How to Overclock Your HTC Evo 3D!

UPDATE: For permanent rooted users, this overclocking method doesn’t work, please see HTC Evo 3D Kernels instead to overclock.
Perma-temp root is giving users of HTC Evo 3D some new-found powers, such as overclocking your HTC Evo 3D near 2Ghz.

For those of you perma-temp rooted, you can now flash a kernel mod that allows you to overclock your Evo 3D up to 2Ghz.

But we recommend you run at near 1.7Ghz instead as we don’t want you to fry your Evo 3D.

You can download the files below to install the kernel mod, which is set to overclock near 1.7Ghz automatically:

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Download Evo 3D Overclock kernel mod

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You need to basically do:

adb shell

then type:

cat /proc/version

Whatever version of kernel you get, that’s that batch file you need to run, most likely gcb1cf83.bat for Windows, for Linux, and for Mac.

Once you’ve installed the mod, just download the latest version of SetCPU and run!

If you like this mod, don’t forget to donate to the creator of SetCPU and say thanks on XDA! (link above)

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28 Responses to How to Overclock Your HTC Evo 3D!

  1. Sam says:

    Works beautifully. Props to XDA!

  2. Rob says:

    I followed along with your video, but mine is still showing 1188 max for the MHz inside of SetCPU.

    • Rob says:

      Oops, user error…I didn’t see that I could slide the MAX bar a little more to the right. But it jumps from 1188 MHz to 1782 MHz. No 1728 as yours shows.

      • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

        Cool stuff Rob, get your Overclocking ON!!! Test out how fast you can go, mine rebooted over 1.4Ghz but urs could do more.

        • Rob says:

          There is quite a speed difference in the overclocking!! Nice! Mine just rebooted on the 1782MHz, and once I redid the rooting it lets me choose 1728MHz as yours showed. I will see if it will run without rebooting now. How do we get options to set something besides the 1.7Ghz? It just goes from 1.1Ghz to 1.7Ghz in SetCPU….no slider option for the 1.4Ghz. Thanks for all your help and great information!!

          • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

            You can adjust the slider, try doing a little bit at a time, the touchscreen can get a bit too sensitive at times.

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Can you increase it?

      • asbjörn says:

        I just successfully rooted and overclocked mine last night (thanks to you!!!). How unstable would you say overclocking makes the E3D, if at all? Is there a significant hit to my phone’s battery life?

  3. Fraydo says:

    Thanks a ton!!! Works like a charm!

  4. Javier says:

    Hello, I followed all of your instructions and received the following error message at the end of the command prompt, “failed (Operation not permitted)” How do I make this work? Thank you.

    • Ernesto Burnbaum says:

      Same issue here…I’m not sure what I’m missing on the video?

      • Ernesto Burnbaum says:

        I’m running windows 7 thru bootcamp on a mac book…wondering if the error is related to not mapping the path correctly?
        insmod: init_module ‘/data/local/tmp/8x60_oc.ko’ failed (Operation not permitted)

        I even moved the unzipped files to that directory /data/local/temp/ but no luck. The logic being that inside the zip is a file named 8x60_oc.ko

        Any suggestions? I couldn’t even get this to run on thru the mac os, that’s why i booted into windows..

        • Ernesto Burnbaum says:

          One other thing. I’m not “permarooted”, I rooted my phone per the perminent solution posted today…not sure if that would make a difference, wouldn’t think so…

          • Javier says:

            I just did the new permanent root posted yesterday. It might have something to do with that. I tried it before and worked fine with the permatemproot I wonder if Zedomax will help us with this problem.

          • Ernesto Burnbaum says:

            Yeah that seems to be the common factor…I guess we will need to wait for an update…

    • Gustavo says:

      same thing with me…im on the permanent root….i skipped it and installed the set cpu app but it doest let me go pass 1188

      • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

        sorry Gustavo, this one doesn’t work with permanent root but I have overclocked mine already using another kernel, you can check my youtube channel on how to do that or wait till tomorrow as I will post it on the site!

  5. Anthony Hernandez says:

    Hello HTC Evo 4G Hacks !!

    I was able to get it working great but I am wondering if there was a way to control the overclock better? I can only get 1188 or 1786, nothing in between. I have noticed a bit of lock ups at 1786 and would like to put it to 1500-1600. I tried making my own settings with the SetCPU.text file but it would not accept my custom settings. Any help or ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    • Javier says:

      Is that with the new permanent root or the old permatemproot? I was able to overclock with the permatemproot and once I installed the permanent root my overclock stopped working. How were you able to overclock? Thanks!

      • Anthony Hernandez says:

        I used the permatemproot. I dont want the permanent root yet until a debugged and tested rom comes out. I keep reading people with your problem. I am not overclocking until I can adjust the settings better. Going from 1188 to 1786 is not cool! I prefer to clock a little lower but cant seem to figure out how. Anyone figure this out?

  6. amaury says:

    Same problem here I have the permanent root and wont overclock and same error msg “not permitted”

  7. Gustavo says:

    So i did the permanent root and keep gettin the same error message everyone is gettin
    insmod: init_module ‘/data/local/tmp/8x60_oc.ko’ failed (Operation not permitted)…
    i over looked it and install the set cpu app but it doesnt let me go passed 1188, im wondering if that has to do with the error…any help???

  8. Freelay21 says:

    I used the RCMix Kernel and it worked for me and im have a full rooted. try this vid ..

  9. clint says:

    hey i was wondering where can i get overclock for my evo 4g i looked on apps store but i wanted the one u guys show in the videos and where can i getthat tab u have at the top of ur evo u have in the videos max i was wondering if u let me know thanks

  10. Andrew says:

    Will this work on my Evo 4g, that runs Android 2.3.3?

  11. jason says:

    hey bro, can you release an updated version on how to overclock…..this didnt work for my phone, and idk why.

  12. L8rpete says:

    max, is their a overclock for 3.0.16-g4211684? if so where can i find it?

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