UR Evo ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE!

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For this week, check our UR Evo ROM for your rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE. This is a very lightweight (350MB) ROM that has much of unnecessary Sense bloatware while adding some cool mods like hacked Hotspot app and HQ (High Quality) camera mod. Certainly a very good ROM for noobs and also for people who want a simple Sense-based ROM without all the bloatware.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Download ROM:

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Download UR Evo ROM

Credits – XDA <------ Donate to developer if you like this ROM thx!

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30 Responses to UR Evo ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE!

  1. Esli Lainez says:

    Hi! i have a question, but is not about this ROM, is just i bought an HTC EVO4G and it has free 3g internet (i’m from mexico) tha guy i bought it from he, well i dont know what he did but i do have free internet, its been almost a year and is still working,so do you think i can lost my free internet if i change my Stock ROM for another one?

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Not sure on that, I would just keep whatever you have since Evo 4G is a CDMA phone, I dunno how your friend got it working in Mexico in the first place, keep the free internet!

    • Traposon says:

      If you install a custom ROM, you will not loose your CDMA settings, so you will keep the free internet. I even have changed phones like 4 times and still have the free internet since 4 years ago. i think iusacell/unefon allow this to acquire clients, so enjoy!.

  2. Perry Mays says:

    Hey I have flashed my ROM from the jewel 1.22. to the Jellybean ROM to the Mean ROM and back to 1.22 and my sense keeps crashing I can’t view my people and update my contacts in my phone and plus my Facebook contacts don’t sync at all nor does my wifi work any suggestions on what I should do to fix this problem?

  3. Tony Williams says:

    i keep installing this rom and wiping everything before but i keep getting to the htc quietly brillian screen then it goes black and nothing happens.

    • Joel says:

      i have the same issue too

      • David says:

        I had this happen on another ROM. You probably need to update the kernal. There is a boot.img that you need to flash in addition to the ROM. The boot image should be in the zip folder for the ROM. Just extract the boot.img file(not the whole ROM) to your phone and flash the boot image, then reflash the ROM. See if that works.

  4. Phil says:

    I installed this ROM no problem. Everything seemed ok for first few hours. All of a sudden, my phone rebooted. When it turned back on, my WiFi was broken. Simply displayed “error” when attempting to turn it on. I tried a couple different ROM installs to try and fix this problem. Ultimately, I had to run the stock RUU then re-root my phone. This fixed my issue. There may have been an easier fix… not sure.

  5. Richard says:

    hboot 1.15

    can this rom be loaded without issues or is soley for those how have taken the OTA and relocked?

  6. Raul says:

    the Rom seems pretty stable apart from the sprint hotspot and the annoying black menu bar.It keeps kicking me out of the internet. I rewiped everything and reflashed and still nothing. I did this steps several times before giving up I going back to mean Rom. I just wanted the hacked sprint hot spot but I can do with out it. I got android WiFi tether.

  7. Raul says:

    Does anyone know how to change your Nat type. I play mw3 and I’m showing that I have Nat type 3 and my wife’s phone has Nat type 2. Is there a way to open the Nat type on the phones modem?

  8. Tony Williams says:

    How can I install the boot image from this rom into the kernel of my htc evo 4g lte. I extracted the boot.img but didn’t see anyway to I stall it through TWRP.

    • David says:

      Tony you need to use fastboot when connected to your computer to flash the kernel. I don’t think you can use twrp.

      • Tony Williams says:

        Thanks David. I actually found an app that flahes the boot image its called Flash Image Gui. So I extracted the boot image from the UR Evo zip file flashed it through this app and bam I’m now running the UR Evo Rom and loving it. Im glad I found the app because honestly I was nervous about flashing the kernel manually.

  9. Evocentric says:

    Max, have you tried to use the roam only feature on this rom….I haven’t been able to get it to work…any thoughts

  10. Jim says:

    Been playing with this rom for a few days now. Very nice, lite and fast. I am having problems with a few things that i would like to point out. The gmail app is not notifying me of new mail. I need and use my email for work and personal all day long and although i can check it manually. It would be great if it checked, retrieved new mail and notified me as it should. All setting within the gmail app are set. I also have a problem on occasion when downloading something from the Play store where it can not verify who i am and will not download the app??? May have to try another rom or go back to a stock rooted rom for the time being as i really need the email issue and play store issued resolved. I will try and contact the dev on the forums as well about these issues i am having.

    • Jim says:

      for those reading and following. I solved my problem with a wipe and reflash, apparently i goofed during a restore from titanium backup after the flashing the new rom and it glitched some of the files. I am up and running even better than previously stated with no issues as of the last 30+ hours

  11. derek says:

    i just installed the rom and love it…however i cannot get it to connect to htc sync…when i plug into the computer usb debugging does not turn on and i have it turned on in the settings…any ideas


  12. john says:

    i install UR Evo ROM only reboot over and over 🙁 need help please i got evo 4g LTE

  13. Michael says:

    I just installed this rom, by far my favorite so far, the only problem I’ve run into that I don’t like is there is no “system update” to update the profile and prl. Any ideas on a way to manually do this?

  14. roger says:

    not a bad little rom, but after about 2 weeks is slows and loads both phone function and texts very slowly.
    anyway around this?

  15. wayne says:

    I Just Got My Evo Lte And Updated It To Jelly Bean And Can’t Use FoXfi Now is Their A ROM I Can Use On The ROM Manager App That Has Sense So I Can Use A Free Hotspot on

    • wayne says:

      I Just Got My Evo Lte And Updated It To Jelly Bean And Can’t Use FoXfi Now is Their A ROM I Can Use On The ROM Manager App That Has Sense So I Can Use A Free Hotspot on

  16. steven says:

    After I flash this ROM it won’t open the lock screen and my Nandriod backup just gets a black screen I’m gonna try flash a now ROM hope it works. Maybe a stock kernel would help it you can help thanx

  17. Raul says:

    ayuda por favor no puedo desbloquear la pantalla de inicio cuando termino de instalar esta rom se ve el aro de desbloqueo la hora y todo pero no responde el touch probe con s-on y s-off pero nada ya probe todas las versiones de twrp gracias por tu ayuda.

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