How to Unroot HTC Evo 4G LTE!

So, you want to unroot your HTC Evo 4G LTE?

If you just want to remove root, you can easily just use the SuperSU app and choose “Full unroot” under Settings.  Now, this won’t remove “TAMPERED” sign in the bootloader, which shows up after rooting.  But you don’t have to remove that sign unless you are returning your Evo 4G LTE to Sprint for warranty.  If you are going to, then you can follow the instructions below on how to use RUU to unroot.

Also, if you don’t have custom Recovery installed, you don’t have to unroot to receive over-the-air OTA updates so long as you are on stock ROM.  You might lose root though so just install RootKeeper app before doing so.

Step 1. First, you will want to make sure USB debugging is checked ON under Settings->Developer options.

Step 2. Connect your Evo 4G LTE to your computer and make sure USB connection is set to “Charge only”.

Step 3. You will notice that you have “TAMPERED” sign in bootloader.


Step 4. Go into Settings->About Phone -> Software Information and find the software version, mine says 1.13.651.1.  Go ahead and download the same version of RUU.

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Download RUU

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Step 5. Make sure you have HTC Drivers installed, you should see “My HTC” or “Android ADB” in Device Manager.

If you have “Android 1.0” with exclamation mark, manually update the drivers using appropriate Windows drivers below:

Download Drivers for 32-bit Windows

Download Drivers for 64-bit Windows


Step 7. After about 20 minutes your phone should be unrooted.  Now, there are times where your drivers might need to be updated manually so keep Device Manager open and update drivers manually if your driver goes back to Android 1.0.


Step 8. If you reboot into bootloader after unrooting, you will find the tampered sign gone and “LOCKED” shown.

Congratulations!  Now you can take your HTC Evo 4G LTE back for warranty if needed and there’s no trace of rooting.

Credits – XDA

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135 Responses to How to Unroot HTC Evo 4G LTE!

  1. Jorge2 says:

    Any instructions on how to unroot while on Mac/ Linux?

    • Jorge says:

      If I were you I’d go to YouTube , these instructions suck . Make sure you look at the amount of dislikes. I can’t give you the link. I would find a windows to do this stuff on.

  2. Jay Mos says:

    I need a new driver for my htc evo lite that works with windows 7. my software version is 2.13.651.1 71ord. my pc is not recogising my evo, so i cant even begin to unroot… Please help again thx…

  3. Robert Lemaire says:

    Video seems good but how about providing a link to the RUU such as 2.13.561.1.710.RD

    • Joe Johnson says:

      There’s a link to D/L under the stupid ad banner. This site continues to have a horrible UI — but, none the less, continues to impress with information. Just wish the site had a better layout.

  4. Chris R. says:

    For some reason my system software says viper4g 1.0.0 (the rom im using for my evo 4glte) how do I get it back to sprint stock software?

  5. Chris R. says:

    my android version is 4.0.3, htc sense version is 4.0 software version is viper4g 1.0.0, htc sdk api level is 4.20 if that helps

  6. Chris R. says:

    sorry for commenting so much, forgot to mention I get an error unsuccusful message when I try to run the ruu

  7. Mark says:

    I’ve tried running RUU for my version (2.13.651.1 710RD – which is the latest) but it fails and I get a 155 error. I had not relocked the bootloader before doing so. Should that matter? Any input on how to get back to OOB?

  8. Mark says:

    Relocked the boot loader an RUU worked just fine…

  9. Jack says:

    My problem isn’t with the process, after I do the whole RUU and it says it was done successfully but after the phone boots my android market says server error, and basically most of my google apps doen’t really work. What have I done wrong? Anything with the RUU process? My friend has an evo lte also and had this problem but just kept RUUing until it started working. Please Help!

  10. Dan says:

    No problems with the RUU process. I didn’t have to run it more than once but you might want to try it. First, make sure that you added your Google account AFTER your phone boots up from doing the RUU. Everytime you do the RUU you will need to tell the phone its on your Google account.

  11. Dan G says:

    I’m trying to unroot and install the stock ROM again. Can anyone tell me if I need to install the SAME stock ROM that came with my phone, or can I use a more recent HTC/Sprint ROM?

  12. Rick says:

    I made the mistake and didnt root and got the OTA update. Can I root the current software version 3.15.651.16 using the newest RUU? Or do I need to wait? I would like to try the new JellyBAM

  13. phillip perez says:

    do you have the latest ruu v. 3.15 jelly bean , would like to return my phone back to stock so i can update the radios . i still have radios from v. 1.13 ics. i have 4g coverage in my area and unable to connect . if it does connect i dont get any data connection , only able to connect through cdma only and it is 3g speeds. would appreciate any help.

  14. Anthony says:

    Do you have a link for RUU_JEWEL_CL_JB_45_S_Sprint_WWE_3.15.651.16_Radio_1.12.11.1119_NV_2.87_003_25007_release_299302_signed

    I Cant seem to Find a good one any where, the one that I do have fails after flash completes, the phone will boot but the stock rom is buggy and not stable. Please Help.


  15. Mike says:

    i accidentally deleted my rom on recovery project and had no backup done. how can i get my rom back on because i can’t access it through my computer now?

  16. Marc says:

    I recently rooted my EVO 4g LTE for the first time and tried to unroot it to get the latest system upgrade from Sprint. SuperSU wouldn’t upgrade it’s files, so I pretty much wiped everything clean and now I have a brick. I think I wiped the Android OS off of the phone completely, as my phone is now stuck on the opening screen (HTC Quietly Brilliant). Help!

  17. fortheloveofphoto says:

    NEED HELP undoing this process on a mac. I need my phone completely stock to return to sprint but can’t run the RUU on a mac. Please help. I have htc evo 4g lte and used this method to root. also installed clockwork mod. tried flashing stock rom included in file but now just get a black screen with a red triangle with an exclamation point in the middle. Need serious help.

  18. Dell says:

    Do you have a link for

  19. Wes says:

    I am trying to get my phone back to stock. I have followed your directions, however, I don’t know which RUU to use. Under About/Software version, my phone has: “MeanBean_3.09” and the two I RUU files I downloaded would not run….came back with an error message. What am I doing wrong?

    Currently my phone shows the following in Bootloader:
    moonshine S-OFF
    Oct 18 2012


  20. onyemaechi says:

    please how to flash my HTC SPRINT 4G…i have tried several means it cant still flash…

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