How to Install Kernel/ROM on a Rooted HBOOT 1.50 for HTC Evo 3D! [HTC Unlock]

We’ve got some great news for those of you who’ve used the HTC method to root your HTC Evo 3D and you have HBOOT 1.50 with S-ON, you can actually flash a new kernel along with your ROM simply by loading ClockworkMod Recovery from fastboot, which allows you to write to the boot partition.

First, put your phone in fastboot mode by turning off “Fastboot” under Settings->Power.  Then power off your phone and reboot into recovery by holding down Volume down and Power button together.  Once in bootloader, hit Power button once more to enter fastboot mode and connect a USB cable from phone to your computer.

To do this, you can use the same rootevo3dnew folder you used to root your phone.   (You can download here again if you delete it.)

Go into the directory where you’ve unzipped by typing:

cd \rootevo3dnew

for Windows and Linux or Mac should be something like:

cd /rootevo3dnew

Then type:

fastboot boot cwm-

for Windows and for Mac:

./fastboot-mac boot cwm-

and for Linux:

./fastboot-linux boot cwm-

Your phone will reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery, you can flash any kernel/ROM and they will be flashed correctly now.  Yes, this means you can flash 2.3.3 ROMs too!

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86 Responses to How to Install Kernel/ROM on a Rooted HBOOT 1.50 for HTC Evo 3D! [HTC Unlock]

  1. Ronn Plae says:

    I tried it but it didnt flash the Kernal. I flashed the synergy EVO3D Nighty, are you sure the Kernal is in there?

  2. Donald Byrd says:

    I tried the same one it didn’t work for me either

  3. John says:

    Hey max i just wanted to know where did you download the cool blue rom?

  4. Anthoney says:

    do we have to do this for every time we want a new ROM?
    THANKS, Anthoney

  5. sean says:

    Hey Max I used the HTC method and have CWM installed but flashing a ROM doesn’t seem to work. (though admittedly all I have tried is the alpha build of CM7) CWM will show that the ROM was successfully flashed but upon reboot I only get as far as the HTC splash screen. I saw on xda someone said that the HTC unlock method will not allow you to flash this ROM. Any ideas?

  6. honest says:

    On the directory instructions mines keep saying cwm cant load..need help asap.

  7. CHL says:

    Here’s my issue. I do the EVO3D wipe from recovery (I did the HTC unlock method and reflashed CWM) then I fastboot flash boot.img from the Cool Blue Synergy Rom, install the ROM zipfile and I get overclocking until I reboot. Any suggestions, or could my Titanium backup be messing up my new install. (Set CPU goes to 524 MHz max after I restore from Titanium backup. Any ideas?

  8. Corey says:

    I love the ROM so far but it started doing random reboots. Some back to back and then freezing. Any idea on what this might be?


    • Rob says:

      A lot of the stock 3D phones are doing that anyway… I went through four phones with that problem before I realized it was an incompatible app, I wiped my phone and SD and watch what I download now. May or may not be the same thing but if that info helps then sweet.

  9. Keith C. says:

    I have the same issue. After flashing the ROM, It doesn’t flash the kernal and I loose my WiFi. I’ve tried flashing with rcmix and silverneedle. No luck. Ending result everytime is loss of WiFi, no overclocking, and me restoring my stock rooted ROM. By the way, I used The HTC unlock method for hboot 1.5.

  10. Keith C. says:

    Also, will this work if I have S-Off?

  11. Keith C says:

    I’m sorry… I do have S-On.

  12. Keith C says:

    Update: Just tried MikG’s ROM, same thing. I also tried flashing the kernals by themselves. All of them kill WiFi, and Both versions of RCMix fail at install with error “7” or something along those lines. Any help would be great. Gonna Subscribe when I get home from work today. Thanks.

  13. Charles says:

    I seem to have lost my recovery completely…now I can’t load any roms. Also can’t boot into recovery. How can I restore from the HTC method with hboot.1.50? Help!!!!

  14. bob says:

    can you respond to these questions?

  15. Burr914 says:

    I used your method to root..but I cannot get into recovery now..when I hit recovery my phone just reboots up. Can someone please help me?? I really want to flash the Miui ROM, that’s the only reason I rooted.

  16. Paul King says:

    Tried this, did not work for me.

    Both CWM and TWRP when booted into fastboot claim to write to the the kernel properly . Both ended up borking the wifi and leaving the old kernel in place.

    hboot 1.50, unlocked via htc dev. Can flash a rom, can’t flash a kernel

  17. Gil says:

    I’m getting the same results. I can’t get into my recovery, and when I do it just reboots the whole phone, and I’m stuck with the tweaked synergy rom, with a buggy camera.

    • TenshiNo says:

      Only the ClockWorkMod-shooter recovery works for the Evo3D so far.

      * Download the “folder” he mentions, open a command line, and navigate to that folder
      * With the phone turned off (and FastBoot disabled under Settings -> Power) hold the Volume Down button (on the side of the power) and then press and release the power button. Don’t hold down the power button, but do continue to hold down the Volume Down until you’re in the Boot Loader.
      * From there, a single click of the power button will get you into the Fastboot section. Should say “Fastboot” towards the top of the screen on your phone at this point.
      * Plug the USB cable into the phone and PC. The “Fastboot” on the phone’s screen should change to “Fastboot USB”.
      * On your command prompt, type “fastboot flash recovery cwm-” (without the quotes) and hit

      That should start flashing ClockWork recovery. Shouldn’t take more than about 10-15 seconds to flash and then you’re good to go!

  18. Omar Robinson says:

    So I am following directions. First and foremost of all my evo3d is not Rooted because i have the 1.50 so therefore FAILED (remote: not allowed)

    So what am i doing wrong if i keep getting this error?

  19. Omar Robinson says:

    So I am following directions. First and foremost of all my evo3d is not Rooted because i have the 1.50 so therefore FAILED (remote: not allowed)

    So what am i doing wrong if i keep getting this error?

  20. balla_40 says:

    I did everything in this post and it worked fine but know my phone keeps messing up with the new rom installed. I am wondering how do I delete everything and start from the phone 100% stock from sprint. I looked everywhere and it just tells me how to do it with hboot 1.4.

  21. CoolCell says:

    If I flash the evo 3D with this method will the phone keep the same factory ROM my daughter does not want to loose the 3D game and picture functions which I have seen complaints about posted on other sites on the web?

    What is the url link to teach me how to back up here factory ROM?

    Thank you in advance for the help

  22. cody says:

    Need help! Tried flashing a kernel and now phone just says HTC and turns its off and on. Thanks for the root method and showing how to install rom though that all worked great! I might have done something wrong with installing a kernel help would be appreciated. Thanks1.

  23. Keith says:

    For people having the same issue as me: You MUST put you phone into fastboot after transferring all .zips needed. Then use fastboot to boot from recovery using: ex. “C:\rootevo3dnew\fastboot boot cwm-” otherwise booting into recovery using ROM manager, or ROM restart menus, or even holding volume key and power, will not allow you to flash the kernal properly. After this reboot into recovery, do not reboot until you’ve finished flashing. Also recommend leaving the usb plugged in until its finished.

  24. Pino says:

    Would you be able to re upload the pg86img file so we can root the phone back to stock….the one you have linked to download is bad….

  25. raymond lumley says:

    when i try to lunch clockwork recover it says waiting for divice in cmd and never does anything

    and i get a messege that says device not recognized ,tried to reinstall driver but no luck


  26. joewzu says:

    C:\root>fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-
    sending ‘recovery’ (4706 KB)…
    OKAY [ 1.139s]
    writing ‘recovery’…
    (bootloader) signature checking…
    FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)
    finished. total time: 1.732s

  27. raymond lumley says:

    when im in the bootloader and i plug in the evo 3d it says fastboot usb but on windows on computer it says device not recognized on bottom of taskbar

    im using infected rom right now so it worked before right?

    I can install from phone but wifi dosnt work if i do that

    i like infected i have now cause i can use wifi built in from sprint app and watch my sprint tv

    mine does say s-on if that means anything

    when i go to cmd i even ran as admin everything looked great until i typed cd \rootevo3dnew


    fastboot boot cwm- after that just said waiting for device,suspect the device not recognized is my issue?

    • Keith C says:

      Ok. Go to your device manager, and make sure it says “my HTC”. If you don’t find it, then reinstall the drivers found in the “rootevo3dnew” folder.

    • Keith C says:

      Ok I see in a previous post, you’ve already done this. So I would redownload the drivers. Yours might be no good. Then I would reflash clockwork before you boot clockwork again. Also, try another usb cable.

  28. Jeremy Boswell says:

    I need some help. I have used both the TWRP and CMW methods to flash a custom rom to my Evo 3d (1.5 S-on) but have had no luck so far. I can successfully flash any ROM, but upon reboot, the phone hangs at the rom splash screen. So far I’ve tried Cyanogen and MIUI as well as a stock build. Any ideas?

  29. Ruben says:

    Hi Zedomax.

    How we can install the Olympus Trinity Rom for htc evo 3d For Users the have used the HTC Unlock Tool?

  30. Ruben says:

    Thank you Zedomax!

  31. John says:

    After I choose the zip file from sd, click yes to install. I get installation aborted. Why and how do I fix it. I am using a mac. rooted using HTC method. Downloaded Olympus zip file, but after download in automatically un zips so I compress so it is zipped again, move to sd storage. Use clockworkmod but just get the same message.

  32. batista says:

    i wanted to know if i root with htc unlock method my evo 3d will sprint cancel my warranty that i paid monthly or only the htc would voids they’re only

  33. alex says:

    well i dunno but mine works… out of curiosity i did NOT USE the command line fastboot boot cwm*****.img, i go straight to cwm..
    i use this method directly
    a.)POWER+button plus volume up – choose RECOVERY(loads cwm) -then choose wipe factory reset- install zip file-locate my rom (located at sd card).After successful installation,reboot. im using infected rom from its been a 1 month now and according to my friend its fast and ROM is stable (no force close etc), running hboot 1.5

    i also tried this on MY OWN PERSONAL PHONE
    b.)POWER+button plus volume up – choose FACTORY RESET(this will load CWM and will not format phone!) -then wipe factory reset- install zip file-locate my rom (located at sd card) im using this method for 2 month now and i have no problem, BTW i flashed infected rom.I LOVED IT (my own phone) running hboot 1.5

  34. Gizelle says:

    Thank you very much for your hard work! Use your videos to conduct root on my devices. When you have a chance, once you have flashed clockwork mode to dl roms and kernels, do I still need to do whole process using cmd, connect to pc etc(fastboot)??? or just simply copy rom to sd card and flash normaly??

    Once again thank you for taking the time with the video process.

  35. matt says:

    use flash image gui to flash kernals after you flash a seems to be the only way i can with hboot 1.5

  36. gregory says:

    I just flash the rom freEVO-3D-2.3.ZIP with this method and it works perfectly.
    wi-fi works,4g works.The rom it’s pretty cool.

  37. nick11evo says:

    look everyone that has problems i just installed tweaked synergy … backed it up …. d/l and installed another rom .. didnt like it so i restored tweaked synergy… lost wifi , 4g, and ziggy kernel… so i backed up all my apps and data thru titanuim…. went into the bootloader.. did a factory system wipe … reinstalled tweaked synergy n everything worked again .. reinstalled all my apps and data thru titanuim… try that took me 15 min

  38. Elijah says:

    every link i follow to get the tweaked synergy is gone. my browser says not found???? How can I find this

  39. Lew says:

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for having this up. Had messed up my phone and was unable to boot into recovery and thanks to your guide I was able to get back in. Really appreciate all the work you guys do for us.

  40. thenutz says:

    I LOVE YOU MAN !!!
    I have hboot 1.49.0018 with s-on . and i try this method . It works for me.
    Earlier i try to flash a kernel and my htc evo 3d GSM version was stopping at the boot screen.
    I do exactly as you say here and do a recovery.
    Thanks a lot for this post

  41. angelo says:

    dude i love you you saved me another insurance claim on my phone i downloaded ics rom n kernel hboot 1.5 no file manager no internet ty

  42. Calvin Dorsey says:

    How long does it take to reboot after you flash a Rom?

  43. Jeff says:

    Need a little help please..
    I have Hboot 1.5 S-OFF unlocked the HTC method. I can and have installed other roms using the fastboot method. I recently d/l the MikVirgin ICS Rom used the fastboot to cwm method.
    In CWM Revovery I have done the Reset / Factory Reset.
    I format the Dalvik Cache
    as well as I have tried fix permissions.

    is there something missing

    Thanks in advance
    I see the Mik boot screen then right before it loads it re-boots.

    I have

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  45. Laz says:

    in other to flash a rom with s-on hboot1.5 try
    on cmd
    1.fastboot boot cwm-
    2.flash rom..

    it worked for me…

  46. Ali says:

    This worked for me man! After hours of frustration!
    I got HBOOT 1.49.0008 with S-ON and this worked for me, boot recovery (I used newest touch recovery) and then flash whatever rom you desire 🙂

  47. nate says:

    thx had my phone in loop after wire trick and this fixed it

  48. Anjo says:

    ello I have htc evo 3d rooted and
    I was following this instructions carefully in this site
    I had misread and forgot to backup my files and accidentally installed a custom rom, leedroid, instead of Super User

    and after installing the rom it does not boot it simply restarts after the HTC logo again and again
    I found out that in the site that I have to have S-OFF FIRST but it was too late. What I have to do to return to android??
    I need help!! I’m sorry I’m a noob ..

    so I will review
    already Unlock the bootloader
    Shooter U PVT SHOP S-ON RL
    HBOOT 1.53.007
    also I have the recovery v4.0.1.4 Revolutionary CWM

    • Wascar says:

      For all who are stranded at the HTC boot, I have HBOOT 1.58 and s-on and as anyone who has tried to overclock using another kernel, pass the shock of my life when my phone did not pass the boot logo (bootloader), if made a backup with CWM (not know if another recovery works) find a file called boot.img inside the folder of the backup, copy this file into the folder ” rootevo3dnew “.

      Once located and copied the file put the phone in fastboot (vol – & power> select fastboot) and connect the USB cable. Leave it there

      terminal or cmd execute, and write cd \ rootevo3dnew (if placed in c :/ folder) then type ” fastboot flash boot boot.img “, at the end of the phone and restarted (I work myself several times) should turn on the phone with the last rom you’ve placed, from then on things will restore the original copy or whatever you prefer, as far as I will always work to stay in the bootloader. I hope I have helped …

  49. Anjo says:

    guys, if it bootloops it means I have kernel problems right? because I flashed a Custom ROM first before SU then I flashed LeeDroid does it mean its bricked?
    how can I make this phone work again? =(

  50. Derek says:

    HBOOT 1.50 with S-ON

    Installed Cool ICS ROM using the Dumlock method and it installed, but would not boot. So, I installed it using fastboot and everything works perfectly! So, if this method fails, then try fastboot. Thanks for this tutorial!

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