Mean ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 3D!

Want a lean and mean ROM that’s fast, stable, and gives you great battery life? Check out the Mean ROM, ROM of the week. This ROM features the latest stock software 2.17.651.5 with everything de-bloated and optimized for simple yet fast experience.

I know, I know, many of you want ICS already but until we have a fully stable ICS, you can check out some Gingerbread ROMs such as this one.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Download ROM:

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Download Mean ROM

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29 Responses to Mean ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 3D!

  1. benedict says:

    Easy install! Thanks Max! So far no problems! No boot loops! No force close! I love it! You are definitely true to your words! I’m going to stick with this one for now!

  2. joe says:

    Do you know if HDMI out works via mhl?

  3. jacob sanchez says:

    after i wipe then try to install it says

    — install /sdcard …
    finding update pakage…
    opening update pakage…
    e:can’t open /tmp/sideload/

    this is the second .zip file ive tried.
    i got the other from another website and it said the same thing

    never had this problem before when trying to flash a rom any ideas

    any thoughts

  4. Swizzy says:

    I’m pretty sure if your flashing a rom with the new ota update 2.17.651.5 you need to have your phone already updated to the .5 version. Which means un-rooting your phone, installing stock again, and then re-rooting your phone. Then you can flash to the 2.17.651.5 roms. At least this is what I’ve read on the xda forums which is why i myself haven’t tried any of the new .5 roms. I believe if someone posted a .5 rom already rooted this wouldnt be an issue……not 100% though.

  5. Gino says:

    I can’t get Mean rom to flash I am using Flash Image Gui. Whats the procedure?

  6. D says:

    dose it matter that im on another rom and i use the flash gui app to install this rom?

  7. oscar says:

    sprint tv , camera on pano are always forcing to close

  8. Jonathan Williams says:

    HeyO, ZedoMax
    I with some others on here have a few problems with the MeanRom.
    I’m trying to push it to the device but seems to be a problem with team win project recovery taking it. Do I need to rename the file? If you can give some advice, very much appreciated.

  9. Papo says:

    No matter how many new ROM’S I try I always keep going to the synergy ROM it is by far the stablest when over clocked and even at stock speed its fast and reliably stable sure hope they come up with a newer version

  10. tim says:

    so far so good used the htc dumblock method for installing it . i dont think im getting the full potential for the battery saving it claims , light use and im killing battery quick was on txron rom loved it . am i able to take updates with this ? like i dont think my kernel was fully up to date so if i flash back to my other rom will it not function ? btw keep up the good work 😀

  11. Manuel says:

    Works great so far. the only problem I’ve had is some applications force close occasionally but this might just be the applications themselves.

  12. jay says:

    so i have installed this rom and it worked great but then i stared to check out the ics roms and well I tried going back to meanrom and now its stuck on a loop on the load up screen it shows the htc then see blue android as if its gonna boot but it goes back to the white htc screen. any ideas why it is doing that now? I mean i had it working great so im at a lose. any useful hlp will be appreciated. thanks.

    • jay says:

      well i was able too install alpha ics i just wish i knew why mean rom didnt load. and alpha is glitching and it frezzes. on the load screen this time it was telling me i needed special authentication to place a call for some reason when i checked to see if my cell number was in the field it wasnt so idk i made a phone call so i know thats working. i hope they come out with a stable ics in the very near future. if you still have an answer to why mean rom didnt load for me let me know ty vm.

  13. fred says:


  14. Dark Shadow says:

    dude! I love this rom, it’s been working great, those little extras and less garbage… thanks for the info..

  15. Steve says:

    Anyone overclock this rom? I’ve tried silverneedle and rcmix and both break the rom. I get a boot loop until I reinstall the rom. Just wondering if it’s the rom or my phone.

  16. Derek says:

    Like it, but one issue I’m still working on: Phone is no longer finding a Moto S10-HD stereo bluetooth headset (doesn’t see that it’s there, period), although it *is* still finding a Moto H520 mono BT set, so A2DP specific problem, or n00b incompetence?

  17. Dj MarroKing says:

    is anyone else having problems with the hotspot or wifi tether…?

  18. thewizar says:

    Can I use mikvirgin rom on a HTC evo 3d on boost. Meaning if I install the rom will I still get service seen my evo 3d is rooted and install boost radio. And it’s a sprint evo 3d.

  19. Anthony B says:

    Hey zedomax…I’m about to switch from ZR3D due to random reboot issues…when I flash this ROM (meanROM) and I flash Leedroid tweaks on top of it..everything works fine except the CRT on/off animations…do I need to do something extra to make them work…and if not I was thinking about ripping some files from ZR3D and pushing them via root explorer…I’m just not sure which specific files I need to take out and move…can you help me out !?

  20. BO says:

    Hey Max,

    I want to flash my first custom ROM and decided on MeanRom v4.5 so I know I need to upgrade to the latest firmware, 2.17.651.5. I’ve never taken any of the OTA updates so my current “Software number” is 1.13.651.7.

    Do I first need to upgrade to the previous firmwares like 2.08.651.3 or can I just jump directly to Freeza’s all-in-one 2.17.651.5 firmware zip in this post:

    Also, how do I go about flashing Freeza’s zip? Do I just put it in the root of my sdcard and just “Install zip from sdcard” with 4ext?

    I’m on HBoot 1.40 with s-off, btw.

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      I havent tried freezas yet will have an update soon sorry been super busy i wish i had 48 hours in a day.

  21. Luke says:

    is it just me, or does this ROM no work with HBOOT 1.58?? When I try it, it is stuck on the HTC splashscreen.

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