Viper 4G ICS ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE!

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For those of you who want the latest 651.3 OTA software plus many enhancements including UI tweaks (using ViperTweaks) and lots of free themes, give the Viper 4G ICS ROM a try, I think you will like it much, very very solid ROM.


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Download Viper 4G ROM
Credits – XDA

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29 Responses to Viper 4G ICS ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE!

  1. Ekson says:

    Downloaded and installed last night. Pretty smooth, I like!

  2. Cesar says:

    I don’t know about this ROM, I installed it yesterday and google.aps kept crashing. Also, I was not able to add new contacts. Immediatelay after filling in all the info on the new contact a message would pop up stating that unexpected error with google aps and would shut down the people app hence eliminating all the info on the new contact and not allowing me to add it. Furthermore, it wasn’t downloading all my google contacts that were backed up, there were about 200 missing. Then there was the issue with not allowing me to set up my personal email and titanium back up had to be uninstalled and reinstalled twice before it worked. Arghhh…to much trouble, i went back to mean rom…worked nicely without any problems….maybe I’ll give it a try after its updated or something…I do have to say that the font and graphics enhancement were pretty nice…..

    • Savio says:

      This happens across various ROMs post installation, you need COMPLETELY wipe your phone (This is why you run and re-install via Titanium back-up), this means both regular and delvik caches (not the SD cards), post installation. You may have to do this twice! You may also have to re-install your ” gapps.apk” as these are specific to each phone model and software version .

      Also install ” Goo Manager from the either Marketplace manual install, as it will check and verify yuour Gapps for you, thus saving you all the issues related to Google Apps.

      You can also create an update package via Titanium Back-up that can be installed via Bootloader

      In other words perform your install as listed below:

      1.) Wipe ROM
      2.) Wipe both Caches
      3.) Install ROM
      4.) Install Gapps Package
      5.) Install Titanium Back-up (optional)
      6.) Wipe Caches
      7.) Restart phone
      8.) Install and Restore Progs via Titanium Back-up
      9.) Install Goo Manager and check for both ROM updates and gapps package
      10: Enjoy your new ROM

  3. james says:

    Having issues installing this Rom on my phone. I have dev bootloader root without s-off I dl the zip and install per your instructions. After the setup was success I reboot and the roms load screen comes up it just sits there. I waited 20 min and nothing just a snake and the LTE logo.

  4. David says:

    I had an issue installing. make sure you do a full wipe/factory reset from TWRP. When you go to install Viper do a normal install and do not do the wipe from within the application. I crashed on me when I tried that the first time.

    After I did a factory reset and installation everything worked fine. Google wallet updated correctly and Titanium backup worked just fine.

  5. Brandon says:

    Hey is it possible too get the sence camera and Dialer and then run that on top of vanillaandroid

  6. David says:

    anyone else having problems with the power button not responding on this rom? I would have to press REALLY hard on my power button to get it to wake up and to go to sleep. I was about to take my phone into sprint to have them look at a hardware issue. I flashed my stock rom and now the power button is super responsive with the slightest touch. Any ideas or anyone else have this issue?

  7. trent says:

    ive installed this rom and its really smooth. love it

  8. John says:

    I recently rooted my evo 4g lte and everything was successful everything works, the only issue I am having is the wifi is not working at all. Has an error message on and will not turn on at all

  9. jose says:

    i am having the same issues… can someone help???

  10. JulianK says:

    Downloaded and installed on my EVO 4G LTE. Everything working perfect (Google Wallet etc.) One issue I’m trying to solve is a problem with TELNAV GPS app. I believe this app is exclusive to Sprint customers like me. When I launch this GPS app all seems to work, however, the navigation screen is scrambled on top and somewhat on the bottom. It is usable but anoying. I went back to stock ROM and TELNAV works flawless. I can’t do the stock ROM, back to VIPER 4G and looking to solve the issue. My guess is that the Venom Tweaks may be the culprit as I made some changes to my toolbar, clock and batt. meter. Google navigation works fine but the TELNAV is way more robust and reall good on the 3D nav graphics. Anyone else having issues with TELNAV ? Thanks in advance.. JK

    • JulianK says:

      Installed Viper4G_2.0.1 and TELNAV is working 100% as do all the apps. Incredible job on this EVO 4g lte ROM. My hat off to all the Team Venom crew !!! Absolutely worth any donation…

  11. Will says:

    I installed this Rom on my phone with no problem. Tried to install it on a friends phone and it installs but keeps rebooting on the viper boot scene. What could the problem be?

  12. Aaron says:

    Hi! I am having a problem with updating to the newest radios for the Evo 4G LTE. I just did RegawMOD, and everything worked fine. Then I modded to Viper, because of the battery life. Which I have got to say is AMAZING!! Anyway… I then tried to update the Radios to the newest version. I downloaded it, then made the necessary changes to the name, and made sure it was on my SD card. It starts up and starts installing… it actually gets all the way through it… but it ALWAYS fails!! It says “Parsing…” but that is it.

    The following is all my settings… in case there is something I forgot to do:

    June 18 2012,17:05:37

    While I was typing this, I noticed that it was S-ON… instead of S-OFF. I thought that RegawMOD made it S-OFF. Am I incorrect? I am wanting to get the new radios, and if there is some further step I need to make… please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help you might provide!

    • Savio says:


      If you are attempting to root your phone to get “S-Off”, you, my friend, are temporarily SOL (at least until a Dev comes along with a more simple fix than I’ve seen.
      Upon updating your Radios, you unknowing moved your phone from H-Boot 1.12 to H-Boot 1.15, which can NOT be Turned S-Off at this time, but this doesn’t mean that you can flash your ROM’s, it’s just gonna be a bit tasking for you.

      Let me try to simply explain this:

      The major difference between S-Off and S-On is the way you flash ROM’s. Basically S-Off the ROM gets flashed from a recovery This would be the Kernel, Updates, and System ROM all in one shot and usually takes no longer than 5 -10 mins.

      With S-On, this becomes a problem, because you have to manually flash the Kernel by connecting USB to a PC/MAC, download and install the correct drivers, then find the Kernel or Boot.img (Usually within the ROM you’re attempting to flash) then ADB in the phone, once this is done it basically tells the phone that the new image you’re attempting to place in it belongs there, and you’re good to go after having wasted an additional 10 – 20 mins doing all this (depending on your level of experience)

      Fortunately there’s a method to downgrade back to H-Boot 1.12, but I wouldn’t recommend it at this time.

      For now, if you have any questions about Flashing “S-On” I would suggest going here:

      Hope this helps both you and others in the future.

      – Savio

  13. jofasho says:

    Can this be downloaded onto mac and be installed the same way?

  14. george bensten says:

    i have installed the viper 4g lte rom in ics and jellybean os. the rom is great the only problem is when i use the web browser for a lil while the radio drops completely. im running dirty racun s off hboot 1.19 with the latest baseband.

  15. elmerolla says:

    i installed and everything bt theres no touch screen respons

  16. elmerolla says:

    installed bt touch screen is disabled

  17. omfg says:

    best rom ever so many tweeks and hacks love it

  18. ok says:

    by far the best rom for the evo lte

  19. Wallace says:

    Awesome Rom I have been using it for some time now. I have dirty racun s off yesterday the notification for system update came up. I cannot make it go away. Do I let it upgrade then re root my phone or what?

  20. NVUSlooney says:

    i have flashed this ROM ro my htc evo 4g lte, it boots up but i can open to my home screen. my touchscreen dont work any suggestions?

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