Silverneedle Kernel for HTC Evo 3D! [1.7Ghz Overclock]

Here’s another good overclocked kernel for those of you interested in bringing your Evo 3D up to speed near 1.7Ghz dual-core, Silverneedle kernel.

This one does get you to stable 1.7Ghz dual-core but for some reason Linpack and Quadrant tests don’t show much improvement (on MikG 3D ROM). I will try it again with another ROM but in the meanwhile, perhaps you can flash this kernel and let me know what kind of speeds you get and don’t forget to leave the ROM you are using also.

Download Silverneedle kernel here:

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Download Silverneedle kernel

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27 Responses to Silverneedle Kernel for HTC Evo 3D! [1.7Ghz Overclock]

  1. emptyclipzzz says:

    This kernel is clearly fast but QS says its slow Idk y but its really fast A+

  2. emptyclipzzz says:

    O I have the stock ROM

  3. Edgardo says:

    Lo instale y trabaja bien, pero me Cambia muchas cosas y no me gusto

  4. kgill113 says:

    Quadrant standard 2980, Linpack 102 multi thread. ViperRom 1.2

  5. johnny says:

    I flashed the silverneedle Kernel on my EVO 3D on the ROM. At first my Linpack Multi-Thread MFLOPS speed was crazy at near 95! My was Quadrant Standard Benchmarck was over the top at 2377!!! Now, all those speeds are much slower…any suggestions?

  6. johnny says:

    Can I run a software update through HTC 3D Games with a rooted EVO 3D?

  7. Eddie says:

    Quadrant Standard 2763, Linpack 93 multi thread, stock ROM

  8. emotyclipzzz says:

    My highest QS ever 2989 highest linepack 95

  9. emotyclipzzz says:

    Viper ROM 1.3 but it happen 1 time I was shocked I usually get like 2700+ on QS and 80+ linpack

  10. emptyclipzzz says:

    Wow I just scored 3019 for qs viper ROM 1.3

  11. ssniper38 says:

    I tried to flash the MCmix kernel, but at the end I keep getting an error, error 7 or something like that.
    any ways it wouldnt load, so i tried this silverneedle and it worked fine.
    my QS 2197, bench 92, not as high as some others i see here, but i guess its better than stock.
    Thanks for all your help and videos.
    Keep up the good work, very helpfull.

  12. Bernard says:

    I flashed the Silver Needle with my stock ROM on my EVO 3D, and downloaded the Tether application. I was able to achieve 221.5 MB Download and 9.5 MB Upload speed through 4G on my Galaxy 10.1 Tablet!!! Awesome…

  13. JBS says:

    Currently Tethering with 4G with Silver Needle at 258MB Download and 11.5MB UPLOAD speeds, and climbing…

  14. jgb says:

    EVO 3d running viper ROM 1.3 with rcmix kernal and love it but every so often my screen goes blank and have to pull battery and start back up, any ideas why?

  15. mitch says:

    ok so I have a stock 3vo, rooted using your HTC method and installed Usb/wifi tethering. All i want is my phone to be faster, to run my ps3 online without ruining features on the phone…camera,wifi, all the other stuff people say stops working as soon as they mess with stuff. I downloaded, copied and pasted into my phone, installed thru recovery and rebooted. Now on SetCPU i can only get a MAX of 1188??? Whats wrong man??

    Can one of you smart guys help me out? This is ALL new to me.

    • H3RO says:

      Have you found out how to do it? Im trying to do the same thing as you. Cause on my PS3 my NAT Is type 3. Trying to get it to a type 2 to play cod.mw3

  16. joel says:

    downloaded setcpu and can only get a max of 1188. can only get mflops of 43.. no higher than 43. quadrant was over 2500.. running the virus infected rom with the silver needle kernel. i was hoping for better numbers than these. for starters how can i get to 1728 on setcpu?????

  17. earl says:

    Can somebody answer these questions? Jackie Chan?

  18. H3RO says:

    Hi HTC, I did exactly as you did on your video. Flashed the Silverneedle, have ROM Manager, Set CPU, but tue Highest I can Go is 1188 MHz. Doesnt let me scroll any higher. I dont know how else to do it. help PlZ.

  19. Fubart says:

    Running Synergy rom. QS giving me an average of around 3020 (remember to shut down apps in the background) and the processor is running stable at 1,836 Mhz

  20. Daagon says:

    holy crap i installed using flash image ui. now stuck in boot loop AHHHHHHH!!!. Plz help

  21. khairil says:

    same here..i install to my evo 3d gsm using 4ext.but it stuck in bootloop…help me max……

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