InBred ROM for Sprint/VirginMobile HTC Evo 3D!

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For Sprint and VirginMobile HTC Evo 3D ROM of the week, check out InBred ROM!

Based on Android 4.0.3 ICS and Sense 3.6, InBred ROM brings you a nice red-theme along with your favorite HTC Sense or Apex launcher. You will be able to also tweak the UI with its Inbred Tweaks app, which is very similar to LeeDroid Tweaks but a little bit different.

Inbred ROM does come with an AROMA graphical installer that allows you to choose Sense or Senseless launcher and some additional customization you can expect during installation including the ability to choose Sprint or VirginMobile. Everything should be working out of the box since this is a stock-based ICS ROM and highly recommended for those of you who need a good red ROM for daily driving.

Check it out for this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


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Download InBred ROM for Sprint/VirginMobile HTC Evo 3D

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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26 Responses to InBred ROM for Sprint/VirginMobile HTC Evo 3D!

  1. DrGreen says:

    Im having trouble getting the wifi tether working? I installed the wifi tether app v3.3-pre2, the treve modded app. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

  2. Reaper says:

    Does this rom have Google Now?

  3. DrGreen says:

    HELP!!! Wi-Fi is not working… Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Lance says:

      i have the same problem!

      • ryan t says:

        I had the same problem. It was because I have S-ON and the right recovery can get around that. I downloaded “4EXT recovery control” from the google play ($3.00) and used the 4EXT recovery touch that came with it. there is an option in the settings menu called ” S-ON: 4EXT smartflash” I checked that option and wifi and 4G worked!

  4. tj says:

    This rom is actually really really stable wifi and 4g work definetly impressed with this rom compared to others

  5. Eric says:

    I was wondering if any roms have a stable working WiFi hotspot . I have tried 3 so far with no luck .

  6. Juan says:

    I have this annoying message pop up every thirty seconds on my phone. It says: “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped.” does anyone know how I can fix this?

  7. Chris says:

    @Juan Try reinstalling the ROM again. Full wipe first. Perhaps that will fix the problem.

  8. jim says:

    Sick rom, love it.. only problem is that some of the letter is the same background color so u cannot see it, for example in text messages u cannot see when your message was sent and if u send a mms you cannot see any of your writing. I’ve sent over all tweaks and settings and installed twice, I thi it was just a miss hap on the Rom. nd also my shortcuts on my home screen don’t have labels..

    • Dan says:

      hey did you ever figure out if you can change the contrast settings to avoid the un-seen fonts, i cant view evas settings, frustrating but the rest is awesome, also people, Check out Eva virtual assistant, Best app on android. keep my phone in my pocket and i can complete everything from texts, to navigation to web searches

      • Teh Rave says:

        I am having the same issue with the color schemes.
        Google Voice, K9 Mail and Evernote are apps I use all the time and I can not see some menu options or what I am typing at times.

        It’s either white font on a white background (evernote), or grey menu options on a grey background (Google Voice and K9).

  9. Lance says:

    anyway of getting my wifi working???

  10. ryan t says:

    Help with the system colors! On many apps, the text is almost the same color as the background! How can I change this? Otherwise everything works!

  11. Derrick T. says:

    If you you are looking for a full custom rom this is it. I have been using NegaLite BluROM for a while and tried this for a bit. I have to say I like them both. I was also able to get the WiFi switch to work. This ROM is definetly worth checking out.

  12. Zach says:

    does the 3d camera work?!?

  13. Jeremy says:

    How long have you guys stayed on the installation page? I’ve been waiting for about 20 minutes now and still no boot start up at all

  14. Cristian says:

    3D camera works?

  15. travis says:

    Does any one have ideas on how to get s-off and otherwise be able to install a fully functioning ROM on Sprint’s 2.95 version? I can install every ROM but the WiFi does not work on any off them. This new version was easy enough to root but that’s as far as I can take it. I even installed my Nandroid (2.89) back up on it and the WiFi won’t work on it either. Also, does any one know where to get the 2.95 RUU? Unfortunately, even with the 2.89, on these new phones the 2.89 RUU will not install. Sprint’s new software is really bumming me out. I would really like to be able to, at least, de-odex this ROM so I can use AdBlock. Has anyone beat this yet?

    • Eric says:

      Travis, try reflashing your kernel using “flash image GUI” from the play store. My phone is 2.95 with S on and using that app to flash the kernel worked and my WiFi and everything else is working.

  16. Dale says:

    btw, im hboot 1.50 s-on.

    How I flash this rom:
    Fire up recovery
    wipe everything but sd card
    install Super user
    install rom
    I then use adb to flash the kernel. IDK why, but I cant flash anything sucessfully with the flash gui app..

    once the phone fires up, i pull battery, (If it bootloops) restart into bootloader. (yeah this isnt proper, but it works)
    Connect usb
    enable fastboot usb
    On your computer, (from the rom zip on computer) Copy “boot.img” from the rom’s zip into the sdk-tools folder
    In cmd prompt type “fastboot flash boot boot.img” (no “)
    then fastboot boot boot.img

    It restarts and settles in nicely.

    With 5.4, I have to use the anthrax kernel to get it to fire up. From what I understand, all ICS roms may need that if S-on to fire up. Otherwise, they will bootloop.

    Im not a dev, just tinker with my phone alot. Dont give me static about how I do things.. Fact of the matter is, it works. Never bricked a phone… If you dont agree with my method, dont try it.. Its what works for me, everytime.

  17. Jonathan says:

    I have installed this ROM three time now and after it says successful installation and I hit Next it freezes… I have drop the battery out and powered device (HTC Evo3D) on and it when through all of the start up phases and got to the point where it showed me the RED start screen then got trapped in boot loop… I have tried everything… Cleared all data cache’s and anything else I could find using TWRP recovery… I rooted the phone with S-ON now trying to flash a ROM from sd-card… Please help I am ready to throw this thing out the window!!

  18. syam says:

    hey why cant i download the roms in this site ..when i click a download page like HTCEvo3D/GSMroms/Viper3D/
    it goes to a page and cant download… also help me,i want to root my phone.mine is an htc evo 3d with
    shooter_u pvt ship s-off
    hboot 1.49.0016
    radio 10.14 .9020.06_M
    emmc boot

    help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Braulio Isaac says:

    My Wifi Not Work!!!! HELP!!!

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