Newts One S ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [STABLE][3G/Camera/Camcorder]

The Newts One S ROM we reviewed last week now has fully working camera, camcorder, and more! If you want to turn your HTC Evo 3D into an HTC One S, this will definitely do that.

The only thing missing is 4G WiMax but if you don’t mind that, go ahead and try this ROM and let me know how it goes for you!

Download ROM:

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Download Newts One S ROM

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Credits – XDA

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71 Responses to Newts One S ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [STABLE][3G/Camera/Camcorder]

  1. Boomer says:

    Any ics rooms soon for htc evo 4g??

  2. Joe says:

    I jumped on the pc as soon as I got the email. I cant wait the download its like watching water boil, the anticipation is killing me…

    • Joe says:

      Just flashed this ROM. It was a large file but the fastest flash I have ever done. I am a member of XDA, androidforums, and many other sites, but Max is always ahead of the game. I love this site! Keep up the good work Max this ROM is amazing! I tell everyone i know about your work, and how you are on top of keeping track of whats out there… Stay High On Android !

  3. gregory says:

    My phone keeps rebooting after i flashed,i know is something wrong with the rom because a flashed roms before never happen this.if you know how to fix it let me know plz.

    • Biisson says:

      Did you ever find the solution for this?

      • gregory says:

        Yess,I just went back to my old rom.
        I also try the other rom I think is meanrom h3d ics and it happen the same the way I’m on h-boot 1.50 s-on.

        • gregory says:

          I mean no,I didn’t find a solution.

          • matt says:

            hboot 1.5,sounds like when you flash your rom the kernal isn’t flashing.try flashing kernal first with flash image gui then flashing rom.i use to have the same thing happen before i downgraded to 1.4 hboot.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Hey , my wifi says error . is there a way to fix that?

  5. bert says:

    the cam n 3g not workin for me how can i fix this

  6. Garret says:

    Flashed this last night and everything works perfectly. What kernel is compatible with this so I can overclock it? I’ve seen someone with it OC at 1.5 ghz but didn’t show the kernel used.

  7. Joe says:

    You guys with the boot loop problems need to flash from your PC, or do a Hboot downgrade. It’s the only way on Hboot 1.5. I did the downgrade (and is a pain trying to brick)..but, it was worth it, and every ROM I flash is flawless right from CWRM.. Max has posts on all of this.

  8. gregory says:

    I flashed this rom last night and it seems to be working everything except 4g and camera if some knows how to fix..hit me up!! thanks.

  9. telis says:

    this rom for CDMA or GSM …. ???

  10. Marc says:

    Flashed the ROM fine. All the apps work fine. As far as functionality of phone goes, the button to activate the external speaker does not work, so you have to listen to the phone with your hand cradling the phone to your ear. Also I cannot get the bluetooth to make a real working connection to my bluetooth headset (pairs up just fine though). Anyone else having these issues?

  11. plaidcounty says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but 3D doesn’t work either. This ROM is great, though. Don’t have 4G where I live so it doesn’t matter. And 3D is a novelty…

  12. Biisson says:

    Did follow all your direction’s even went to the Evo 3D FAQ, (install new ROMs from fastboot OR use Flash Image GUI app), phone still keep rebooting Any idea? Or should i just take the chance and downgrade the Hboot?

  13. Mark says:

    2 days now with newt 1s rom. WOW. I’ve actually been using the factory rom. I tried a lot of them, especially the ones suggested by ZedoMax. Never really stuck with one for a very long time. I really like the stock rom I guess. Well, I used to. My wife bought the galaxy nexus s. I LOVE android 4.0. Now, I LOVE my evo 3d. Battery life seems better, but its hard to tell as I can’t stay off the phone right now. I wifi a lot, so I don’t notice the loss of the 4G, and don’t care at all that I lost the 3D camera. Its awesome. No problems yet. Thanks for the review!!

  14. ponch says:

    The only problem is the volume is easy too low!! Other than that I like it!! No 4g in my area and never used 3d much anyway. Anyone know how to fix the volume issue? Are all ice Rome this way? Btw I’m on 1.4 s-off

  15. Daniel Gallo says:

    Just flashed my first ROM ever and it’s rebooting now. It’s taking a while. But I’m excited.

  16. Daniel Gallo says:

    Okay so I really really wanted this ROM but it never loaded! Please help!!!

  17. Cimar Kelly says:

    Hey Max
    first jus wanna say you do awesome work. never rooted b4 and your videos helped a ton. now on to business, hopefully you can help (insert P Leia line here). I have an Evo 3d hboot 1.5 unlocked S-on rooted phone. I tried Newt One S ICS rom. now i cant flash anything else. i want to say its because i had to use the CMD to set up the boot.img for this rom. Im getting funky issues with rom so its a tough spot…no phone or phone issues. Ive been trying to find a gingerbread boot.img w/ no luck as i believe ill hv to flashboot that .img to fix my prob. If you have any instruction on this I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve looked on xda and such and there doesnt seem to be a huge consensus on how to fix it. Thank you for your help on this and your vigilance on all your videos

  18. Raymond says:

    [NEW METHOD!!!] READ THIS! EVERYONE THAT IS HAVING PROBLEMS WITH BOOTLOOP ON THIS ROM AND OTHER ICS+Sense ROMS. Issue: “Phone loads up, Lock screen and Status Bar will shows for a Sec or Two then it reboots, AKA Bootloop”.
    This is another way to get this ROM and any other ICS+Sense ROM Running on your HTC Evo 3D,
    Everyone says it’s so easy, well; it actually is pretty easy if you do the right steps and flash the right stuff.
    Every comment that I’ve read above says nothing about this method nor anything on
    1. Download My Zip File [Click Here] also download this ICS+Sense ROM or a [Different One].
    2. Find my compressed file (usually in the Downloads folder) Decompress/unzip it to a folder and rename it to “fixbootloop” without the quotes, Copy it over to the (C:) Drive, Locate the “” in the “fixbootloop” file along with the “4EXTRecoveryUpdater.apk” and copy them along with any ICS+Sense ROM to your Phones SD Card.
    3. Goto your HTC Evo 3D make sure you are running a ROM that does work or Stock to properly install 4EXT Recovery. Boot Phone, goto internet and navigate back to this Comment, [Click Here With Your EVO 3D] to download “es_file_explorer_v1_6_1_6.apk” if you don’t already have it. Install it, open it, and find the “4EXTRecoveryUpdater.apk” Tap it, Install it, and follow the Instructions to Update your Recovery to 4EXT! Once done, pull the battery, Put it back in, Hold Volume Down+Power Button to get into Bootloader, then go down to Recovery, Click it.
    4. Then Goto [Wipe | Format] (Wipe Everything!): Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache + Dalvik, and Wipe Battery Stats.
    5. Navigate back to the 4Ext Main Menu, Install from sdcard, choose zip from sdcard, find ICS+Sense ROM, and flash it, after flashing ROM; Flash: (Kernel + Patch Clocked at 1.5ghz) Located in the file.
    6. Navigate back to 4Ext Main Menu and [Power Off], do not reboot!
    7. [SEMIFINAL STEP] Pull Battery and put it back in, Hold Volume Down+Power Button to get into bootloader , once in Bootloader, Plug USB in and Hit Fastboot with the Power button.
    8. [FINAL STEP] Goto your Computer and Open a Command Prompt (Type cmd on Start Search)
    Type the following commands:” cd \fixbootloop” without quotes, [Hit Enter],
    “fastboot flash boot boot.img” without quotes, [Hit Enter], it should say something like this: sending ‘boot’ (3754 KB)… OKAY [ 0.983s] writing ‘boot’… OKAY [ 1.217s] finished. total time: 2.200s.
    Type: “fastboot reboot” (again without quotes) it should say something like this: Rebooting… Finished. 1.076s. What Your Phone Will Do: Phone will reboot, HTC Splash Screen will pop up for about 5 Secs, it’ll reboot and The ROM will Load up, just give it some time. Unfortunately for some I will only Host these files for about 2 weeks, so download and tell your friends, if links are down before 2 weeks, let me know. Enjoy!
    Special Thanks to the XDA Developers who made these ROM’s and Kernels, and also to the above Person(s) Comments.

    • Raymond says:

      The HTCEVOHacks guy took them down, idk why,
      When I get home, ill try to post em again.
      This method works 100% of the time. I was having the same problems as you guys are.

  19. biissonah says:

    where are the links for your files?

  20. Wicklow28 says:

    Hello to all,
    Frist of all this is a great ROM so thanks for sharing. Everything works well for me but the 3D and the bluetooth, have you find any solution for the bluetooth? Since EVO 3D has a bluetooth 3.0 and this ROM is meant to work on bluetooth 4.0 not sure if possible. Please let me know if you have any idea or temp fix. Thanks

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Not sure if 3D will ever work but bluetooth should be fixed in the future versions. For now, my suggestion is to run another ICS ROM like Viper ICS or MikVirgin ICS ROM.

  21. Wicklow28 says:

    Thanks! I will wait for it!

  22. Carlos Molina says:

    i just installed this and instead of getting the htc one boot screen i get a sprint 4g boot up screen everything works fine except camera can anyone please tell me how to fix this???

  23. Pearl says:

    I flashed this rom last night, Iam loving it. Everything is working except the 3D camera, I dont know about 4g because its not in my area. I was on 1,5 with S-on. I had to do the downgrade to 1.4, it took me a few days, but I did it.

  24. Abe H says:

    I’m having boot loop issues as well with every ics rom I try and the links are down from Raymond’s post, does anyone have a fix for this? I tried flashing the kernals first with flash image GUI and still no luck. Seriously frustrating. Someone please help cuz I really want ics

  25. dlink1013 says:

    hey max is there any other way for us hboot 1.50 s on EVO 3d phones. every ics Rom I install gives me bootloops. I’ve installed them from fastboot, used 4ext recovery, flash img gui and still no go. I had no other choice then to install chads kernel but u lose video playback, USB mass storage, recording, some games won’t work do to the intro movie, random reboots and that’s just the kernel. do u or.anyone else know a way around this

    • Abe H says:

      Dude I’m having the same problem, and Max never seems to respond to comments. I wish he would do a segment on fixing boot loop but I know it may be hard to replicate the problem. I’m gonna go to android central and start a post and try to get as many Andnerds to give me their advice, I suggest you take a look there as well cuz like you I’ve tried EVERYTHING and I just can’t flash any pics roms without boot loop. It sure is damn frustrating. Max gives all this advice on sweet roms and sh!t but when we have a problem there’s nothing. If you do find a solution please reply and I’ll do the same

      • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

        You can use EXT4 recovery to install on S-ON, I think that’s the simplest way now.

        • Abe H says:

          Okay do I flash it just like I did cwm? And where can I find it

          • Abe H says:

            O Nevermind I found it on the market. OK so do I just install it and then choose to reboot into recovery and it will replace cwm? Plus I have s_on will it still work? Thanx Max I appreciate everything u do for us here

          • dlink1013 says:

            dude I tryed ext4 nothing but bootloops

  26. HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

    install 4ext:

    how to install rom using 4ext:

    works on both cdma/gsm with s-on to flash custom ROMs.

    • dlink1013 says:

      if u can flash it from a 1.50 s on phone
      ruu 2.17 without chads kernel then you are the man

      • Abe H says:

        Lemme know if this work for u I’m gonna try it tommorow, I read that with boot 1.5 the recoveries can’t flash the custom kernels that these ics roms come with, so ppl say that u have to flash the rom with anthrax kernel but either way reply with ur results

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  28. Dynique says:

    Why does the rom keep restarting

  29. Wicklow28 says:

    Hey guys!

    Have any of you have issues with taking pictures while recording? I cannot take pictures while recording a video. However I can record and take pics using separate apps. Thanks.

    • Daniel Gallo says:

      It is not a UI thing…it is built in the camera and previous phones like the evo 3d cannot do it…but the htc one series can.

  30. TM_Braveheart says:

    any one try it on gsm? i try it on my evo 3d gsm but i am facing restarting issue… any can help me…

  31. Douglas says:

    Worked on hboot 1.5 using htc dumlock method, was coming from rooted stock rom on 2.17 and i didnt want to mess with my one x, sooo my 3vo was used as a lab rat to test things on a rooted sense 4.. mmm its gorgeous and perfect.

  32. Daniel Gallo says:

    Is there a fix for 4g?

  33. Danny says:

    Hi just flash the rom can get wifi to work error any help please??

  34. TM_Braveheart says:

    Any progress for GSM….? i love ICS and Sense 4.0. Hurry Upppppppp Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  35. Legacy337 says:

    Anyone else running into issues with text messages not sending or being received?

    • daniel says:

      meeeeee!!!! but when you call sprint and infrom them of the issue they reset something i dont remember what but it works after:)

  36. daniel says:

    Every once and a while when i use this, my phone stops sending texts and/or takes for ever to connect a call but when i contact sprint and tell them, they fix it right away so i dont know if its something that i did or sprint. just a heads up..other than that this rom is great!!!!

  37. Wicklow28 says:

    Hey guys! have any of you make tether to work on new RLS release? I should I change the profile to Samsung Galaxy CDMA/LTE? Please let me know.. Thanks

  38. mario says:

    is there any ics , sense 4 for the gsm version !!!

    • tanvir says:

      go xdafourms. there are two good and working fine rooms for evo3d gsm, ics with sence 4.0
      1) virtuous eclipse
      2) predator 3d

  39. abid says:

    does this rom work on evo 3d gsm?

  40. tanvir says:

    r u working on it for gsm……………….?

  41. This is the best rom i have used for my evo 3d. I basically bricked my evo 3d and with this rom i got it back working. Thank you for this nice exellent rom.

  42. muthu says:

    I tried to install this Rom….but it shows, E: can’t open/ error, but I have rooted my EVO 3d and flashed kingcobra 1.6 ics Rom ….help me ?

  43. Scott hawes says:

    i installed this and everything bout camcorder works help please

  44. steven says:


  45. Luca says:

    Hey Zedomax!
    I´ve a proplem. I tried to install custom Roms on my Evo 3d (with clockworkmod and 4ext) but no Rom did work! The firmware also didn´t work. Can you please make a backup of the installed one S rom (GSM) and send me via E-Mail ( Maybe this will work.

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