MikVirgin ICS ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [Best ICS ROM]

Maker of the famous MikFroyo and MikG ROM for HTC Evo 4G has just released the MikVirgin ICS ROM for the HTC Evo 3D. I’ve always been a fan of XDA user aamikam’s ROMs and finally he’s got an ICS ROM you can be proud of.

In short, this ROM makes your stock Sense experience better in many ways including great performance and battery life. Try it out and let me know what you think of this ROM!

Rating: 5 of 5.


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Download MikVirgin ICS ROM

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Credits and Donate – XDA


Q: Bootloops on HBOOT 1.50 S-ON?
A: For all ICS ROMs, if you get bootloops, just Google for “AnthraX-htcleak-rls1.zip” and install it in CWM to get rid of bootloop.

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172 Responses to MikVirgin ICS ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [Best ICS ROM]

  1. Boozey says:

    Any hope for this ICS ROM working with hboot 1.50? I was thinking of flashing just to figure out myself, but I don’t wanna have to factory reset and go through all the trouble to restore my files if it’s just gonna get stuck in boot loop again.

    • 3VO hackr says:

      yes its easy you just have to manually flash the kernel after flashing the rom but before you try to boot up the phone, I have it installed on my rooted 3D HBOOT 1.50 S-on.

    • to3kn33 says:

      I tried it through both flash image gui, and fastboot methods. Neither had any luck. stuck in boot loop. Had to reflash my synergy rom.

    • Karatejoe says:

      I just flashed it and it is working great. Viper Rom Redline v2.5 rc has been the best rom by far for me but I am really liking this rom. It has a lot of extras that I know were Evo 3d owner is going to like and by the way I am on Hboot 1.5 and it works great.
      Let me tell you how I did
      1) Did a backup of my setup
      2) I went to recovery and did a factory reset and reboot
      3) open up Flashimage gui and run the rom with kernal first, then reboot to recovery
      4) Install the rom from your sdcard and run
      5) Let is do it’s thing and then reboot. Then you are good to go.
      hope this helps

    • John says:

      I was able to get it working with this method:

      Loving the ROM so far, many thanks to htevohacks.com and the mikmik team!

    • bioh4x says:

      After unlocking with HTC method had absolutely no trouble getting it to work. Ran the recovery through cmd, then flashed the rom from sdcard and no problems, now running the very nice ICS. Thanks much to the maker of this site

  2. Phillip W says:

    Does Wifi Tether work?

    • Ben says:

      Wifi Tether App works. Just need the correct settings. “Generic ICS” and check MSS clamping and Routing fix.

      • Matthew says:

        I tried Generic ICS ,checked MSS clamping and Routing Fix and I only get a local connection. any additional settings i should be looking at.

        • bioh4x says:

          Got it to work by selecting Clamping and Routing Fix, didn’t see or need anything ‘generic ics’

          • Matthew says:

            i connect to tether without a problem, Profile is HTC EVO 3D, access control enabled, Clamping and Routing Fix checked. but local only limited access, tried with profile generic ics same results, not sure why.

  3. Marcelo says:

    GSM ROM reviews should be nice!

    • thomas says:

      I tryd to install it on my GSM evo with hboot 1.49.0018 but it did not work it said error:e code 1 or something like that

      installation aborted :/

      installing virtuous eclipse atm to check it out

  4. EvoWayne says:

    Any word of a similar ICS ROM from aamikam for EVO 4G?

  5. Raymond says:

    Remember you can’t flash an ICS ROMs with Hboot 1.50, no matter what anyone says, You would have to downgrade to 1.40 first, Believe me I’ve put my Hours in trying to accomplish this, its impossible to do. Some people have said other ICS ROMs have worked for them but that only indicates that they have Hboot 1.40, so if you were one of the lucky ones that didn’t take the recent update or went through the Hardship of Downgrading BTW (You have to obtain a Linux Device to do this, until someone like me figures out an Automatic way to do it) then feel free to download and flash this.

    • Jason says:

      Not true. The ViperICSRom he put on here last week several of us got to work just fine on Hboot 1.50. First you use Flash Image GUI to flash the kernel from the ROM over. You then flash the ROM over normal on whichever custom recovery you have on your phone. I have been running the ViperICSRom since Saturday with no issues whatsoever and had zero issues flashing it.

      • Richard says:

        Jason is right ( thanks Jason) I tried his method with Hboot 1.5 and S-On and it works flawlessly. Like the rom, too; it is very dependable(no forecloses and smooth) and creamy of the iced sandwich kind.

        • Chris says:

          I have Hboot 1.5 S-ON:
          Ive been trying to flash the 2 latest ICS roms and i keep landing up in a bootloop.
          Ive tried both 3 times each, using flash img gui/recovery twice and using fastboot/recover once.
          Im not sure whats happening. Richard & jason, have you guys done the Ext4 deal that came with synergy? I wonder if thats the issue?
          Raymond is there an easy way to downgrade to hboot 1.4?

          • Richard says:

            Chris, I used the one dollar app ( an expense I deem worth it) called Flash Image GUI to do it. I used the prompts in the app, which involved selecting the .zip for the rom then waiting for it to find the files necessary to flash from there. One I flashed the components of the .zip from that app I rebooted into recovery (teamwins recovery) and flashed the image again from recovery clearing cache and all the good stuff along the way. Once that finished I didn’t get stuck in a bootloop like i did with only the recovery method, and it works great.

          • Jason says:

            The Ext4 may be the issue. I only had the previous gingerbread viper rom on this phone and now have the ics viper rom. I had another evo3d i did have ext4 for the synergy rom and i remember that cripling me on flashing other roms. i dont know if you can go back or not either.

          • Ben says:

            There’s a new method of getting s-off on hboot 1.5 that just landed on the Evo 3D XDA developer forum. Check it out. It’s a hardware, not software, thing. Called Juopunutbear…

          • Karatejoe says:

            I have flashed both the ViperRom ics and I am running the MikRom ics and both work for me. I am on Hboot 1.5, At first it was not but i came to find out after a few tries that you have to do a factory wipe first.
            I will tell you how I did
            1) Backup your phones info
            2) Go to your Recovery and do a Factory Wipe and then reboot
            3) Then run Flash Image GUI to flash the kernel from the ROM first and then reboot to Recovery
            4) Now in Recovery install zip from sdcard
            5) Choose zip from sdcard
            6) Get the rom from were you have downloaded it to
            7) Go to yes and install and let it do it’s thing
            ones you are complete reboot.
            do not get nerves it might take 1to2 min. to start then enjoy
            hope these helps

          • Karatejoe says:

            I would not recommend downgrading onless you are 100% sure of what you are doing. If anything go’s wrong you will end up with a paper weight.
            As long as you do a factory wipe before you flash you should be fine. I have been running Viper Rom Redline on till a week ago. I tryed Viper rom ICS but the battery life was no really good it reminded me of when i had the Evo 4G. So I tried Mikevirgin ICS Rom and I am really happy with it. It has a lot of new thing that I know everyone will like. look up to my other post to see how I installed these roms. Also the battery is really good on Mikevirgin ICS Rom.

      • Matthew says:

        also confirming that Jason is right, i have Hboot 1.5 S on and just flashed Mik|VirginICS rom
        first using Flash Image GUI to flash Kernel then reboot to recovery and flashed the rom. working well so far.

    • Garret says:

      Not true, I flashed Newts One S (ICS with sense 4.0) ROM, the old fashioned way with fastboot into recovery and I’ve been running it fine this entire week (Yes I have HBoot 1.5 with S-On)

      • Karatejoe says:

        I would like to try this onerom but can’t get it to work for me can you brake it down for me please. Thank you

      • Abe H says:

        Dude can you post your steps on how you did this? I have hboot 1.5 s on and I tried flashing the kernel first with flash image GUI and then reboot to recovery and then flashed the from, it boots up, optimizes all my apps with an ics interface, then goes into boot loop every dam time. I can flash GB roms no problem using cmd to boot to recovery but no ics roms. Someone please help, there has got to be a fix without downgrading hboot cuz you and other people have been able to? I’m lost

    • Boozey says:

      Can any of you walk me through flashing kernels and ROM’s with Flash Image GUI?

      • Ben says:

        1. Download the ROM you want to flash.
        2. Open the Flash Image GUI app.
        3. Select the ROM you downloaded (it will say it’s too large and then it will find the kernel inside it).
        4. Reboot into Recovery.
        5. Flash ROM from Recovery.

        • Fridz says:

          @Ben : What recovery do you use for Evo 3D with S-ON Hboot 1.5 ?
          I’m using 4Ext, after flash kernel using GUI, I go to Hboot and then recovery (4Ext) do superwipe, flash this ROM, flash kernel (boot.img extracted from this ROM), factory reset and BOOTLOOP…

          What I miss ?

    • 3VO hackr says:

      I have HBOOT 1.50 and S-ON and I managed to pull this off in 30 minutes including downloading the rom to my laptop so I don’t know what your having trouble with but its pretty easy if you flash the rom and before you try and reboot the phone, because you’ll get stuck in a boot loop, you hit power off in recovery after you have finished flashing the rom, then boot back into fastboot, then go back to your computer and extract the rom file to your C:\ drive then go into the folder and copy the boot img to the file you used to root the phone (I used rootevo3dnew from htcevohacks.com youtube vid) paste that image into the folder then open cmd and enter cd\ this will take you directly to the C:\ drive cd\rootevo3dnew will take you into the root folder then enter the command “fastboot flash boot boo.img” (make sure the boot img for the rom youre flashing is the only boot img in the folder” the computer should say writing boot…if not you made a mistake…if it worked then you can just enter the command fastboot reboot it will reboot your phone the rom will function perfectly…I’ve done it and its worked everytime no problems …this ROM works Perfectly for my sprint Evo 3d hboot 1.50 s-on and all just follow these steps…how can you have spent hours doing this I’m 16 and I got this done in half an hour it’s completely possible you just have to know how to use command promt and make sure everything is in the right folder! thats where everyone goes wrong they dont flash the boot img so they get stuck in a bootloop and immediately assume that it’s the roms fault and that it doesnt work…I can make a step by step with pics but all you really need to know are those commands happy flashing! and let me know if this method worked for you

    • ziki says:

      you do not need to downgrade to 1.4. I have 1.5 hboot and it works great. YOU CAN NOT FLASH IT WITH CWM RECOVERY. you have to flash it in fastboot twrp. here is a link on how to do it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZFBpqu77kg

      if you dont use this it will get in boot lock anyother way.

  6. Challenger1 says:

    Ive tried Viper using Flashgui and followed every step and made about 5 attempts and I also have 1.50 and I get nothing but Boot-Loops! It seem that ever since I tried the Infected Synergy ROM that requires the Ext4 File format I cant run any other ROM other the the Synergy Odex or my Nandroid. I even tried the Mean ROM and it just bootloops. Thankfully I do have my Nandroid backup. What is this Factory Reset/Restore files fix another post talks about? Help Please?

    • Bob says:

      I think the one thing that is causing the most trouble with everyones boot loops, after you use the flashgui you need to reboot into recovery, not reboot to the hboot screen and then go into recovery. You can use the fastboot dos commands to reboot in recovery or clockwork etc, but do not reboot into hboot and expect it to work. Hope that helps a few people with their problems.

  7. Challenger1 says:

    Does doing a Factory Reset and restore files take away my Root?

  8. MikeNeedsHelp!! says:

    WTF is this error!? When flashing i get: “E: Error in /sdcard/Mikvirgin-RC3-signed.zip (Status 1) Installation aborted.
    1.5 S-Off using CWM touch

    I can flash Newts Ics but not this or viper ics. Somebody help please!!

  9. emil says:

    dont understand everyone said that…i have a htc evo 3d hboot 1.50 s-off and i can flash any rom any kernel without a problem………

  10. emil says:

    and im using the old method fastboot into recovery.

  11. krishna says:

    i have hboot 1.50 with S-ON

    i flashed the kernel through FLASH GUI (it searched the RC3 zip file to find it) – i deleted both cache’s
    i then rebooted and flashed the ROM through bootloader.

    stuck in a bootloop

    plz help!

    • Ben says:

      Just try the no-fail method of booting into recovery through fastboot.
      fastboot boot your-custom-recovery.img

  12. Louie Lopez says:

    You should for sure do the Downgrade Toolkit Live CD Video Tutorial.!

  13. Louie Lopez says:

    emil, How did uptain Hboot 1.50 with S-off???????

  14. az says:

    it is a bit off topic, or maybe not 🙂

    After using google, and numerous forum searchtools, i still dont know what the various hboot menu items doo.
    Every once in a while, someone ask on some forum what a particular menu does in it, and gets a respons “dont clikc on it, on that because it will fuck/brick your phone”, but no solid answers anywhere

    I find this a bit ironic, and a lot frustrating.
    Seeing that you have made a page just for the htc evo series, i am asking you, i you can to please clarify this to me,
    and imo many many others on the HBOOT menu items.

    my device is a : htc evo 3d unbranded, untampered
    *** LOCKED ***
    SHOOTER_U PVT SHIP S-ON RL (what do the acronims mean ?)
    eMMC-boot (<- wtf is this?)
    Oct 3 2011,15:03:01 (this is the date of what ?)

    its menu:
    Factory reset
    Image crc

    What i would like to know is, what exactly do they do ?
    When would i want to use them ?
    When would i want to avoid them ?

    Are there any more hidden options?
    Is there anything else to know about ?

    Please, threat theese questions as if they came from a total ignorant someone, and if you reply, plese explain in the most simple way/.

    Thank you

  15. getchaonesup says:

    i am also 1.5 and mearom was the only rom that i had bootloops but i was using rommanger as my recovey for some reason i tried ext4 did the install and whalaa no bootloop since and i have’ent use ext4 since either imbred rom is smooth and should get a review even though its been out for a couple day now.
    dont be a I-whore#maxvoice I’m high on andriod that is .

  16. vance554 says:

    Anyone having issues with the WIFI Hotspot? I am getting Error Code 67 and doesn’t connect to the Mobile Network… I already updated my PRL as recommended on some of the sites/forums.

    Anyone have suggestions for a fix?

    • vance554 says:

      Thanks to Max for mentioning on the Mean ICS review about how to get around the WIFI HotSpot issue…

      You just need to download “WiFi Tether” app from the Google Play store – once installed, go into the settings and set the device-profile to “Samsung Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE)”…

      This works and I have my tablet connecting to the internet!

  17. Mrburrito says:

    <q cite=" my device is a : htc evo 3d unbranded, untampered
    *** LOCKED ***
    SHOOTER_U PVT SHIP S-ON RL (what do the acronims mean ?)
    eMMC-boot (
    Fastboot: This option takes your phone to fastboot mode, where it can be accessed through the fastboot tool in the Android SDK. This tool is similar to the adb tool, but works at a lower level. Do not confuse this with the fast boot option in your phones settings->power menu.

    Recovery: This option boots the recovery image on your phone, stock recovery in your case.

    Factory reset: This option factory resets your phone, what that means is it deletes all user data, which includes any user apps/data whatever stored on the phone (notice i did not say sdcard)

    Simlock: This option, i havent used, but as the name suggests, it would take you to your sim lock menu, or more likely lock your sim card. whereby you will need a pin to unlock your phone to reconnect to your service provider.

    Image crc: This is a tool to check the the authenticity of an image, similar to an md5 check.

  18. SuperDave says:

    i have hboot1.5 and was running synergy and i flashed mikvirgin using the fastboot method and it works flawlessly not errors or problems what so ever and everything works wifi,4g,3d everything bada baa baa baa im loving it

  19. jj1981 says:

    does any1 know how to install custom boot animations on any of these new ics roms?im running mean roms updated version 10 right now and have basically tryed all these new ics roms and cant figure this out?any info is appreciated….thanks in advance

  20. James says:

    I’m on hboot 1.5 s off and cant get WIFI Hotspot to work getting Error Code 67 I have changed setting and tried other suggestions even other ics roms nothing seems to work it worked in gingerbread.


  21. Anathematas says:

    Can anyone go through a step by step of how to do this for a beginner? I have gone through this
    with success and have superuser. What do I do now to install this ROM? And is there anything specific I should make sure that I don’t do? Thanks.

  22. Anathematas says:

    Regarding my last post I looked around a bit and felt like I had a good idea of what was involved and so I gave it a shot but I ended up in a boot loop, here’s what I did, I assume somewhere I made a simple mistake:

    1. copied MikVirgin-RC3-signed.zip over to the sd card on the Evo 3D
    2. held down volume down and power to get into the boot menu then went to recovery then cleared the cache and the dalvik cache.
    3. wipe data/factory reset
    4. install zip from sd card selected MikVirgin-RC3-signed.zip selected yes, waited for it to finsih.
    5. power off
    6. hold volume down and power again to get into the boot menu
    7. extracted the boot.img from the kernel folder of MikVirgin-RC3-signed.zip into my rootevo3dnew folder that is in my c drive.
    8. opened command prompt type cd c:\rootevo3dnew, then fastboot flash boot boot.img I get this:
    sending ‘boot’ (3754 KB)…
    OKAY [ 0.991s]
    writing ‘boot’…
    OKAY [ 2.290s]
    finished. total time: 3.283s
    9. type fastboot reboot
    10. then it goes into a boot loop.

    The boot.img I am supposed to use is just the one that is in the MikVirgin-RC3-signed.zip right? Is there anything I missed? Is there something I should have before hand? Thanks.

    • Karate joe says:

      To Anathematas I have flashed both the ViperRom ics and I am running the MikRom ics and both work for me. I am on Hboot 1.5, At first it was not but i came to find out after a few tries that you have to do a factory wipe first.
      I will tell you how I did
      You are going to have To download (Flash Image GUI) from the google play. it will cost you .99 cent
      1) Backup your phones
      2) Go to your Recovery and do a Factory Wipe and then reboot
      3) Then run Flash Image GUI to flash the kernel from the ROM first. (it will say it’s too large just hit yes and then it will find the kernel inside. Flash it).and then reboot to Recovery
      4) Now in Recovery install Rom zip from sdcard
      5) Choose zip from sdcard
      6) Get the rom from were you have downloaded it to
      7) Go to yes and install and let it do it’s thing
      ones you are complete reboot.
      do not get nerves it might take 1to2 min. to start then enjoy
      hope these helps

      • Challenger1 says:

        This one doesnt work either…LOL. None of these methods will work, when the author doesnt explain why it works thats a good indication that it usually wont work. No one knows why these ICS ROMS do not work on everybodys phones and no one wants to go there I guess. There is probably 6 different on here already if not more,there should be one and it should work for everyone.

        • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

          it will work fine if you flash it correctly most of people ending up in bootloops flashed it without booting recovery from fastboot with hboot 1.50 s-on. if you have that all roms will end u up in fastboot. its not the rom, please dont spread false rumors and read the faq theres always a way.

        • Josh says:

          It’s not the ROM or the recovery, or the hboot that is causing the loops..it’s the kernel. Some evo3d can handle the dev made kernel, some can’t. Chad has a modded kernel that allowed my wife to run mean ics which she got boot loops before. My evo ran it without having to use Chad’s .

  23. James says:

    Has anyone gotten wifi hotspot or tether working?

  24. vance554 says:

    Just FYI – Max has video to install ROMs (for hboot 1.50) that works with the new ICS versions – looks like I can not reference any URLs in the comments or it goes under moderation, but to find the video/instructions:

    1) At the top this page, click on the “Evo 3D FAQ” page/tab
    2) Look for the “install new ROMs from fastboot” link

    Pretty straight-forward and it worked for me.

    As mentioned in a earlier post (and as others are reporting as well) WIFI Hotspot is not working for me… Just be forewarned.

    • vance554 says:

      Got WiFi hotspot/tethering working – thanks to Max’s video on the Mean ICS ROM…

      Just download the “WiFi Tethering” app from Google Play – once installed, you will need to open the app, go to “Menu > Settings > Change Device-Profile” then select “Samsung Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE)”

      I am able to connect my devices back on my phone now!

      Thanks again Max for putting small tidbits in your videos!

  25. Willyo22 says:

    Hi folks,
    I’ve been trying for hours to install MikVirgin rc3, on my Evo3D, hboot 1.5.

    I’m running on CWM v4.0.1.4 and even Installed TWRP and installed from fastboot. But I can’t go pass the “bootloop” goes for ever. Any ideaas?

    Thank you,

    • Karate joe says:

      To Anathematas I have flashed both the ViperRom ics and I am running the MikRom ics and both work for me. I am on Hboot 1.5, At first it was not but i came to find out after a few tries that you have to do a factory wipe first.
      I will tell you how I did
      You are going to have To download (Flash Image GUI) from the google play. it will cost you .99 cent
      1) Backup your phones
      2) Go to your Recovery and do a Factory Wipe and then reboot
      3) Then run Flash Image GUI to flash the kernel from the ROM first. (it will say it’s too large just hit yes and then it will find the kernel inside. Flash it).and then reboot to Recovery
      4) Now in Recovery install Rom zip from sdcard
      5) Choose zip from sdcard
      6) Get the rom from were you have downloaded it to
      7) Go to yes and install and let it do it’s thing
      ones you are complete reboot.
      do not get nerves it might take 1to2 min. to start then enjoy
      hope these helps

  26. Kurt Berg says:

    What is the “boot.img” come on tell me

  27. Manny Akim says:

    Running on my hboot 1.50m very first ROM i ever installed. I had my phone rooted only for wifi tether. I figured I’d renew my love for this phone with this custom ROM. Thank you again guys.

    Question: Where is the swype on the KB? I can’t seem to find any options for it. Thanks

  28. Raymond says:

    [NEW METHOD!!!] READ THIS! EVERYONE THAT IS HAVING PROBLEMS WITH BOOTLOOP ON THIS ROM AND OTHER ICS+Sense ROMS. Issue: “Phone loads up, Lock screen and Status Bar will shows for a Sec or Two then it reboots, AKA Bootloop”.
    This is another way to get this ROM and any other ICS+Sense ROM Running on your HTC Evo 3D,
    Everyone says it’s so easy, well; it actually is pretty easy if you do the right steps and flash the right stuff.
    Every comment that I’ve read above says nothing about this method nor anything on HTCEvohacks.com.
    1. Download My Zip File [Click Here] also download this ICS+Sense ROM or a [Different One].
    2. Find my compressed file (usually in the Downloads folder) Decompress/unzip it to a folder and rename it to “fixbootloop” without the quotes, Copy it over to the (C:) Drive, Locate the “AnthraX-htcleak-stockfirmwaretest.zip” in the “fixbootloop” file along with the “4EXTRecoveryUpdater.apk” and copy them along with any ICS+Sense ROM to your Phones SD Card.
    3. Goto your HTC Evo 3D make sure you are running a ROM that does work or Stock to properly install 4EXT Recovery. Boot Phone, goto internet and navigate back to this Comment, [Click Here With Your EVO 3D] to download “es_file_explorer_v1_6_1_6.apk” if you don’t already have it. Install it, open it, and find the “4EXTRecoveryUpdater.apk” Tap it, Install it, and follow the Instructions to Update your Recovery to 4EXT! Once done, pull the battery, Put it back in, Hold Volume Down+Power Button to get into Bootloader, then go down to Recovery, Click it.
    4. Then Goto [Wipe | Format] (Wipe Everything!): Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache + Dalvik, and Wipe Battery Stats.
    5. Navigate back to the 4Ext Main Menu, Install from sdcard, choose zip from sdcard, find ICS+Sense ROM, and flash it, after flashing ROM; Flash: AnthraX-htcleak-stockfirmwaretest.zip (Kernel + Patch Clocked at 1.5ghz) Located in the fixbootloop.zip file.
    6. Navigate back to 4Ext Main Menu and [Power Off], do not reboot!
    7. [SEMIFINAL STEP] Pull Battery and put it back in, Hold Volume Down+Power Button to get into bootloader , once in Bootloader, Plug USB in and Hit Fastboot with the Power button.
    8. [FINAL STEP] Goto your Computer and Open a Command Prompt (Type cmd on Start Search)
    Type the following commands:” cd \fixbootloop” without quotes, [Hit Enter],
    “fastboot flash boot boot.img” without quotes, [Hit Enter], it should say something like this: sending ‘boot’ (3754 KB)… OKAY [ 0.983s] writing ‘boot’… OKAY [ 1.217s] finished. total time: 2.200s.
    Type: “fastboot reboot” (again without quotes) it should say something like this: Rebooting… Finished. 1.076s. What Your Phone Will Do: Phone will reboot, HTC Splash Screen will pop up for about 5 Secs, it’ll reboot and The ROM will Load up, just give it some time. Unfortunately for some I will only Host these files for about 2 weeks, so download and tell your friends, if Links are down before 2 weeks, let me know. Enjoy!
    Special Thanks to the XDA Developers who made these ROM’s and Kernels, and also to the above Person(s) Comments, Especially Jason, Richard, Ben and Matthew if it wasn’t for them saying what they did, I wouldn’t have strived to find a method that worked, I figured if it worked for them, it’ll work for me.

    • Challenger1 says:

      New Method!!!!! LOL, this one doesnt work either!

    • Chris says:

      Okay, after trying all 3 methods of flashing rom i have been unsuccessful in loading any ics rom with my 1.5 hboot s-on evo 3d. I have followed the 3 methods to a tee and am still ending up in a boot loop.No one seems to answer my question about synergy’s 4ext that i think is the issue here. What else can it be? What about everyone else that is having issues and ending up in a boot loop, did you flash synergy gb rom and its 4ext?

      Those of you that have 1.5 hboot s-on that have been successful with ics rom, have not flashed synergy’s gb rom with 4ext?

      Ray, can you post your links again? Im going to try your method before i try downgrading my hboot.

      • Raymond says:

        To Chris and All others having Bootloop problems.
        I didn’t realize comments don’t support Hyperlinks,
        Here is the fixbootloop.zip link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8xdmp5p7g8fwhdr/fixbootloop.zip
        Here is the “es_file_explorer_v1_6_1_6.apk” (Click this one on the HTC Evo 3D Browser)> https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxwh8j7iyb7gy7t/es_file_explorer_v1_6_1_6.apk

        Good Luck!

      • Raymond says:

        To Chris and All others having Bootloop problems.
        I didn’t realize comments don’t support Hyperlinks, I and putting a Space in Between the C and O in by Dot Com because they are not uploading otherwise.(just remember to remove it to activate the link.
        Here is the fixbootloop.zip link: https://www.dropbox.c om/s/8xdmp5p7g8fwhdr/fixbootloop.zip
        Here is the “es_file_explorer_v1_6_1_6.apk” (Click this one on the HTC Evo 3D Browser)> https://www.dropbox.c om/s/cxwh8j7iyb7gy7t/es_file_explorer_v1_6_1_6.apk


        • Raymond says:

          Lets Try it again!

          To Chris and All others having Bootloop problems.
          I didn’t realize comments don’t support Hyperlinks, I and putting a Spaces in Between links because they are not uploading otherwise.(just remember to remove them to activate the link.
          Here is the fixbootloop.zip link: htt ps://w ww.dr op box.c om/s/8xdmp5p7g8fwhdr/fixbootloop.zip
          Here is the “es_file_explorer_v1_6_1_6.apk” (Click this one on the HTC Evo 3D Browser)> htt ps://w ww.dro pbox.c om/s/cxwh8j7iyb7gy7t/es_file_explorer_v1_6_1_6.apk


    • kascott33 says:

      KUDOS(I’ve always wanted to say that lol) to you Raymond for FINALLY posting a COMPLETE method for getting this done. I’m not going to say how long it took me to get it working, but following your instructions FINALLY got me going. For others (if it’s not clear), the main problem I faced was no one posted CLEARLY that you cannot reboot the phone with the power button. You have to use the “fastboot reboot” cmd (fastboot.exe) to reboot your device, otherwise you will get the infamous bootloop. Just for kicks I tried this with all three methods listed above and it worked everytime.

      • that doesnt work either,ive been up since 8am this mornin,itz now 1am….NOTHING I HAVE TRIED WORKZ..NOTHING,NOT 1 METHOD,Ive done everyone of em at least 3x….fuck it,back 2 stock until official release & i doubt if we can get that….i need a tutorial video or some 2 get outta bootloop ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MNUKY says:

      The above method worked for me however,my pc keep saying fixbootloop is an invalid path. I ended up just booting it. I haven’t run into bootloops but the only problem is i can hear anyone unless using headset.What the suggestion man? But overall great step by step guide RAYMOND

      • Big Marc says:

        Same here . have to use speaker phone. Will try another rom. maybe mean rom. i also cant sync my outlook with ICS any ideals?

        • MNUKY says:

          Yep I switched to Meanrom ICS and evrything is fine. I wish Mikrom was not giving problems cuz thats my preference.

        • MNUKY says:

          I am having this issue:since i flashed Ics rom,my phone is not getting recognized by my pc when it is in disc drive.The only time it gets recognized is when i manually check toggle in recovery but once am outta recovery the phone disappears from the my computer.I can’t sent no command prompts or files.Nothing nothing .Please help.I am using 4EXT Recovery.

    • Marc D says:

      worked fine for me

    • Ark.Bishop says:

      Hey Raymond,

      I appreciate the posting. I am hoping I can nail this today and was able to follow your directions up until step 8. I am not able to get the cmd fastboot flash boot boot.img to work. I checked the extracted files and it was not there. Not sure if I missed something and would really appreciate any help.
      Thanks in advance!

  29. Ark.Bishop says:

    I have followed all the instructions but my main error was that I did not backup and create a backup therefore I cannot get the EVO 3D to work with any ROM. I am able to get it to bootloader and fastboot and able to do all CMD commands however even after erasing all user, it is still trying to boot the previous Viper ROM (I have removed it from the root directory).

    Is there any way I can just get it to stock ROM at this point? The EVO 3D keeps rebooting after I try to install any ROM. I have tried the Viper and the Mikvirgin ROM and they are both doing the same thing. Any help will be greatly appreciated to get to use my phone again. Thanks!

  30. dynasty warriors online says:

    Does everything work camara video recorder games no fouce close full CPU speed all that good stuff and wat is the down fall of this ROM I never use any rom scarred might brick my phone…

  31. Ark.Bishop says:

    I was wondering if anybody can assist me with my Evo 3D. I was able to unlock and unroot the EVO 3D following Zedomax instructions. I did not create a backup (my bad!!!) and when I loaded the MikVirgin (1st) the EVO 3D kept rebooting. I installed the Viper ROM (and erased all user data) and tried to boot it again but the phone kept rebooting. I deleted this ROM and tried to go back to the su- (to get it to how it orginally worked after rooting.

    I am able to get to the Revolutionary recovery screen and when I try to install zip from sdcard, I get the following message:
    “Install complete. Enjoy!”, I proceed to reboot the phone and the white HTC logo comes up and then the ViperRom screen but it just stays in that screen. I reboot the phone again in fastboot. In the command prompt I am able to see the directories along with the desired ROM (the su- as well as the other 2 ROMS -Viper and MikVirgin).
    I am not able to see the stock ROM so I am guessing if I am able to bypass and boot from either one of these two ROMS I will be golden.

    The Mikvirgin ROM loads the screen and immediately reboots, so does the viper ROM. I truly am at a loss of what step to take next. can somebody assist?

  32. Ark.Bishop says:

    Thanks, I started testing with all the ROMS and a Gingerbread did the trick. I appreciate the response!!!

  33. dadangman says:

    i am lost… and a newb…. I have Hboot 1.40…. will that work with this ROM? …. i’m confused about 1.5 and 1.4….
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks

  34. dadangman says:

    Hmm wifi tethering app does seem to work with this ROM, is there any way to make it work?
    thanks guys!

  35. john says:

    i cant seem to get this rom to work i have tryed every thing posted here the rom caused me to have to unroot lood a ruu and then root just to have the phone work even with a back up wow i am running coolblue Synergy if any one has a better idea should i just down grade to 1.4 hboot and be done with it

  36. Kurt Berg says:

    Yes i found the solution to get s-off now.I had used all solutions on the internet.I started with min EVO with hboot 1.50.Then i was a fool to downgrade it to 149.0018,that was the biggest mistake i ever did .Then i could only use HTCDEV to unlock token ,and it came out with S-ON .I found yesterday a file to downgrade again to 149.0007 .Then i used Revolutionary and i came out with S-OFF .

  37. mohamed wakkad says:

    is it work for evo 3d gsm or not and if not which rom does (ice) plz

  38. Wesley W says:

    I Have a couple of Questions & I Didn’t have time to go Through All The Comments to see if already been answered but, if someone could help me i would be very happy and Thankful

    1.) If I didn’t like this ROM, would I be able to go back to the stock 2.3.4 ROM i was at before i flashed, is it possible?
    2.) If I am able to go back to stock ROM will i be able to do the future OTA updates? (Say If Like ICS Came Out Officially From Sprint/HTC)
    3.) If I Cant Downgrade would i be able to get a hold of the official ICS (when released) and flash that over this MikVirgin ROM?

    I’m currently on Stock Android Version 2.3.4 with H-BOOT 1.5 Sprint

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      1. Yes you can flash back and forth between GB and ICS.
      2. Yes but it’s better if you flash a custom ROM with the OTA update.
      3. answered in #2.

  39. Jeff says:

    Will this work an a sprint phone or is it only for virgin mobile?

  40. Wesley W says:

    i have flashed it sucessfully but now it only show the htc boot screen and goes no further. How Long does it usually take to boot right after flashing?

  41. Sajad says:

    I have an Arabic stock ROM
    does it work on my phone?

    Oct 3 2011,15:03:01

    Soft Bun: 1.24.415.6

    • Sajad says:

      I tried installing the ROM through recovery but it says :

      Formatting CACHE Partition…
      E:Error in /sdcard/MikVirgin-RC3-signed.zip
      (Status 1)
      Installation aborted

      i am sure that there is not any problem with the download process
      what is the problem?

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      No, this isn’t for GSM Evo 3D, I will have ICS ROMs for GSM soon.

  42. Seth says:

    So i installed the MiKG ROM, then i saw this ROM with ICS, so i formatted and installed this ROM, now my phone wont boot, it is stuck at the HTC page. I tried going into Recovery and Clearing dalvik cahce and the cache, but nothing happened. Anytips?

  43. Wesley W says:

    Wheres The FM Radio?

  44. helpme says:

    i need help i got black screen of death i boot into htc screen then black screen help please im brick

  45. helpme says:

    i did standard Reboot now i get black screen can anyone help me out with this it boot up htc logo then black screen please help me

  46. HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

    For those of you having problems, try 4Ext Recovery, works for all S-ON.

  47. Pause says:

    Thanks Raymond. Just download the file from Raymond link above. and Follow this instruction only for those having boot loop problems like I did in the past.
    1. Factory Reset (Superwipe optional)
    2..Flash your ICS rom from recovery
    3.Reboot into Recovery
    4.Install the from zip
    5. Install fixbootloop.zip(AnthraX-htcleak-stockfirmwaretest.zip) Kernels from Raymond link above and should work!
    6. Moving forward make sure to install 4EXT Recovery tool. Follow

  48. dadangman says:

    hey guys….
    i dunno about this ICS version, it seems to drain my battery randomly… and 4G signals seems to be real weak! so far it’s been a week and i think it’s still very funky

  49. krishna says:

    in the fixbootloop.zip u have the anthrax.zip file and also a boot.img file — is that boot.img from inside the anthrax.zip cuz there is none in there? which kernel is that boot.img from ?


  50. nick11evo says:

    i cant get it to boot it keeps getting me saYING android is upgrading everytime then rebooting wont go past that then reboot it rebooted about 20 times

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