TweakedSynergy ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [3800+ Quadrant]

Couple weeks back we did review the Synergy ROM, which was quite fast and this week we have the “tweaked” Synergy ROM, which is even slightly a bit faster, getting¬†3805 on Quadrant.

Best of all, I can finally overclock to “stable” 1.836Ghz. ¬†This ROM has lots of goodies like 5-column app screen, lots of extra apps, and more.

I really like this ROM a lot and it’s blazing fast, try it out and let me know what you think.

Download TweakedSynergy ROM here:

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For those of you rooted using HTC Method and on HBOOT 1.50, you will need to flash this ROM from fastboot!!!

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35 Responses to TweakedSynergy ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [3800+ Quadrant]

  1. JG says:

    What quadrant app do u use? And is this 2.3.3? Or .4?

  2. swedabg says:

    I really like that rom its very fast with a lot of tweaks, but for some reason after day 1 of install its keep on freezing and shuts down and a lot of foreclose and I cant get why the 1 day is stable and next day problems starts. I followed the instructions and i did it twice, but same thing.
    Otherwise i got 4200 on Quadrant with this rom.

  3. Pcar9119 says:

    I installed this rom about a week ago, and it’s great! Very, very fast!

  4. Norvel Harris says:

    How do you setup your sd card for ext4, so you may move apps to sd card.
    Also, will it make the evo 3d faster and save memory from internal phone.
    Please let me know.

    Thank you for all your support

  5. matt says:

    if i used htc method cause i have 1.50 can i overclock?

    • Brad says:

      yes you can I use syster tuner ,but there are other OC apps you can use..just search overclock on market once you flash the rom

  6. Epi says:

    Hey Max –

    do I need to have the original synergy rom on my evo3d first? And, how do I download the new tweaked synergy onto my evo3d?

    Thanks for your help!


  7. Amaury says:

    I cant get it to run that fast for me for some reason i am stuck around 2800 on quadrant and the results looks different than yours. Also it seems to run fast on 1.7 but freezes up more often when its overclocked at 1.8. any suggestions?

  8. JOB Dave says:

    I’m confused on how to install this ROM on the 3D, I reviewed above on how to install ROMs but it is for the EVO 4G

  9. Skinny says:

    How come when I installed it, the wifi doesn’t work? It always says error

  10. Keyano says:

    The Wi-fi does not work is this a bug?

  11. Chad Goodman says:

    if you need help ,goto – the wifi issue is due to the fact you unlocked w/ – there is a fix for it – also at

  12. benedict says:

    intermitent force closing ….and camera barely works …. what am i talking about … camera doesn’t work… i’d be lucky to take 2 pictures a week….switch to e3d rom …. very smooth…

  13. JOB Dave says:

    Got it installed and when doing email noticed the increase in speed. All in all its working quite well but with all the network stuff turned on it still eats battery. One thing I miss is the adjacent screen of apps, it has a people screen, unless I am missing something. I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10

  14. JBS says:

    This ROM is by far the best ROM on the market for EVO 3D!!! I was able to overclock 1.836 mhz. I achieved 3991 on Quadrant!!! And, for MFLOPS I clocked in at 101…

  15. Jair says:

    This rom is a fucking Shit!!!!!!!

    Cracked my balls! The wifi dosen’t work allso I can’t take 3D pics even see any of them.

    • 3vo3dwesticles says:

      The roms are very cool and I have tried synergy, mikg, and a couple others. The bad thing is, Wifi Tether was working great until I installed the roms and now I can’t get the app started without having errors. My whole point of rooting my phone was to get the free tether. I’ve downloaded the latest version of wifi tether and still no luck. I even tried the rom that was supposed to hack the hotspot and no luck either. Why am I having trouble even if my phone has been rooted successfully? It was working perfect right after the root, but not after trying custom roms.

  16. Daniel says:

    Hotspod doesn’t work in 4G…

  17. Orlando says:

    Lost root flashing this ROM, going back to previous ROM

  18. Roger Clemons says:

    Loaded this Rom and had the same experiences as Roger and Mark. They commented about the camera malfunction after loading this Rom. I loaded the Viper Rom but still had malfunctions with the camera. I can take 2D and 3D video but no 3D photos. It is able to take a few 2D photos without crashing. Do you have any suggestions. It seems that the Gingerbread update started these problems on other evo 3d phones. Have you seen this same problem. Please let us know.

  19. Leo says:

    This rom crashes at least once or twice a day with the my screen goes blank & no buttons work. I have to take out the battery & reboot the phone in order to get it to work.

  20. Ryan says:

    What is the difference between [[[]]] rom and [[[]]]???? I went to TweakedSynergyROM and those are the two links they gave me. Do anybody know which one is the Tweaked one??? And why its two different links for this rom???

  21. Diokles says:

    Hello everyone. I installed this ROM and it really works fine. I was able to overclock to 1.836Ghz. Everything is working fine, my 4G, wifi, tethering, etc. Now the problem comes when I tried to use another ROM or Kernel. Every time I use a different one the phone just stays on the HTC white background. Is there any way to fix this? What am I doing wrong? I had the 2.3.4 version and after this ROM it went to 2.3.3 I’d appreciate any help

  22. Brian says:

    WIFI Will not work 4G will not work and tethering will not work. How can I fix this?

  23. miguel says:

    im new on phones stuff i root it and

    add the rom and work perfect couple error but the rest camara, hotspot ,pictures on 3d the only issue my internet run caing of slow ,,,,some advice i will apreciate it..

  24. nick11evo says:

    whats up this rom is fast never had an issue ever cause i follow your directions exactly and never had problem just sometimes my phone runs like crap and then great again and then crap and then good again … it doesnt matter what clock speed i even put it at … any suggestions but everything still works no flaws just runs good then bad all the time

  25. Devious GangXta says:

    Yea, I’ve been watching alot of your videos on Roms for the EVO 3D. I’ve downloaded almost all that you have, same versions and even the latest ones. I’ve had a problem with my wifi turning on and certain apps running with these roms. I’m currently running CleanROM Reborn v1.0. Only problems I have with this rom is that the camera app messes up some times by not showing the 3D pictures as 3D and more of a double/blurry pic. Restarting my phone fixes that sometimes though.

  26. Devious GangXta says:

    I forgot to mention that I have ** Unlocked ** and S-On … with H-BOOT 1.5

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