Mean ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE! [Stable][Performance][Battery life]

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Some of you may remember Mean ROM for your HTC Evo 3D, well it’s now also available for your HTC Evo 4G LTE!

The Mean ROM for HTC Evo 4G LTE comes with a ton of features while still giving you most of the features you get on a stock ROM. If you are looking for a stable ROM that gives you better battery life and performance over stock ROM, this is is folks.

There’s also “smart” CPU management which allows full dual-core performance while your screen is ON and forced single-core while your screen is OFF for maximum battery life. This ROM should also fix the multi-tasking problem found in stock ROMs.

There’s a ton of other great features so go ahead, install it and let me know what you think below!


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Download Mean ROM

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First time installing custom ROM or rooting? Before you do anything, please see Evo 4G LTE FAQ!

Credits – XDA <---- Donate to XDA user MikeyXDA is you like this ROM, he's worked very hard, sleepless nights on this ROM from what I hear! Remember, ROM developers don't get paid to do what they do, donating is the only way we can help them keep doing what they do best.

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26 Responses to Mean ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE! [Stable][Performance][Battery life]

  1. Mario says:

    which is better to use the viperRom or the meanRom for best battery life & performance?

  2. Stu says:

    I’ve been running this ROM for a few weeks now and I’m very satisfied. I like the performance tweaks. It has all of the features I want and none that I don’t. I have not used viper or charmeleon but their devs have very good reputations and their work can be found in a lot of ROMS and mods for the lte and 3d. I believe leetweaks devs is part of the charmeleon team now for those who are familiar from the 3d

  3. Emanuel says:

    Which is better for Battery Life? The Mean or Viper Rom??

  4. Diokles says:

    Max thanks a lot for taking your time to post all of these amazing and helpful videos.

    I installed this ROM about 5 days ago and it’s looking go so far. No complaints at all. I love the battery meter and the quick settings.
    Max have you seen any ROM or Kernel that will allow us to overclock? I really want to see this little beast working at its maximum. Thanks

  5. C.G. says:

    viperROM less apps seem to run in the background… but i think that might have to do with the pre programed cpu settings. MEANrom can be just as good, but you have to go in and adjust the settings yourself

  6. C.G. says:

    go to TWRP recovery and look in your sd card for the MEANrom-ICS file… it has the file to flash to overclock the CPU

  7. Diokles says:

    Ty I’m going to try it.

  8. Philip says:

    Look like MeanROM get update quicker than ViperROM. So I am using MeanROM now.

  9. xain says:

    How do I get google wallet to work in this Rom with the new update?

  10. Cesar says:

    Hey Max!!! Great work you’re doing, kee it up!! One question, google wallet is still not working on this mean rom….any help would be greatly appreciated..

    • Rob says:

      1. Clear Google Wallet settings
      2. Go into superSU, click settings, and uncheck Enable Superuser
      3. Set up Wallet and you will now be able to add cards
      4. After they’re set up, go back into superSU and re-enable

  11. james says:

    after flashing mean rom and charmleon rom, wifi doesn’t work and camera doesn’t work. Help plz.

  12. Chet says:

    I just installed this rom . I am enjoying it. I was wondering if it has Beats Audio?

  13. Eric says:

    Hey im fully rooted s-on radio, I flashed the Mean rom and the Charmelon rom, both worked fine but the only thing wrong was Wi-Fi wasnt working. It works on my stock rom but thats it. Any fixes anybody?? When I go into the settings it just reads WiFi Error, it wont let me turn it on.

  14. Matt says:

    I was running Mean ROM and just flashed to Viper ROM because I was having an issue with my Wifi and mobile network. Both would take 5 min or more to connect to the network (if at all) and now after flashing Viper ROM I am having the same issue. Any suggestions?

  15. Topher says:

    I wanted to know ask if anyone was having the same problem as me. I installed the MeanRom 6.1 or what ever the newest one is everything seam fine but then i realized that the Mobile internet doesn’t work half the time and the 4g doesn’t work. Anybody having same problem or know a fix. i have S-On, Hboot is 1.12, Recovery is 2.3.1

    • Matt says:

      Yes! I’m having the exact same issue. My Wifi works but only after about 10 min of being on and its hit or miss with my mobile network.

  16. Dwight says:

    I just rooted my 4g LTE with TWARP Recovery but when I try to flash a Rom once I reboot my phone reboots to the HTC screen but that’s it. I’ve tried clearing cache and delvik cache and re-flashing the Rom’s but the same results the HTC screen without the red developer writing at the bottom. When I had my regular 4G phone I flashed Rom’s all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions. No reason to be rooted if I can’t flash Roms.

  17. David says:

    Great Rom, but my phone seems to have a problem with accessing the Play Store. This error has occurred with all custom Roms but the FreshEvo Rom. I have tried clearing the data, factory reset, and nothing works. When I open up the Play Store, it will give me a message saying “server error” with a button to “retry”. It then closes the window and displays another message saying “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped”. Any idea how to fix this?

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