JellyBAM ROM for HTC Evo 4G LTE! [AOKP/ParanoidAndroid/CM10]

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If you are tired of Sense and you want to run pure Android but with a ton of customizations, check out JellyBAM ROM for your HTC Evo 4G LTE.

Based on a mix of AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, and CM10, the JellyBAM ROM brings you the best of stock Android plus all the customizations you can expect from AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, and CM10 ROMs.

What is that?

Well, AOKP brings you ROM Control, which gives you the ability to customize your UI (User Interface) in a hundred different ways like Hold-Back-To-Kill shortcuts and weather widgets. ParanoidAndroid Settings allow you to control app to run in Phone or Tablet mode or even run your whole UI as Phone/Tablet/Hybrid mode. With CM10, you will also get additional CM10 tweaks.

Add all of that and you get BAM, JellyBAM ROM.

Right now, it’s available as Android 4.1.2 but it is super stable and fast.

If you haven’t tried this ROM yet on your Evo 4G LTE, definitely give it a go today and let me know what you think!


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Download JellyBAM ROM

Credits – XDA

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42 Responses to JellyBAM ROM for HTC Evo 4G LTE! [AOKP/ParanoidAndroid/CM10]

  1. lorddusto says:

    i have new hboot so just gets stuck in boot loop if i flash using twrp is there any other way i can use this rom?

  2. lorddusto says:

    I figured that was probably the only option. I forgot how to flash using fast boot but I got it figured out.been using ROM all day few force closes nothing major works pretty good my wife was having trouble hearing me
    When I was at work have to see if problem continues so far good ROM. Thanks for reply

  3. cisco says:

    2.09 is the new HBOOT can I update mine to that from 1.19 or does it even matter.

    • Lorddusto says:

      2.09 came with the jelly bean ota.for now I am stuck with s-on so if you want to flash roms I would stick with what you have

  4. RobotoQ says:

    So everything installed well after I messed it up the first time but now my phone won’t read my SD card. Every time I try to access my gallery or camera it just says “no external storage available” even though I have my SD card inserted. I have my contacts and my picture gallery backed up to my SD card and my computer so I didn’t lose anything but I can’t even connect it to my computer.

    I’m seriously stuck.

    On an HTC evo 4g LTE with Sprint.

    Any suggestions?

  5. jj1981 says:

    I have been on this rom for a few weeks now and actually there is an update for it…..when flashing roms I suggest using the flash image gui….it has helped flash many roms with no problems what so ever…even with being with s-on……this app is your friend…ive used it on my evo3d wich my wife has now and currently use it for my evo4g lte…only problem with this rom is call quality issues……

    • lorddusto says:

      I have same problem (call quality) people say they can hardly hear me I’m always repeating myself or have to practically yell 4.1 update didn’t fix

      • 3volution says:

        anyone solve this? i love this ROM but it cant make clear calls that’s the most important part of a phone!

  6. Road1420 says:

    ok well I flashed jellybam to my evo and it all went fine or so i thought but now it wont boot and it keeps cycling between a white screen and the jellybam loading screen and i am lost as to whats going on so any input would be appreciated

  7. Tony says:

    So i tried to flash the jellybam rom and mine did the flashing white screen when trying to start back up. I can get to TWRP recovery, but my backups are gone. When i try to install a new rom, tried two Cyanogens and they get stuck at the spinning wheel screen. When i do a wipe to try and install roms, phone says no operating system..I can get to the bootloader and twrp, but cant load roms, any help?

  8. lorddusto says:

    U have to flash boot .IMG in fast boot after flashing ROM watch video link above

  9. Road1420 says:

    I figured it out with about 3 hours of Google but basicly I didn’t understand what anyone was talking about this was my first root and ROM flash and I am successfully running jellybam now if I could just figure out how to update the ROM

  10. Road1420 says:

    Oh hell with that I just did all that I ain’t doing it again I will stick with 4.0.0

    • lorddusto says:

      I just now realized that with 4.1 my gallery says there’s no files available. it recognizes the sd card but not the files

  11. Road1420 says:

    Yeah I think I am gonna just stick with 4.0 its a good rom so far anyway

  12. Zachariah says:

    this rom is awesome. I’ve been running it for a month now and it just updated to version 4.1.0. I use this for my daily use and its great. If you dont want to deal with s-off I used flashgui.

  13. Dj MarroKing says:

    great ROM to many bugs tho will come back to it when its better…ill stick to SupertLTE one of the best ROM out there right now…Get the bareback version and youll be impressed!!!

  14. Myke Rokka says:

    Its a great rom but right now it wont allow me to access my sd card or take pictures. Can someone please help me solve this problem!

  15. jj1981 says:

    For everybody having any types of issues….please use flash image gui…install kernal from there,install rom and wipe cache and delvik cache also…this is what i did and had no issues after that…hope this helps

  16. Tony says:

    JJ, thanks for the reply, maybe im missing something here, i am new to rooting so chances are high, my understanding is that you are flashing the ROM which puts Jellybam on your phone. My questions-is flash image gui a program or are you just talking about flashing it, and what do you mean by kernel, thats the first i have heard about a kernel needing to be flashed. Using hboot 2.09 s-on and rooted my phone with qbking77 method (very simple).. possible to dummy it step by step if you have time? Thanks man, take care.

  17. jj1981 says:

    Its a paid you can get xda devolper….download apk file,install it on your phone,make sure tha zip file of your rom is on your sd card,open the flash image app select browe find tha jellybam zip,it will extract the kernal and install it…reboot into recovery,install the jellybam zip,wipe cash and delvik cash and you should be good…and to answer your question flash image gui is a app….great tool for flashing rooms….wether s-on or s-off….hope this simplified things for you

  18. Gabriel says:

    Im having problems trying to start the rom. I installed it using TWRP but when it reboots into the rom, I get the sign saying jelly bam and the screen flashes white every second or two. I thought I had flashed it correctly onto the phone but it seems not. Can anyone please help me out? I would love to use this rom.

  19. Tony says:

    Thanks jj, haven’t tried it yet, but I dl the flash gui from the market,
    I’ll try tomorrow that way if it screws up I won’t lose anymore sleep. Hopefully it works, Gabrielle, try the steps above, looks simple and pretty basic. Thanks again jj

    • Gabriel says:

      Tony, I tried that method right when you suggested Flash Image GUI. It did not work out. I am still having the same issue. What exactly do you have to do in order to flash the rom successfully? I used to have an evo 4g and with that it seemed pretty easy to flash roms as opposed to this phone.

  20. jj1981 says:

    Are you guys making sure you do a full wipe?cache,delvik,factory reset,and system???not sure why you guys are having a problem…it onstalled fine on my device…tryin my best help out…maybe try another rom from xda website….this rom is cool…but not tha best….

  21. Tony says:

    I tried the flash gui app today and again it screwed my phone up, Had to do a complete reformat to stock and unlock again, thank god For titanium backup. Have no clue why it’s not working though, but may try again next week.

  22. jj1981 says:

    Sorry bro,also those with problems…im currious to know what what version of twrp(recovery)are you using,another good app for us rooted people is goo manager another free app….maybe try again after you update your recovery version.current twrp should b 2.3.3..also like i said i would trya diffrent rom…jellybam is cool…it also takes away from your prl update(network)and your user profile wich sense givesyou…any devolopers rrading this…..any way to have a sense based rom that does all this one does?????justa suggestion

  23. Dan says:

    I tried using this ROM as the first one after rooting my EVO LTE. When it finished booting up, It made me make a phone call to the activation number, but the number wouldn’t let me activate my phone. Has anyone else had this issue? I really want to find a way around this because just messing around without any data/service, it seems like a great ROM, but I’d like to use it in full effect. Any advice?

  24. kaden says:

    loaded the rom up went rebooted it htc blah blah came on the screen and then just goes to a black screen tried redoing it several times same thing happens need some assistance to get this thing back on track

  25. Wealy says:

    i was finally able to get this ROM going after using Flash Image GUI and bricking my phone. after a day of trying to fix i just to back to Best Buy and got a new/refurb phone. I had to fastboot the boot.img which got it to work. BUT now i have to fastboot every time it restarts. Any work around for this? If i don’t have my computer, i will not be able to get my phone to boot up if i need to restart it.

  26. Dwight says:

    I just rooted my 4g LTE with TWARP Recovery but when I try to flash a Rom once I reboot my phone reboots to the HTC screen but that’s it. I’ve tried clearing cache and delvik cache and re-flashing the Rom’s but the same results the HTC screen without the red developer writing at the bottom. When I had my regular 4G phone I flashed Rom’s all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions. No reason to be rooted if I can’t flash Roms.

  27. Joey says:

    Love this rom!!! My only complaint is that when i try to send a picture sms it only sends a thumbnail… whack. Everything else is really nice but thats almost a game killer for me, and it is the rom, when i had a sense based i was sending full pics no problem

  28. Remixed says:

    Installed Jellybam and after the splash screen, the animation pops up and loads forever. I waited 10 minutes because it was going through the process of optimizing apps so I assumed it worked. I have HTC Evo 4G LTE rooted s-off.

  29. Bob W2CYK says:

    Okidoki…This is a super slick ROM…I think this is the most amazing I have ever seen…





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