For those of you who need ICS “right now”, you might want to just give the AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) ICS ROM a try for your HTC Evo 4G. Of all the ICS ROMs out there, this might be the most stable/usable ICS ROM. Although 4G WiMax isn’t working and the front-camera, the AOKP ICS ROM is otherwise a great ROM you can use as daily driver.

Other than that, there’s ROM Control settings in system settings menu that allows you to fully customize the UI and even overclock your Evo 4G. (Yes, this is probably the first overclockable ICS ROM for Evo 4G.)

If you need ICS right now and you don’t mind the absence of 4G and front-camera, give this ROM a try, you will love it as it’s stable, fast, and gets great battery life. I will try to have an updated review when this ROM gets updated in the future.

Download ROM and Google Apps:

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Download GoogleApps

Do “Install from zip” for GoogleApps zip file right after installing the ROM in Recovery.

Credits – XDA

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19 Responses to AOKP ICS ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

  1. Austin D. says:

    I flashed this ROM and it just kept rebooting never let me do anything

    • Steven says:

      Same issue here. I have tried two different builds all for evo 4g it continually reboots.

      • Bill Berndtson says:

        Open up the back, remove the battery. Replace the battery, and re-boot. I had the same problem and this procedure worked for me.

  2. Dustin says:

    yo im new to this but i would really appreciate if someone could help me and tell me how to get this so when im in recovery mode and i hit flash zip it will show up cause as of right now it is not showing up thank you in advance

  3. Bill Berndtson says:

    Please tell, step by step what you have done.

  4. milky says:

    i already flashed this ROM.. but when i go to gallery app. i got crashed and app error many time….

  5. Greg says:

    Same problem for me as well, constantly rebooting, I used RA Amora to flash rom

  6. Austin D. says:

    You have to do a factory reset before you flash this ROM so make sure to do a nandroid backup before and BTW its not that great I woulda suggest the mikg 3.0 ROM over this

  7. dustin helgeson says:

    BTW— Team Blaze just released an ICS Rom just getting out of Beta. They were able to use patches donated from AOKP, CM, and others. It’s even more stable than the AOKP release, in my opinion- although the AOKP ICS Rom has more customizations, if that’s the sort of thing that you like.

  8. vu says:

    how to install ics

  9. Ritz says:

    I seem to have a problem with battery life on this ROM. Besides a few fc’s and a few glitches its a pretty good ROM

  10. Philip Cox says:

    Flashed this rom a few weeks ago. By far the best ICS rom for the evo, so thanks for that. BUT…not a daily driver for me. All video feeds are choppy, even gallery vid’s. The gallery is not recognized half the time, I had to manual force close it then I could access my pics and vids. Loved the rom, but to many daily issue’s for me. My $.02

  11. DreDay says:

    I rooted my phone then installed this rom while in recovery mode. I reboot my phone and all I see on my screen is a unicorn with TEAM KANG on it. What did I do wrong?

  12. mubashar mubeen says:

    dear all

    disable of remove NOVA Desktop…. it will be all fine.

  13. stacy mcdaniel says:

    I believe i did everything right…keyword being believe lol. When i run this rom on my evo it doesnt show any thing for google…Like the play store or even google chat. Where do i go to download them? or is there a way to retrieve them? i love the rom ran great just would like to have the app store and my gmail so i can import contacts and everything else.

  14. Jeff k says:

    Help hope I am I’m the right place I flashed ics rom and can not find the update data profile and tryed the msl and can not fig out how to actvate this evo to sprint pls get back to me u have done other Roma and never had a problem get em to work I know it some thing easy but I don’t know mush about the other things that makes th work when actvate n them the stock software is easy just update profile or use the msl but I can fig out how to do any of this so it has ics on it it works just can get it on to the network.

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      Usually you don’t have to activate the phone if you cannot on ics, just flash stock gb activate then reinstall ics.

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