β And indeed, the Evo 3D coupled with its dual-core 1.2Ghz proves to be pretty quick on the ICS ROM, perhaps even faster than on Galaxy Nexus itself.

For those of you early-adopters, check out the download link below and let me know what you think.

Download ICS ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 3D:

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Download ICS Deck e3D

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27 Responses to ICS ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 3D! [ICS Deck e3D]

  1. benedict says:

    easy install once instructions followed…cant stand without 4g and camera had to switch back to synergy … it’s a great fast rom but i’ll wait for the real deal…

  2. Angela says:

    Awesome job! Keep up the excellent work. Patiently waiting for the end result. πŸ™‚

  3. todd says:

    couldnt get it to work, stuck at boot screen… i seen no instructions anywhere, in your video you say make sure u flash both files, and there is only 1 file?? any help??

    • Anthony says:

      did u get the rom to work? i know i missed the second file myself but then after i read ur post i went back and found it but still no luck. still stuck on boot screen

  4. Anthony says:

    Ok im on hboot 1.50 with s on but unlocked, thaught i rooted the original way (not htc way) but not sure, shouldnt i just be able to flash this rom like normal using cwm? i tried both that and twrp with no luck. i get stuck on android bootloader screen. can anyone help? i really want a preview of the ics rom

  5. Anthony says:

    oops must have missed that “both files” part, trying again now, this time flashing apps as well….

  6. Anthony says:

    ok so i tried a couple times now and still stuck on the boot screen, flashed the rom 1st, then the gapps after, then a reboot with no luck, what am i doing wrong here? i wiped dalvik cache, cache, and factory reset 3 times each b4 starting to flash.

  7. Jerome Davis says:

    Very good rom although live wallpapers and scrollable wallpapers dont work, and video playback is very choppy with native ics gallery player. I downloaded mx video player and put it to sw and it did a bit better.

  8. Dennis says:

    I installed ICS New Years Eve. The ROM installed fine, however Titanium Backup would not launch because of permissions. I am running HBOOT 1.5 S-ON. Used the HTC method to ROOT. Just thought that I would let you know. Take care and keep up the great work. I really enjoy the videos you are doing

  9. Lee says:

    I flashed this ROM using fastboot with TWRP and then ClockWork mod. I am aware there is no 4G/camera but I could not get 3G either time I flashed it. I can only connect to wifi. Did anyone else have this problem?

  10. ChrisW says:

    Maybe I’m missing something here but I noticed a lot of the ROM reviews on this site almost never state whether it’s CDMA or GSM. I know Max has a Sprint phone in all the videos but I could save some time by skipping over ROM’s that don’t apply to me πŸ™‚

  11. brian willard says:

    I like the rom the only thing that bugs is that it keeps rebooting any help

  12. Antny says:

    Zedo what’s up. Flash and install of ROM and Google Apps success. 4G and camera issue no biggie whatsoever. BUT, NO 3G either.. Did you have this same issue? I know a couple others did here.. Will try to reflash and see. I dig the ROM and power it brings but without at least 3G it’s not worth much to me :/

  13. warrantybreaker says:

    How to over clock to 1.8ghz???

  14. Gordon says:

    Is this a GSM or CDMA rom?

  15. Johnny says:

    I tried flashing a new ICS Nonsense v1.1 ROM from the XDA Developers website. My phone will not reboot and also will not reboot into recovery. I think the phone is “BRICKED”! Can you help with this problem??
    My email address is johnnyshaw98@gmail.com

  16. Scott says:

    When i upgrade this software Sense 4.0 Preview – Endeavor 3D ICS ROM for HTC Evo 3D! , after that
    my phone is freeze and gave me white screen with HTC
    I need help any software to fixed .

    Thank you

  17. Hyunwoo says:

    I got the rom working but the screen doesnt recognize any touch. why??? TT

  18. christopher.l says:

    how do i get in to recovery mode in the cmd and how do i flash and load ICS….the phone has been rooted and has HBOOT 1.5 i downloaded both files.

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