Synergy ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 3D! [UPDATE]

Here’s an updated Synergy ROM that I reviewed couple months back, now comes with Ziggy kernel so you can overclock it to 1.833Ghz (which is running fine for me btw).

I came back to this ROM this week simply because this is probably the fastest ROM on the Evo 3D with a TON of features.

It’s better/faster than ever!

Download ROM here:

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Download Synergy ROM

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Download Ext4 File Formatter here: (Zip this first in CWM then the ROM right after)

Download formatter

Donate to ROM developer here

Here’s also a video I made showing how to install this ROM:

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74 Responses to Synergy ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 3D! [UPDATE]

  1. kevin kline says:

    I just went with Synergy also. I read on xda that synergy has a built in updater and theme downloader. I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

  2. Eric Correa says:

    I was running clean rom 2.7 until I found out I couldn’t use sprint voicemail and I couldn’t send or receive pic messages either…now I’m back to stock sence with stock kernal but I want to try this because you can oc it to 1.8 stable. Are there any bugs like the last rom they had out like camera issues ? Any you have found b4 I flash it.

    • kevin kline says:

      I’m been running for two days now… it’s working great!. I just can’t seem to find all of the features that are in the current rom. I came from the Evo 4G which had much better options for roms. I’ve flashed 8 different roms and so far Synergy is the best, 2nd best if Viber, then a tie in my eyes of AndroidRev and Warm.

    • Diokles says:

      I’ve been also having problem with the voicemail and the phone dialer since yesterday. for some reason they seem to have been deleted from the phone. I also noticed it took forever to send and received pics through messages and sometimes I wasnt able to receive or send at all.

  3. Rob says:

    After formatting to the EXT4, can I later run previous ROMs that didn’t require the EXT4 format? Will formatting to the EXT4 system mess up anything?

  4. Drew says:

    The android market will not work for me after I installed this rom. I backed everything up with titanium and it still gives me a foreclosing error ever after I restored everything. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE. Other than this android market issue everything else works great!

  5. Isaac says:

    My 4g and wifi aren’t working can you help me out please?

  6. wifredo says:

    I installed this just like you did in your video and all I get is a black screen but my keys light up when you hit the button like if the phone running need help asap

  7. Diokles says:

    This ROM is even better than the previous one. The only thing is that after running it for 1 or 2, yesterday I took my phone out of my pocket and it was shooting down. When I turned it back on the lock screen was different. Now I only get the little lock in the center/bottom of the screen. I haven’t been able to change it. Also the Phone app that comes with the phone is nowhere to be found. I’m not sure if this is just some setting I change my mistake while the phone was in my pocket and some keys were randomly pressed. I tried doing factory reset and didn’t work, also try recovery or bootloader and nothing seem to work. Is anyone having the same errors?

    • Diokles says:

      I’m still having problems with this ROM. I can’t go into recovery at all not even using Rom manager. I tried restoring a back up using Rom manager as well and the phone just turns off and on but doesn’t restore. Be careful using this ROM. I’m still looking for fixes.

      • Diokles says:

        Please disregard my previous posts; I was able to get my phone working once again. I will keep using this ROM and post in a few days. The only error I find is taking screen pictures by pressing the power and home buttons. There are nowhere to be found, and when I go to the folder where they are supposed to be saved (sd card/screenshots), I see the pictures but they are written in another format so they can’t be opened. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. Thank you.

  8. benedict says:

    i was considering of downloading this rom but after all your feedbacks i’ll stick to infected rom …. so far it’s the best for my htc evo 3d

    • CLP says:

      I flashed many different roms trying to find the best one for the EVO 3D. Synergy would be my favorite if it was stable, however I’d have to remove the battery about once a day because it would freeze. I completely agree Eternity Infected rom is the best and most stable available for the EVO 3D. I have to reboot Eternity Infected rom about once a month and never have to remove the battery. Everything I need and use works. As for the EXT4 formatter. I did that once and it almost caused me to brick my phone with another rom (I forget the name of the rom) so I’ll never try it again.

  9. justin says:

    I installed Synergy Rom 3 days ago and it is the first custom ROM I have installed. It’s great but Ive had issues with charging the battery. It seems that the charge every so often drops dramatically and there has been two times that the phone died and wouldn’t power up after conecting to a charger. I’ve constantly check the task manager it came with…any thoughts if this is maybe a battery issue or the ROM? And What does the Hibernate option do that is different than powering off?

  10. leo says:

    I do not like this rom how do I get rid of file ext4 and back to old file ext

  11. Andrew says:

    Synergy is the best ROM so far. Everything runs great with quadrant scores of 4205.

  12. Benedict says:

    receiving error message when downloading an app….please advise…everything else work gps 4g 3g 3d 2d wifi …everything except for that …

  13. shlushka says:

    4g and wifi error out, apps from android market dont install
    looks nice 🙂

    • Benedict says:

      did you follow the instructions…first zip with formatter then rom …. on first boot if nothing work restart your device…all should be working then….

      • seungtaek says:

        i follow the instructions exactly….but still wifi and 4g doesn’t work.
        after i tried several times, i thougt device is something wrong but when i flash my old rom(infected rom 1.1) it works. is there anybody know about this?
        ver.2.3.4 used htc method.

  14. Big Marc says:

    How do you over clock with this rom? I new to this. I have this rom running fine. Only thing I see that I dont like is on an incoming call it doesnt pop up the caller Id info. i have to turn the the phone on to see the incoming information. maybe its a setting orsomething. Can someone please help. Thanks

    • Benedict says:

      download setcpu or use the dconfig to over clock it…reset your phone if you are having any problems with any other features….

  15. Rob says:

    After formatting to the EXT4, can I later run previous ROMs that didn’t require the EXT4 format? Will formatting to the EXT4 system mess up anything?

  16. NastyNas says:

    Great Rom. I installed it over my infected rom so I have all the perks that come with synergy and i still have access to all the infected tweaks. Only thing I had a problem with was charging like justin. I put it on sleep and next time i pulled it out it was off. I couldnt charge or turn it on and i had to remove the battery to do so. Also i saw when i booted it up the the battery percent was 80 percent when it was 99 before the incident. Anyway this is still the best Rom out there and hopefully the next update will be even better

  17. Big Marc says:

    Im getting random lock ups. was playing mp3 and it stopped playing and froze on the Synergy splash screen. had to remove battery to fix the soultion. I like the rom but I dont like the crashes.

  18. karlos says:

    I love this ROM everything works flawlessly only problem is wireless tether the show log says everything is fine but I don’t get internet access to my laptop n other phones that try to connect can’t find my ip address please help !!! Coming from HTC EVO 4g never had a problem with wireless tether

  19. Big Marc says:

    I when I plug my phone in to transfer music files I get usb error. I have the drivers installed from the instal. I also have HTC Sync installed . Any help would be great.

  20. Molarkie says:

    Synergy is a self updating and skin downloadable ROM. The items you say have changed are more than likely the newer version of the ROM automatically updated. That’s why the factory reset, recovery or boot loader didn’t seem to work when in actuality, it probably worked every time, just didn’t load the older version you wanted. Hope this was helpful.

  21. Demitri says:

    wassup bro what theme are you displaying in this vid its sick. how do I get it ??

  22. steve says:

    Where is the app updater and theme option? I can’t for the life of me find them. Btw anyone who is having 4G or WiFi issues probably didn’t fastboot flash the ziggy kernal that came with the phone. Got to you software info and see what kernal is there. It should say ziggy. I had same issue…stock kernal shows WiFi failure.

    Btw this ROM isn’t amazing battery life. Not bad though. Very fast, stable so far.

  23. geomatiq says:

    my apps keep getting force closed???? wat did i do wrong

  24. John says:

    After I start the installation on the first zip file it says installing update….. The Installation aborted. How do I fix this?

  25. Benjamin says:

    Synergy ROM is pure garbage.

    -No 4G
    -No WiFi
    -No Tether
    -Unable to turn off suggestions
    -Unable to turn off auto-correct
    -Unable to turn on/off anything regarding the keyboard.
    -Unable to turn off haptic feedback for the keyboard as well

    This ROM is trash for me. Just a complete failure.

    • That Guy says:

      You have to flash ziggy’s kernel. Follow ALL of the instructions in the installation video, you have to go to recovery via fastboot, NOT the bootloader, or else you won’t be able to flash a kernel and you’ll be stuck with HTC’s stock kernel that makes 4G, WiFi, and tether not work.

    • Rick says:

      Come on Benji…..follow directions and install it properly before bashing it. Synergy rocks! You’r just an idiot….

    • MAT says:

      You must not have flashed this correctly i just put this on my friends phone and everything works fine.
      you need to flash through fastboot.

      watch the video above and pay very close attention.

  26. NastyNas says:

    Is there a fix for the crashing yet???

  27. Tyler says:

    If I run synergy on my phone how hard is it to go back to stock?

  28. Chris says:

    4g and Wifi do not work

    how do u fix this problem.

    I love synergy rom always used it but this is the first time it has givien me problems

    plz help

  29. frank says:

    I’ve got a problem, i installed the ROM and everything worked fine for like 2 months until yesterday, although sometimes the ROM crashes and then only appears the Screen as it was loading the OS. but that’s not the problem, the problem is that yesterday when i restarted it back, it resulted that I didn’t have access to none of the apps except for the stock ones, and when i tried to open all the apps again they just forced closing, i tried to make a factory data reset, but the ROM does not restore as default settings, even worse i cant load the flashboot, nor the recovery, and also the 4G connection doesn’t work, all those things suddenly happen. i have more than 2 months using The ROM. and I really need some help with this,

    I remember Using the ROM Manager pro, and the only two things I touched were, the Flash Clockworkmode recovery and the Fix Permissions (but I didn’t make it finish the task) Could that have caused the problem.

    • NEH says:

      I had the same issue, I did a complete wipe and re installed the rom and kernel… about 6 days now.. its crashed 2x — not bad, 1 app forced closed I uninstalled and re installed – worked fine after that… still curious to the cause.

  30. Brad says:

    I love the the rom,and was the first I tried,but every time I try to flash a new rom it hangs on the HTC screen…I tried viper and the olympus looks to install right but never gets past the HTC screen…but synergy will flash fine…any ideas?

  31. Jason says:

    Overclocked mine and now it has froze up. Can’t get it to reboot and stuck on the synergy screen when trying to load to load rom. Phone has froze up. Need help please.

    • Brad says:

      So when you try to boot into recovery it continues to try and boot the rest of the way? And did you to update clockworkmod through rom mgr?

      Post some extra detail ie.. Hboot, and perhaps some other things you did other than OC that may be giving you issues

      • Jason says:

        Well I overclocked it to the max and it froze the phone. Kept trying to reboot and it kept freezing. Then it was getting stuck loading on the synergy rom screen in the beginning. I was putting it into hboot as well and trying to do a factory reset. I am put of town and have no access to a computer right now. Now the phone is totally toast and won’t even turn on. When I get home tomorrow I will put a new battery in it. I think the battery is toast.

  32. Jason says:

    Well I am still stuck. Can’t do anything in hboot that works. Always comes back to the phone rebooting and getting stuck on the “synergy rom” screen when the phone is loading. It simply gets stuck and does nothing. I have no clue what to do. Any suggestions? I tryed to do fastboot and get into clockwork mod recovery from the command prompt with no luck. I tried to do a factory reset from the hboot menu. It reboots the phone and it gets stuck trying to boot. I am about to just take the phone back and hope I can get a replacement. Don’t see having alot of luck with that.

  33. Rob says:

    How to I undo the EXT4 formatting so that I can flash other ROMs that don’t use the EXT4??

  34. Lateef says:

    So this is my first ROM and it seems to work quite well except camera functions. They return me to the home screen, I tried setting the date back but that was of no help. Does anyone have similar issues? I am using a EVO 3D and love the ROM otherwise, but I need camera functions??? I appreciate any advise on this in advance.

  35. NastyNas says:

    hey Jason i think when u flashed synergy it broke recovery so try reinstalling it, i had to do that once and it worked so hopefully that helps.

  36. watchy says:

    Hey guys,
    I had issues with wifi and 4g, but i wiped the data and redid the install. That worked for my phone.

  37. Alex says:

    So it seems like many are having the same freezing issue that I am. I charge the phone overnight, wake up and it’s frozen on the Synergy splash screen. I then need to remove the battery to restart the phone. Has anyone figured out what to do about this? This is my first real attempt at flashing a ROM. I have the Ziggy kernel.

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  39. timothy vandament says:

    hey guys im new to this but i had a boost prevail and loved cyanogen mod for it, however i dont want to loose 3d camera capability. was hoping someone could point me to a thread with a good rom i like speed and 3d also i think the stock media player blows on this phone….lol beats? 3d camera? speed? from what i gather 3d camera is still not working for this phone in cyanogen rom… any 1 know if that close to being fixed? stock feel isnt too bad for this phone but i need some pointers it seems most of the videos dont specify if the 3d camera is working? this is my first post so sorry if this is the wrong place to post these questions: droid 2.3.4; hts sense 3.0;software =2.17.651.5
    need links or pointers to properly root and load rom i am not opposed to test drive a few… also im in a no 4g area so 4 g isnt necessary. last questions are how can i save my contacts so as not to have duplicates? last time i loaded a rom then opened my contacts i had like 3 of every contact… that was a prevail and was a big headache i know someone knows how to avoid that. lastly i would like to know if i can keep a stock rom in backup or on me sd card and easily switch between the two? rom manager???please any advise will be greatly appreciated and i always donate when i find a rom i want to keep.

  40. timothy vandament says:

    please respond to the above here so i can get notifcation through e mail

  41. LTWoj says:

    Is anyone else experiencing extremely low battery life on this ROM?

    I’m talking literally 100% to 80’s within 20-30 minutes…

  42. LTWoj says:

    Also, after I flashed to synergy ROM, I tried flashing to multiple other ROMs but my EVO3D is hung @ the HTC splash screen…

    My phone won’t work on any ROM BUT synergy now.. any known fixes?

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