RCMix Kernel for HTC Evo 3D [Overclock 2Ghz]!

For those of you looking for overclocked kernel on your permanent rooted Evo 3D, you might want to try out RCMix kernel, which supposedly give you wings to near 2.05Ghz overclocking although I have only been able to get it near 1.5Ghz.

Please try it out and let me know what the maximum overclocking speeds you get.

Download RCMix kernel here:

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Download RCMix kernel

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8 Responses to RCMix Kernel for HTC Evo 3D [Overclock 2Ghz]!

  1. Chad says:

    Hey bud, I ended up overclocking to 2ghz….however, im getting alot faster mflops on linpack with silverneedle at 1.7…have a great weekend!!

  2. brandon says:

    yes wrk but phone shuts off

  3. kyle says:

    well i tried again and this is what i got assert failed : write_raw_image(“tmp/newboot.img”.boot) E:Error in /sdcard/RCMIX_3D_EVO_kernal_v2.2.3.zip (status7) installation aborted whats going on with that ?? thanks for your help

  4. Mason Steiner says:

    i have mine running a stable 1.8 1/2 mhz but it crashes at 2.5 sweet tho man. thanks 🙂

  5. JBS says:

    I just 4G Tethered 1.0 gbps Download Speeds and 20 mbps Uploads Speeds on my Silverneedle kernel on my EVO 3D!!!

  6. izani says:

    can i flash with htc evo 3d gsm with predator rom? can i flash with flash image gui app?

  7. travis says:

    I need some instruction on flashing and tweaking kernels. I have tried flashing from recovery and with the GUI Flash. Same problem every time, It just boots to the first white HTC screen. Then, I end up having to install a new ROM What am I missing?

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