CM10 ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE! [Android 4.1.2][STABLE]

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Want the best and latest? Want to upgrade to the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean while everyone else is stuck on slower Sense-based ROMs?

Well, CM10 ROM with Android 4.1.2 is here, ported by XDA user KushDeck, bringing you the best of CM10 and Android 4.1.2.

With the latest CM10 ROM, you get a ton of great UI customizations like customizable toggles, weather widgets, calendar widgets, slide-to-control brightness, burst camera, landscape homescreen/lockscreen, and a lot more.

I was rather hesitant to install this but after installing it, I am glad to tell you it’s pretty stable, good battery life, and give you a much better Jelly Bean experience than ever before.

If you haven’t tried this ROM yet, try it this week and let me know what you think!

UPDATE(11/18/2012) – Check out the latest stable version, this is an “official” stable version now! Flash Gapps 4.2 to get Photo Sphere Camera, GMail 4.2, etc…etc…

UPDATE(10/27/2012) – Check out the latest version 10-25-2012, it’s better than ever with more stability! This is my daily driver now.


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Download ROM:
Download CM10 ROM
Download Gapps: (use 4.1.2 or 4.2)
Download Gapps 4.1.2
Download Gapps 4.2

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To install, reboot into TWRP, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

If you are on newer HBOOT, you might have to flash the kernel first using Flash Image GUI or extract & install boot.img using fastboot (see example with One X here, same for Evo 4G LTE).

Credits – XDA

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125 Responses to CM10 ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE! [Android 4.1.2][STABLE]

  1. Ray says:

    4G LTE goes out and won’t return after many attempts at fixes, any ideas?

  2. RJ says:

    Does anyone know if there is in fact a way to run this rom with everything working? At first I thought it was only the sphere camera that wasn’tworking,but after a day or two of running it this is what I discovered: sphere camera is very glitchy, it takes a “longer than usual” to connect to WiFi, it won’t stream music through Bluetooth in my truck (but phone calls still worked), it wouldn’t download a lot of texts I received…..that’s all I could think of. I was running the cm10 and gapps that were linked in this post. I’d appreciate any help.

  3. Dan says:

    Hi guys. I’ve followed Max’s steps to the tee, installed CMod 10 and Gapps 4.2. Did the wipe/factory reset, wipe/cache(s). Upon reboot I get stuck on the CyanogenMod flash screen with the revolving circles. Been there for 5 minutes. Any suggestions? thanks

  4. Patrick says:

    Have been using Jelly Bean for the past day. It is super fast and smooth. It is amazing the difference in usability of Jelly Bean to the 4.0 ICS, Sense UI.

    Thanks for setting my phone free

  5. Juanaldo says:

    I have a newer hboot and already have gapps 4.1.2. I would like to install gapps 4.2 but would like to know if I would have to wipe everything and then flash everything or can I just install it over the gapps 4.1.2?

  6. Jim says:

    i flashed this one again and i am using with no evident problems. The only problem i have is the rom has no voicemail app. I need the apk file to install one, preferably the stock one with visual voicemail. If Max or anyone else can point me to the apk or tell me where the voicemail app is in this rom. I have looked hi and low and sent myself voicemails to try and get to it from the notification. Problem is i do not even get the notification.

    • Dan says:

      voicemail is a deal-killer for me – I’m playing it safe with a Sense mod. (MeanROM v64). Working great

      • Jim says:

        voicemail and vvm are both working. just had to download the file and install. I tried mean6.4 and had issues with it and it constantly would reboot for no reason. cm10 has been awesome so far and i don’t really miss the sense at this point either

  7. Jim says:

    Nevermind, i found the apk over on xda in the forums and installed it. Seems to be working but a little slow. Show pending voicemails to be delivered but hasn’t downloaded them yet. I’ll try to keep everyone updated as to if it actually ends up working or not

  8. Jim says:

    OK, so the vvm is not going well. Will not download the messages and now i can not get rid of the “call to retreive voicemail” notification. Max or anyone able to help with this. If not i may go back to either urevo rom or meanrom6.4

  9. TheDecider says:

    Hi people facing a problem with my Phone. The problem is it won’t reboot to system anymore even when i select system after going into reboot menu in Team Win Recovery Project v2.2.1 …What happens is when i select system in the reboot menu, it boots to my Teamwin recovery instead of system but when i select power off or recovery or bootloader it goes into those fine. I even tried factory reset from bootloader and from Teamwin recovery but it still reboots to Teamwin recovery. I just want it to be able to get to my system again so i can have everything working..

    This is what i did before it became like this. I was on HTCevohacks on the HTC evo 4g lte roms page trying to install CM10 ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE! [Android 4.1.2][STABLE]. i downloaded CM10 Rom zip file and Gapps 4.1.2 zip file. i put both on my external storage then tried to install them and fail but before that i made a backup of my System, Data and Boot on my external storage. When it failed i factory reset from recovery without restoring backups and it started up perfectly, i even set up my phone interface again linking my google mail and wifi connections. next i went back to recovery and restore my backups from my external storage and that’s when i couldn’t get back to system. I still have my backup files. They are,,, and…

    this is my HTC evo 4g lte specs..
    Flashed to boostmobile
    Jewel put ship s-on RL

    PLEASE HELP ANYWAY HOW!!just want to go back into system again:confused:

  10. Zachariah says:

    For some reason after installing cm10 the back of my phone behind the camera or in that region it gets really hot either during use or while its charging. Is anyone able to answer or guess why that is? I have cm10 version 10-20121205-nightly-jewel.

  11. breeze315 says:

    this rom is working perfectly for me so far. . . the only problem i have is when i go to google search, it doesnt react to my voice. when i tap the mic icon it seems to be listening but then says tap mic to begin speaking. is anyone else having this problem? or had this problem and fixed it?

    • Robert says:

      Try talking into the microphone on the top of the device.

    • aj says:

      Cm 10 nightly has issues with the microphone in the following applications: camcorder,google voice command, and talking on the phone while headset jack is plugged in. Urevo is good, but I have issues with hanging sms text messages.

  12. nuggy says:

    having the same problems are most people:

    1) camera freezes when flash is on
    2) GPS doesn’t work 100% of the time
    3) absolutely no 4g lte coverage anywhere (i can pick up spotty lte signals with stock)
    4) no voicemail

    Enough for me to say no thanks and switch to another rom

  13. johnny says:

    is there rom for the htc evo 4glte that has s-beam …that would be sweat!!

  14. Alex says:

    Love everything about this rom besides the camera. Images were much better with original camera app by HTC. Any suggestions of better camera apps or a way to get the og camera app back via flash?

  15. Markbfay says:

    I am loving the CM10 rom but still can’t seem to get the gps to function?? I have tried a variety of gps tools to clear cache, re-flashed once, confirmed all the proper settings, and still can’t get it to work. I spend a lot of time doing bids for customers and need my navigation function to work. It’s a deal killer for me. Does anybody know an easy fix or an OTA download that could solve this?

    • jay says:

      Yeah I was having the same problem. Flashed to MeanRom’s Sense rom and did a reset of my gps cache and everything, went back to the newest nightly rom for this one, and still no luck.
      I too use my GPS quite a bit. I exhausted every option I could think of as well as every google search with no luck. So I am just going to wait until I see an update that fixes this issue. Until then I am just running MeanRom’s latest sense based rom with Nova Launcher for the JB look and function.

  16. Jarrett says:

    I loaded the CM10 ROM last night and I have to say that its very slick!!! Only negative thing I would have to say is the camera focus sucks!!! Hope there is an update soon, I use my camera on a daily basis.

  17. doc says:

    will it work on an evo design? (tell you in a sec)

  18. doc says:

    nope no love on the htc evo design (kingdon / hero one S)

  19. jj1981 says:

    anybody know of any other roms that have the landscape mode and not as many bugs and missing apk files?

  20. Charles says:

    i flashed Gapps 4.2 lastnight. love it. but now i cant find how to set the cm10 profiles?? Used to add alarm and set the profile from there. But now its not an option. Any Ideas?

  21. Mordaci says:

    Has anyone had the problem where you don’t have any sound when the phone rings. I have reloaded and rebooted several times. Any Suggestions?

    • Charles says:

      I did and I think a lot of others did as well with earlier builds. If you have the newest build. Try going menue>settings>sounds. And moving all the sliders all the way up to max volume that way. then they should be adjustable after that. I’m pretty sure I remember that being the fix for me. But also I just flashed the 4.2 GAPPS. The other night and lost my sounds because of something with the “DeskClock” app not working with Cm10. And had to go into the profiles and a sign sounds to each group again. Good luck. Let me know.

  22. Ro says:

    Is anybody else having problems with a headset not working during a call? How can I fix it?

  23. Christian Fleming says:

    I root my phone and everything was ok then I went to recovery and by mistake I Swipe everything off without backing it up. Now everytime I start my phone it gets stuck in htc blank screen. So I have to go to fastboot were it tell me that I do not have image. How can I start my phone??

  24. Dwight says:

    I just rooted my 4g LTE with TWARP Recovery but when I try to flash a Rom once I reboot my phone reboots to the HTC screen but that’s it. I’ve tried clearing cache and delvik cache and re-flashing the Rom’s but the same results the HTC screen without the red developer writing at the bottom. When I had my regular 4G phone I flashed Rom’s all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions. No reason to be rooted if I can’t flash Roms.

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