viperROM IC3D ICS ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [STABLE]

Here’s some great news for HTC Evo 3D owners, leaked ICS is out now! I don’t recommend flashing the leaked ICS (as it updates your HBOOT and is really for Virgin Mobile) but the good news is that Evo 3D ROM developers have already implemented missing features to their ROMs.

One of the best ICS ROMs right now for your HTC Evo 3D is the viperROM IC3D ICS ROM, which comes with everything fully working including 3G/4G WiMax/Camera/Camcorder and even your 3D camera/camcorder works.

We’ve reviewed Viper ROM before on Gingerbread and this time, it comes with all of the goodies but with ICS.

This ROM will give you better performance, better battery life, and most importantly ICS with everything working.

It should be a great daily driver so give it a go today and let me know how well you are enjoying ICS (finally!).

Download ROM:

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Download viperROM

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Credits – XDA


Q: Bootloops on HBOOT 1.50 S-ON?
A: For all ICS ROMs, if you get bootloops, just Google for “” and install it in CWM to get rid of bootloop.

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131 Responses to viperROM IC3D ICS ROM for HTC Evo 3D! [STABLE]

  1. RickG says:

    Just an fyi to everyone curious about trying this ROM.. There is an official XDA thread on this. If you are having issues and can’t figure it out, try checking on the official forum… It’s already over 190 pages. The devs are super helpful and quick to respond if there are issues not already addressed in the thread. If they aren’t readily available there are many knowledgeable members in the community who are assisting as well. I’m on 1.4, did full wipe and flashed with no issues/everything works (expect Hotspot but just use Wifi Tether). They also reference a 1.5 downgrade to 1.4 that some of you may want to try….. Might help with other issues you have. The Viperrom guys are great… I’ve tried a bunch of different ROMS but always come back to theirs! Usually the most stable, least bugs, and best support!

  2. jay says:

    my speaker phone dont work is there a fix

  3. Challenger1 says:

    Geez! What happen to all the 85 comments?

  4. Tony says:

    Hey everyone and Max, Does anyone have any problems with the phone just resetting after flashing this rom?? It’s not frequent but its done it twice since i flashed it…

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      I am looking into this, HBOOT 1.50 and S-On users have to be on 2.17 software version for it to work I think.

  5. Abe H says:

    Hey Max, I’m on 2.17 and the only way I could get this and all the other ICS rooms to work was by flashing anthrax kernel after flashing rom (otherwise I would get boot loop ) using 4ext like u suggested then I tried using flash image GUI to flash the proper kernel but I went back into boot loop again so idk what the hell the deal is. So I flashed back the anthhrax kernel, and everything worked except 3D. But after a day it became unstable…. maybe there is another kernel we could use to run with it? I am on hboot 1.5 s-on. If you find a fix for this please let us know cuz LOTS of ppl are having this problem, i dk why some people it works for (who are also hboot 1.5 s on) and some it doesn’t, so please keep us posted man

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      best solution is really to be on HBOOT 1.40 and S-OFF, I will have another guide posted using a USB stick soon.

  6. Siniority says:

    Yo Max this roms great but have you figured out how to get wifi tether working?

  7. ark.bishop says:

    Not surecwhy but the 3D function is not working. Are there any settings I must change so 3D works on my Ego?


    • Ark.Bishop says:

      I meant Evo! I have installed three different ICS Roms and the 3D camera does not work with any of them. s this happening to everybody?

      • in4m8ion says:

        I have the SOS meanROM ICS and the 3d works. I loved the GB viper though so seriously considering checking this one out.

  8. Ark.Bishop says:

    Is anybody having issues with the 3D camera? When I turn the 3D camera the screen goes black and if I take a picture (from the black screen), it takes the picture however you can barely see the image due to the purple and green colors that take over it. I am also not able to see my 3D picture library in 3D anymore. Is there anything have to do in the settings to make them work? This only happens with any ICS ROM. Any help will be greatly appreciated

    • chris says:

      Did you install anthrax kernel? If you did it replaces the stock kernel with the Rom and therefor 3d camera doesn’t work at all!! Downgrade to 1.4 s off then flash without installing kernel and it should work.

  9. chris says:

    Did you install anthrax kernel? If you did it replaces the stock kernel with the Rom and therefor 3d camera doesn’t work at all!! Downgrade to 1.4 s off then flash without installing kernel and it should work.

  10. Roger Rosales Jr. says:

    I rooted my phone and installed ViperROm ICS for my evo 3d and cant get a good battery life
    out of it…any suggestions???

  11. manuel says:

    ola disculpen e instalado la rom viperROM IC3D ICS ROM para HTC Evo 3D
    y me anda bien pero tengo un problema que power amp no me deja instalarlo me dice memoria llena y tengo mas de 300 mb alguien que le aya pasado algo =
    se los agradecerse

  12. Scobee says:

    I get an error
    assert failed: getprop(“to.product.device”) == “shooter”
    E: Error in /sdcard/viperROM_TC3D_Beta_3

    I have a evo 3d

    What can I do about this ?

  13. Jimmy Kirby says:

    I flashed this rom with hboot 1.5 and s on .Now I want to use the wire method to get s off but only boot loops after running latest RUU. and I get incorrect CID when I try to flash PG86img zip. Is there any way to get a stock rom to boot up so I can proceed with getting s off ?

    • Alex says:

      Try this, I had the same problem as you. I dont remember where I downloaded this but google this “Shooter_S_Sprint_WWE_2.17.651.5_odex”. The odex worked for me. Just flash this like any other rom. It got me back to stock rom and then I did the wire trick method. Good luck. I know your frustration.

  14. Joe says:

    I’ve been using this ROM for a few weeks now, and here’s what I noticed.
    -Battery life is horrible. You can literally watch the percentage numbers fall when using it.
    -4G doesn’t work. Haven’t seen 4G since I “upgraded”. 3G appears occassionally, “H” is pretty much the norm. I live in a heavily populated 4G area. The service was there before ICS, not now.
    -Internet is considerably slower than before.
    -Phone performance seemed to take quiet a hit as well. It feels very slow, taking time to open programs, etc..not like before.
    -Contacts are all screwed up. Maybe that’s my fault, but I haven’t had any issues with my contacts before ICS.
    -no issues with the 3D camera. It seems to be working fine.

    All in all, its not a bad ROM. If the issues I outlined were fixed, it would be awesome. I’m really happy that I was able to delete all the crappy Rogers programs and other programs I didn’t want/use. Now if I can only unlock the SIM card so I can use the phone with other carriers. I don’t like not having control over my electronics.

    • ricky g says:

      Are on cdma or gsm? I’ve been using this rom since it came out and don’t have any of the you speak of..

  15. joe says:

    Im on gsm. I don’t know what could be the problem. Another thing I noticed is I can’t send or receive pictures through text message anymore. Keeps coming back with a “general network error”

    • RickyG says:

      I think that’s your problem then.. This was ported over from a virgin mobile device which is cdma. it works with sprint cdma evo 3d but I don’t think they made it compatible with gsm. For some reason XDA seems to be down right now but there may be a viperrom for the gsm 3D, just not sure if they have ICS up for it. I’m sure someone does at XDA though… whenever the forums come back up…

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Try GSM ROMs instead, this is for Sprint.

  16. fredsmith says:

    Skatebboardkidivy is bringing i new phone out that look like a car

  17. D ACman says:

    How long does this reboot after install of this rom does it take b4 launching>
    Been waiting for about 10 minutes still on htc white start up screen.
    Pull out battery? 1.5 s-on onlocked rooted and just used 4ext to install viper but came with
    kernal too?

  18. RickyG says:

    ICS Roms don’t work well with S-ON. You need to finish rooting and get S-OFF. You can try this:

  19. Scott hawes says:

    i downloaded this rom and my phone reboots when it wants any ideas? please and thank you

  20. AJ Franklin says:

    Is there anyway to make the home page a 5 row by 4 column size again? i was on mean rom and kinda got used to the size. Otherwise its a great rom so far.

  21. Rudy says:

    I screwed up my phone and i need help!
    I have an HTC Evo 3D, with the 1.5 hboot s-on Unlocked,
    I saw a video on youtube about flashing a new rom through the recovery thing(The power button and volum down)
    as you can probably tell I’m a new b. but i tried it with the first rom I could find and it wouldn’t take. I was stuck on the white screen with the htc logo for more than an hour so I tried a different rom, i believe Cyanogenmod9.0.0 unofficial.

    So it kinda works but i have no Google apps, I read and found out i need the gapps, I’ve searched and found them, the problem is the rom manger clockwork mod doesn’t work, and it doesn’t allow me to boot into recovery. When i try it, it just boots up again like normal. when i try the rom manager it asks if i want to back up the current rom and clear data, i check them all and hit ok and it just restarts the phone i don’t know what to do.

    • AJ says:

      Eventually you should make your phone s-off. the wire trick worked for me very well and i have had no complaints since. i used to have s-on 1.5 as well and noticed that most of my issues were due to that status. but thats a later issue. for now your phone needs to work. verify that you dont have fast boot on by going to settings – power. uncheck the option. then see if you can get back to the boot loader and then recovery. you could also try getting an app called quickboot from the play store as this will allow you to reboot, reboot into recovery, power down and reboot into the bootloader directly. it sounds like for some reason you may have lost your recovery though. you may have to flash clockworld mod again. i believe you can do that from rom manager (you can i just checked). then try wiping all data. i would even back up my sd card and format that as well then flash rom and then see where you get. im not an expert but i have my fair share of screwups and have gotten the hang of flashing. hope this helps!

  22. Dustin Nete says:

    flashed, after mikvirgin install, thought it might fix an issue I was having; now I have flashed back to stock JmzStock_VM_Shooter_Odex, and still pc wont recognize after I plug it in. Trying to flash viper but it keeps skipping it yet will flash jmz and mikvirgin. Is Anthrax the culprit? is there a way to undo that? the wipes dont seem to fix it.

  23. Dustin Nete says:

    I am unlocked, 1.57 s-on also should i just do the wire trick and run a custom?

    • AJ says:

      Any problems i originally had were due to the S-Off status (boot loops, random reboots, certain functionality not working properly). if i were you, i would definitely do the wire trick. i am not a pro at this by any means but just sharing my experience.

  24. roger says:

    hello can you help me i got thi room is awesome but my wifi and calander are not working please help.

    i just start following you the last 2 days and i learn a lot from your videos, please help

  25. zicked says:

    i flashed this rom by 4ext recovery touch with my evo updated on ics software. unfortunately, my wife is not working, does anyone have any issure with this or if you guys have a fix? thanks!

  26. Luke Noot says:

    Max, or anyone that has tried or is currently running this ROM.. Does WiFi Hotspot work? or is that feature only in viperROM redline?

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