How to Install Kernel/ROM on a Rooted HBOOT 1.50 for HTC Evo 3D! [HTC Unlock]

We’ve got some great news for those of you who’ve used the HTC method to root your HTC Evo 3D and you have HBOOT 1.50 with S-ON, you can actually flash a new kernel along with your ROM simply by loading ClockworkMod Recovery from fastboot, which allows you to write to the boot partition.

First, put your phone in fastboot mode by turning off “Fastboot” under Settings->Power.  Then power off your phone and reboot into recovery by holding down Volume down and Power button together.  Once in bootloader, hit Power button once more to enter fastboot mode and connect a USB cable from phone to your computer.

To do this, you can use the same rootevo3dnew folder you used to root your phone.   (You can download here again if you delete it.)

Go into the directory where you’ve unzipped by typing:

cd \rootevo3dnew

for Windows and Linux or Mac should be something like:

cd /rootevo3dnew

Then type:

fastboot boot cwm-

for Windows and for Mac:

./fastboot-mac boot cwm-

and for Linux:

./fastboot-linux boot cwm-

Your phone will reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery, you can flash any kernel/ROM and they will be flashed correctly now.  Yes, this means you can flash 2.3.3 ROMs too!

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86 Responses to How to Install Kernel/ROM on a Rooted HBOOT 1.50 for HTC Evo 3D! [HTC Unlock]

  1. Austin says:

    Please help, my phone is stuck on htc load up screen. I need help ASAP! ;(

    • paolo says:

      If the recovery works you can flash a ROM (or just the kernel if this is the problem).
      If no solution work you can restore the Evo 3d to the original rom by:
      -Relock the bootloader with the command “fastboot oem lock”
      -Install the RUU (search the web for the correct update)

  2. jay says:

    Where can I go to learn how to do all those stuffs? Do I have to be a web developer? Can I learn them on YouTube?

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  4. tuananh says:

    hi, please help me. when i finish installing, it stuck on the “HTC EVO 3D” page, how can i fix it?

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