How to Get S-Off on HTC Evo 3D using Wire Trick! – [Juopunutbear S-OFF]

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For those of you who want to get S-OFF on your HTC Evo 3D (Sprint CDMA and GSM compatible), now there’s an easier way to do it using a piece of wire and Juopunutbear S-Off software, which works on Windows or Linux. Yes, you will need to borrow your friend’s Windows or Linux laptop if you only have a Mac. But trust me, this method is very easy to do, anyone can do it easily with bare minimum computer skills. Before we begin though, we highly suggest you give yourself an hour for this project so you can do it correctly without rushing yourself.

Why do you need S-OFF? For GSM Evo 3D users, I don’t really recommend S-OFF as you can already use 4EXT Recovery to flash ROMs and kernels flawlessly. But for Sprint CDMA Evo 3D users, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting S-OFF as newer ICS ROMs will not flash correctly without S-OFF. Plus, it makes your life a ton easier to install/flash new ROMs on you Sprint Evo 3D, so go ahead and take an hour of your time during the week to get this done, your phone will thank you for it.

UPDATE WARNING: It seems like this method may erase your microSD card (while you do the wire trick) for some reason, please make sure to make a BACKUP of your microSD card before just in case.

Step 1. You will need to have your phone unlocked, rooted, and on a stock ROM.   If you are not on a custom ROM and you did not make a backup of your stock ROM, please use this unroot guide to unroot back to software version 2.17 (then you have to re-unlock your bootloader and root it again).

Once you are ready to go, make sure USB Debugging is checked ON under Settings->Applications->Development.

Step 2. Next connect a micro-USB cable from your Evo 3D to your computer and make sure the connection type is set to “Charge only”.

Step 3. You will need a piece of wire to do the wire trick.  I just pulled a small piece of wire from my Ethernet cables but you can use any kind of wire.

Step 4. Make sure you have drivers installed for Windows.  You should see something like “My HTC” or “ADB Interface” of some sort in your Device Manager.  If you don’t, install the drivers below:

Download Drivers for 32-bit Windows

Download Drivers for 64-bit Windows

Step 5. Download the appropriate ControlBear for your operating system and unzip the files.  For Windows, run the ControlBear.exe file by doing a right-click on the file and choosing “Run as administrator”.

Download Control Bear:

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Download for Windows for Sprint Evo 3D
Download for Linux for Sprint Evo 3D
Download for Windows for GSM Evo 3D
Download for Linux for GSM Evo 3D

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Step 6. Watch your Evo 3D’s screen carefully as the program runs and make sure to allow any Superuser requests that pop up like shown below:

Step 7. If you get “Is information correct”, hit “y”.  If you miss, just run the program again.

Step 8. After the program runs for few minutes, it will eventually tell you to “Do wire-trick now!”.  If you get to this point, you are almost done.

Step 9. The wire trick is probably the hardest part for this S-Off trick but you can do it.

There’s two holes on the top-left of the Evo 3D’s back.  Use the outer hole and also the metal point on the microSD card.

First, just tap your microSD card metal plate once.  Then count about 2 seconds then hold down the wire on the microSD card metal plate until your phone reboots.

Step 10. If you did the wire trick correctly, your phone will eventually reboot and get S-OFF.

When asked to install Juopunutbear HBOOT, say “yes”.

Step 11. When everything is done, you can reboot into bootloader and find yourself with S-OFF.


Q: Don’t I need S-OFF HBOOT 1.40?
A: No, you just need S-OFF, the version of HBOOT doesn’t really matter.  So long as you have S-OFF, you will be able to easily flash new custom ROMs/kernels without the usual headaches. If you are having trouble flashing new ROMs, use fastboot method to install ROMs. After that you can use 4EXT Recovery to install new ROMs (unless you have it already).

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277 Responses to How to Get S-Off on HTC Evo 3D using Wire Trick! – [Juopunutbear S-OFF]

  1. Omar says:


    About 3 months ago I rooted and I flashed my HTC Evo 3D using your metoths, I could install any ROM that I wanted, but yesterday I think I did something really stupid… I tried to install the “Viper3D ROM” ( and my phone got a boot loop. I thought there would be no problem, I tried to flash the boot via “fastboot flash boot boot.img” and it didn’t work… I didn’t want to complicate it more so I decided to get back to my old Rom “KingCobra3D-ICS-1.5” and then it didn’t want to work anymore, so I’ve been trying with many different Roms and the same. I’ve been reading that I have to get S-OFF otherwise it won’t work. so my questions is how to get S-OFF if I can’t even boot my phone? is that possible? Could you help me please? here’s my phone info

    GSM EVO 3D

    Please I need your help I already don’t know what to do.

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      try installing an older gingerbread rom.

      • Omar says:

        HelloI did it now worked witt King cobra 1.2..Then installed the Yoda 4.5 but it has several bugs.. I tried to go back to my old Rom Cool ICS v11 but the problem now is that wifi doesn’t work it shows me “error”, when before it was fully working, do you know what is the cause of it? Something else, if I would do the s-off I could install any Rom with no problems? And to do the.s-off is the same process like with the HTC Evo 3D cdma on your tutorial? Thanks for your help max

      • ROB says:

        can you put new links to 64 bit drivers please me phone stuck on the green arrow screen and control bear saying connect device and install drivers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  2. Hunter says:

    Hey Zedo! Quick question. Would this method work for a new Evo 3d, running hboot 1.58, with sprint’s stock ics (2.89), latest software?

    If not, how would recommend I go about rooting my phone, get s-off, on a windows machine?

  3. You are illegally redistributing the Controlbear files from
    Our website clearly says that tools may not be redistributed or linked to directly.

    -Team Unlimited.

  4. brad says:

    Hope unlimited is speaking to guy…

  5. Tung says:

    Well I tried this method. It did not work. Not all to sure why, but when I boot up, my phone boots up to a black screen with JuopunutBear with an arrow pointing down to a image of the phone. I tried uploading different rom. That didn’t work. Any suggestions?

    • Tung says:

      Just wanted to add an update that I have finally been able to my phone back up and running. Can’t seem to get it rooted anymore. Superuser install keeps failing, but at least my phone is working with the sprint ROM.

  6. thirupathi says:

    I have tried the above method and not suceeded… after running the controlbear it says the following message
    ======== ControlBear 0.6 beta for JuopunutBear S-OFF ==========
    Rebooting from bootloader
    Detecting…Starting up……
    Connecting to device…
    Searching device…..
    Found device…..
    Secondary backup FAILED at beginning!!
    Press ENTER to exit…..

    please help me
    thanks in advance…
    i am using HTC evo 3d GSM. rooted s-on ICS stock ROM with HBOOT 1.53

    • mrd0enrm4n says:

      Hey, try to search for controlbear release on google and download it, it will be controlbear version 0.7, that worked for me, also make sure that HTC sync ist deinstalled

      • DP says:

        Listen to mrd0enrm4n! It worked!

        A little info about what I used:
        I am currently on HBoot 1.58 and 2.95.65
        I don’t have HTC sync installed, the phone is rooted, unlocked, has stock rom, superuser is installed/working and I am using windows 7.

        Please don’t blame me for any mess ups that may occur but I guarantee you this worked for me.

        Here’s what to do:
        (Make sure you have the htc sync uninstalled)
        1. Download this: It’s verision 0.8 for HTC sensation but the Controlbear.exe WILL work for the evo3d. I couldn’t find the PC version of 0.8 for htc evo 3d but luckily this one worked!
        2. Download the linux version of HTC Evo 3D from here
        3. Both folders are zipped so unzip and put them somewhere (like your desktop)
        4. Take the hboot and OS from your ControlBearRelease_shooter_ICS_LINUX folder and move them into the ControlBearRelease_pyramid_ICS_WIN folder so they are now REPLACED so now you aren’t uploading hboot and OS for the HTC sensation into your Evo3D
        5. That’s it! Now launch the controlbear.exe from your pyramid_ICS_WIN folder and follow the steps.

  7. thirupathi says:

    I have tried the above method but not succeeded… after running the controlbear it says the following message
    ======== ControlBear 0.6 beta for JuopunutBear S-OFF ==========
    Rebooting from bootloader
    Detecting…Starting up……
    Connecting to device…
    Searching device…..
    Found device…..
    Secondary backup FAILED at beginning!!
    Press ENTER to exit…..

    please help me
    thanks in advance…
    i am using HTC evo 3d GSM. rooted s-on ICS stock ROM with HBOOT 1.53

  8. REDTRONGUY says:

    well omar you just have to do a factory reset then flash your recovery file over then you can put some new roms on it again, this solution works with the black screen with JuopunutBear with an arrow pointing down to a image of the phone.

  9. brandon says:

    Detecting…Starting up……
    Connecting to device…
    Searching device…..
    Found device…..
    Secondary backup FAILED at beginning!!
    Press ENTER to exit…..

    im getting the same error can somone help us?

    • thirupathi says:

      which operating system r u using for the process.
      if it is windows try it in linux…
      I had a same problem with my windows then i tried in linux and it worked………

    • SB says:

      Make sure your phone screen is on so you can follow prompts. Otherwise you will experience what you’re experiencing.

  10. Luke Noot says:

    Does it have to be a stock ROM? because I kinda wiped my stock ROM with a custom ROM using 4EXT.. I can try and find the stock ROM for my phone again but I would rather not go through the hassle. I have a rooted viperROM.

  11. Derek says:

    HBOOT 1.50 with S-ON

    Installed Cool ICS ROM using fastboot and everything works perfectly! I don’t know if other ROMs need S-OFF, but this one seems fine.

  12. Dhaval says:


    please help me out here I am stuck….

    I am on custom ROM HTC COOL EVO 3D..And my gsm EVO 3D has hboot 5 and also it’s unlocked and rooted…
    and I wanted to s- off my EVO 3D..

    so is this method work for my phone?

    and I don’t have any stock Rom backup..

    thanks in advance…..

  13. Dhaval says:

    I wanted to install viper3d rom on my EVO but it’s freezes on boot animation… so that’s why I need s off?

    is this will work?

  14. Dhaval says:

    and the my HTC EVO 3D don’t have those 2 holes on the left of back side……

    I am from India and I bought this from India…..

  15. unlimited IO says:

    « © Unlimited.IO 2012 · Web Design by LadyX · All Rights Reserved »
    You may not redistribute nor link directly to any files on this site without the expressed consent of the site owner.

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  18. gbenga says:

    I will like to say you video instructions are the best. I was able to root my phone for the first time following your instructions. The Jbear trick wire wasn’t easy but it worked. I spent about 14 to 16 hours in total because the first time I didn’t do it properly and the second time the first ROM I flashed went into boot loop. I unrooted my phone using your instruction, rooted it again and jbear method was a pain 🙂 . Now I’m running an Aokp ROM on my evo3d. Keep the good work Zedomax.

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  21. ahmadalraii says:

    fo those having secondary backup failed message or backup failed message is caused by a Custom ROM or having HTC Sync installed on your PC..revert to stock ROM and uninstall htc sync if exist.
    for the guy who said my HTC EVO 3D don’t have those 2 holes on the left of back side..ur evo 3d is like mine a gsm , the holes are on the right side right above the battery and u must use the inner hole the one on the left..
    most of u will have a message error Still sober .. be happy if it does cuz the only problem u have is in timing of wire trick performance re-initiate the tool and try again .. i got that message for about 5 times before i succeeded.

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  23. Nikos Moi says:

    The best and easiest way to s-off! RECOMMENDED! 🙂

  24. jimi says:

    hi, masters,,
    i want to know if this trick’can be done with my htc evo 3d au kddi (japan)?
    i want to root this phone’but.. saddenly’ i dont know how?
    b’coz this a japan phone..

  25. jimi says: me..

  26. andres says:

    why to waste time creating a pc of software if your not letting people use it…
    tanks htcevohack still have on online.. go to hell unlimited io

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  28. Andy says:

    Hi, Is this still a possible of getting s-off? Ive been in the umlimited io site, but it only gives me links for the linux os. Thank you.

  29. john says:

    Hi my device stoped at (9/45) screen….I had to disconect it after hanging there for 20 minutes. Now I see the screen with the arrow on my phone and on my device a usb error when I am trying to connect it. Is there any solution or I should kiss my phone goodbye? Help plese

  30. bobby says:

    I was following and ran junbear, the phone started rebooting and program told me to exit now i cant even boot into recovery

  31. itnishantha says:

    day before yesterday i did try your s-off procedure. but its not working for me after that i followed “DP says:
    June 26, 2013 at 8:39 pm” comment. its worked. after i short that 2 points phone vibrated and restart. but only HTC logo on white screen then black screen. after i did try ruu update. but that also not working. now my phone is not getting on. i already tried all forums instruction but not happened. i know i have to s-off first for install any Ruu but all s-off for good phone only. please help me. i need my phone again.

    • Martin says:

      Hi. You probably did the same mistake as me. You haven’t read his text properly and have run BearControl for HTC Sensation without replacing jb_boot and jb_hboot from linux version. I did the same and nearly bricked my phone (only fastboot was OK). Have you solved it? I did.

      1) Relock HTC EVO with fastboot (necessary): fastboot oem lock
      2) Download and run the RUU_SHOOTER_…exe (for my Europe device RUU_SHOOTER_U_ICS_35_S_HTC_Europe_3.28.401.1_Radio_11.77.3504.00U_11.25.3504.06_M_release_262714_signed.exe)
      3) Start from very begining (your HTC will be almost brand new) 😀

      If you run the BearControl exactly how DP said you will celebrate as well as me! 😀

      Good luck!

  32. jovany says:

    when i tried the s-off it stopped in the middle of the process and got stuck in a boot loop. i had to flash my recovery again and restore stock rom to fix boot loop.

  33. wellington says:

    link ? faluirer

  34. Phil Hyams says:


    I have an HTC Evo V4 3d phone

    Great info in this forum and I will definitely attempt the replies but my problem is I downloaded the HTC Sync but when I plug my phone into my pc (Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit) they are not recognizing each other as being connected… I tried to do the unlocking with the wire in order to use any service provider and now I am stuck on the white screen with s-off and the reboot loop…Can’t get any further to put the phone back to original status since PC won’t recognize it when plugged in…Any suggestions or anyone that I can send the phone to too have them unlock it so I can use any provider (this is my first preference) if not to bring it back to it’s original settings.

    Thanks for your input


  35. Dennis says:

    S-OFF Failed
    Errorcode: 66732337
    ErrorMsg: Still sober

  36. tosi says:

    Please help me
    htc evo 3d
    Hboot 1.53.0007
    hot to S-FF and downgrade on 1.49.0007 or 08
    wont work recovery nothing…

  37. bibs700 says:

    S-OFF Failed
    Errorcode: 66732337
    ErrorMsg: Still sober
    htc evo 3d unlocked 1.53.007 s-on

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