HTC Evo 4G Cheat Sheet!

This is a cheat sheet on the HTC Evo 4G.

If you don’t know what rooting means, please watch this video first:

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  1. Kelsey says:

    I followed the instructions to root my htc evo 4g 2.3.5. I stopped at the end of the root, and didn’t install any other ROMs or put the newer version back on. I downloaded “Wifi tether for root” in the app store and it does not work. It says that I do not have root, although I followed all of the instructions and it seemed to have been done correctly. I’m not sure what to do from here. Any help??

  2. Don says:

    I recently own a Evo 4G Htc phone. how would you compare the new EVO to the samsung galaxy 3 and the supposably iphone 5 coming out. I’m HTC fan but curious about the samsung galaxy 3.I like to hear your opinion ..and And I’m android fan.

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      The new evo and gs3 are both awesome dont know about iphone 5 since its not out yet.

      • lucky says:

        Zedo will u do a video on rooting a asus tf700 andriod 4.1.1 i believe its al s o knwn as jellybean. allthe ones i found r so confusing

  3. G Cas says:

    Hey man, first off big fan of your work, come to you for all my Evo 4g needs. So I followed your method for rooting both of my Evos and it worked perfectly, everything works properly, with one of them I flashed a custom ROM after following your root method, and with the other I left it exactly as it is right after the root process. On the custom ROM, my Android market automatically upgraded to Google Play, but on the one I did not flash a ROM on, the market stays as “Android Market” and I havent been able to find a way to get it updated. Is there something I can do to remedy this? I have found that my 4g WiFi tethering works best without adding a custom ROM, but I just want the market to upgrade to Google Play. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

    • Marcus says:

      what you are experiencing is normal. Personlally when dealing with the EVO stock Rom I prefer to do most of my app managing from my CPU. just go to Google, sign in, go to Google play, choose to view your apps and select for your marketplace to update.

  4. dan says:

    i can’t locate the root file on your website?????

  5. Jay says:

    my HTC Evo 4g is rooted to metro, if i do a factory reset, will it unroot my phone?

  6. cody says:

    Hey have a rooted EVO 4g and nitrous Rom (awesome and stable) it says there is a new kernel and I’m forgetful I have the standard root recovery but I can’t remember how to do kernels do I just flash from zip file like the Rom and radio?

  7. Jamie says:

    Great job man! I followed your instructions to the “T” and everything came out great. And to think i dont know anything about phones or systems. I do want to install a custom rom inot my phone but cant get the lingo down just yet, but im working on that. My questions is: If i install a custom rom, with the wifi tethering disappear? Or not?

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      No you can always install Wifi Tether for Rooted users on Play Store to get it back on custom ROMs.

  8. Gene says:

    I need to unroot with the lastest stock rom updates. I thought I saw a link on the 6/20/2012 blog. Can anyone help? Having a ton of issues with The express rom and can get a new phone on 8/1/2012.

  9. Grant says:

    Hello fellow HTC evo users. I have a free evo 4g battary. I’ll give it away but if your supper far you may have to pay shipping. IM in Jax FL. part # 35h00123-22m

  10. Chuck Black says:

    Hi to all, new to this site and I need help please. I have a Sprint HTC Evo 4g with Android version 2.3.5, Baseband version, Kernal version, Build number 5.07.651. CL356670 release-keys, Software number 5.07.651.1.710RD and I want to rooted this phone. I tried Unrevoked yesterday and said I was running a newer version of software, so I did a full Factory data reset which didn’t change much. I have looked around to reset the phone to go back to an earlier version of software and don’t find anything. So is there anyway I can root this phone or do I need to wait until a new version of Unrevoked comes out? Thank you for any help you can provide….

  11. joe says:

    This might sound pretty dumb but I was looking at the guide for rooting the new version of EVO 4G and it said to download and unzip. Where do I download this?

  12. Jay S says:


    I need your help.
    I want to unroot my htc evo 4g. I have used your method on unrooting 4g, but it give me
    error 155 message. It says I am not using the correct ROM Update Utility RUU.

    Here are my phone info below and I will appreciate if you can show me where I can download the correct RUU file to unroot my 4g evo.


    H.Boot 2.18.0001
    Radio December 21, 2011,12:50
    Software No. 4.67.651.3

    Thank you again.


  13. Robert says:

    Followed both video & written instructions. Unable 2 get cmd 2 recognize path” system cannot identify path” I have c&p’d ur commands as well as typed them in. Have attempted on laptop running Win 7 & desktop running XP pro. same result. Any suggestions?

  14. Robert says:

    Max, Plz disregard previous msg. Thnx.Robert

  15. Marcus says:

    Is there any way to uproot my Htc Evo 4g on the latest update??

  16. kevin says:

    I just tried rooting my phone. It seemed to work fine the phone is unlocked but it did not install the superuser app. And the WiFi thether app says my phone is not rooted what do I do now?

  17. evo fan just unexp says:

    okay ive had an evo for 3 years now and love it but i want 4.0 os and im tired of paying for wifi so i wanna root my evo first and they ole lady surprised me with a kindle fire hd but with no play store im rooting it next anyways ive never rooted before and have been reading up for a week now on it but dont really wanna jack up my phone its the evo 4g 2.3.5 2.18 if someone could “hold my hand” threw this id appreciate it so got all my contacts backed up and apps threw my back up and gmail im thinking about the cpt throw back method but before i start id like to back up my os in case i jack this up so heres what i need to know how and when do i back up my phone so if i jack it up i can flash it back to original settings what back up software do i use and after i root im taking it from what ive read i gotta flash a new rom and i want ice cream so witch steps should i take (in order) and since im a total noob at this would i be better using the htcdev method my concern with it is will i still be able to download a wifi hot spot app and use it without paying for it in advance thanks for all the advice and support just dont wanna f**k up a good thing (evo 4g) its a bad ass phone just wanna unlock its potential

  18. bopper says:

    Max, Great Gingerbread rooting video. Thanks!! Any chance you could drop me an email. Am in need of a good writer.

  19. evo fan just unexp says:

    Alright I said fuck it and just did it. Did the HTC dev bootloader unlock and used a mik ROM. Shoulda done this ages ago!!!! Ty mik for the awesome ROM

  20. Steve A says:

    I am sooo confused. I’ve had my HTC EVO 4G for two years. Used PDAnet for tethering to laptop while on the road and FoxFi to comm to my recently acquired tablet. Don’t use tether or FoxFi much but in a pinch I need/want it and don’t see the need to pay for WiFi hotspotting for little use. I want to get FoxFi to function over WiFi (not just Bluetooth) so I want to root my phone to turn off the Hotspot lock BUT I want my camera to work, my Sprint NAV software to work… basically I want my phone as is but with WiFi Lock removed. Can you point me to a concise NO BS guide. Sooo many of the guides are filled with too many tangents. If not, then I’ll toss the phone and buy a HTC EVO 4G LTe as I sense that doesn’t have WiFi lock on and will work with FoxFi.

  21. evo fan just unexp says:

    Easiest way I’ve found is got to do the HTC dev method. Go to HTC and follow the steps. Pretty simple

  22. bopper says:

    SU updater fails. HTC EVO 4G Ginger Bread 2.3 rooted. Keeps asking if I want to try again after update fails. Seems the updater does not have access to the SU. Any thoughts anyone?

  23. jasmine says:

    I lost my phone and ordered replacment phone through asurion I am a Sprint customerand now I found the phone and I want to use it on 1 of my other lines

  24. tony says:

    I have an HTC EVO 4g from Sprint and it was my little sisters she upgraded to Samsung galaxy 2 so she handed me down her old one I was wondering if I can root the phone to boost mobile but still get all the internet access too

  25. Carlos Adalid says:

    Hola tienes algún manual para instalar un baseband, esto para conseguir el servicio de internet en el evo 4g sprint

  26. chris says:

    Ok so I bought a phone with the mik rom on it. Not too sure of the version on it as I just bought it. But anyway I just went to do a factory reset to delete all of the old owners info and apps, butt now the phone does not load properly. It comes to what looks like the screen right before everything loads up on the home screen. So I can see the notification bar but can’t do anything on the phone I.e volume.. buttons etc. All it let’s me do is turn the screen on and off. Can’t even turn the cell off with out taking the battery out….. HELP!!!!!

  27. evo fan just unexp says:

    Best thing I can tell ya is take the battery out and restart the phone in boot loader. Power and volume down to power up. Look and see if they stored a back up

  28. Salil Tambat says:

    I am able to run multiple carriers on HTC EVO, but unable to connect the internet. Can anyone help?

  29. Rich says:

    I have been trying to root my evo 4G for the past few days. I followed the instructions, get into the boot menu, etc. But for whatever reason when I look into the Device Manager under Anroid, the only option I have is “My HTC evo”

    What am I doing wrong?

  30. Mark says:


    I have a evo 4g design from Boost ,I unlocked it fine but cannot root can you you point me to the correct procedure/video ,

  31. evo fan just unexp says:

    When rooting for the first time its kinda tricky. Best I can tell you is really do your research first. If you study well first It’s not to hard. I have an average knowledgement of computers and succeded pretty fair with a little patients

  32. evo fan just unexp says:

    @salil. I couldn’t really tell you how but you can Google it. You need to re program your radio

  33. evo fan just unexp says:

    @rich. That’s one part the guide not beginer friendly. They don’t really go into detail of telling you, you have to download those files then transfer them into the Android folder is this the step your talking about?

  34. Jason says:

    Hi im trying to unlock and root my HTC EVO 4G Design Kernel version 3.0.16 but its not working after following all directions what should or could i do?

  35. mz. a says:

    I did the the research in the past on flash my phone to boost mobile, just to later find out that my EVO 4G is not allowed on boost. I am now trying to see if I am able to do it to ATT. From what I see my phone seems to be rooted but I am just looking for the steps that’s needed to get it on ATT, if possible. Thank you.

  36. lorenzo torres says:

    will rooting my htc evo 4g allow me to use straight talk for a provider and if so which guide do i use?

  37. Norman says:

    I have unzipped all the files from RootEvo4GNew, and the file recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img does not have the .img extension on it when I unzip it to the correct folder, and when I try to flash that in the cmd prompt it says

    unknown partition ‘recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img’
    error: cannot determine image filename for ‘recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img

    I am assuming it can’t find the file because it doesn’t have the extendion .img on it once extracted. Any ideas? The icon next to the file looks like a zip file and can’t be opened by 7zip

  38. Jim says:

    Can I send my HTV EVO 4G LTE to you to do your magic? ItI will not connect to Sprint, but they say the ESN is good. I suspect this phone was flashed for another provider like Boost. Sprint said they cannot fix it.
    All functions work.

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      sorry i dont do flashing to another platform but look in xda forums u may find ur answer there.

  39. kepher says:

    I have an HTC EVO design 4g the phone is stuck on a gsm network anytime I change to wcdma the phone gets back to edge which is very slow..I want use a wcdma my phone is rooted and has a recovery.I am using gsm simcard on the phone.

  40. Betty says:

    Hey man, I have a Sprint EVO HTC 4G Model PC36100 that was given to me. Woo hoo! But, I use Straight talk….Can I use this absolutely AWESOME phone with Straight talk? If so, is your rooting the first step?

    Any advice is much appreciated!

  41. Nur says:

    I have Wimax BTS in stand alone mode I need to buy several HTC EVO 4G for my compound to serve internet via the HTC Mobile I need to unlock and reconfigure to use with my BTS. I am ready to pay for your support how can you help me.

  42. Randall says:

    Hey I recently had my HTC Desire HD stolen which sucks but in place of that my best friend gave me his HTC Evo 4G on Sprint, of course I was more than excited but there of course was a catch to this whole situation my new phone is stuck in a boot loop it will come on to the white screen that says “HTC Evo 4G” and vibes one time and then it turns back off and does the same thing over and over. I’ve tried everything at this point and I really am beating my head against a brick wall. Can anyone please help me out I REALLY NEED A PHONE BADLY.
    Here are the specifications of my phone:

    *** LOCKED (OOW) ***
    Dec 21 2011, 12:50:32

    This is the same as it displayed on my phone. Please HELP ME!!!

  43. Ginger says:

    Hi great job with the video. I was wondering if you knew how to flash an evo shift over to straight talk. I have looked all over and am having a hard time finding a guide. Thanks for your help.

  44. john says:

    hey HTC EVO hacks good video but how does it work for a htc evo design 4g its actually a cdma

  45. Rachael Lima says:

    Hi , I have a HTC EVO 4G and well I turned it off cause the last time I turned it on my apps were not there, and so I turned the phone on and well it just kept like repeating itself by showing the company logo and 4G and it is like watching a part of a clip that has been looped. Help please?

  46. Eryn says:

    I have an EVO 4G that has been flashed to Frawg/Ntelos.
    I would like to:
    1) Root the phone
    2) upgrade the Android software (ROM)
    All without losing my Frawg/Ntelos. Or find a way to reflash back to Frawg/Ntelos after upgrading.
    I also want the FM radio to stay as well.
    I recently has to do a hard reset on my phone and I really hate the Android 2.2
    Please Help!

  47. Eryn says:

    I also lost the ability to turn my phone off by the power switch. I have to remove the battery to turn it off.
    Also it takes several attempts to get mobile data on.

  48. jyuan says:

    i had Evo HTC 4g , I had a friend did for the the flash in which was active with Boost, I use the phone for few months, but I dont pay no more, and now I call Boost they say service in not longer valid, need to do new activation..

    What I have to do in this case???

    i do remember he use a Incognito phone to flash Evo…

  49. Logan L says:

    I had an HTC One S and backed it up to my laptop (the screen is shattered, but the sync manager still pulled my info off of it). I bought a HTC evo 4G. My question is, how do I restore my info from my One S onto my evo 4G? Any ideas? The sync manager isn’t reading that the evo isn’t attached to my laptop. Thanks

  50. Carlos Alberto Gouveia says:

    I have a HTC EVO 4G from spirit! Once the contract expired! I had the phone flashed to Boost Mobile and with out any problems but the phone has a broken screen now. So, I purchased a refurbished HTC EVO 4G from spirit on EBAY. My question what do I need to do to switch the phones. Replace my Htc Evo 4g with the broken screen to my Refurbished HTC EVO 4g. Thanks

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