Infected ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [ROM of the Week]

You know, there’s been so much progress with Evo 3D ROMs recently and it’s hard to say which one is the best so we’ve decided to start “ROM of the Week”, featuring a best ROM of the week.

To start out, here’s Infected ROM for the HTC Evo 3D, which comes with lots of goodies, better battery life, and green theme, which I highly enjoy.

Let me know what YOU think of this ROM rather than me blabbing.

Download ROM here:

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Download Infected ROM

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Donate to original developer Virus here and also full specs of this ROM – link

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90 Responses to Infected ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [ROM of the Week]

  1. Orlando aka MWaV says:

    This ROM is bad a** in ever way!! Developer definitely has thumbs up!! This is by far my favorite ROM for the 3D. UI is awesome, and definitely a plus!! Infected tweaks are superb to your liking! Definitely sticking with this one!!

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Hey Orlando!!! This ROM ROCKS, U r right bud.

      • kenny says:

        Loving this ROM but the only problem is that it erase some of my apps and when I go to the market I can’t installed it it giving me a error msg “error downloading ” app name” insufficient space on the device” can some one help me here…

      • Orlando says:

        I’m sticking with this ROM until something comes along better but for now this is the best one I feel is for the 3D, it is a battery killer, but juice defender and advance task killer from the market fixes that problem

      • Ryan says:

        Can this ROM be overclocked???

    • Shirley says:

      My screenshot is not working correctly .. Its taking the picture but idk where its putting it, its not in the camera shots plz help.. Besides that its a awesome ROM

      • Jay says:

        I’m having the same problem, it takes the picture but then its not readable. Using the file explorer I was able to locate the files but cannot be opened, however they are.jpg files. When I first installed the ROM it work perfectly, anyone?

  2. joel says:

    nice rom.. i havent gotten to use it too much since i just installed it this morning but what i have sen i really like and it just looks awesome too.. so far it isnt as fast as the tweakedsynergy which i loved.. it was blazing fast but i couldnt get my wifi or 4g to work on it and those both are working on the infected rom.. only thing i have noticed is the screenshot feature is not working anymore.. it takes the shot and says it is saved in camera shots but then i can not find the actual pic anywhere on the phone? any ideas what might fix this?

    • Angela says:

      Try running the ROM again, Joel. My screenshot feature has been working just fine and saves them under your camera shots.

    • Orlando says:

      try rebooting or doing a hard battery pull while its on. I will check into it and see whats going on with it

  3. Mike B. Aka Jabawockee says:

    This ROM is very bad@$$. This is also my first ROM I flashed with the help of zedomax’s tutorials. Can’t really compare it to anything since this is my first but def better than stock. Waiting for virus to get back and fix the 2d camera, screenshot, and my voicemail app disappeared. I flashed the latest 1.2.1 version and using stock kernel.

    • Orlando says:

      download titanium backup and start backing up files when flashing and rooting, also try my back up for root and remember to donate to these guys cause the pro version is much better.

  4. david says:

    I’m definitely sticking to this ROM for a good while. Best 1 out right now by far!!!!

  5. Pcar9119 says:

    Do you know which OC kernal I can use to overclock it? I can’t seem to find one that works with it…

    • JG says:

      Hey Pcar use bc blend v.3 im using it oc’d to 1.8 stil get 16hrs of battery with heavy usage and its smooth as butter and im getting quadrant scores of 4100+ consistently

    • Nate Smith says:

      I suggest SilverNeedle, RCMIX, or JDkernel Shooter.. JDkernel shooter I’ve had most success with, with all the roms out there. I also like Tiamat_E3d. Kernel Manager Pro is like ROM Manager but for kernels.. I suggest downloading it off the market.

  6. mike says:

    I’m loving this rom, super fast and everything but the wifi app works love it

    • Lyssa21742 says:

      i’m having the same issue. 4G doesn’t work, but that really doesn’t matter considering i do not live in a 4G area… but the Wi-Fi is a different story. Have to go back to stock if i can’t get it to work?

  7. deko code says:


    • JG says:

      Wut up Deko? the personalize button can be set to whatever u like it to be.. just use the tweaks and go in to sense options and it will be there bro.

    • Chris Brake says:

      yeah the personalize button is there for just that reason to personalize you can actually customize what this button actually does when you push it just thought you would like the info i found this out after about two weeks of playing with the ROM

  8. joel says:

    got the screenshots to work by running the ROM from recovery again.. this ROM is know perfect.. thanks for the tip. by the way i havent been having to do anything with a command prompt to install ROMs.. i just saved it to my sd then went and installed it in recovery. and it has worked fine every time. just takes seconds. is there a kernel that works with this ROM ad can get me close to 1.8?? i tried silver needle but on setcpu i can only set it at 1188. how do i get to 1728?

    • irishgreen says:

      BcBlend V3 works great! find it on xda

    • Ryan says:

      What do I have to do so I dont have to use the command prompt to install ROMs? I have all the roms on my sd but i ALWAYS got to use the command prompt to install the ROMs. Whenever i just go to recovery it just restarts my phone. Doesnt go to revolutionary clockworkmod recovery mode unless i use the command prompt.

  9. joel says:

    well my screenshots have stopped working again for some reason. any thoughts??

  10. 12apist says:

    heyy everyone can anyone give me a link to how to install the eternity rom im a beginner but a fast ass learner thanx

  11. Mark says:

    anyone have an overclocking kernel for this rom? None have worked up to this point!!!!!

  12. benedict says:

    i can’t overclock beyond 1188mhz on setcpu …. help!!!!!!!!

  13. Mason The Hacker says:

    Okay, I see some bugs with this ROM but i think in the future it will be worked out. I’m waiting for the day cuz this just looks bad ass. I’m on a ViperRom right now. em I gonna have trouble flashing this? And the over clock isn’t working -_- This would not be an okay thing for me yet. I had just got cause code 64 error class 2 on my ViperRom today and it shocked me a little bit. so I’m looking for a new rom and because this has beats audio (from what I hear) I think it would be perfect when the bugs are worked out. (oh and i did nothing to cause the radio error today it just happened RANDOMLY) and BTW I love this site. I keep coming back <3 Keep up the good fight guys!

  14. Roger Clemons says:

    This is the baddest Rom out there for the EVO 3D. It fixed my camera problems. I love it! It is so fast. Makes all the other Roms look like they move at the speed of molasses. It kicks Viper Rom & Synergy to the curb. Cool!

  15. emanuell says:

    No by far the best ROM is warm twopointthree its such a beautiful fast ROM u really should review it. And its the most stable ROM I have ever run on the 3d yet

  16. Olghb says:

    Infected Rom is the BOMB! This is fast and smooth as a baby a**! I wish I couls set the Personalize button to the Personalize button but, that ok. One more thing, Can overclock it won’t let me change the kernel. Other than that this rom is the sh**! Good work guys!

  17. Prince says:

    I have been using this rom for a couple of weeks. The one issue I have is that I can’t get my ESPN Radio app to work, I have tried two or three times a day and it doesn’t work. Hey Max, can you check into that for me?

  18. Dikobrazz says:

    Hi all,
    i tried to install this ROM, but it says to me something like this:

    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “shooter”
    E:Error in /sdcard/InfectedROM_Eter….zip (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    I tried version 1.0 and version 1.2.2. Result is the same.

    Do you have any idea, what can i do?

    Thanks a lot, Diko.

  19. Richard says:


    I had to use hboot 1.50 htc unlocking method and then flashed this rom and I do have to say it does look pretty sick. I was curious if after rooting with the htc unlock method, should the rom look like its stock with a new green inftected layover? I wanted to get rid of the crappy bloatware like polaris and others and I can’t and was wondering why I can’t?

    Is it because of my recovery image is stock? I am using TeamWin’s recovery image – is that the only one that work for the 1.50?

    • irishgreen says:

      U have to be rooted too..did u flash a if u are rooted u can delete these apps with rot explorer in system/app

    • Rob says:

      if your on sprint… i went ahead and paid for the my backup app… saved me a lot of trouble and easy to use vs titanium and if you have a rooted phone it gives you more options like deleting bloat. and freezing apps before you delete them so see how your phone will react before you completely rid yourself of them

  20. tim says:

    after i download this ROM i cant get picture messages to send is anyone else having this problem..

    • Orlando says:

      reboot a couple times and end some of the processes, I had this problem until i shut down al the processes that was running that i didnt need and then reboot at least twice

  21. brisn says:

    To Richard
    Try using the uninstaller for root user but be careful

    • Orlando says:

      use titanium because at least if you uninstall some of them you can put it right back, especially if you back them up with that or my backup root

  22. Richard says:

    Hey Brian,

    Do the other roms/kernels have these stock programs? What types of problems would I run into if I downloaded an uninstaller? I want to get rid of some of this software like polaris, sprint tv, etc…just the crapware I don’t use.

  23. brian says:

    To Richard
    Most all tons come with more than one program you don’t want or use that’s the easy way to remove them just be careful you don’t get rid of any OS programs

  24. Hilife420 says:

    This is a cool rom! Only thing I am having trouble with is everytime I answer the phone it goes on speaker. And tethering doesn’t work for some reason, but the Sprint hotspot does. So yah hope you can fix the bugs but overall this is a sweet rom!

  25. Pcar9119 says:

    Finally got a oc kernel that worked, ZOOM ZOOM now. This may be one of my favorite roms, next to the Synergy 318…

  26. Virus says:

    What’s up guys glad I like my rom 😉

  27. Virus says:

    Also screen shot isn’t working due to carrier iq and htc logger removal

  28. smoke says:

    Rom keeps coming up as bad and the file gets aborted. Is there a new download for this rom??

  29. julian says:

    i keep getting the same error as smoke, i used the htc unlock method.. could it be the fact that i used that method? or……

  30. Crimsonn says:

    Hi I’m new to ROMs on my HTC evo 3d. I rooted my phone using the video on this website. The problem I’m having is when I download the ROM (infected) onto my MAC it doesn’t give me a zip file, only a boot.img file and four other folders named data, META-INF, setup, and system. What do I do from there? I don’t see a file that I can transfer over to my htc evo ?

  31. kenny says:

    I been playing with this ROM for about a good week and I have to say this is a really bad ass ROM. the battery life had improve I can seen the different REALLY BIG!!! My only notice is with hot spot some time it with connect my device but not transfer any data so I have to reconnect but beside that everything rock.

  32. miggs says:

    Adobe flash does not work @ all. Can some1 look into it datz the only thing not working for me

  33. mcgee says:

    hi i keep trying other roms and come back to this one i just tryed ZiggyDualcore_10_19 kernel and got 3662 on quadrant

  34. m00n says:

    easily the best rom i’ve encountered for the 3d. everything works. impressive. most impressive.

  35. jos says:

    does any one knows how to enable the mirroring to put my evo 3d on my lcd tv. im using infected rom right now

  36. Rob says:

    wow… I just put this on my phone…. its fast… snappy. and a hell of a lot of cool animations that I just love… I wiped revolution HD for this…. Ill be keeping this for a long time. all the features are worth it… although I cant figure out how to change the lock screen to the green ring I saw.

  37. Paco says:

    HELP>>>>> I Trying to install it on my Evo, but i couldn’t , I got a error

    asserted failed: get prop(“ro.product.device”) == “shoorter”
    E: Error. in /sdcard/ InfectedROM_ETERNITY_RLS-1.ZIP
    (Status 7)
    Installation Aborted

    Any Suggestions?

  38. will says:

    Man…I’ve been running these rom for about 3 weeks now and I love it…I even added some go Widgets to make it spicerier …but lovin the infected..thumbs up to the creaters…

  39. joel says:

    my evo 3d will no longer boot into recovery. i am running the infected rom. i have tried every way i can think of to get it into recovery but it doesnt work. the phone just eventually reboots completely like a restart.. is there a fix for this?? please help max

  40. William Tavares says:

    Does anyone know why wireless teather doesnt work on the latest Hboot, with infected rom on it? Sprint Hotspot works on 3g only as usual, but wifi teather doesnt work with or without 4g.

    Also while trying to listen to the fm radio, earphone indicator says its connected on the top of the screen music looks like its playing with the volume all the way up, and no sound comes out of the earphones.

    I used to have viper rom with everything working when I had the evo 3d running the older hboot before the latest ota came out. Isnt there a way to downgrade the software to the older version to be able to flash kernels?

    I am sorry if this is a dumb a.. question in advance.


  41. andrew says:

    i cant hard reset phone and phone doesnt go into recovery mode… please help

  42. jake says:

    My WiFi and 4 g won’t work with infected ROM. Pleas help. Is cyanogen mod good?

  43. nick11evo says:

    the ive tried probably 5-6 different kernels the only one that work and actually flashed is Anthrax Kernel and got absolutely lightning fast scores even faster than the synergy rom updated version 4500 on the new quadrant and 7500 on antutu and like 115 on linpack …..BUT the only probably i see is it gets scorching hot and when gets stuck on the max cpu evn on powersave gov stable i saw best results at 1.674 GHZ

  44. derek says:

    Has anybody had any random restarts? I’m on HBOOT1.5 S-off . It happens about 3 times a day. I’m running the kernel that came with it.

    • derek says:

      also some times when someone calls the screen goes black and i can not get it back. i have to restart. other than that i love this rom. it is my first. i have flashed many more but i always come back to infected.

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