How to Downgrade to HBOOT 1.49.0007 on HTC Evo 3D GSM!

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For those of you who want to get S-OFF using Revolutionary method, you can easily downgrade your HBOOT to 1.49.0007 on the HTC Evo 3D GSM.  By downgrading your HBOOT, you will be able to get S-OFF and free your phone.

S-OFF will allow you to flash ROMs without being tethered to a computer.

Before you do this, please change your CID first.


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Credits – XDA

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45 Responses to How to Downgrade to HBOOT 1.49.0007 on HTC Evo 3D GSM!

  1. nima says:

    will it work on other hboots like:1.53.0007?

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  3. David Mglay says:

    this method will work hboots 1.49.0011 s-on to downgrade 1.49.0007 s-off ?

  4. yousif says:

    dude on that “htc” phone reboots.why?I’m running stock GB

  5. Jack C says:

    I have HBOOT 1.53.0007 and are trying to use this method but doesn’t show the same next in cmd to what yours has said. Is this because i have the ICS update?

  6. Eno says:

    Hi Max. this can work on ics htc update or need to go back in stok gingerbread RUU
    also my hboot is 1.53.0007.

  7. mark says:

    hi max can you upload the video to youtube it’s not working here plz

  8. GAGAN NANDA says:


  9. David Silva says:

    Hey max help.In my htc evo 3d gsm I had hboot 1.49.0011 bt it updated to 1.53.007 after ICS update.I rooted using htcdev unlock method.I have 1.53.007 s-on 4ext recovery.Then i flashed cm 10.1 bt i got the boot screen onlt.After flashing 2-3 times i got boot loop.Then i flashed cm9 from cyanogen.i got only boot loop.Then i tried the miui 2.3.16.still nothing.I dont even get the bootloop now it just restarts at the htc logo.No matter what recovery i use 4ext(Smartflash on/off) or cwm i dont think it flashes kernel properly.In this video u said leedroid works on 1.49.0011.i tried it too.doesn’t work on 1.53.007 becuz it has ics kernel.I thiink i’m still on the stock ICS kernel bcuz i Had ics update before rooting.Please give me a link of a ics rom which will work on 1.53.007.will yodas ics work?How can boot my just keeps rebooting.plz i feel like i’m in hell.I changed Cid to HTC__001.Sould i unroot.PLZ give me the link to Stock RUU for hboot 1.53.007.Would u plz reroot ur gsm phone update to ics which should upgrade ur Hboot 1.49.0011 to 1.53.007.Then Root it and u wiil see the prb of flashing.PLZ HELP.plz reply

    • Galaxya12 says:

      KingCobra3D works, it’s based on the stock ICS RUU 3.28, and uses the stock kernel… so even if you can’t flash kernels, this works with the stock one anyway:

      Had the same issue, flashed KingCobra3D using 4EXT, Hboot 1.53 htcDev Unlocked, worked for me. Quadrant Benchmark score with this ROM gets to 2100, compared to the stock 1800.

      The ROM got absolutely no bugs, 3D works, has better battery life than stock RUU, pre-rooted, comes with some tweaks like Supercharger V6.

      Flashing this on top of KingCobra gives you Quadrant score around 2900:

      Basically i’ts some build.prop tweaks, BUT also includes adreno_config.txt, which are some good tweaks for the Adreno graphics card, like using Tiled textures for faster rendering, etc..

      Basically makes GTA III playable @25fps 🙂

    • oren says:

      It’s because your Hboot doen’t match to the rom.
      just flash ICS rom insted and downgrade your hboot if you want to flash JB rom

  10. fred says:

    Hi max,
    Do you have a tutorial how to downgrade my hboot 1.53.777 s-off(wire trick) to hboot 1.49. Hope you can help me. I’m using HTC eco 3d gsm.

  11. efkutis says:

    Hey, download link doesnt work. It downlouds the file till olmost 100% ant then – network error

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      make sure you have good internet connection.

    • Seb says:

      I had the same issue for a while, its ur antivirus . It downloads it, then scans it and thinks there is a Trojan so it quarantines it and you get that ‘network error’. Disable ur antivirus (i had to uninstall mine) and it should work fine.

  12. David says:

    Can you do some version for Ice cream sandwich? thank you

  13. Rakeen Ali says:

    how will i downupgrade hboot 1.53 to hboot 1.49

  14. Clint says:

    same problem. won’t work on hboot 1.53.0007 S-ON. its won’t do the flash ruu it just boots on black HTC logo and do nothing while the step 3 is already saying flash done, press any key to continue.

  15. Paul says:

    Hello, does it work with ICS ? Thank you very much and Regards !

  16. Husnain says:

    hey , i did all the processess but still my hboot is 1.53.0007 ?? but from unlocked it became relocked ???
    so what should i do ????

  17. Anil says:

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial, was on Juopunut bear, s-off and have cid num0202 error(unable to change cid).. wanted to revert back to stock,… and this steps work, Thank you again….

  18. maddy madhu says:

    My phone htc evo 3d unlocked and s off but hboot version 1.530007.pls help me how to downgrade to hboot 1490007.immediately…..

  19. Igor says:

    Dear administrator,
    I have this situation, telephone htc evo 3d cid 044 and hboot 1.49.0011
    wanted to demote to 1.49.0007 nothing happened, only then saw that it was necessary to change CID, how to be?

  20. Laura says:

    This tutorial is a BAD tutorial. And Max, if you don’t know something, it is OK to say: I don’t know.
    The HTC silver logo is the NORMAL way for the RUU state of the phone, so it’s not about hub, etc, its just normal.
    And yes, you DO have to reboot manually after flashing an RUU image.
    This tutorial is ONLY for downgrading from 1.49.0011 to 1.49.0007. Gingerbread to Gingerbread.

  21. Sabin 96 says:

    Hey Max. Please help me. I changed my cid no. Now what is the next step that I should do?

  22. Tomy says:

    Hello. I have hboot 1.53.0007, S-ON. I did everything as it was shown on the video, but I seem to be stuck in a bootloop. Recovery or factory reset do nothing, they just put me straight back in the bootloader. And before I started, the phone was rooted with “cool ics” – i think. Now, it says “RELOCKED”; and one line under, it says ” Security warning”. Could you please help me get my phone back to work?

    • Tomy says:

      Well, if anyone gets this problem in the future – i just went to – unlock bootloader. Once i unlocked it, i was able to flash the previous thingy. Thats all i know, i hope i helped 🙂

  23. mitesh says:

    hey hi , ihave htc evo 3d hboot 1.53.0007 s on and unlocked phone but i forget to backupp and install superuser on it and i have install custome rom so my htc evo 3d is getting restart after installing new rom so pls give solution for it

  24. mitesh says:

    how can i check that my htc evo 3d is gsm or cdma ….?//
    it is from australia and vodafone carrier so can u pls tell me it is gsm or cdma ….?

  25. Kresna says:

    Hi Max, why “/system/bin/sh: ./data/local/tmp/zergRush: not found” help me please!!

  26. bibs700 says:

    free is the Official firmware with the S-OFF-able 1.49.0007 HBOOT file ( please reply

  27. tweetee_c says:

    hello. NOT working on my hboot 1.53.0007
    ”Security warning”

  28. AvidEVO3D says:


    I tried to download the file (Unbranded GSM UK EVO3D HBOOT_1.5) but there is no download to be found..

    Where else can I find the files please?

  29. klaidi_r says:

    Thank you so much man you’ve been helping me so much with these Htc Evo 3D tutorials. Keep up the good work! By the way if anyone has problems downloading the zip file you should first disable you antivirus.

  30. nicopon says:

    Just performed on HTC evo 3D who was 1.53.0007, S-OFF, unlocked, which became 1.49.0007 S-OFF relocked with this process! I isntalled Custom Rom Pacman 4.2.2 and it works! Thanks a lot HTC Evo 4G Hacks!

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