TeamGenesisROM3D ICS ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [Beats][Sprint]

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Here’s a great ICS ROM for all your bass-heads and audiophiles out there. The TeamGenesisROM3D comes loaded with lots of sound tweaking apps like Beats Audio, Dolby Mobile, and based off Sense 3.6, this is one of the hottest ROMs out right now.

Give it a go and let me know what you think of this ROM!


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Download TeamGenesisROM3D ROM

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How to Install Video:

Don’t have a flash player? Download this video at!

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a new ROM? Do you have your Evo 3D rooted? If you are new to all this, please see our Evo 3D FAQ FIRST!!!

For ALL HTC Evo 3D Sprint ICS ROMs, you need S-Off, please see S-Off Wire Trick Method!

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109 Responses to TeamGenesisROM3D ICS ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [Beats][Sprint]

  1. anthony says:

    I have to agree all thisthis that and the other isnt working how do i install this is a bit frustrating. i came looking at the comments to see if anyone had any issues with wifi connectivity, freezing issues, etc. and all i got is a bunch of random crap. if you have a rooted phone you should be able to figure out how to install a ROM. its not rocket science. and clockworkmod recovery makes it an extremely simple process. anyways. on to my main question. music is a big part of my life so im really diggin all the sound enhancements. but i have no cell service atm so if the wifi fucks up on me ima be pissed. has anyone had issues with wifi connectivity? thanks

  2. kendall says:

    Max, I had no problems with the install on 8/10/2012. You do a great job explaining and videos help noobs like me follow along. However like Anthony i was interest in comments on performance issue which seem to be lacking. As far as sound, its awesome! I wasn’t happy with the sound quality for listening to music when I purchased the phone. Thanks Team Genesis for the Rom that fixed that issue for me. The issue I have for those who are interested in this Rom. On 8/12/2012 my phone froze and the touch screen was non-responsive to receive a call. I removed the battery and restart it. The same thing occurred the next day. This time I tried to use my Bluetooth and touch screen. Nothing worked. In fact power button inoperable too. Remove battery and restarted. Also hot spot and wifi tether ( v3_1-beta14 / v3_2-pre1) not working with setting tweaks. (tethering phone to laptop windows 7 os) If there are any solutions for the a fore mention problems it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening

    • kendall says:

      Update: On 8/14/2012 approx. 8:30am unexplained reboot while talking on the phone with 83% battery Life. 12:27 pm another reboot. It would seem that the TeamGenesisROM3D ICS ROM is not stable in my opionion and need some futher work. I can’t afford to have this device not work. I look forward to trying ROM’s from the Android Development Community in the future. As for now, I am going to returning to my previous MikVirgin ICS ROM. I know that I wasn’t having any of the issues I have now.

    • bikerreaper says:

      Some of these ROMs can be a little buggy sometimes…. Personally, when I have an issue that doesn’t fix with a restart or a run of “fix permissions”, I’ll just go into recovery, clear all the caches and reflash the ROM and, so far, it always fixes the problem. It’s a pain in the ass to have to redo the initial setup but, if you like the ROM enough, it’s a small price to pay.

      Good luck!

  3. kendall says:

    Hi, Max. I found out why I coundn’t get wifi tether to work. I was reading a XDA thread of tonytone215 response to a question “If u are on gb set the profile to auto, check routing fix, and check WiFi reload also. Now u should be good to go. On ics u have to set profile on generic ics, check routing fix, check mss clamping, and check WiFi reload.” So when ticked the “Wifi Reload” button, It worked like a charm. Hope this helps someone else struggling to get that app working.

  4. jr says:

    hey max So this doesn’t work on 2.89 hboot 1.58 s on I’m on mikvirgin atm?

  5. jk says:

    Hey max I think there’s update to this Rom can u check post newest updates here i think its 5.2 now or something

  6. scoob1005 says:

    when i am trying to flash this rom i always get stuck at the htc splash screen?!?! how do i fix?

  7. O says:

    Ok got the Rom flashing was a breeze and everything work’s great. I got one question. Where is my beats audio. Or Dolby sound enhancement. I see no icon or anything else that let’s me know I have those upgrades. Where do I find this. It’s been 4 months since I’ve flashed. But everytime I come read to see if a new Rom is out I keep seeing this Rom article saying it has beats audio but mines doesn’t I don’t get it.

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