How to Use OC Daemon on Viper ROM for Longer Battery Life with Overclock!

For those of you who are on Viper ROM (for Evo 3D), did you know that there’s a “hidden” OC daemon inside the ROM?

OC daemon, as the name states, is a overclocking daemon, that you can use to control minimum and maximum clock(CPU) speed. SetCPU app can do that too but the OC daemon goes one step further and let you control the clock speed when your phone is in sleep mode.

By setting your clock speed to be much lower in sleep mode, you can save additional battery power during course of a day if you tend to not use your phone often.

Anyways, here’s a video showing you how to use that function:

For my Viper ROM setup, I used Viper ROM and the latest RCMix kernel, you can download them here:

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Download Viper ROM

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Download RCMix Kernel

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17 Responses to How to Use OC Daemon on Viper ROM for Longer Battery Life with Overclock!

  1. Nick says:

    I set every aspect to the numbers you chose, the 1728MHz was what I had the setCPU to anyway and it lowered my MFLOPS considerably. So then I set the ondemand to performance and still no real change in performance, so I then went back into setCPU and and it was no set for ondemand so I changed it back to performance and now i’m getting around 90.341 MFLOPS again. Are you supposed to be using the OC daemon and setCPU together and do you have to restart your phone to get it out of the terminal emulator?

  2. isaiah says:

    hey this is prob a Nobe question i deleted my factory rooted ROM and im stuck on the mikg ROM u posted i was wondering if u had a factory rooted ROM that u could post plz reply. thanks Isaiah

  3. MrHawaii says:

    @nick, I’ve experienced similar. At first all was great and I was getting great battery life by reducing the speed when the phone wasn’t being actively used, and my linpack was giving real good scores in the 80s to 100. I had to re-install the kernel (silverneedle) and viper rom tonite, and no matter what mix of setcpu and/or the viper ocdaemon I try, my linpack scores plummeted to 13-17!!! Maxing only oc daemon to 1728000 at all levels did nothing, maxing setcpu to the same did nothing, setting from ondemand to performance in both apps did nothing. I am starting to think that linpack is a joke, if it gives me a 15 score for any possible OC combination.

    • Nick says:

      @MrHawaii, I have restored a backup and reinstalled Viper and RCMix and stopped using the OC daemon all together and found just using the setCPU app works great for a stable 1728 MHz. Every time my phone resets I need to adjust the setCPU setting again but after I do that each time my phone runs around 80’s and 90’s sometimes reaching 100 MFLOPS every time I run Linpack. I also stopped using the “Make 3G/4G Internet 20-30% faster” hack, by bypassing Sprints proxy settings because it seemed to slow my connection speed down to lower than speeds I was getting before the hack. A great place for help in any roots or mods is

  4. Nick says:

    Just found the thread for Viper ROM_RC1.3 at and learned that as of version RC1.2, the phone will boot up and detect if you’re using SetCPU or other CPU apps. If you are, the daemon will be DISABLED automatically. If you aren’t, the daemon will be enabled. I now have removed the setCPU app and went back to the stock kernel sticking with the default daemon settings to improve battery life.

  5. louie says:

    i tried doing this, i installed everything thats needed when i go to terminal emulator when i type vc it says vc not found.. what should do???

  6. machete says:

    i got the same problem >^< when i type vc. my phone said not found…. Help plz

  7. vatsal Patel says:

    Hi i want to now what should i do to increase my phones battery life i have htc evo 3d i rooted using your video through htc method.

  8. JBS says:

    I have Tweaked Synergy ROM installed on my EVO 3D and I am tethering on 4G for my Galaxy tab. My download speeds are near 1.5ghz and upload speeds are near 100 mb. However, the when browsing on my Galaxy Tab, the speed is very slow to access websites. Are my download speeds (1.5 ghz) too high for the Tab to handle? Not sure why speeds are so slow…

  9. sarwar says:

    My Evo 3D was working fine, and when I tried to install ROMS it shut off and will not reboot.

    Tried battery pull, tried several chargers. The LED goes red for about 2 seconds, then turns off, screen doesn’t do anything.

    If I unplug the phone, the LED stays red for a few seconds but is incredibly dim, then turns off.

    The phone is rooted, but I am running a custom rom at the moment.

    Any help would be appreciated!


  10. Steve says:

    I’m having exact same issue as Sarwar. Any resolution?

  11. Mike says:

    yeah mine just did that earlier and i just rooted my 3d using the hboot 1.50 method well i took my battery out for about 10 mins and then turned it on and it worked i have no idea why it did this but it did so try that

  12. J Flynn says:

    I tried this combo, actually I tried all the kernels I could find, Tiamat, RCMIX, ANTHRAX, SILVERNEEDLE. All supposedly the best kernels, yet all of them on my phone corrupt all video playback, even camera video. I cannot get any of them working, no overclock was applied even though I can. Anyone else with that issue, other than that, I had nary an issue with any of the kernels. But not a single one will allow video playback ( even in web browsers ) and that is pretty much a deal breaker for me. ViperRom redline 2.5 RC1. I am rooted (non-htc method) I have SU and VC works correctly. Android 2.2.4, TWRP 2.0 I love ViperRom, but the not being able to flash a kernel successfully is making things hard, especially since I got to preview the performance gain. HD video runs soo much smoother, everything does.

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