KingCobra 3D ICS ROM for HTC Evo 3D GSM! [Best ICS ROM]

Well, I’ve finally decided to get an HTC Evo 3D GSM version since it seems like many of you do have that phone. Here’s the first ROM for GSM HTC Evo 3D I’ve tried and recommend, the KingCobra 3D ICS ROM, which gives you a full ICS experience with everything working including your 3D camera/camcorder.

It doesn’t stop there though, the KingCobra 3D ICS ROM comes with V6 SuperCharger, battery calibration script, Galaxy Nexus/Beats boot animation, aGPS Update, dim capacitive buttons script, Full Beats Support, and Ability to remove HTC Sense for AOSP appearance.

What are you waiting for? If you have a GSM HTC Evo 3D, get your ICS on already and let me know what you think of this ROM!


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Download KingCobra 3D ICS ROM

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Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a new ROM? Do you have your Evo 3D rooted? If you are new to all this, please see our Evo 3D FAQ FIRST!!!

I recommend you to use 4EXT Recovery to install if you have S-ON.


Q: Bootloops on HBOOT 1.50 S-ON?
A: For all ICS ROMs, if you get bootloops, just Google for “” and install it in CWM to get rid of bootloop.

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95 Responses to KingCobra 3D ICS ROM for HTC Evo 3D GSM! [Best ICS ROM]

  1. Kurt Berg says:

    I tryed this KingCobra 7.0 today i discovered that gallery and screencapture didnt work ,it cant save photos even the camera is acting like it should work,but no photos on sdcard

  2. Wow says:

    No settings option in app drawer :s

  3. helpme says:

    hey max i have question ask will i brick my evo 3d if install this rom i have mikvirgin how do i changes def roms please?

  4. helpme says:

    how do i change roms i currently have mikvirgin rom i want this one now how change?

  5. helpme says:

    willl mikG work on htc evo 3d s on or will i brick please help iwant try this or mikg snice got sprinthot spot hack?

  6. Cocoy says:

    Sir just want to ask on how to see the galaxy nexus boot animation for the rom,and how do i disable htc sense for the said device,thanks for the gsm tutorials for the evo 3d by the way

  7. Sachin Pise says:

    I am having the following spec. Will this work for me perfectly?

    HBOOT – 1.49.0009

    Rooted with your instructions. πŸ™‚

  8. Sachin Pise says:

    Sorry Mike.. But I am new to this. So again, I need to confirm S-ON is ok right? Cause same video on Youtube, you replied to someone, saying S-OFF is required.

  9. Sachin Pise says:

    I installed as per your video. Amazing!!! All works fine. I then also tried Virtuous Eclipse ROM and I was successful with same methods. You are amazingly helpful Mike.

  10. srikanth s says:

    This ROM is Awesome. It worked for me on Evo3D GSM phone using 4XT recovery tool. Followed ur youtube videos for rooting,4XT recovery tool installation and Cutsom ROM installation. All went fine.


  11. Cocoy Bibit says:

    Got my ics working and i have to say that this rom is awesome
    Thanks max and keep up the good work !

    • Yococs says:

      just found an issue on the rom the beats integration is not working on KC ICS 3D 1.5,any idea on this max?

  12. edward says:

    Hey I know I’m late. But I’m looking to get a evo 3dwhat speeds do you get on tmibile

  13. frankzhac says:

    Why can’t kingCobra and Newts One S install on htc evo 4G? i keep getting installation aborted

  14. KC says:

    Hotspot does not work πŸ™

  15. Ark.Bishop says:

    Will this ROM work on a Sprint EVO 3D CDMA? Additionally, is anybody having issues with the 3D camera? When I turn the 3D camera the screen goes black and if I take a picture (from the black screen), it takes the picture however you can barely see the image due to the purple and green colors that take over it. I am also not able to see my 3D picture library in 3D anymore. Is there anything have to do in the settings to make them work? This only happens with any ICS ROM. Any help will be greatly appreciated

  16. Revo says:

    This rom is gsm only, get the mean one for cdma,. is the thread for this rom. No beats support yet, follow the installation guide andyou will have no problems.
    Also Max do us a favour and learn how to do things before you make videos then shoot videos with clear concise instructions.
    Umming and erring and fluttering about will only confuse people as to what is going on. Anyway threads there now you can just tell them to read and follow.

  17. ME says:

    hey,i got stucked on boot logo..

  18. Cocoy Bibit says:

    Hi max just want to ask if we can put crt animation in its screen lock, and in aosp mode senselessow can we answer calls directly from lockscreen without unlocking the phone first? Thanks and more power

  19. Andy says:

    I got this ROM. It’s good but there’s a problem. SetCPU doesn’t work on it. Anyone else having this problem?
    And are there any more GSM HTC Evo 3D ROMs coming?

  20. Mario says:

    I’ve tried this and there was no notification bar and the settenigs were missing, can someone tell me why! Thanks

    • yococs says:

      Just do this steps if your installing AOSP with senseless
      1.Install rom with complete sense and with custom options of AOSP without notification and settings
      2.Dont wipe any any data then reinstall the rom again with without sense and with Full AOSP
      then watch the magic!

  21. siddharth says:

    Hey Max
    i followed your instruction videos on youtube and everything went fine and i installed te sense version of the ROM and everything worked perfect πŸ™‚ very happy with that and then i wanted to get the Nexus appearance and i went for the AOSP and it installed perfectly but when it booted up there was no notification bar and i searched everywhere for some kind of a setting ti turn that on or something but i could not find anything!!
    so i went back to the sense UI and it is working fine,
    and the BEATS audio isn’t there on both the versions

    • yococs says:

      the beats are not available on king cobra 1.5 the best version and very stable of the rom is version 1.2.1 i think with beats support and it fixes the screen lock when you have some incoming call

  22. Martin says:

    It works in terms of flashing or so BUT, google service for account keeps crashing… why do u need an android phone without gmail, settings don’t work to and no notification bar πŸ™‚ i tried all options when i installed it but no luck. If you want a working rom, avoid this one

  23. Lee says:

    Hi! Er… i installed the Kingcorba and it’s fine! It’s just fine! But there’s a small problem is that i can’t get into the setting. There’s NO setting icon!!!! I go to the home screen and press on setting, it said that the linked program is no longer installed! What would i go now? Plz help me! Thx u!

  24. mario says:

    i cant connect to internet trough my pc and my 3g connectivity has gotten a lot slower please help me !!!

  25. gabriel says:

    Please tell me why after install this rom say setting is not instaled?

  26. Aysah says:

    I tried this, it got to the boot animation and wouldnt boot up, after that i tried restoring and it got into a boot loop, im a noob and im going insane i cant get out of the boot loop, now matter how many times i try to reinstall the roms or restore. is there a way to flash the original factory rom from s-on and from 4ext recovery? its hopeful thinking but i dont want to be fucked and without a phone πŸ™

  27. yousif says:

    stuck on htc logo πŸ™
    hboot 1.49
    rooted on your method

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Do u have soff?

      • yousif says:

        no,will re-flashing the ROM make it work?or should i do something else?
        what to do please? πŸ™ bcoz I’m suck on ginger bread since EVER.and I LOVED this ROM.and BTW I downloaded the ROM from xda-developers and it’s v.1.6.bcoz your link stops at 423MB.tried it three times and stops every time.

      • yousif says:

        respoooooooond pleaaaaaaaase MAX πŸ™ I’m gonna throw my EVO 3D πŸ™

        • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

          Try getting S-off first.

          • yousif says:

            why?it worked on your evo πŸ™ I don’t wan’t think and not gonna do s-off.but I’m HATING the gingerbread :(.anyway to unroot and lock my bootloader?will htc dev re-lock method + unrooting my phone will make it receive the ICS OTA? πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ (my evo 3d is GSM BTW)

          • yousif says:

            Please reply max.there must be a way to unroot and lock bootloader.there must be a way that i can get back to total stock.i want stock ics πŸ™

            • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

              I recommend getting s-off first, otherwise you will end up with a lot of bootloops.

              • yousif says:

                Okey.sorry for that amount of question and you are a busy guy.but I’m kinda hesitating wit the s-off.because that wire trick looks kinda scary.any chances of bricking my device?and if i did the s-off.any chance for problems?because I like it stable.I also read at xda in the kingcobra ROM thread that if your phone didnt can restore default Rom or flash a rom that you know It’s working.and flash the ROM again.what do you think buddy?sorry again for asking so much

                • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

                  yeah my best advice is getting s-off or if you want stock, run RUU for stock.

                  • yousif says:

                    And so i did,but i was downgrading my hboot from 1.49.0012 to hboot 1.49.0007 but on the ‘htc’ logo my device just reboots.didn’t get that loading can see my comment there.also i changed my CID so i don’t know why the heck this happining to me.anyway,thanks rock πŸ™‚

                    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

                      well you are close I think. Keep trying, same thing happened to me, I forget though why it worked but I think it did work on my 2nd try.

  28. yousif says:


    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Get some sleep first, and also make sure you have S-off!

      • yousif says:

        No the same guy above.i was trying to get s-off but i was dowbgrading to hboot 1.49.0007 and my phone reboots on that htc logo and no loading bar said that happened to you.but i tried 3 times and still don’t works

  29. yousif says:

    No the same guy above.i was trying to get s-off but i was dowbgrading to hboot 1.49.0007 and my phone reboots on that htc logo and no loading bar said that happened to you.but i tried 3 times and still don’t works πŸ™

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      oh sorry I am swamped with comments all the time, you did change CID right?

      • yousif says:

        It’s ok I done the s off.the problem is that i was on stock rom.I installed leedroid and it worked.and I installed the stock ics RUU: ) I can’t thank you enough Max,you are a legend

  30. Titanium says:

    Hi Max,
    I got S-Off through Revolutionary, but it still stuck on boot screen “HTC Quietly Brilliant”
    What should i do?

    Thanks in advance…

    • yousif says:

      if u stuck on htc logo.just take the battery out and reboot again.same happened to me πŸ™‚

      • Titanium says:

        Thanks Yousif for the hint,
        Glad to hear your problem has been solved simply, but unfortunately this idea didn’t work for me …
        I repeted installation of “CWM Touch Recovery” and “King Cobra”, neither helped with the issue… I’ll be glad to hear further suggestions…

        Thanks in advance AGAIN

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Revolutionary should work fine if you are s-off, try fresh reinstall like this:
      1. data wipe/factory reset
      2. install ROM
      3. wipe cache
      4. reboot
      5. profit!

  31. Titanium says:

    Thanks again,
    I solved the issue by downloading and installing the newer version of Kobra, V2.4 instead of V1.6 from this link:

    Hope you find it useful too…
    @Yousif: Thanks for your commitment and answers

  32. niwantha says:

    will this work on rooted evo 3d


    i tried to flash viper 3d rom bt it wont boot.stuck in htc evo screen.

    any help plzzzzz

  33. Rava says:

    ”i tried to flash viper 3d rom bt it wont boot.stuck in htc evo screen.

    any help plzzzzz”

    i’ve got the same problem like niwantha,what can we do? πŸ™ please respond:(

  34. adithya says:


    • niwantha says:

      i think it will work if you have 4ext recovery. but i don’t know for sure. always keep a backup before doing anything.

    • ANtreas says:

      yes it works but it just has one small problem that i want help with. my wifi doesn;t work! please help

  35. Octavian Ene says:

    hi Max
    i have a problem with my htc evo 3d gsm SFR version
    so i unlocked and rooted it a long time ago not sure if i did it with ur method
    installed clockworkmod and installed king cobra 3d v1.5
    worked just perfect untill yesterday- i was having my hotspot active and also turned on bluetooth – things gone wrong. so i decided to install a fresh new king cobra rom to start it from scratch – didnd work
    i flashed 4ext recovery
    now every rom i install will bootloop no matter what
    any idea what should i do ?

    • Octavian Ene says:

      i forgot to say when i wanted to install again with king cobra i wiped cache, dalvik, battery stats,
      formatted system, data, boot

  36. Octavian Ene says:

    now i know i did it wring by wiping all partitions but is there still something that can be done?
    thank for help and btw – sorry for my english i know its bad:D

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      You can format /system and reinstall ROM, which usually fixes those errors. That’s the first thing I would try.

  37. erick says:

    HTC evo 3D Hboot 1.49.0016 s-on

    CWM v.

    brick on screen Htc πŸ™

    Heelp please !!!!!!!

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