Newts One S ROM on HTC Evo 3D!

Here’s a quick peak at the development of Newts One S ROM on the HTC Evo 3D, which brings you the goodness of Sense 4.0 and Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s still in beta stages so don’t expect a full-blown daily driver but you still do get a lot of things working such as 3G data, UI, and more.

For those of you flasholics, you can give this ROM a test drive and don’t forget to make a backup of your current ROM beforehand! And let me know what you think!

How to Install Video:

Download ROM:

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Download Newts One S ROM

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Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a new ROM? Do you have your Evo 3D rooted? If you are new to all this, please see our Evo 3D FAQ FIRST!!!

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25 Responses to Newts One S ROM on HTC Evo 3D!

  1. Dennis says:

    Hey Zedomax
    your doing a great job. Keep up the great work. I flashed the rom and the patch. I got the same result that you got. I flashed again and didn’t flash the patch. The rom flies no slugishness works great.

  2. Richard A. says:

    I need some help removing newts one s rom. I am on h boot 1.5 and now i cant restore my phone back to how it was iam stuck rebooting the newts rom wich is garbage. I did back up my rom, and when i go into recovery mode i hit restore then once completed i hit reboot system it gets stuck on htc turns off, then it turns back on says htc then turns back off. Please help I am about to kill my phone and that rom is garbage run away people and dount try it.

    • lingo says:

      I installed newts one s rom also. At first it worked great so i thought until i noticed i couldnt get a data connection. So i downloaded a stock rom to go back on since restore wasnt working. Noe im back on stock rom for evo 3d and all is good. Not sure if i wanna try another rom.

  3. Joe K says:

    This ROM looks good I think I might flash it. Keep up the good work Max, with your help I did an h-boot downgrade and my flashing has never been better……also, I want a t-shirt that says “Hiyo folks this is Max!”.

  4. jay says:

    so if I have flash image GUI I can flash everything even the boot img. ? or do I have to do what you did? I’m on hboot 1.5 S ON. I appreciate you max, you do an a great job.

  5. Richard A. says:

    How do u uninstall? Please help.

    • jay says:

      Go to xda’s website and do some research. Don’t worry you haven’t messed up your phone. You need to reflash gingerbread kernel again. Then flash the Rom you had before. Remember you need a gingerbread kernel for a cdma phone or Gma if that’s what your on. Find the kernel you want. There are a few to choose from make sure you read carefully I personally have 2.17.651 I hope this helps.

  6. Richard A. says:

    Can some one directme to boot plese. Dount download newts one s rom is garbage. I know max is cool and he did not create this rom but the idiot who did is stupid.

    • jay says:

      you should reboot without flashing the patch someone said he did that and the Rom was working much smother.

      • Richard A. says:

        I did flash the patch after flashing the rom, but the Rom is still not working properly.
        I also went to xda developers but I can’t find the link to download the kernal but ill keep looking thanx.

        • jay says:

          Look under EVO 3D android development. If you don’t want the one S Rom any longer you need to flash a gingerbread kernel. Then flash a ROM which will be compatible with the gingerbread kernel you downloaded oh and make sure its a sence kernel. I hope this helps you if not you can ask at xda and get better info.

          • Richard A. says:

            I have tried flashing RCMIX_3D_EVO_kernel_v2.2.3
            and nothing seems to work. The phone just keeps turning on with the htc logo then it turns off, and it just does that till i take off the battery. I am not that new at rooting and flashing roms but this rom i just cant get rid off. I think need to flash a new boot.img using command promp
            but i cant find that download annyware on xda developers website. Thanx for your help.

  7. matt says:

    this was a bad build.had problems right from the start.not a workable rom….sorry 🙁

    • Richard A. says:

      how did u removed it because i cant. I agree the rom is garbage.

      • matt says:

        i just restored my previous rom in twrp 2.1.

        hboot 1.4

        • Richard A. says:

          Iam having problems restoring it iam on hboot 1.5 ill try trwp thanx i hope it works.

          • matt says:

            you might want to flash a new rom from fastboot.
            i use to have hboot 1.5 and i would run into problems with the kernal not flashing an borking the phone.if you still have problems try downloading flash image gui on you phone,flash kernal ,then flash new rom.

  8. Richard A. says:

    Ok thanx guys but what I did was open up my backup Rom on my laptop, I then copied boot.img on my hard drive under rootevo3dnew. I then opened command prompt and typed fastboot flash boot boot.img. Then i went into clock recovery and restore my back up. My phone is back to normal thanks jay and Matt.

  9. Joshua P. says:

    Running Newt’s RC 3 with the stock HTC 3 kernel. It runs fine.
    I know you guys are whining with the previous iterations, but I promise this update is better.

    One caveat I give to you all: Over-clocking is NOT an option when using the stock kernel for the One series on your 3vo.

    And since Chad Goodman’s Anthrax kernels…are…well…the download site produces a 404 error… your SOL. Unless I upload the Anthrax kernel that works flawlessly to my dropbox.

  10. Raymond says:

    [NEW METHOD!!!] READ THIS! EVERYONE THAT IS HAVING PROBLEMS WITH BOOTLOOP ON THIS ROM AND OTHER ICS+Sense ROMS. Issue: “Phone loads up, Lock screen and Status Bar will shows for a Sec or Two then it reboots, AKA Bootloop”.
    This is another way to get this ROM and any other ICS+Sense ROM Running on your HTC Evo 3D,
    Everyone says it’s so easy, well; it actually is pretty easy if you do the right steps and flash the right stuff.
    Every comment that I’ve read above says nothing about this method nor anything on
    1. Download My Zip File [Click Here] also download this ICS+Sense ROM or a [Different One].
    2. Find my compressed file (usually in the Downloads folder) Decompress/unzip it to a folder and rename it to “fixbootloop” without the quotes, Copy it over to the (C:) Drive, Locate the “” in the “fixbootloop” file along with the “4EXTRecoveryUpdater.apk” and copy them along with any ICS+Sense ROM to your Phones SD Card.
    3. Goto your HTC Evo 3D make sure you are running a ROM that does work or Stock to properly install 4EXT Recovery. Boot Phone, goto internet and navigate back to this Comment, [Click Here With Your EVO 3D] to download “es_file_explorer_v1_6_1_6.apk” if you don’t already have it. Install it, open it, and find the “4EXTRecoveryUpdater.apk” Tap it, Install it, and follow the Instructions to Update your Recovery to 4EXT! Once done, pull the battery, Put it back in, Hold Volume Down+Power Button to get into Bootloader, then go down to Recovery, Click it.
    4. Then Goto [Wipe | Format] (Wipe Everything!): Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache + Dalvik, and Wipe Battery Stats.
    5. Navigate back to the 4Ext Main Menu, Install from sdcard, choose zip from sdcard, find ICS+Sense ROM, and flash it, after flashing ROM; Flash: (Kernel + Patch Clocked at 1.5ghz) Located in the file.
    6. Navigate back to 4Ext Main Menu and [Power Off], do not reboot!
    7. [SEMIFINAL STEP] Pull Battery and put it back in, Hold Volume Down+Power Button to get into bootloader , once in Bootloader, Plug USB in and Hit Fastboot with the Power button.
    8. [FINAL STEP] Goto your Computer and Open a Command Prompt (Type cmd on Start Search)
    Type the following commands:” cd \fixbootloop” without quotes, [Hit Enter],
    “fastboot flash boot boot.img” without quotes, [Hit Enter], it should say something like this: sending ‘boot’ (3754 KB)… OKAY [ 0.983s] writing ‘boot’… OKAY [ 1.217s] finished. total time: 2.200s.
    Type: “fastboot reboot” (again without quotes) it should say something like this: Rebooting… Finished. 1.076s. What Your Phone Will Do: Phone will reboot, HTC Splash Screen will pop up for about 5 Secs, it’ll reboot and The ROM will Load up, just give it some time. Unfortunately for some I will only Host these files for about 2 weeks, so download and tell your friends, if links are down before 2 weeks, let me know. Enjoy!
    Special Thanks to the XDA Developers who made these ROM’s and Kernels, and also to the above Person(s) Comments.

  11. Carlos Molina says:

    when i try to flash the boot.img from command prompt im already in the downloads directory and when i try to access the file it doesnt let me i type cd fastbootNewtsOneS and it wont take me there it says that the system cannot find the path specified please helpp

  12. Carlos Molina says:

    no i got it working fine only thing is camera doesnt work and my boot logo screen isnt htc one its sprint 4glte

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