How to Root HTC Evo 4G LTE! [Unlock Bootloader][ICS/JB][4.1.1]

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So, you want to install custom ROMs on your HTC Evo 4G LTE?  Well, you will need to unlock the bootloader and install TWRP recovery.

This will work on Android ICS 4.0.3, 4.0.4 and Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1, 4.1.2.

Before we begin, if you want to save personal settings, apps, SMS text messages, we highly recommend you to root your HTC Evo 4G LTE first (non-unlock bootloader method) if you are on software version 1.22.651.1 or less.  Then use GMail for contacts, SMS Text Backup app for backing up SMS text, and Titanium Backup app to backup your apps.

If you don’t care or you have software version 1.22.651.3 and higher, you can just skip all that and just unlock your bootloader and root your phone following method on this page.  But this will erase all your personal settings and apps so just know that beforehand.  However, your personal photos, videos, and other files in internal storage/microSD card will not be affected.

Step 1. Put your phone into bootloader mode by holding down Volume Down and Power buttons together until your phone resets.

Step 2. Let go of the Power button for 1 second when your phone resets.

Step 3. Hold down the Power button again.

Step 4. Choose “FASTBOOT” and hit the Power button once in bootloader.

Step 5. Plug-in your microUSB cable from Evo 4G LTE to your computer.  Your phone should say “FASTBOOT USB”.  If it doesn’t, you will need to install drivers.

Step 6. If you have Windows, you will need to install drivers, download the appropriate drivers for your Windows and install it using Device Manager.

Download Drivers for 32-bit Windows

Download Drivers for 64-bit Windows

Step 7. Download and unzip.  You will find all the necessary files you need to unlock bootloader and install TWRP recovery for all Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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(Don’t have unzipping program? Download and install 7Zip first.)

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Step 8. Open up a command prompt (or terminal for Mac and Linux) and type:

cd Downloads

cd Evo4GLTERoot2

fastboot oem get_identifier_token

For Mac, change all “fastboot” with “./fastboot-mac” on this page.

For Linux, change all “fastboot” with “./fastboot-linux” on this page.

Step 9. You should get an Identifier Token, copy this token to your clipboard “exactly as shown below”.

Step 10. Go to and log-in.  If you don’t have an account, make one and log-in.

Then choose “Unlock Bootloader” and click on “Get Started”.

Step 11. Choose “All Other Supported devices” and click on “Begin Unlock Bootloader”.

Step 12. Click on “Yes”.

Step 13. Click on “Proceed to Unlock Instructions”.

Step 14. Scroll all the way down and click on “Proceed to Step 5”.

Step 15. Scroll all the way down and click on “Proceed to Step 8”.

Step 16. Scroll all the way down and paste the Identifier Token you copied earlier.

Step 17. Hit “Submit” and you should get “Token Submitted Successfully”.  If you don’t, you didn’t copy Identifier Token correctly, go back to Step 9 and try again.

Step 18. Open your e-mail and you should have an e-mail from HTC.

Download the Unlock_code.bin file attachment to your computer.

Step 19. Copy the file Unlock_code.bin to the Evo4GLTERoot2 directory.

Step 20. Next type:

fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

Step 21. Go to your Evo 4G LTE and select “Yes” using Volume Up button and hit the Power button, your phone should reboot.

Step 22. Connect your Evo 4G LTE as a media device to your computer and copy the file in Evo4GLTERoot2 folder to anywhere on your phone.

Step 23. Reboot into bootloader by holding down Volume Down and Power button for 10 seconds.  When your phone reboots, let go of the Power button for 1 second then hold it down again, just like you did in Step 1.

Step 24. Once in bootloader, choose “FASTBOOT”, hit the Power button, then plug-in your microUSB cable from your phone to computer.

Step 25. Type:

fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-2.1.8-jewel.img

fastboot erase cache

This will install custom TWRP recovery on your phone so you can start flashing custom ROMs.

I’ve also included the stock recovery if you ever want to unroot your phone.

You can do the following to install stock recovery later down the road if you need to:

fastboot flash recovery stock_EVO4GLTE_recovery.img

fastboot erase cache

Step 26. Choose “BOOTLOADER” and hit the Power button.

Step 27. Choose “RECOVERY” and hit the Power button.

Step 28. Choose “Install” in TWRP Recovery.

Step 29. Choose “” and swipe to install it.  This will give your Evo 4G LTE root and Superuser app.

Step 30. Choose “Reboot System” to reboot.

Step 31. Once rebooted, you should be all good to go, you now have unlocked bootloader, TWRP recovery, and fully-rooted phone.

You can go ahead and restore all your apps if you backed them up before unlocking bootloader.


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642 Responses to How to Root HTC Evo 4G LTE! [Unlock Bootloader][ICS/JB][4.1.1]

  1. OK…This is driving me crazy…I just got a new 4G LTE after smashing mine from Asurion…I went through the HTC unlock process…Now when I plug in my phone to my Mac, I keep getting into this wacky loop where HTC Sync keeps trying to take the phone’s connection. How do I DISABLE or REMOVE HTC Sync from my device?



    • Jerome says:

      OK..i’ve been reading all the steps to rooting my EVO 4g lte and with all the steps outlined here and the comments shared. It seems as if the method used in the “how too” is not compatiable with all the software updates. Can you PLEASE share the best way on how to ROOT my EVO 4G LTE? Do you have a most current update video on how to do this?

      • jay says:

        Did you try the process yet? If it doesnt work go to the website and follow the instructions for the unlock bootloader process. To receive the unlockcode bin. thru email use a yahoo account cause gmail doesn’t work. To root and install twrp recovery download goo manager app from the twrp website. Follow directions from twrp website in regards to the goo manager app. Enjoy your new rooted EVO LTE with S-on.

    • steven says:

      Uninstall HTC sync from your computer the drivers will stay its that easy bob hope this helps ya

  2. Bill says:

    I just got the HTC Evo 4G LTE yesterday and it came with Android 4.1 already on there. I was able to unlock the bootloader through the above steps. However, when I go try to flash the TWRP recovery image (fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-2.1.8-jewel.img) it does not go through even waited aver 30 min and still did not go through. Yet yours was done in less than 3 seconds. How can I flash the TWRP recovery? Please help

    • Stephen says:

      I had a problem with this too, the solution is to find twrp as 5.0.0 because with the new software update through OEM their is a touch panel lock so you need to get the version of twrp that has that worked around

  3. daniel johnson says:

    can not intall from the twrp screen , any ideas how to proceed. thanks

    • z says:

      Any luck so far? Complete noob here too..

    • el ray says:

      finally …TWRP recovery
      1-go here
      2-download openrecovery-twrp-­l.img
      3-copy to you directory where the rest of you files are and run cmd like admin
      4- follow from step 25 or
      fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-­l.img
      fastboot erase cache
      6-now you TWRP Recovery is working….follow the rest of tutorial

      • Cystik says:

        ive downloaded the latest twrp for my device as well as others and i still cant seem to get it to work. this is what cmd comes back with. please help

        sending ‘recovery’ (7424 KB)…
        OKAY [ 2.031s]
        writing ‘recovery’…
        FAILED (remote: image update error)
        finished. total time: 2.031s

        • Tomalom says:

          you most likely typed in the command wrong then, i forgot the y on recovery multiple times, the smallest error throws it off

  4. z says:

    I don’t have any touch screen on the TWRP screen. I can press the power button and the swipe to unlock screen comes up, but can’t do anything with it. I can power it off and use the phone as normal, but unable to continue past the Install screen. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    • Justin says:

      I found solution to this problem… Go to and download latest recovery img
      paste new openrecovery img file in Evo4GLTERoot2 folder and delete the old openrecovery-twrp-2.1.8-jewel.img file.
      power phone back into bootloader and connect phone to pc in fastboot usb
      open cmd line… cd Downloads… cd Evo4GLTERoot2
      type “fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-
      all set. just press recovery to get to new twrp recovery and install cwm root zip file from phone directory… enjoy rooted Evo 4g LTE

    • Joshua says:

      Go to above and download the LATEST TWRP for your device.
      I did this and it resolved my touchscreen issues.

  5. Nevin says:

    Im having the same problem as Z. I followed all the steps and everything works until i go into recovery and then the phones touch screen stops working but when i just restart it, it works fine.

  6. hugo says:

    Max, I already rooted my htc evo 4g lte and tried to flash like 5 different roms from this site but they didn’t work. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, can you please help me?

  7. Z says:


    Thanks buddy, worked a charm, now rooted but now I’m trying to figure out how to get su working ,but thanks for helping. Appreciate it

    • Dan says:


      If you continue to have problems getting SU to work ( I did too) you might consider using SUPER SU. It is available in the Google Play Store and works like a gem for me. BTW, SU or Super SU is what gives you root privileges so you aren’t actually rooted unless you have one of those running.

      • Z says:

        Yeah I have super su, but keep getting the error where it says the binary needs to be updated, when I hit continue it gives me the option to do it normal or twrp/crm if I choose normal it says installation failed..if I chose the other option is gets me to reboot the phone in dfu mode again and gives me the recovery option..I have a love hate relationship with my phone right now lol

        • Dan says:


          try going into SETTINGS. Then go to Apps. Scroll down to Supersu and open it. go down to CLEAR DATA and open it and tap OK. This might force it to go get an updated binary.

          • xsec says:

            I am having trouble updating the su binaries….tried what you suggested but the clear data button is grayed out. i have tried other super user apps and nothing works. i get the same message…need help.

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  9. csnoots says:

    Help,I followed the guide to root and unlock. worked just fine. tried to flash a new rom on and now my phone dosent boot past the HTC menu. I tried installing the avatar rom, downloaded it and the GApps.flashed the rom then the Gapps and now it dosent boot anything. i wiped all the stuff watched all the videos. i went back and tried to flash the jellybam rom and now it works to the point it is at the jelly bam android launching screen flashing a white screen for about 20 mins and it dosent do anything…

  10. csnoots says:

    Please Please help me. I posted before but my computer froze and im unsure if it posetd or not. I rooted my phone and tried to flash a new rom and it wont work…. it loads the jelly bam screen and now it dosent load past that. i didnt see to make a restore point until afterwards. it is driving me crazy and now my phone is escentally a paperweight

  11. Devin says:

    So for whatever reason when I type in the cd Downloads or any other command I get the message saying it cannot find the file or whatever specified… wth am I doing wrong? I’ve done this to my HTC Hero before with no hiccups but I’m still new to this, ANY insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks…

  12. Dwight Williams says:

    Does anyone know if there is an updated RUU for 3.16 my bootloader os unlocked but I can find a file to work on my sw 3.16 Hboot 2.09

  13. hugo says:

    Was I suppose to get s-off?

  14. jordan says:

    when I hit recovery after step 26 my phone just goes to and stays on the htc logo????

  15. Earl says:

    I’m stuck at step 25. Have done everything like described in instructions, but at step 25 when trying to install the flash recovery I get this.
    C:\Users\EJ\Downloads\Evo4GLTERoot2>fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-2.
    sending ‘recovery’ (7220 KB)…
    (bootloader) start check_usb: usb_ep0: type=128, request=6

    It seems to just get stuck at this screen! Does ANYBODY know why? HELP!

  16. D. Gats says:

    If you’re having problems with your touchscreen in twrp recovery, find twrp

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  18. Sergio says:

    I have windows 8 64 bit installed and it does like the HTC driver. I download form your site. Do you know of any windows 8 drivers i can use??


  19. Lurien says:

    Hi. I dont see any s-off videos here and it makes me wonder since I’m not as experienced with all this stuff…is s-off really that necessary?? Í’ve been s-on for a while, flashed many roms and some kernels and have never really had any issues..Also, is updating radios necessary or beneficial?. Sorry if I’m off topic but I’d appreciate any advice.. Thanks!

  20. TODDzillaInLA says:

    love this phone, if i can figure out how to get it s off it would love it even more, came with hb2.09 and 3.16

  21. Duke Ta says:

    You need to come up with a better way to unlock/root phone!!!! There’s like 31 steps!!!!!!!!! You crazy?????!!!!!!!! It needs to be a 1 click root!!!!!

  22. The Guy On The Couch says:

    Stuck on # 8 it says “The system cannot find the path specified”

    • steven says:

      Same here when i type in the “cd Downloads” i get ‘The system cannot find the path specified”

  23. DAVIDSGRL says:

    I was unable to root/nlock my old htc evo 4g lte then promptly bricked it trying to install avatar rom. I got a new lte and I am trying to root/unlock and when I put it into the fast boot screen it just restarts without being able to choose anything. Not sure what is different but this is not working for me this time! software version 2.13.651.1 710RD ANDROID VERSION 4.0.4 KERNEL 3.0.8-01680-GB6402B4

  24. hethamhamem says:

    hi please help to root my htc evo 4g

  25. xsec says:

    Can someone assist me on how to get the SU binaries updated? If i try it without using TWRP it doesn’t work and the phone restarts, i try it using TWRP manually i don’t know where to go in the recovery to update.

  26. steven says:

    How to do I fix my phone I flashed the ur ROM and it won’t open the lock screen and my nandroid back up just gets a black screen I still have twrp now what. Please help thanx

  27. joe says:

    I am stuck at the CM blue circle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Driving me batty. I also tried installing the “Unofficial” CM 10.1 and GApps and got stuck at the white HTC screen. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!! Please.
    How do I tell if I have the right Kernel? What else could be the problem?

  28. myklayn says:

    ok guys im at a loss here several months back i did this procedure and did the htcdev unlock and flashed twrp but the twrp wouldnt work because of the touch screen issue with the new update several days ago my phone started acting up and couldnt get it fixed so i came back here and tried to flash the recovery img everything appeared ok but still stuck in the boot loop i even tried to reflash twrp and still stuck in a boot loop and advice would be very helpful

  29. xsec says:

    I am having trouble updating the su binaries….tried what you suggested but the clear data button is grayed out. i have tried other super user apps and nothing works. i get the same message…need help.

  30. mo says:

    Anybody els having problems flashing the superuser? Tried flashing superSu-v0.99 still say I’m not rooted when check with root checker

  31. mo says:

    No I’m on stock. Everythings went smooth and was even able to go into recovery to flash the supersu and reboot and everything. After reboot I get the supersu app but its still saynot rooted. Even tried to installed different superusers but no luck

  32. Mo says:

    I heard that HTC blocked recovery with the last update… I just got this phone and want to root it. Will this method still work?

  33. Mo says:

    by the way its running the latest software 3.16.651.3 710RD… so will this method still work or is a new one needed?

  34. Mo says:

    Nevermind… took a leap of faith and this method works. but you need to update the files to include twrp or else the touchscreen will not work in recovery. found this out the hard way. Thanks for an otherwise awesome tutorial.

  35. Josh says:

    followed the directions to the letter got to twrp install and the touch screen stopped working… please help

  36. Guy says:

    Followed all steps. Tried flashing multiple roms… nothing happens. Reading comments I see others have the same issue. Any thoughts?

  37. Cozmicjr says:

    for all those who have S-on and need the updated SuperSU the link is here, just install this zip instead of the one given to you through the downloads

  38. Antonio says:

    I´m stock in the step 27, after choos “Recovery” the phone dosn´t show the screen like in the tutorial, it reboot and stay in a screen with a image of the phone with a emergency icon. help

  39. No matter how many times I try to send the .bin file, it gets stuck saying “Sending 0kb.” I’ve already installed HTC Sync, tried to flash the token, no good. I uninstalled it and kept the drivers, still no good. I uninstalled PDANet, still no difference. My Windows XP has NO other possible interference, all drivers are set up properly. I can see the device as “fastboot” thru “fastboot devices.” Device Manager shows it as “My HTC.” When I had my Mytouch 4g Slide I had this same issue but after uninstalling HTC Sync it just worked. This one had been a bee. Any suggestions? You can email me at my secondary email @nnjrevolution @t geemail com.

  40. charles says:

    I keep getting this message… (error: cannot load ‘openrecovery-twrp-’)…when i try to flash recovery. Any ideas folks?

  41. Mike Jones says:

    I’m stuck on the Team Win Recovery Project v2.1.8 screen.
    I literally cannot do ANYTHING. The phone is completely unresponsive and I don’t know what to do. Right now, it’s currently stuck on the Swip to Unlock screen and won’t let me do so. What can I do?

  42. Scott says:

    Anything for 3.17.651.4 yet?

  43. Matt says:

    I copy my token, go to HTCDev, click all other supported devices, it comes up do you want to conyinue, click yes, and it just sits there loadin. Doesn’t go to the legal info. What is the problem?

  44. mgf says:

    I just finished rooting my HTC EVO 4G LTE, had a couple issues with jelly bean, first, I have to update my JRE to 7, and the version of TWRP needs to be, once I updated these, I was good to go!

  45. Steve says:

    I’m kinda stressing here. I followed everything to the T, I believe. Every ROM I flash bootloops or gets stuck on splashscreen. I’m wondering is this because of S-ON or the SuperUser app. That app seems a little jenky. Any advice or assistance will be appreciated.

  46. Steven says:

    My HTC EVO LTE is already unlocked and I want to root it, where’s the part in this tutorial showing how to root it. it went from showing how to root it then it jumped to unlocking it. am I missing something?

  47. Kevin says:

    I’ve downloaded and rooted the phone, tried to place a different rom on the phone and now all I seem to get is the twrp load screen or the phone continues to power on and off. Not quiet sure what to do at this point, I havent been able to use my cellphone for 4 days now. I’ve tried flashing and reflashing yet the result is still the same. just attempting to get a little additional help.

  48. sylvester says:

    Please im having problem with my htc sensation xl, i followed htcdev unlock bootloader process,after downloading the unlock code sent to my mail, at the point of typing fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin i get an error of remote partition does not exist please i need your help.

    • Ryan says:

      Same problem here.

      sending ‘unocktoken’ (0 KB)…
      OKAY [ 0.140s]
      writing ‘unocktoken’…
      FAILED (remote: partition does
      finished. total time: 0.187s

      Wondering if trying to run the VipeRUU will create the partition, and then go back and try it again. Not sure if the BL has to be unlocked to run the RUU.

      • Ryan says:

        Don’t mind me. Helps if I spell “unlock” correctly. You might want to check you spelled everything properly and run again.

  49. B'Rian says:

    Does this method work on software version 3.17.651.4.710RD that has Hboot 2.09?

  50. Clarence says:

    I’ve made it to step 28 and my screen won’t react to my touching it. HELP!

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