RCMix Kernel for HTC Evo 3D – Stable 1.728Ghz Overclock!

So, this is an update for the RCMix Kernel, which was not allowing my Evo 3D to be overclocked beyond 1.5Ghz couple days back. But with its latest version 2.2.3, you can in fact overclock it to a whopping 2Ghz.

For my Evo 3D (the maximum CPU will depend on your phone), I was able to achieve stable 1.728Ghz and got near 100MFLOPS on Linpack.

Download the latest RCMix Kernel here:

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Download RCMix Kernel

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52 Responses to RCMix Kernel for HTC Evo 3D – Stable 1.728Ghz Overclock!

  1. kyle says:

    i did everything you said and i keep getting install aborted?

    • kyle says:

      just for your info all i did was copy and paste the file on to my sd card then went to install zip in clockwork mod

    • Charl says:

      Hello there,

      I have my new HTC EVO 3D x515m with 16Gb memory card. and i have unlocked the Phone, and it is still shooter_u PVY SHIP S-ON RL.
      then i have HBOOT -1.49.0011 and i fastboot usb with adb and Revolutionary CWM v4.0.1.4 and have the su- installed with superuser so the phone is rooted and booted and have function good.
      But after i use the FlashimageGUI.apk and flash RCMIX_3D_EVO_kernel_V2.2.3 from the sdcard everything look okay inn the installing and it was success so i reboot the phone and now it only reboot all the time never stop to the battery are empty. So how can i fix this problem. i have fastboot and flash up again the cwm- from the cmd and adb and now i will try to get S-OFF but what can i do to get the phone up and going again because now it only reboot all the time.
      Is there some place i can download the oparating system / software for my HTC EVO 3D x515m and flash new firmware on the phone with usb cable.? because factory reset not function then i only come back to the Revolutionary menu where i have make a error log file but it just say that some programs runing and can’t find other files. but the only see on the phone is the white screen with HTC letters for some secunds then it go black for some secunds and then the white screen with HTC letters come again and go black again that is all it doing all the time.
      So is it possible to help med with this problem.

      Look forward to hear from you soon.

      Best Regards


  2. kyle says:

    i tried it a couple of more times ? i guess i thought that mite do something but nope ?

  3. Sonny says:

    I got the same sesult as Kyle and my wifi and wifi tether not working.

  4. kyle says:

    Mine to.I also had to call Sprint to get my phone refreshed .couldn’t make any calls .I fixed WiFi by restoring through ROM manager.

  5. Sonny says:

    Can you walk me through how to restoring my wifi.

  6. kyle says:

    You installed ROM manager right

  7. Sonny says:

    Yes, I install the Rom manager(free version) in my phone.

  8. KYLE says:


  9. Sonny says:

    I did not restore and backed up. is that a problem. ever since I in stall the RC over clocking kernel, it mess my wifi up. I just want my phone to work as a hot spot. What else can I do. I will do what ever, even if I have to restart from beginning. I don’t know what else to do.

  10. KYLE says:

    WELL you should have really backed up a restore point right after you rooted your phone .I do know that damn WiFi app it what messed up my phones WiFi .I tried it twice and had to restore twice and that fixed mine .ok this is my thought first check all the post and see what everyone has to say about the problem .if no one has a fix do a full data restore .that should fix the problem you will lose some apps that you installed and contacts but you can resync with Google for that .and it does not unroot your phone .

  11. KYLE says:

    Once you do this and if it works Back up your phones good working ROM on ROM manager.

  12. KYLE says:

    Hay sonny .let me know if it works.

  13. Sonny says:

    How do I do fuull data recovery.

  14. Sonny says:

    I did a factory reset. Is that what you mean.

  15. Sonny says:

    My wifi is still say error and the 4G is unable to start.☺

  16. Eddie says:

    Same thing happened to me!!! I’m mad! For some reason my Google account only synced 1 contact! I tried restoring to factory settings! Help please! Can’t call and no wifi!

  17. KYLE says:


  18. Eddie says:

    No… I never even knew about it until I saw this… I tried restoring to factory settings but it still doesn’t work…

  19. Philippe says:

    I get an assert failed when installing the kernel. Anyone interested in the exact error message?

  20. Sonny says:

    I went to hell and back. I unrooted my phone completely to factory and root my evo again(go to you tube and search, unroot evo 3d). Sprint and Htc could figured it out. I thought it was my radio harware was out but it the Rcmix kernel cuase the driver for my wifi and 4g to not working. I was about to turn my evo 3d in for replacement but I had to unrooted first.. After I rooted again and load the silverneddle and my wifi tether works. My phone is normal now with rooted. I am keeping my evo 3d.

  21. Eddie says:

    So your saying I should unroot, then reset to factory settings and it should be fine?

  22. Sonny says:

    Yes, There are on way I could recover the wifi and the 4g on mind. I did it to put it back to original state thinking I had to return my evo 3d knowing it the hardware failed but after I unroot it, everything works just fine before Iroot it again. It’s working fine and rooted. I had the bad experienced with Rcmix kernel. I have now Silverniddle kernel and it works fine at 1700 mhz and even wifi tether works also.

  23. Eddie says:

    Can you send me a link or something, because I haven’t found one that worked, or could you give me steps?

  24. Sonny says:

    I used this RUU, here. Try it.
    The other is just HTC evo 3d driver. I let you know later where I got this driver.

  25. Eddie says:

    Nevermind, i managed to do it! Thank you though for telling me that you unrooted it and it fixed it for you!

  26. Nick says:

    What ROM are you guys using before installing the RCMix Kernel? I used the Viper ROM and have had no problems using the RCMix Kernel. I am running at a stable 1728 MHz. The only problem I had when I first installed it was a total freeze when I tried running it at max MHz, which I was able to get past by pulling the battery and restarting my phone. Then I set it to 1728 MHz and have had no problems.

  27. Eddie says:

    I had stock ROM…

  28. Bobby says:

    Just install silverneedle kernel through recovery without unrooting, I did that and it fixed my wifi error and 4g error.

    • edgar says:

      Ugh my damn wifi and 4g aint working after this. I tried installing silverneedle and it went through good but it didnt fix my problem.

  29. Eddie says:

    Wait, can you only have 1 kernel, or can you have multiple? And what about ROMs, if u can only have 1 do you have to uninstall it first then install what you wanted or would it just overwrite?

  30. Eddie says:

    Yeah that’s the same one I used.

  31. Pcar9119 says:

    This kernal is working great! The only question I have is when I try to get up to 2.0 ghz, the phone crashes. Is anyone else having this issue. I can run at a little over 1.8, but any faster, it shuts down. Not a big issue to me to beable to run at 2.0, but just curious about this issue…

  32. Jason says:

    OK, so i rooted my Evo3D and installed Synergy rom but it wouldn’t let me overclock, so i tried to install this kernal and it keeps failing install saying assert failed. Any Help???

  33. edgar says:

    OK, so i rooted my evo 3d using the htc method. So my dumb*ss didn’t save it into recovery when it was working perfectly and then i decided to instal the custom kernel rcmix and when i tried to install it, it aborted , meaning it failed. So then i just rebooted the phone and it did it fine with no problems and everything worked expect the 4g and the wifi. On the wifi it says error and it wont try to connect. On the 4g setting it looks like its about to turn on and then shuts right off.
    This is really stressing me out since i cant even go back into recovery mode and restore my phone since i didn’t save a restore point.

    Can any one help me or guide me?

    ive done my research and cant find a solution
    also i tried installing a different kernel which worked fine but my wifi n 4g still aint working.

    • Eddie says:

      I had the same problem… What u had to do was install the stock rom again… Which was kind of like unrooting but I still had s-off but recovery was gone…then I downloaded rom manager from the market, flashed newest version of clockwork through that (since it’s easier)… Then got silverneedle or whatever it is and now I’m fine…you can find out how to do it better through youtube, which is what I did,i just searches how to unroot htc evo 3d

  34. jgb says:

    Rooted EVO 3d with viper ROM 1.3, rcmix 2.2.3 all works wonderfully but can’t use setcpu so I use CPU master, oh and with viper rom I get free sprint hot spot! Like me or hate me don’t care its free!

  35. tiny says:

    Helo max

    well it looks like i have clockwork and root but, when i flashed this kernel it booted and it looks like it works but the screen wont come on im not sure what is going on the buttons and sound seem to work just fine its just that i cant see any thing on my screen plz help

  36. Andrei says:

    I too had on my Evo 3D the WiFi Error and 4G Failed problem after trying to overclock with the Rcmix kernel. The 3G internet and phone calls were fine. Inf act the 3G was much faster than before. The overclocking did not take as the installation of the RCmix kernel zip file failed during installation. I suspect that that failure prevented the completing the WiFi and 4G components thus breaking them.

    The fix was to install the Silverniddle kernel which installed without an error. WiFi and 4G work now and it also allowed me to Overclock to 1.7Ghz. For some reason Opera browser does not like it when it’s the CPU is overclocked. It just crashes (gets closed by the OS). However, Dolphin browser works like a champ.

    I haven’t seen any other issues so far but I haven’t had the time to fully battle test all of the apps and most importantly the impact on the battery.

    For now life is back to being good; in fact a little faster than before at 1.7Ghz and MFLOPS of between 80 and 95.

  37. Jacob says:

    I flashed it flash image gui and now stuck on htc screen.

  38. Jacob says:

    I tried everything i even tried to install the Simply 3D-X ROM for HTC Evo 3D but it didnt work. i also tried to install my stock rom but it didn’t work. All my phone does is turn on and off on the htc screen

  39. Jacob says:


  40. khairil says:

    same here..my rom is evolver 3d…i install to my evo 3d gsm using 4ext….but it stuck in bootloop…help me max……

  41. chris says:

    hello i installed this kernal and now my phone is stuck in bootloop can someone tell me how to fix this please.

    • nick says:

      put it into the adb boot loader, then into recovery.img wipe everything and then transfer over the stock rom and kernel, reinstall them and you should be good. Then you can try again on loading your custom rom.

  42. nick says:

    I am using ViperRom IC3d beta 3 and I can’t seem to load any kernel other than the stock one. It keeps saying failed in TWRM after I hit install. Anyone have any tips?

  43. georges says:

    i did what you said and now the wifi isn’t turning on hhow do i fix it?

  44. GAGAN says:

    I flash this kernal in my cool ics rom and after it rebots again and again plz help me what to do my phone is not working

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