How to Root HTC Evo 3D GSM!

Here’s how to unlock bootloader using and root your HTC Evo 4G GSM!

Download Windows drivers: (no drivers needed for Linux or Mac)
Download Windows 32-bit driver
Download Windows 64-bit driver

Download rooting files:

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Rooting files

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For Mac or Linux, replace all “fastboot” commands with “./fastboot-mac” or “./fastboot-linux”, respectively.

Also, you might want to do:

chmod 755 *

before doing any of the commands for Mac and Linux to fix permissions.

Q: My phone is hung on fastboot!
A: Try turning off HTC Sync if you have it running.

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110 Responses to How to Root HTC Evo 3D GSM!

  1. nax says:

    hello there,…, my evo 3d has rooted and has superuser and 4ext installed….i can use my evo at least 3 weeks,,,but now i have a restarting problem, it begin when i want to transfer file @ ESexplorer via bluetooth, after i turn on the bluetooth the evo freeze and start restarting, the screen get until desktop and restarting again and again, i think to turn off the bluetooth but i have no chance to do that, evo has restarting before i can turn of bluetooth. note: the battery was 25% thats time. what should i do Max ? nax

    • nax says:

      hii there…problem solved, i just turn off the bluetooth as soon as possible i can…then my evo stop restarting.

      the next questions are :
      – how to turn on bluetooth without any restarting (i think this is the same with bootloop CMIIW)
      – what is the different of TWRP an 4ext for installing (flashing CMIIW) ROM
      – what is HTC Dumlock use for ?

  2. devonte says:

    Hey when i plug up my phone to the computer in fastboot mode or w.e it doesnt come up on the computer. Am i doing something wrong?

    • Armenoid says:

      you doing nothing wrong:)

      fastboot mode you need to use ADB (comands to flash ROM, Recovery or lock/unloch your Phone etc, etc.)

  3. anthony says:

    When i go to recovery and push the power´╗┐ button it goes to the htc screen but it never goes to revolutionary recovery? what did i do wrong

  4. Josh says:

    I have the same problem as anthony June 6, 2013 at 12:38 am he posted won’t go to revolutionary recovery. My phone is unlocked but no superuser icon. I followed the steps even tried it over for a total of 3 times. Any suggestions?

  5. WASP says:

    Hello Max.
    The driver for Evo 3D don’t work in Windows 8.1. There is any chance to find driver for Windows 8.1 ?

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