CM10 ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE! [Android 4.1.2][STABLE]

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Want the best and latest? Want to upgrade to the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean while everyone else is stuck on slower Sense-based ROMs?

Well, CM10 ROM with Android 4.1.2 is here, ported by XDA user KushDeck, bringing you the best of CM10 and Android 4.1.2.

With the latest CM10 ROM, you get a ton of great UI customizations like customizable toggles, weather widgets, calendar widgets, slide-to-control brightness, burst camera, landscape homescreen/lockscreen, and a lot more.

I was rather hesitant to install this but after installing it, I am glad to tell you it’s pretty stable, good battery life, and give you a much better Jelly Bean experience than ever before.

If you haven’t tried this ROM yet, try it this week and let me know what you think!

UPDATE(11/18/2012) – Check out the latest stable version, this is an “official” stable version now! Flash Gapps 4.2 to get Photo Sphere Camera, GMail 4.2, etc…etc…

UPDATE(10/27/2012) – Check out the latest version 10-25-2012, it’s better than ever with more stability! This is my daily driver now.


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Download ROM:
Download CM10 ROM
Download Gapps: (use 4.1.2 or 4.2)
Download Gapps 4.1.2
Download Gapps 4.2

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To install, reboot into TWRP, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

If you are on newer HBOOT, you might have to flash the kernel first using Flash Image GUI or extract & install boot.img using fastboot (see example with One X here, same for Evo 4G LTE).

Credits – XDA

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125 Responses to CM10 ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE! [Android 4.1.2][STABLE]

  1. Ohhh it’s a beautiful thing, installed & worked right away.♥ I had the CodefireX kernel flashed already, so I didn’t have to reflash.

  2. selvin says:


  3. JC says:

    Hi I have been trying to get jelly bean on my htc evo 4g lte. I have done
    everything right with nothing working. When I tried to restore to a back up
    my back up was gone and it says that my SD card is corrupt. I think my back
    up is there i just cant get there. I try to install other roms and i get stuck at the boot logo.
    I could use some help please.

    • David G says:

      If you’restuck on the boot screen, try flashing the kernel again on this ROM, or your backup. Use the flashboot method link above.

  4. eagleboy says:

    how do i root sprint 3d with 4.0.3 ICS i updated to it now im trying to re root

    • JohnnyApple says:

      I simply used the htc unlock method on to unlock the bootloader. Then I flashed cwm recovery and flashed super user. Very easy to do.

  5. Cled561 says:

    Nice rom. No Beats Audio tho. But I just figured out that theres a Beats Audio Installer in the Play Store. Downloaded and Its working great.

    PS. Dont forget to install the Gapps zip or ou will have no play store or gmail apps.

  6. Tbone says:

    I just installed CM10 ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE. Where can I find Gapp Z?

  7. marvin says:

    i did what you said flash kermal like the link and reintall rom still stuck on loop boot

  8. marvin says:

    i wipe my system by mistake and now im in a loop help please i dont know what to do. i try to do back up but still doing the same. please help how can i fix this

  9. marvingx says:

    never mind sir im stupid i got it working thanks for your help

  10. John says:

    Hi max.. I have the evo lte rooted and s off running the Fresh 5.3.1 I just receive an ota 1.22.651.3 update (I will not install it) MY? Is how to remove update from status bar.. Also I DL that 1.22.651. 3 zip from ya Site and installed but I still have the update in my status bar.. Help.. Please.. Also I’ve chk your Site and xda’s if I’ve over look the answer.. I’m sorry.. Thank for reading this.. Sent from my HTC EVO 4G LTE exclusively from Sprint

  11. warith says:

    I keep getting Error massage “Unfortunately Phone has stopped” and wont go ant farther than the lock screen???

  12. Rory Sims says:

    I cannot get my phone to connect to my wifi. It will connect and say “saved, secured with WPA2”, but it will still be using the 3g signal. It also won’t connect to the 4G LTE services. I tried rebooting and it didn’t work. How can I fix this?

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      First, try toggling the network mod from LTE to CDMA, then back to get 4G LTE, wifi should work after a reboot.

      • Ben says:

        your are awesome i freaked out a little bit cause of this i was thinking damn i just got jelly bean working and everything was awesome and i didnt need to use shitty sense 4.2
        . thanks a bunch.

      • Trejon Kilgore says:

        This method did not fix my broken WiFi issue.

        • Johnny Apple says:

          Flash the ROM through flash image gui and it should fix the WiFi

          • Trejon Kilgore says:

            Flash the WHOLE CM10 ROM through Flash Image GUI?

            • Johnny Apple says:

              Yes. Flash image gui will extract the kernel and flash it. Then simply reboot and your in business.

              • Trejon Kilgore says:

                Alright your method did work but now when I try to flash newer CM10 my phone boots to HTC Red font screen and then goes black what do I do?

                • Johnny Apple says:

                  Did you do a full wipe before flashing? You might need to flash the kernel through fast boot. You have to extract the boot image on your computer and paste it in your adb folder. Then run a command prompt to flash it.
                  fastboot flash boot boot.img

                  • Trejon Kilgore says:

                    Is there anyway I can do that through recovery? I don’t really have access to a computer right now.

                    • Johnny Apple says:

                      The only other way to do it is to reinstall the ROM that works. And then run it through the terminal emulator app. I have not had much experience with this app but it functions the same as command prompt. You can try it but I won’t be of much assistance with it. But it won’t brick your phone if you can’t figure it out.

  13. marvingx says:

    this rom is good but its has a lot of bugs still try for a week roll back to meanRom i dont know but i prefer sense better over all its easy but ill wait till is more full and secure and has no beats audio the sound on incoming calls dont work as should and speaker i not loud.

  14. greekgoddess says:

    yeah, I had this for about a day and so frustrated with the bugs, I have to go back to Meanrom. Wifi issues, and android.process errors.

  15. Oscar says:

    Is google wallet still not working on it? Only reason why i didnt keep it. Tried it, LOVED IT, but no google wallet.

  16. Ray says:

    GPS is not working for me, is this happening for others?

  17. Will says:

    Im Having a problem with wifi not connecting. Rebooted a couple of times and wiped cache but still no wifi. deal breaker for me

  18. Will says:

    how do i get cm10 off my phone? i try to restore my backup and it shuts off when get to the boot up screen. Is there a extra step to get cm10 off?

  19. Nevin says:

    I flashed the rom and installed it but it gets stuck in a boot loop. i wiped the cache and delvik cache and it still boot loops. i tried loading my backup and it isnt working anymore just keeps boot looping idk what to do now

  20. Nevin says:

    Well i got the rom to work but now it keeps saying that there is no sd card inserted

  21. William says:

    Rom is very good. Love jelly bean but with this rom the wifi does not activate and on every reboot there is an android process failure. Flashed back to meanrom. Also, the nightly rom CM10 rom on 100412 works great. One problem. After using wifi and trying to get back on mobile network, I get no internet connection.

  22. Matt says:

    I had this installed at the beginning of September and the camera was my biggest disappointment. Is it any better than it was two months ago?

  23. Zac says:

    I tried to install this rom…and now my phone won’t get out of the boot screen. I followed the instructions above and when it didn’t work the first time, I just restored it and life was good. I read more about fastbooting the boot.img…I did that an now I can’t get into CM10 (just stuck on the spinning light). When I set it to restore, I gets past the Sprint boot screen and stops at the second HTC screen then reboots. I just need it to work…

    I would appreciate any help.

  24. nick says:

    Flashed, had to do fastboot flash for boot.img. AAAAhhhhhhhh, back to CM! So clean and fast. Thanks for the post on this, I didn’t feel comfortable flashing it till it was official, but since you did and it’s working well I went ahead. Next 2 nightlies messed up my data including wifi. Went back to my nandroid of 10-20121025 and all is well again. I am having the annoying switch over problem with data, have to toggle planemode to get it to come back.

  25. beau says:

    Everything is smooth except GPS won’t lock. I’m on h-boot 1.19, so I flash GUIed the kernel and then installed. Any ideas for a fix? thanks.

  26. Chris says:

    I had no issues when following the instructions to wipe and install the rom and GApps.. the problem I am having is the Navigation is buggy.. GPS seems to crash navigation after 30 seconds or so of moving so no Navigation with this build.

  27. Alex Houg says:

    Haven’t tried the GPS, so I can’t speak to the issues Chris is talking about, but this particular ROM seems to make my battery not as strong as compared to the stock ROM, it is a marginal difference and still worth having the ROM, but just something to note. Also, my HBOOT is 1.19, so my backup won’t get written correctly and goes in a boot loop when trying to revert back to the stock ROM for this. Any suggestions anyone?

  28. djmarroking says:

    How can I get the camera to take wide screen shots…

  29. Tonya says:

    Couldnt get past the boot up screen…

  30. KayChanel says:

    Also having trouble with LTE connectivity and I live in Chicago, the city with the most sprint LTE coverage so it sucks not being able to fully experience it. Toggling between LTE and CMDA doesn’t always seem to work. Anyone have another fix method?

  31. will says:

    just installed this stable version wifi connected did a reboot and now wifi will not connect. its ashamed cause i like the rom. guess its back to viper4g rom

  32. Topher says:

    installed the rom everything seamed fine until i started to mess with it a little. First problem was GPS couldnt stay in one area kept bouncing me to different locations kinda weird. Second problem it would find SD card only internal memory. Third problem well not a problem just it wasn’t loud enough kinda wack.

  33. Andrew says:

    I love this rom in a lot of ways, but I have the problem of voice search where I have have to speak directly into the top microphone in order for it to work. Same thing happens with video recording and audio recording… only top microphone will receive sound. I don’t have this problem on MeanRom or stock rom. Does anyone know if this is a common bug or is there something I can do to fix this?

  34. Bill says:

    OK, I flashed this ROM, and it’s just not working for me. I have tried to Reflash back to the stock ROM, and several others, but nothing will overwrite this CyanogenMod. Do I need to take special steps to Flash back to a different ROM? Also, in all my Flashing, the backup I had is deleted……
    My last ditch effort is going to be to try and Unroot the device, and start from scratch again!

  35. Rick says:

    My workaround was to remap a button by going to Settings > System > Hardware keys > check Enable custom actions. I used the long press Home key to activate the menu but you can use either the Home or App switch key. Is it normal for the Menu button to disappear?

    • Dj MarroKing says:

      theres an option to turn the 3 dot menu function for all apps…no need to work around it
      ….Settings> System> Hardware Keys>under additional options check the box next to Show Action Overflow…and you’ll be all set!!!

  36. ck42 says:

    I flashed this ROM and cannot get connected to sprint’s mobile network. I tried flashing back to the official package you had in another post and can connect to it just fine. Did I do something wrong?

  37. joe says:

    i can past the get setup page. keeps saying unable to start. please hepl

  38. Nikhil says:

    People having trouble staying connected with wifi (phone switches from wifi to 3G after sometime), goto Advanced Wifi and change the wi-fi frequency band to one of the available frequencies. I had this issue and it was set to “Auto”. Changing to “2.4 GHz only” seems to fix the issue

  39. Gerald says:

    My phone will not recognize my sd card after installing the ROM ! Please help?!?!?!?!?!?

  40. Johnny Apple says:

    Is there a working Google wallet for this ROM?

  41. sanjay says:

    Anyone having problems with losing mobile data on this ROM? I seem to have it happen all the time and can’t figure out how to fix it.

    • Ray says:

      Whenever this happens to me I turn off mobile data and switch to 3G only, then I turn data back on. Once 3G is on I switch back to CDMA/LTE for 4g and it corrects itself. Also some of the recent nightlies have more stable data if my experience is correct.

  42. solo138 says:

    just flashed this ROM yesterday(11/26/12). it has extremely poor mic and speaker levels. i have to use a Bluetooth device to hear when i cant hold my phone to my ear, even the ear speaker is low but i can hear from it. also i get the complaint of not being heard very well unless im using a Bluetooth. is anyone else having this problem?

  43. Topher says:

    Is anyone else having trouble getting 4G signal!!? I know i get 4G at my apt and at work but since i flashed this rom onto my LTE it will not connect to 4G and it shows that data connection is disconnected. When i switch the data option to only CDMA it will work only one 3G. Can anyone help me getting my 4G to work!?

    • Ray says:

      Same thing for me, I used to have a fix but it has failed me. When I reflash the nightlies after wipe it works for a bit and then 4G goes out everytime.

  44. Bill Greene says:

    Whenever you try turning downs the volume, it resets it self to 100%

    Otherwise everything is great!

  45. RJ Olson says:

    I downloaded the cm10 4.1.2 and gapps 4.2 and for the most part everything is working nice, but for some reason i’m having trouble making some outgoing calls (i’m not sure if that has anything to do with it) and the camera is glitchy when using the “globe panoramic” (i’m not sure what it’s called) feature. Is this something that will be corrected or should i try to re-install?

  46. Dj MarroKing says:

    i absolutely love this rom but i will come back to it when someone figures out the 4g and signal lost thing…!!! other than that this should be the new standard for all roms!!!

  47. jim h says:

    Been using for a few days now and i am occassionally having problems with the camera working but can live with it. The problem i am having a great deal with is the volume issue. In-call volume at max setting is not very loud and is difficult to hear most of the time, as well the speakerphone for calls is almost non-existant. With the volume up all of the way and switching a call to speaker phone, i can almost not hear anything at tall. The speaker works great for video and music just not so for phone calls. Been checking for an update or resolution with no luck so far. Even tried running volume+ from the play store and it is not helping at all. Think i may have to try another rom or go back to the uRevo rom i was using

  48. las1368 says:

    Hey I have CM10 working and everything seems to be working. I use mybackup pro and it recovered my contacts, pics, music but it will not load my apps. And when I download the app again, it doesn’t show that I’ve already purchased it. What can I do to fix that? I don’t want to pay for them again, it feels wrong. ha ha…..

    • las1368 says:

      Okay, after a few reboots the apps are there now, but what is happening now is that I’m getting dropped calls and my gps signal is weak. I was lost looking for an address and it would never connect to the gps. I rebooted three times and it would still not connect. everything else is working fine but this is a deal breaker if I can’t hold a call and navigation is lost. Does anyone know what needs to be done to improve the signal?


  49. johnny says:

    hulu, wallet, and navigation on gmaps doesn’t work 🙁

  50. Cisco says:

    What is the best rom to run, i have ran almost all the roms and i am stuck on which one to pick. Also is there a good rom that will help with the new updates coming out? If i flash a rom do i have to flash anything else like boot.img? I have been seening alot of people stuck on the same question or a bricked phone.

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