How to Install Kernel/ROM on HBOOT 1.50 for HTC Evo 3D!

For those of you who want to install kernel/ROMs on your rooted HTC Evo 3D with HBOOT 1.50, you would have to launch Recovery from fastboot in order to flash kernels.

Well, that requires a connection to your computer but there’s a better way to do it without your computer by using the Flash Image GUI app.  This app allows you to install kernels then reboot into your Recovery to flash the ROM.

Step 1. First, download FlashImageGUI.apk and install it using a file browser app such as ES File Explorer.

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Download FlashImageGUI.apk

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Step 2. Run the app and choose “Yes” when the warning sign appears for “Internal Memory Unlock Confirmation”.

Step 3. Choose “Browse”.

Step 4. Find the ROM or Kernel zip file you want to install.

Step 5. If you get a warning sign that says “Selected File Size Is Too Large”, just select “Yes”.

Step 6. When that’s done, choose “Flash Image” to flash the kernel.  Note, this will flash the kernel only even if from a ROM zip file.  You can reboot to enjoy your new kernel (if it’s kernel only) OR you will need to reboot into Recovery to install the rest of your ROM (as this app only flashed kernel of the ROM).


Step 7. You should get a message saying the image has been successfully flashed.

Step 8. Choose “Recovery Reboot” if you are installing a new ROM.

Step 9. When in Recovery, you can install the ROM as you usually do.  In this example, I am using TWRP Recovery.  Make sure you do a Wipe if flashing a new ROM (which I forgot to do in the video tutorial).

Step 10.  After reboot, you should find that you’ve successfully installed a complete kernel/ROM without using your computer.  Yey.

Credits – Link

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46 Responses to How to Install Kernel/ROM on HBOOT 1.50 for HTC Evo 3D!

  1. benedict says:

    would this fix any boot loops that i’m having issues right now?

  2. ponch says:

    whats the difference between this and clockwork touch if any? also when can we expect a review of the ics sence rom and kernel and, where can we get them? they looked really slick! keep up the good work! your site has been my goto site since i first got my og4g! thanks

    • ponch says:

      im sorry i ment the difference between twrp and clockwork touch!! i for some reason i could never get twrp to work so i went with cwmtouch

  3. joey says:

    Appreciate the great guide. I added a link in the link provided on this article as “Source” ( back to this guide.
    Thanks again!

  4. claw says:

    I’d like to know where we can find that icssense rom too. It looks cool and since htc is telling us no ics till “later this year,” i’d like to check it out. I haven’t had luck with downloadandroidrom. The file there is corrupted.

  5. JJsax says:

    The ICS Sense ROM is at XDA it’s put out by Joelz, he’s also been working on quite a few ROMS over there. ICS Sense, AOSP ICS, and recently CM9 (unofficial), not to mention what else he’s working on for the OG4G.

    It’s good to see that this app has been updated recently, I know quite a few users who were having issues with it on their 1.50 3D’s.

    • JJsax says:

      Well, tried this out and it didn’t work. Still doesn’t seem to have the same effect as doing it via fsatboot/adb. I tried to just simply flash a stock ROM, and I got no further than the splash screen while trying to boot. THANK GOODNESS FOR NANDS!!

    • Claw says:

      Got it. Thanx for the info JJ

  6. Kevin says:

    I have a HTC EVO 3D Hboot 1.50 Unlocked(htc’s method)and rooted. I flashed a kernel with Flash Image GUI. When the flash was done it rebooted and just stayed on the HTC white screen. I can get into recovery and have tryed to flash a new rom(cynergy) and a new kernel. The phone is only two weeks old and would love to get it back up and running. Any answers would help me out. Thank you for your time.


    • Tom says:

      kevin i got da same problem …..guys if anyone reaches anything please let us know !

      • jay says:

        I get the same thing. I flashed ICS to the phone and after that I haven’t been able to flash anything else. somewhere along the line I must be missing something which allows the image to flash. I’m guessing a kernel for the MeanRom which is the one I would like to re install but have had no luck. I used flash image GUI and fastboot and I get nothing if anyone out there can tell us what we have done wrong I would appreciate it greatly.

  7. Jose says:

    Same thing with mine, it will get stuck on the white screen and keeps restarting. I did Manage to install the Rom but i will try and install a different Kernel.

  8. jslim38 says:

    im stuck in a bootloop HELP

  9. Daagon says:

    Same here stuck in boot loop. I think i have to install a different kernel. I installed Silverneedle kernel on the stock rooted rom. Maybe a mistake…

    • Raul says:

      Relock and run DUI for 3d. The tutorial is in this website as well. But is named how to unroot EVO 3d..just saying. Notice the date on the post.

  10. Max M. says:

    i’d like to share what i discovered by accident .. I rooted my evo 3D with the HTC method, got it unlocked but S-On (hboot 1.5) . Until a week ago I was flashing rooms flashing recovery img every time.
    So one day I wiped everything/ did a factory reset and then wiped cache . Restarted (pressing power and volume down)…..
    Then this is what I typed on cmd prompt window : “fastboot flash recovery twrp-shooter-2.0.0RC0.img”(without the quotes)
    Once done type in “fastboot boot twrp-shooter-2.0.0RC0.img”
    Reboot (pwr and vol down) when you get the menu, navigate to ‘Recovery ‘ option and press power. It should open the twrp .. WITHOUT THE NEED OF CONNECTING TO A COMPUTER
    (Taken from XDADevelopers posted by CyanogenMod 8 [ thread.php?t=1421539 ]

  11. Brayden says:

    Where’s the ice sense ROM

  12. Chris says:

    Max, you rock! You make this geek stuff easy. I can root, flash, and manage roms because of your help.

  13. Kamel says:

    having trouble rooting my evo 3d… it never pulls up the screen after i type in fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin… im confused and lost…

  14. Spencer says:

    I’m new to rooting. I successfully rooted my evo 3d but when I try and flash the kernel it says there are multiple kernels detected and won’t flash. I’m really confused.

    • Spencer says:

      Never mind. I got it to work. Downloaded the rom to a windows computer (i was using a mac) and then it worked with no problems!

  15. Moe says:

    I have done the same procedure but when i was installing the rom or “the zip file from sd card ” which was the Mikvirgin ROM i got this error “E: Error in /sdcard/ (Status 1) Installation aborted. I am using Hboot 1.5
    Please help me I really got stuck :S

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      try re-downloading the file, if you are using your phone, use dolphin browser to download correctly.

  16. Avarrous says:

    Thank zedomax … you help me a lot ….. 🙂

  17. Raul says:

    need help! i have s on and bootloader unlocked. the only rom i was using was mean rom. I flashed a kernel using flash image ui and then went on a htc bootloop I tried all the kernels you have here but to no solution. can anyone please help. thnks. thnks zedo max your videos are the best tutorials on the web!!!!!

  18. Gabriel says:

    *DO NOT USE KERNALS to overclock!! it will cause boot loader loops! I’ve tried all of the overclock Kernals and it does the same thing be CAREFUL!!!!

  19. izani says:

    Can i flash this kernel with my htc evo 3d gsm ? I already install kingcobra rom, so if i use this method, is it possible?

  20. Raul says:

    I had s-on on my sprint EVO 3D when I flashed silverneedle kernel and my phone stayed on HTC bootloop. So I had to relock my phone and then ran the ruu for EVO 3D after that I unlocked it HTC dev method then took s-off using jumperbear method and then installed twrp and then instaled Newom silverneedle. Now everything is running great. But the s-on does make your 3d EVO go into bootloop if the kernel is overclocked.

  21. Pingback: [how-to] install kernels with h-boot 1.15 - Android Forums

  22. suhael says:

    my htc evo 3d freeze on strt up htc logo.I flashed cool ics rom after that it cell is rooted and hboot 1.5
    wht can i do plz help urgent

  23. Raul says:

    Look at the posts. You need to relock and then run the ruu for EVO 3d.

  24. escortgoj says:

    hi…nice hoe to’s…;)

    just a question…I succesfully rooted my phone and flashed a kernel on my evo 3d gsm….now it is done can I remove the .img file used to root it and the .zip file used to flash it from my sd card?


  25. Costache Nicolae says:

    hi i tried to get s-off with whire trick but i tink i bricked my phone the phone its turning on and after
    that remain with screen black but the butons are turned on i tried to change the rom but nothing
    i also tried the recovery backup but also nothing please help …sory for my english

  26. JUAN says:


  27. GAGAN says:

    i had flash rc mix kernal in my htc evo 3d which is hboot 1.53 and after flashing kernal using flash gui app when i clicked reboot button then it reboot again and again only htc logo screen appear and it restart again the phone sooo plz help me what to do?

  28. Raul says:

    I did the same thing a year back.I think you need to relock the bootloader then flash the ruu with the your computer and your phone should be back to stock. Look at the tutorials zedo has for that. So you can find the ruu file . good luck.

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