uXylon ROM for HTC Evo 4G LTE! [HALO][Android 4.2.2]

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For those of you who want the latest bleeding edge of Android 4.2.2 plus AOKP-like ROM Control plus ParanoidAndroid HALO feature, definitely check out uXylon ROM. (See AOKP ROM Control settings for full UI customization tutorial, very similar to Xylon’s)

uXylon ROM comes with a bundle of features cherry-picked from other great AOSP ROMs. Since ParanoidAndroid ROM isn’t available yet for the Evo 4G LTE (not the latest one with HALO), Xylon ROM solves that by brings you HALO floating notifications along with its own Hybrid settings (similar to ParanoidAndroid Hybrid Settings slightly different).

If this is something you are looking, give it a go this week(end) and do let me know how it went!


Download uXylon ROM for HTC Evo 4G LTE

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset(unless coming from uXylon ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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39 Responses to uXylon ROM for HTC Evo 4G LTE! [HALO][Android 4.2.2]

  1. Bob W2CYK says:

    Yo do you have to be s-off for this rom?

    • mendy says:

      I believe any time you go from a ROM that is sense based to a senseless ROM you have to s-off. (If you are s-off you can use a app called ‘flash img gui’

      • mendy says:

        I believe any time you go from a ROM that is sense based to a senseless ROM you have to s-off. (If you are s-on you can use a app called ‘flash img gui’

        • mendy says:

          I believe any time you go from a ROM that is sense based to a senseless ROM you have to s-off. (If you are s-on you can use a app called ‘flash img gui’)

    • Ryan Toppi says:

      Just get s-off everything works better. It is a easy process I use team unlimited I’m h boot 2.09 s-off dirty racun don’t do it on unbuntu.

  2. hugo says:

    Max I always have problems with wifi on aosp roms, Do you know a way to fix it?

  3. Zac says:

    I’m having issues with connectivity to the network. I cant make calls or send text messages and my baseband is not the latest. I am S-on and cant update it the way that is suggested because of this. Can I use flash image gui do flash the correct baseband?

  4. Cesar Martinez says:

    Touch panel isn’t working for me.

    • Savio says:

      Reinstall Rom, if you haven’t flashed Kernel (usually S-On) or rom didn’t like the current Kernel, use Flash IMG GUI and follow the instructions.

      From there back-up Apps and Profile with Titanium Pro (best cash I ever spent on an app) reboot into recovery, back-up ROM. Wipe data/factory reset (internal only), Flash ROM, GAPPs, and wipe Dalvik and Regular Cache. Reboot into system. Should be fine.

      * Note, new ROMs will almost always have some bugs.
      Understand that Stable = Device Starts, Phone, Messaging, Email, Wi-fi, plus most basic apps work, if you get errors / issues report via the settings> Developer Options> Take Bug report

      • jimmyk says:

        htc unlocked and rooted hboot hboot 2,09 and could onlu flash sense roms (meanbean) even with flas img gui. So using I.O. moonshine I managed to get s off nd had to htc unlock again. now I still can only flash meanbean though I’m having problems with it.(no data or wifi) Even my restores have no data or wifi except for the oem rom restore which works fine. Do you think Iv’e lost root or something? Also my bootloader no longer says unlocked or tampered ; just s off moonshine. any advice ?

        • Savio says:

          That’s a new one. Try this:
          Remove your SD card, download this root checker (link below) to your SD card (from your PC) and then reinstall the SD Card. Access the Card from a ile manager, then check for root.


          If you cannot install open the Terminal Emulator from the apps menu (stock with most custom ROM’s) and Type in: ” SU “, if you are not prompted by Super User, then you MAY have lost root. If successful, I haven’t.

          If you are not prompted or denied you may need to manually install Super User, try flashing this file in from recovery:

          I’ll need a bit of time to research the issues with Moonshine, and thus I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

        • Savio says:

          Jimmy, the other thing that I’m thinking is that you have used 2 separate exploits:
          – Dirty Racun to obtain hboot 2.09 (RUU) and Root
          – Moonshine to obtain S-Off

          This method is incorrect, as each exploit takes advantage of certain security flaws within both the device hardware, and the firmware which guides it.

          I think you may need to go through the steps to gain hboot 2.09 again, as you should have been S-off the first time you did it, but I fear you may not have followed the instructions correctly

          There’s no nice way to say it, but: You’ll need to start from scratch, and MAY even have to use the Baby Racun method to ” downgrade ” your hboot, and then reapply the Dirty Racun Method to re-obtain it again.

          Also, if you upgraded straight to RUU 2.09 from RUU 1.12, this may happen.
          If you where on 1.12 please use RUU 1.15 or 1.19., as 2.09 shouldn’t work if you are coming from 1.12!

          Start here: http://unlimited.io/jewel.htm and you should have the answer you’re looking for.

          • Savio Dantes says:


            Check out the tip I left for Wes, below that should help you as well incase this issue arises again.

            My Apologies for not finding this sooner

  5. Rodrigo Rion says:

    I have a rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE. I am running S-on and Hboot 1.5. I already have TWRP and I am running the MeanRom ICS as of now. I downloaded this Uxylon Rom and follow these instructions to install:
    1- Reboot into recovery (TWRP)
    2- Go to Wipe and I wipe everything (except SD card) twice or three times.
    3- Factory Reset (also a few times)
    4- Then I install this new ROM along with the GAPPS file.
    5- When flashing is complete, I clear the Davlik Cache and then reboot.

    After all of this, the phone goes to the white screen (HTC quietly brilliant) and won’t move from there. I’ve been patient (20 minutes) and no movement. I went back and cleared everything again using TWRP and installed my previous MeanRom and it works fine.

    Please help what am I doing wrong? I would really like to be able to use the uxylon rom with the halo feature, it seems super cool. HELP HELP HELP please!

    • Savio says:

      You are S=On and will most likely have to flash in the Kernel via Flash Image GUI or the ADB method.

      Here is the app: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8EPyIX9icRSRWk5blhrT2hnVkE/edit?usp=sharing, if you’re looking fopr the ADB method (much longer and very manual) try this:

      I’m going to assume you forgot to flash the Kernel (boot.img), located with the ROM file itself.

      There’s a few things that you’ll need to do first in order to get this to work:
      – Download and Android SDK (if you haven’t already)
      – Create a folder called “Android” using this file path ” C:\Android”
      – Download and install HTC Sync

      – Once you’ve done this connect your phone to your PC and go into Bootloader>Fastboot
      – When connected fastboot should say “FASTBOOTUSB”
      – From here the drivers should install themselves to windows, after which you need to find the “platform-tools” folder in this path “C:\Android\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64\sdk”
      – While holding “Shift”, right-click on this folder and select “Open command window here”, a command prompt (CMD) window should appear.
      – Take the “boot.img” file from the ROM you want to install and copy it into “C:\Android\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64\sdk\platform-tools”
      – In the Command Prompt Window type: fastboot flash boot boot.img

      – After that reboot into recovery.
      – Wipe and reinstall ROM, clear caches . Reboot Phone

      If that doesn’t work I posted plenty of other similar tips here:

    • PKB says:

      have u tried to wipe the system off and then install the ROM?

      • Savio Dantes says:

        PKB, wiping in the system isn’t the issue. (although it would seem that way)

        It’s the fact that he’s “S-ON”, which is more or less a firmware/hard lock.
        (S-ON = Security ON and vice versa).

        This is what most developers are attempting to achieve when obtaining root..

        Personally, I would save whatever is possible (Accounts, Call, Log, SMS/MMS, Email, and All User apps) with Titanium Back-up.

        NOTE: The Rule of Thumb for System Apps is this:
        When using the Check Box> Back-up All System Data:
        – Green or Yellow = OK
        – Red Be Careful
        – Also Purchase the Pro edition to save time with restoration (auto install apps, instead of manual)

        Overall you simply need to achieve S-Off to resolve your issue, a trust me I’ve done my homework, and I root and flash phones on a weekly basis, with repeat customers and great reviews

        To perform the aformentioned (S-Off) + Upgrade to the latest hardware fix, you should simply go here: http://unlimited.io/jewel.htm, and follow the instructiosn to upgrade to ” hBoot 2.09 w/ S-Off” or follow Max’s version with the Root section in the links above to achieve hBoot 2.18 w/ S-Off ((Either way YOU WANT S-OFF!!! ))

        It’s fairly simply and you can even do it via Ubuntu Live CD/USB (No permanent OS installation). Click here: http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/649 and follow the instructions ( Linux Mint is one of the smallest versions Linux OS’s w/ most basic features, others can be added via repositories)

        If you need a quick download to any of the following simply ask and I’ll link my google Drive for you:

        – Flash GUI : Kernel Swap from within a Rom
        (for ROM’s that just wont take and need their parent kernel to work)

        – ADB: Android Data Base
        (Used via Windows Command Line or CMD to assist with fastboot installs, installation of recoveries, verification of Hard ware versions, etc)

        – ES File Manager: Just like it says, its a File Managing app

        – Super User:Just like it says, its a Super User app

        – Root Checker: Just like it says, its a Root Checker

        and more…. Enjoy the weekend people, and Happy Hollidays

  6. PKB says:

    I have been running this ROM for about a week and the biggest issue with it is network connections. it seems that after it looses signal enough times it looses the correct network settings. Sprint had to get me back up and going once and since then i have to keep re-selecting the network that i want to get connectivity back. this is frustrating to say the least. there are a few other issues, such as the screen flickering when using parts of the UI, but mostly it works well.

    the halo feature is not as great as it seems, but that’s my opinion.

    • Savio Dantes says:

      I have to agree with you on all of these items PKB, I moved back to Jelly Bam after a few days, due to lack of networking issues + more options.

      • PKB says:

        I found jellybam had weak signal problems. Where I always had 4g my phone was struggling to keep 3g going. Netflix was a no go for the week I tested the ROM. CarbonRom, so far, is a very good ROM with little issues. Rhodes issues just require a reboot.

  7. Savio Dantes says:

    PKB, try flashing in the Komodo Kernel, works really well for the this device and with most ROM’s.
    Here: Komodo_rls.412(2.1).zip – 11.67 MB

    and also make sure you’re on JellBasm ver. 8.0 (8.2 – 8.4, have had quite a few bugs and are being worked on very hard to resolve them asap.

    As for Netflix, I’m not sure why, but that and HULU, seem to be an issue with AOSP and other non-sense ROM’s.

    If need a hand or find any issues, please let me know, I’m always eager to help.
    Also send the bug reports for JellyBAM to their Dev Team via Settings > Developer Options> Take bug report

  8. Wes says:

    Cannot seem to get this to work (I am new at this). Once loaded, the touch screen does not work. The phone gets to the screen which has the following: Welcome, English (United States), Start. I touch Start and nothing happens. The screen is non responsive. I would appreciate knowing what I am doing wrong and what I need to try to get this to work.

    Here is the current setup on my HTC Evo 4G LTE:
    moonshine S-OFF

    I am using TWRP v2.5.0.0 and the steps I have taken to load this ROM are as follows:

    1) transferred, using USB cable, uXYLON-RELEASE-20130610-215927-jewel.zip to the HTC cell DOWNLOAD folder
    2) transferred, using USB cable, gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip to the HTC cell DOWNLOAD folder
    3) Put the cell into bootloader (holding down volume key while holding power key until shut off, let up on power key for a second, then hold down power key—still holding volume down key— until bootloader starts).
    4) Down volume key to select RECOVERY, push power button.
    5) TWRP comes up
    6) Complete backup of my cell
    7) did a complete wipe (factory reset)
    8) Flashed: uXYLON-RELEASE-20130610-215927-jewel.zip TWRP indicated Successful
    9) Wiped cache/dalvik
    10) Flashed: gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip TWRP indicated Successful
    11) Wiped cache/dalvik
    12) rebooted system

    I have tried reinstalling the ROM several times and still doesn’t work.

    When this ROM didn’t work, I just went back into bootloader and with TWRP did a Restore from my complete backup. My phone then reboots to the ROM I had when I did the backup at the beginning of this exercise, i.e., MeanBean-v309-jewel-ltevo.zip …. all apps and data loaded and running as if nothing happened (really glad for complete backups).


    • Savio Dantes says:

      Hmm… Have you tried Flashing a different (trusted) kernel (after ROM install), like Komodo or take one from another CM Rom (Boot.img file) from TWRP.

      You could also try flash the kernel using Flash GUI from a working Rom ( Flashes while ROM is running), you must immediately reboot into recovery and then flash your new ROM. It should work from there with either method.

      If you are still having issues, please come back and post the details, there are plenty of us here that don’t mind giving advice, also let us know if it worked (saves typing this out again for someone else)


      • Wes says:

        Thanks for the response, still cannot get it to work.
        Here is what I tried…..
        1) I copied the boot.img file from uXYLON-RELEASE-20130610-215927-jewel.zip to the sdcard
        2) I used Flash GUI with the boot.img file.
        3) Did the Recovery Reboot
        4) Flashed: uXYLON-RELEASE-20130610-215927-jewel.zip TWRP indicated Successful
        5) Wiped cache/dalvik
        6) Flashed: gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip TWRP indicated Successful
        7) Wiped cache/dalvik
        8) Reboot to System
        9) Bootup stuck on start animation, i.e., grey screen with XYLON
        10) Got back into bootloader and ran a Wipe
        11) Tried rebooting several times from Bootloader, and then installing ROM again, no difference.
        12) Finally, from bootloader ran a Wipe and then installed MeanBean-v309-jewel-ltevo.zip
        13) Had to run a restore of apps/data/system from the Titanium backup I had made
        When I have some time tomorrow, I will try again with a different ROM.

        • Wes says:

          Okay, I tried again using jellybam-v7.0.0_jewel-STABLE.zip
          I pulled the boot.img from jellybam and then using the command prompt I put the phone into bootloader, ran the following command (fastboot flash boot boot.img). The system indicated that it worked. I then went into Recovery and installed jellybam.

          Results are the same…. touch sensor seems to be deactivated.

          I did see on another webpage indications that HTC implemented a switch where if you try to run AOSP roms it turns the touch sensor off. However, this is not suppose to be an issue if you have S-OFF ( I have S-OFF).

          At this point the only ROM that works on my phone is MeanBean-v309-jewel-ltevo.zip and MeanBean is only on Android 4.1

          • Savio Dantes says:

            Wes,it appears that you will need to downgrade your firmware to 3.15 using the zip file in this link: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8EPyIX9icRSM2hMRnczQV8xSDA/edit?usp=sharing

            Simply place it on the root of your internal SD card, and reboot into “Bootloader” ( the menu before recovery) , or attempt to reboot your device (once the Rom hast started up) and choose ” Bootloader ” instead of Recovery.

            It will automatically flash your firmware and your firmware to downgrade to 3.15. (you are currently on 3.16 which cause issues with touch screen responsiveness on certain ROMs ).

            From there reboot into system/ROM (if the phone doesn’t do it automatically) and remove aforementioned zip file, reboot into recovery and you should be able install any rom with no issues from there.

            Please reply and let us know if this resolves your issue.

            • Wes says:

              Savio, thanks! That apparently was the problem, i.e., firmware of 3.16 and needed to downgrade to 3.15. It worked and I was able to load by following your instructions:
              1) I downloaded the firmware file,
              2) copied the zip file to the root of my internal SD card,
              3) booted in Bootloader,
              4) ran bootloader,
              5) answered yes with up vol to update firmware,
              6) firmware indicated that it updated,
              7) rebooted to system.
              8) deleted the PJ75IMG.zip file from the root of the internal SDCARD.
              9) Booted into bootloader, Recovery
              10) TWRP
              11) Ran Wipe
              12) Flashed jellybam-v7.0.0_jewel-STABLE.zip
              13) Successful
              14) Wipe cache/dalvik
              15) Reboot System
              Finally success! Now I can play around with a couple different ROMs.
              Thanks again.

  9. Zach says:

    I am able to get this to load just fine.

    Phone and Internet services work just great.
    I cannot get SMS to work however… cannot send or receive texts! 🙁
    any advise would be great.

    Hboot 2.09 S-Off

    • Savio Dantes says:


      Is your phone flashed to another service such as Boost, Virgin, Cricket, MetroPCS, etc?
      If so let me know and I can give you instructions on how to manually set you. MMS/APN settings
      Note: You’ll need a Sense Based ROM ( like MEAN BEAN ) in order to perform this fix.

      If not then simply back-up all of your APPs w/ titanium back-up ( No system settings not even the ones listed in white, yellow, or green), Reboot into recovery, factory reset your ROM (2x) wipe Cache, and Dalvik Cache, Reflash your ROM and GAPPs, restore all APP’s /Settings from Titanium (with the Exception of any RED system settings, and the GREEN COLORED MMS/SMS settings with ” APN” in the label.) You should be good from there.

      If not, come on back and I’m sure we’ve got a few other resolutions to your issue.


      • Savio Dantes says:

        Note: * To get to “Developer options (needed for Titanium Backup), go to settings menu> about phone> scroll to the bottom and click “Build Number” about 7 times until you see a notification appear.

  10. Zach says:

    Thanks Savio,

    I will try the method you suggested above.
    The phone has only been flashed with Sprint based ROMS.
    It seems I lost SMS the same day I did the S-OFF method.

    Also on this CM10.1 build I am trying to get working (Or any other ROMS).
    The SMS issue seems to be related to the SMSC settings that seems to be blank.
    I also cannot get the proper SMSC settings to take inside the *#*#4636#*#* Settings…
    (It trys to save to my SIM card and says “Sim Card Full”)
    This is a Sprint phone so there is no physical Sim Card.

    • Savio Dantes says:


      When I say flashed to another service I men as in you pay Boost or some other company (not sprint) for your phone bill every month.. You need to pay attention to the question being asked.

      As for the data settings above, you are trying the settings that would be used on most Samsung and GSM phones (like this device’s twin sister the HTC One) ..

      This is a CDMA, please stop trying to think ahead of yourself and let us help you, or research more before you break your settings or quite possibly even brick your device.

      Do me a favor and list the following and I will do what I can to assist you from there:

      – Service Provider (Who do you pay your monthly bill to):
      – Current working ROM (Mean Bean, CM10, JellyBam, VIper, etc)
      – Your knowledge of ADB and type of OS (Computer you’re using)
      – Your about ” About Phone ” settings (e.g. hBoot 2.09, FW 3.15, etc…)

      from there I will walk you through
      – how to get your SMSC settings
      – the CORRECT ones to place in there
      – how to test them,
      – and possibly increase your data/mms speeds

      Thanks in advance!

  11. Zach says:

    Thank you Savio.

    1. Service Provider is Sprint
    2. Current Working Rom CM10.1
    3. I have used ADB several times and understand how it works. I use Windows 7.
    4. Hboot 2.09. Radio, FW 3.15, S-OFF

  12. Jerry says:

    I am about to download this rom coming from a sense-based rom. ( s-off, updated baseband, hboot) I was reading different posts of different problems of call quality, Wi-Fi, gps, blue tooth bugs. will I have those issues on this.? I am coming from RageLTE rom.

  13. jesse espinoza says:

    Hello, I wonder if you can help! I have a viper 4g lte htc, restart that was somewhat slow, turn after not advancing the htc logo, I wanted to give restoration manufactures and brand that I have installed OS! I can do as I install the OS again?? Thank you

  14. ross says:

    do people have problem with GPS? if do, know any fixes? thanks

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