How to Get S-Off on HTC Evo 3D using Wire Trick! – [Juopunutbear S-OFF]

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For those of you who want to get S-OFF on your HTC Evo 3D (Sprint CDMA and GSM compatible), now there’s an easier way to do it using a piece of wire and Juopunutbear S-Off software, which works on Windows or Linux. Yes, you will need to borrow your friend’s Windows or Linux laptop if you only have a Mac. But trust me, this method is very easy to do, anyone can do it easily with bare minimum computer skills. Before we begin though, we highly suggest you give yourself an hour for this project so you can do it correctly without rushing yourself.

Why do you need S-OFF? For GSM Evo 3D users, I don’t really recommend S-OFF as you can already use 4EXT Recovery to flash ROMs and kernels flawlessly. But for Sprint CDMA Evo 3D users, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting S-OFF as newer ICS ROMs will not flash correctly without S-OFF. Plus, it makes your life a ton easier to install/flash new ROMs on you Sprint Evo 3D, so go ahead and take an hour of your time during the week to get this done, your phone will thank you for it.

UPDATE WARNING: It seems like this method may erase your microSD card (while you do the wire trick) for some reason, please make sure to make a BACKUP of your microSD card before just in case.

Step 1. You will need to have your phone unlocked, rooted, and on a stock ROM.   If you are not on a custom ROM and you did not make a backup of your stock ROM, please use this unroot guide to unroot back to software version 2.17 (then you have to re-unlock your bootloader and root it again).

Once you are ready to go, make sure USB Debugging is checked ON under Settings->Applications->Development.

Step 2. Next connect a micro-USB cable from your Evo 3D to your computer and make sure the connection type is set to “Charge only”.

Step 3. You will need a piece of wire to do the wire trick.  I just pulled a small piece of wire from my Ethernet cables but you can use any kind of wire.

Step 4. Make sure you have drivers installed for Windows.  You should see something like “My HTC” or “ADB Interface” of some sort in your Device Manager.  If you don’t, install the drivers below:

Download Drivers for 32-bit Windows

Download Drivers for 64-bit Windows

Step 5. Download the appropriate ControlBear for your operating system and unzip the files.  For Windows, run the ControlBear.exe file by doing a right-click on the file and choosing “Run as administrator”.

Download Control Bear:

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Download for Windows for Sprint Evo 3D
Download for Linux for Sprint Evo 3D
Download for Windows for GSM Evo 3D
Download for Linux for GSM Evo 3D

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Step 6. Watch your Evo 3D’s screen carefully as the program runs and make sure to allow any Superuser requests that pop up like shown below:

Step 7. If you get “Is information correct”, hit “y”.  If you miss, just run the program again.

Step 8. After the program runs for few minutes, it will eventually tell you to “Do wire-trick now!”.  If you get to this point, you are almost done.

Step 9. The wire trick is probably the hardest part for this S-Off trick but you can do it.

There’s two holes on the top-left of the Evo 3D’s back.  Use the outer hole and also the metal point on the microSD card.

First, just tap your microSD card metal plate once.  Then count about 2 seconds then hold down the wire on the microSD card metal plate until your phone reboots.

Step 10. If you did the wire trick correctly, your phone will eventually reboot and get S-OFF.

When asked to install Juopunutbear HBOOT, say “yes”.

Step 11. When everything is done, you can reboot into bootloader and find yourself with S-OFF.


Q: Don’t I need S-OFF HBOOT 1.40?
A: No, you just need S-OFF, the version of HBOOT doesn’t really matter.  So long as you have S-OFF, you will be able to easily flash new custom ROMs/kernels without the usual headaches. If you are having trouble flashing new ROMs, use fastboot method to install ROMs. After that you can use 4EXT Recovery to install new ROMs (unless you have it already).

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277 Responses to How to Get S-Off on HTC Evo 3D using Wire Trick! – [Juopunutbear S-OFF]

  1. Randy Jacob says:

    Do you think doing this is why I can’t upgrade to ICS via the OTA update this morning? It downloads, but then when I go to install it, after powering down, it shows an exclamation mark next to a blue android. (.__.)>

  2. JustinBear says:

    where is the video now that the You tube account was canceled?
    “please use this unroot guide to unroot back to software version 2.17 (then you have to re-unlock your bootloader and root it again).”

  3. Dion says:

    I successfully did the wire trick and have verified it(s-off) through program but my phone continues to boot up to the Juopunutbear screen. What do I do next to use my phone?

    • JustinBear says:

      people have been saying just to keep trying the wire trick

      • Dion says:

        I fixed it, what I did was boot phone in hboot then plugged in usb cable and from command prompt typed controlbear-r, let the program run its course, then typed controlbear-f. The phone rebooted twice and is running beautifully with s-off, unlocked and rooted. I hope this helps others with this same issues. Goodluck, and don’t buy a iPhone.

        • videorick says:

          I am having the same problem with the device only booting up to Juponutbear and just stopping there. I am able to put the device into Hboot and from there into fastboot usb mode. What exactly do I type to get bit to recognize the device so I can then follow the rest of your procedure?

          • Walt Nicholson says:

            open the dos window
            cd to the folder with ControlBear
            type in :
            ControlBear.exe -r

            if it doesn’t work then go to fastboot and plug in your usb
            fastbootusb in red
            open the dos window
            cd to the folder with ControlBear
            type in :
            ControlBear.exe -f

        • TheDecider says:

          I was doing the process on HTC Evo 3D CDMA flashed to boostmobile with controlbear.exe and it got stuck on the Juopunutbear screen and i tried what Dion says i couple of times and tried running the controlbear a few times but no luck so far getting my phone back to normal again. That’s all i want for it to go back to normal when i could go to recovery and into my phone without being stuck to a juopunutbear screen…please help if there is another way or a easy quick step by step guide to fixing it…i honestly will appreciate it.

          • Dion says:

            Did you boot into hboot and run the 2 commands that I posted previously(-r, -f)? I’m no expert but maybe it has something to do with the flash to boost mobile. Good-luck!

          • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

            Just try it again and make sure you are using a good wire.

            • TheDecider says:

              yes, it worked i got s off, i just had to unstall htc sync from my pc and get a good wire and try a couple of times..thanks guys

  4. Donald Dolan says:

    Works wonders! Thank you so much! I thought I’d have to resort to the more dangerous method which I didn’t want to do hahaha.

  5. MANIEZ says:


    I try to S-OFF my HTC EVO-V 4G from Virgin, This one is rooted.
    I got every time : permission denied

    Do not remove sdcard from phone
    Do wire-trick now!! Check the instructions at
    === Waiting device….
    Found device…
    Waiting for device to settle… Please wait…
    /data/local/JuopunutBear: permission denied
    Press ENTER to exit…..y

    And If I try to open again controlbear, it shows me :

    ======== ControlBear 0.6 beta for JuopunutBear S-OFF ==========
    Starting up……
    Connecting to device…
    Searching device…..
    Found device…..
    Found backups!
    Getting into bar…..
    Raising Glass
    SUCCESS – Taking a sip.
    SUCCESS – Beer is tasty.
    SUCCESS – Beer is tasty.
    SUCCESS – Beer is tasty.
    SUCCESS – Beer is tasty.
    SUCCESS – Buddies and Beer
    Checking alcohol level……
    Let’s take one more……
    S-OFF Failed
    Errorcode: 66732337
    ErrorMsg: Still sober
    Press ENTER to exit…..

    I follow exactly the method, maybe the problem is Superuser never appears to ask me to allow…

    What can I do, can you help me guys

    Thanks a lot

  6. John says:

    I am on Mean Rom 2.4 right now, Do i have to Unroot and take the dev unlock off install the stock RUU then go thru the HTC dev unlock method to again?? I am not really clear on this, I heard there is a fw upgrade to 1.58. this is very confusing.

  7. Aanthony says:

    Does this work for a completely unrooted brand new phone that has accepted the OTA and therefor on Hboot 1.58??

    I’ve heard it does but I just got a replacement phone today and I’m try to sort out the knots here.
    I’ve done the hboot 1.5 to 1.4 downgrade tool to get s off for my girlfriends evo3d (originally hboot 1.50) will that work for my 1.58??

  8. Anthony says:

    Hopefully someones awake on the Forum and can help a brotha out, I need to root!!! [= No wifi hotstop, no beats, no DSP manager, No sexy thin clock. This sucks.

  9. Anthony says:

    And to be specific on what I mean by 1.5 to 1.4 tool

    There ya go.

  10. Anthony says:

    Okay, No one’s replying so I’m panicking, Can I simply put the 2.17 ruu ( on my sd and run it to go back?? that would be too easy so I doubt it, I am searching other forums as I make these repeated posts, But aren’t finding anything, and I’m pretty sure this is a new thing going on here because I was just unlocking a evo last week, never heard of 1.58 before today. On the original phone (that this 1.58 phone replaced) i originally used the HTC unlock and still had s.on 1.5 but was rooted and on a custom rom, so I know those hoops, I’m just lost now.

  11. Anthony says:

    There’s no way no ones been on this forum in 12 hours…

    • Jay says:

      Search XDA for “OTA_Shooter_ICS_35_S_Sprint_WWE_2.89.651.2-2.17.651.5” thread talks about new ota update with new hboot. It was confirmed somewhere that the WIRE TRICK Still Works….. Try it out if all else fails Microwave and Claim DOA……
      my 2 more cents

      • Anthony says:

        What exactly do you mean by Microwave and Claim DOA??

        • Randy Jacob says:

          Put your phone in the microwave, turn the microwave on until your phone starts to sizzle. Let stand in microwave for 2-3 minutes as food may still be hot. Call Sprint and tell them the delivered you a phone that was “Dead on Arrival.”

  12. Jay says:

    Its a New HBOOT for the NEW stock ICS ROM. You probably have to wait for the devs to work something out, you know how long it took for the hboot 1.5 to 1.4 downgrade took….. i always check out XDA Developers page (just google XDA evo 3d) for LATEST INFO.

    Good Luck

  13. Anthony says:

    I’m about to go for the HTCdev unlock? Good idea or no??

  14. Anthony says:

    Okay, So I messed up, HTC unlock worked, Installing a custom recovery worked, Installing Superuser didn’t the first time, I downloaded a new one and it said it installed properly, But rootchecker said i wasn’t rooted.

    So I was being an idiot and figured, “Well, The roms I wanna flash are rooted, And I have a custom recovery, might as well flash it”

    And now I’m stuck on a custom splash screen, I’ve tried a few things but the one thing I didn’t do was make a BACKUP WHEN I SHOULD HAVE!!! and now I’m in a bad spot, Just got this replacement a few days ago and already messed up, I HTC unlocked so no warranty, and I’m screwed.

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      try installing another ROM if you have S-Off. You can mount your phone as USB to copy files OR you can use a micro-SD card adapter if that doesn’t work, highly recommend to have in case of emergency, I always have one with me.

      • Anthony says:

        I feel kinda like a legend just replied [= Your videos started me off into the root world Hi All Folks! [=

        Anywho, I fixed it, Problem was I had flash a 2.17 based rom, Hadn’t really ventured into learning all that jazz yet so I didn’t know it was a big deal, I finally figured out (without the help of forums oddly, all by myself) that I needed to search out a 2.89 rom, clearly you can’t flash older rom bases over new, duh…
        So MeanRom ICS saved me, I’m about to go on and make me a backup and throw it on my laptop, vita, and desktop for safe keepings haha.

        I’m also about to dive into this JuopunutBear trick, Very soon, within the hour, So if anyone’s online maybe you could… stay online or keeping checking back for updates and be here with me while I do it… ya know.

        • Anthony says:

          By the way, i do not have S-Off yet,

          I should probably list my specs.
          unlocked, S-On RL, Hboot 1.58.0000, CWM recovery (For now Trying to get 4ext in a minute) 2.89.651.5 MeanRom ICS 2.89 Base. Not sure what else I should add…

  15. Zack says:

    I just did all of this, and after a few tries it finally worked.
    I now have S-OFF. (Awesome)
    My only problem is now it says locked instead of unlocked.

    How do I fix this? I’m sure it’s probably an easy fix, but I’m new to all of this.

    Any help will be very appreciated!!

  16. Anthony says:

    Okay, I’ve reached total success!!! No need for the juopunutbear, I have my favored rom and everything works perfectly, Since the hboot is so new I shall Post a summary of my process to being able to flash roms!

    1.HTC unlock.
    2. Install CWM
    3. MAKE A BACKUP!!!!
    4. Flash a rooted 2.89 rom (Meanrom 2.6 ICS is your best bet
    5. Now that you’re rooted download 4ext updater apk through android shouldn’t be too hard to find (I downloaded it from my phone, saved alot of hassle throwing it on the sd card and having to download es file exlplorer)
    6.Install 4ext through the updater apk, Not too hard.
    MAKE A BACKUP!!!! And flash a good rom.
    7. Make sure your flashing a 2.89 rom or something compatible.

    I’m running newts one s RLS 1. It’s amazing, I think it’s actually a 2.17 base but it works. I’m not sure if anything I did was neccessary but it sure worked.

  17. Craig111 says:

    I currently have MeanICS v2.6 and succesfully converted over to S-Off using the wire trick. Not only did i not have to go back to a stock rom, i suceeded on my first attempt. Fully unlocked with S-off without converting back to the stock rom, saved me a looooong process. I know there were a lot of people who were asking but didnt want to have to do it all over again.

    I went into knowing the danger and risk, but it worked and i have ZERO problems, do remember to use an old SD card laying around because it did in fact format it. I believe it is when you touch the metal piece that covers the sd card, erases it immediately.

  18. Raghuveer says:

    Hi max i recently updated my phone to ics through ota (official). my hboot is updated to 1.58. Can i use the jopounutbear method to get s-off and install custom roms or no need for s-off.I have unlocked through htc dev and have custom recovery installed. Can i install ics roms with s-on as i’m running stock ics. Also previously i had tried jopounutbear s-off when i had hboot 1.50 it worked and i got s-off but after rebooting my phone all i saw was jopounutbear logo with black screen. how to go back from jopounutbear screen after obtaining s-off.

    • Craig111 says:

      I am pretty sure you can obtain S-off with 1.58 using this method. Others have reported success doing so.

      It looks like you didnt actually obtain s-off. Others were reporting the same problem. You have to just keep running the program on your computer until it actaully clears that screen.

      • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

        exactly, you have to keep running it until it reverts, if you stop, you will be stuck with the bear.

  19. kobraone says:

    zup zedomax! sorry about your youtube account being deleted… it SUX ! kinda like iphones haha (…maybe not dat much) but hey i got a stupid question …im on 2.17 s-on, i tryied doing update to 2.89 but it didnt do i need the update in order to do the wire trick to install ics roms like team genesis,d3rp,mean or sos m rom or do i just go ahead and do wire trick without update?…thanks… u da man!

    • Anthony says:

      You don’t really have to be s-off to flash roms, Though it’s likely much better to be,

      however, You can just HTC unlock, install a custom recovery to flash a rom with root, (Meanrom 2.6 worked for me) and then install 4ext recovery which has smartflash, When you install it it will ask you if your device is s-on of not, Answer yes if you are clearly, and it fixes the things that make s-on a problem. Flash whatever you want with 4ext, After making a backup.

  20. videorick says:

    I’m having a problem… Went through the whole procedure including the wire trick and the installation got stuck on 17/45. it also said it could not detect daemon(?). At this time the device just had the Juponutbear logo on the front. Because of the long delay, I unpluged the device to reboot. Now it wont get past the Juponutbear logo. I can put the device in fastboot but it still shows S-on. when I reboot it just goes to the Juponutbear screen. When I plug it in again and run the program, here is what I get:
    ======== ControlBear 0.7 beta for JuopunutBear S-OFF =======
    Rebooting from bootloader
    Detecting…Starting up……
    Connecting to device…
    Searching device…..
    Found device…..
    Found backups!
    Error message: adb server is out of date. killing…
    * daemon started successfully *
    ** daemon still not runningerF┬9v2■”
    No beer for bear tonight 🙁
    Press ENTER to exit…..
    Please help!

    • x31korps says:

      Did you ever get your issue fixed? I’m having the exact same issue!

      • videorick says:

        Yes, I did. I just keep jacking with it and finally loaded an older stock Sprint zip file. From there it finally booted but I was “Locked” and S-Off. I was then able to do the OTA Sprint update to ICS. After that, I unlocked it using the HTC-Dev method and using my original “Unlock” code (I had done this earlier) and that too worked! now I was Unlocked & S-Off but no root access. Next I downloaded Meanrom 2.6 and put it on my SD card. I then put the phone in Fastboot usb (connected to my PC) and opened a command prompt window. Put in C:\rootevo3dnew>fastboot boot cwm- and from there installed Meanrom 2.6. Now I have root and am running the MR 2.6 and loving it! One last thing, I also added some upgrades ( and the Beats Audio is Stellar! Believe me, the answers are out there you just have to be diligent and read. hope this helps.

  21. Raghuveer says:

    Actually when I had hboot 1.50 I got soff using jopounutbear method.As soon as I saw soff in my bootloader i rebooted my phone and was stuck at jopounutbear screen after soff, how to solve this problem.

    • videorick says:

      That’s exactly where I am now. I am s-off & “locked” in the bootloader but I cant get anywhere else. When I reboot it just goes to the black Juopunutbear screen. I dont know what the next step is. Phone will just sit there with the Juopunutbear logo on and wont turn off unless I pull the battery.

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Run the program again until it gets out.

      • videorick says:

        OK, here’s where I’m at right now. I finally got my phone unbricked and was able to do the (Sprint) OTA updates up to ICS. Now I am Android 4.0.3, HTC Sense 3.6, “LOCKED”, S-OFF, and HBoot 1.58.0000. However, because I am Locked I have no root through SU. Please tell me how I can get the phone unlocked. I would like to do some minor upgrades (jelly bean, Sense 4.0, Beats/Sony audio and others) but I am hamstrung by being locked! Obviously I would like to keep my S-Off status. Any help?

        • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

          you can unlock again using method, will not affect ur s-off status.

          • videorick says:

            Ok, took your advice and did the HTC_Dev “Unlock’ method (actually I did the quick version (because I had done this previously) and skipped to opening a command prompt and going to the part where it asks for “Unlock_code.bin” and it worked!) and am now “unlocked” and S-OFF. However, programs (Rom-Manager, Wi-Fi teather etc…) that require root still don’t give me access. I tried adding SU from my Play account and through a .zip file (through a cmd window) but to no avail. Then I added 4EXT Recovery Control but it also requires ROOT access to work. What do I need to do to re-establish root access? I feel I’m very close but still frustrated. One thought, can I install Cool ICS Rom and get root access?

  22. Philippe says:

    Hey I did the OTA ICS update and now I’m at a loss.. Every thing says that i am rooted but then again it says im not. Did i make a major mistake by taking the OTA update? Can i still get root access after doing this?

    • Anthony says:

      I posted a little turotial a few posts back.

      HTC Unlock, Install CWM, Install MeanRom (To root) then install whatever you want as long as its a newer based rom.

  23. Wes says:

    I think I just bricked my phone……. The bear froze, I toke the battery out and was going to restore using my 4ext but it is gone so, I can not restore my phone. I can not get out of the JuopunutBear on my phone, I run the control bear again and it said
    Old beer detected……… please wait……..
    Critical failure……. Cannot find a seat!!!!!
    Press ENTER to exit…….

    Someone please help!!!!!!

  24. Anthony says:

    So, Another precautious question before I go through with this, You’ve said it’s confirmed working for hboot 1.58, But the video says go back to gingerbread… I don’t think theres a way for me to do this, I can’t simply flash the 2.17 anymore can I? because i’m 2.89 now, Can’t go down, So does this work with that? or do I really need to be back on gingerbread??

  25. Wes says:

    OK so I have no idea why this worked but, out of sheer desperation I deleted control bear off my computer re-downloaded it and ran the program again. I had to do this several times each time getting a little farther each time. Until finally it rebooted 🙂 . After the final reboot my sd card would not work. not even my computer wold read it so I used this site’s free sd formatter and now everything works.

  26. maggot238 says:

    Evo 3d flashed to boost mobile
    Okay, I’m on stock ics software version 2.89.651.2 android 4.0.3 hboot 1.58 S-on fully rooted. I get error “second backup failed at beginnning” on Juopunutbear S-OFF. I’ve been looking for a solution for the past 2 days almost consistently with no luck. Can someone please help me. I love this site, its helped me many times in the past but this is the first time I had to ask for help. Thanks maggot238

  27. maggot238 says:

    Yes, I’m on stock ICS with root, I used this ruu: to see if it made a difference with it and it didn’t. software version 2.89.651.2 android 4.0.3 hboot 1.58. Is there a forum that goes into doing this on ics I can try?

  28. Myles says:

    Works like a charm, just dont do this if your phone is flashed to a different carrier like mine was. Was flashed to Verizon but now my phone is reduced back to sprint! Be careful!

  29. Ian says:

    Epic! I always wanted s-off but wasnt willing to go hunt down a linux machine. Wire trick worked great! Got it on the second try. First try it failed and I just ran program again and success!

  30. Pingback: The "Fix everything by turning your phone into an Evo 3d" thread - So lost - Android Forums

  31. paperbag says:

    When are you planning on uploading “unroot guide to unroot back to software version 2.17” ? Been waiting for a while now. Thanks!

  32. john says:

    hi max i have an evo 3d with hboot 1.58 with stock ics. my phone is flashed to boost mobile so,can i use this jopounutbear method for s-off i mean i’m afraid that it may go back to sprint.

  33. Joe001 says:

    nice, i just got mine S-off thanks for your instructions Max, u are the best…..

  34. tony says:

    hi i have an evo 3d with hboot 1.58 with stock ics. my phone is flashed to boost mobile so,can i use this jopounutbear method for s-off will it go back to sprint? can anyone help me..

  35. Tyler Osborne says:

    Hey there..I’m kinda very worried right now. Whenever I try the wire trick it doesn’t work and I keep getting an error 667 and it closes. Is there a way I can back out of juopunutbear? Cause every time I turn my phone on it only goes to the jbear black screen and doesn’t fully boot. Anyway I can just stop from doing it all together and go back to how my phone was before or do I just need to keep trying till it works….it succesfully made recovery’s of the boot and all that stuff in the folder there a way I can just add those recovery’s back on my phone so I can use it again?

  36. SALinuxguy says:

    I finally tried it with a custom ROM, didn’t feel like going through the hassle of downgrading and such.
    Worked first time.
    Running Synergy Infected rom on EVO 3d CDMA
    By the way I don’t know how the Windows version works but in Linux it keeps asking on the wire trick until you get it right.
    It kept asking for quite a while because, on my phone at least, the hole is slightly offset from the pad.
    I had to use a lighted magnifying glass on my soldering station to make sure I was on the pad and, bingo, first try then.

    Have you considered polling which OS seems to get the most success in these hacks?
    I use Linux exclusively and have read in a few posts that some, possibly older, hacks were know to have issues done from Windows.. I have tried many hacks and roms from here and have yet to have any problems.
    Just a thought, that unless you take really good care of Windows, people might be better off if they have access to, or dual boot to, Linux for their phone hacking?

  37. Jeff May says:

    What I learned:

    1. If you get the “adb server is out of date” error, go to your task manager and end the “htcUPCTLoader.exe” process. This is an easy fix and works like a charm!

    2. Use a paper clip and wrap it with electrical tape. I tried many times using various gauges of wire…NO SUCCESS. Paper clip worked first time!

    3. Keep a DOS box open and pointed to the directory where ControlBear.exe is located. If you have problems, use this command: “ControlBear.exe -r” to take back your phone from the Bear.

    4. An error code at the end is a good thing as it lets you know that you just need to get your wire timing correct. Again, the paper clip seems to be the easy solution!

    5. Success = Happiness!

    • x31korps says:

      Why couldn’t you have posted this two weeks ago or there abouts?!?!?! I spent six hours wondering why it was not working. Items 1, 2 & 3… I had issues with all of them. Your suggestions are right on!!

  38. Sid says:

    Will this work with HBOOT 1.49.0009 (the indian version) ??? Please Help

  39. maggot238 says:

    I never got s-off with this but with s -on on hboot 1.58 and 4 -ext, everything works fine with it on so I wanna thank y’all for trying to help me with the issues I was having

  40. Esteban says:

    hi guys, sooo my question is, Can i used the wired trick to get s-off in hboot 1.58 and in the 2.89.651.2 71ORD…???

  41. Hec says:

    For those who have the ControlBear bootloader issue after attempting to S-Off that keeps the phone from booting the ROMs shell. Take your powered down phone. Press and hold the down volume key and the power until the white recovery screen comes on. Highlight and select fastboot. Plug you phone into your pc. Fastboot should now read fastboot usb. Go to your controlbear folder on your pc and copy boot_backup.img to a folder in your computers root directory. Open admin level command prompt type cd /*folder name here*. Now you should be in the folder you placed in your systems root directory.
    It should look like this:

    C:\*folder name here*

    next type fastboot flash boot boot_backup.img into your command prompt then press enter.
    wait 2-5 secs
    then type fastboot boot boot_backup.img press enter.
    Done restart your phone.
    Hope it helps
    P.S. the same can be done with the recovery backup.img file in the controlbear folder.
    The commands in command prompt would then look like this instead:

    fastboot flash recovery recovery_backup.img
    fastboot boot recovery_backup.img

    this of course would be helpful if your original recovery were somehow damaged.

  42. rob says:

    i have a evo 3d with hboot 1.58.0000 is there anyone out there that knows how to root this hboot ive tried to downgrade hboot but it always gives a error all i want to do is use the wifi tether on this phone

  43. Roselio says:

    i installed the drivers and everything but when phone boots into juopunutbear it says
    ======== ControlBear 0.6 beta for JuopunutBear S-OFF ==========
    Starting up……
    Connecting to device…
    Searching device…..
    Connect device and install drivers
    Press ENTER to exit…..
    and i installed all the drivers and even updated it manually but still nothing

  44. Kushtrim says:

    Does this trick work for the Stock ICS version of GSM EVO 3D? Or we should downgrade to Gingerbread? I am on 1.53.0007 HBOOT

  45. Nick says:

    i am sorry for posting if this question has been answered but i am still verry confused as to what to do. i have a rooted evo3d with a custom rom and the stock kernel. i want to install a new kernel to get fastcharge. i am s-on. do i need to get s-off?? if i need s-off do i need to unroot back to stock gingerbread? some of this is really confusing to me and everyone has a different configuration so i am not sure what to do. please help.

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  47. brad says:

    I’m posting this to anyone who has an evo3d running stock 4.0.3 ICS and sense 3.6.. I’m new to rooting/modding phone’s.. Have great pc skill’s understand the how’s/way’s of that. however, I followed the guide off xda from Ramjet73 [Guide] Quick And Dirty Evo3D Root & S-OFF (Sprint Only)… I used to unlock everything went perfect. even loaded a clean stock ruu before doing anything. i’ve got super-user 4ext touch recovery installed… tested wifi tethering to see that super-user works. no problems… installed busybox an ran that also… So at that point i was unlocked with Suser 4ext stock ruu hboot 1.58. I ran the juopunutbear as admin with phone in usb debugging mode. it booted into the jbear screen software ran on pc asked me to do wire trick. i did it over n over. no luck… then as i kept tring as everyone said to it failed as it was loading the files it claimed the files were missing and told me to exit. tried to rerun the jbear again. got back to doing wire trick and again after awhile of no luck it again failed to load files in the dos screen an said asked me to exit. phone was then stuck on the jbear screen an took me 3hr’s to get the phone back running had to start all over. before i run this program again. can someone help me understand what went wrong any ideas welcomed…. thanks

    • Kushtrim says:

      I had an error with the wire trick too. I tried the same method again and after several tries it succeeded. I was stuck also in a same or similar place. I am not sure if I am helping u but I suffered with my E3D 2 weeks until i get it to run the way I wanted to. I know it can be a pain in the a**.
      Try downloading the files again. Maybe you have a corrupted one that is missing files.
      P.S I am on GSM version.

      • brad says:

        Im using the Sprint CDMA that had already been updated ota to ics an hboot 1.58 I have the phone stock about 6 months… Lost everything data wise first time didnt make a proper back up used a diff sd card that failed after tring wire trick so figured maybe it was looking for something off my regular sd so reinstalled it an started over still failed.. tried a new download an unzip of the cdma windows verson of the jbear software again still failed… im worried that it’s something im doing wrong.. or maybe missed… however completely unsure what i might have done wrong. could you maybe give me a quick run down on doing this right with ics stock an hboot 1.58 before i try again just to insure i dont boot loop again n jbear n need to relock an rerun an ruu

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