Best HTC Evo 4G ROM for Starters – MikG ROM!

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from people who were finally able to root their HTC Evo 4G phone after months of not being able to do so. Well, the number one question I got last week was, “what is the best ROM for HTC Evo 4G”?

There’s actually a TON of great ROMs for you to try out but if you just need a stable and good ROM just to start out, I highly suggest you to try MikG ROM and I’ve included instruction video on how to install it so you can easily get started with all this ROM stuff.

Make sure you backup your current ROM, you can see here for instructions on how to backup your current ROM. (This one is actually for Evo 3D but is pretty much same as for the Evo 4G.)

Download ROM here:

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Download MikG ROM

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53 Responses to Best HTC Evo 4G ROM for Starters – MikG ROM!

  1. David L says:

    I agree, Mik G is the best overall for me. The only trouble I have had with it, is to download it you have to use websites that are really show… But it’s a great rom. The only thing wrong that I have noticed its that the internet app will crash sometimes.

  2. Allen says:

    I tried to install this. Not only did it take hours to download, but after I moved it to my phone and tried to load it. I keep getting “unable to load” “aborting” ” (bad)”.
    I did the nandoid backup and the wipe as per the instructions, but still no luck. Any ideas?

    • Dale Fahrney says:

      Allen….. this is gonna sound crazy……. But…. You need to wipe everything (except the sd card) THREE TIMES….. It will take you about 5 minutes …. Then try to install …. It will work…..


  3. Tyrone says:

    With the CM7 or MIKG, does the wireless hotspot capabilities feature works?

    • Dale Fahrney says:

      YES… and YES….. I’m using the Mik G 2.45 and I have free wireless wif i and tether….. Works great….

  4. juan says:

    no e podido bajarlo hay otra manera de aserlo grasias

  5. Dale Fahrney says:

    I really like this ROM… The freedom of being rooted and all the benefits of a regular Sprint rom and no bloatware…. This is a GREAT ROM….

  6. Moore says:

    For the ROM download, i just googed the file name and found a site to download from, had to wait 90 seconds for download, due to free download, but downloaded within just a couple minutes. Just a tip.

  7. iniquito says:

    I searched through the comments to see if I had any similar errors to other people ctrl+f’ing most of my problems away and now I get to the step after entering my beta key and I get

    “Beta key accepted – thank you for participating!
    Zerging Root… this might take a minute or so..”

    then ……. nothing… forever!
    I was getting different errors before rebooting both the computer and the phone where it would say that it failed to communicate and then prompt to exit by pressing almost anything
    any suggestions would be very welcome

  8. Robert says:

    The MikG ROM is nice, but I’m having problems with it.
    When I charge my phone on AC 5minutes later it says usb
    I disconnect and re connect and It goes back to AC
    Also, I’m not sure If it’s the ROM or sense 2.1 but my evo4g
    Battery is being drained drastically… Every minute I can see the
    Percent drop by 1% on a 3500mha battery! And all im doing is sending
    A text. I tried reinstalling, disabling background data nothing works.

    • Dale says:

      let it run for a day or so…. unless your battery is an el cheapo …. My seido battery 3500 routinely lasts over 65 hours with minimal effort..

      • ab_id says:

        I just installed the lastest version of the MikG rom and today was my first day using. I am using this post because I experienced the same thing as the original poster. My battery really drained pretty quick, my first charge after being fully charge this morning was at 11:30am and it only gave me about 5 hours or less from a full charge. With my stock rom with the unrooted phone I was averaging almost all day!

        Any ideas? Is there a rom similar to MikG but with better battery life? I notices the reviews don’t say anything about battery life and how efficient this roms are.
        Any help will be appreciate it…

  9. Dan Dickson says:

    I have successfully rooted my EVO 4G and am presently running the Mik G 2.45 ROM. I am quite happy with the way its running but have a couple quiestion which may seem pretty anive but that’s how I lear- by asking the question that I think pertain to me.

    First off… in case I have to UNROOT (take back to stock) are there any instructions on the website (ANY website) that tell my how to get the stock Gingerbread back?

    I have seen the terms Radio, Wimax, PRI, and NV bandied about. What are they and when do I need to use them (if at all). Everything seems to run fine on my EVO 4G Do I need to install these at any particular time?

    • Dale says:

      Dan…. You obviously have super user with the MikG rom and no you dont need to worry about anything else…. Youre all set.. I’m not sure if Max has made an Unroot video…. But I know they are on you tube……

  10. tomoyemartin says:

    I installed MIKG 2.45, everything seems ok, but my camera dose not display while taking pics, or videos. I also had some unexpected resets. Any sygestions?

  11. Dj_iET says:

    so far so good hour 1 will update within a week or two after i use the hell out of this rom..

  12. ab_id says:

    I need help, I just installed the MIKG 2.45 ROM and when I hit reboot, it started doing the reboot but the phone froze
    on the white “htc EVO 4G” white screen. Any thoughts???

    • ab_id says:

      I got it to work. I went back to recovery and re-installed the rom a second time and this time I was able to get passed the previous frozen screen noted on my first post.

  13. Paul says:

    ok.. i fuc#ed up.. i have no idea what i’m doing, i rooted my phone, and installed this custom rom. now when the phone turns on,.. i get a whole bunch of messages about not being able to acces anything and force close,.. i van’t even do anything on my phone now, how can i go back ??!! ah!!

    • Dale Fahrney says:

      Paul: While I’m not an expert by any means…. If it were me I would pull the battery and get back into the boot loader and then wipe the phone again…. (three times minimum) and then re install the mikg 2.45 rom and let it do it’s thing and see what happens.

      Hope this helps….


    • Jerry H says:

      Paul as a newbie i had the same exact problems you are having.. and I dont know the correct terms but i had an differen version of the unrevoked recovery module.. i downloaded a new pc36 file and upated and wiped the data once,, reinstalled the ROM and it worked great!

    • alex says:

      you are so fuck

    • Big_mike86 says:

      I am having the same problem… HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dale Fahrney says:

    Hey Max….. I tried what you said and it works awesome….. I cut my evo in half and put it in the garden along with your rooting powder and all the weeds are gone and the tomatoes are twice their normal size…. What do I do with the other half of the EVO ? ? ?

  15. Hamid says:

    I have a huge question, I got “No Service” legend after I update my PRL from my carrier in México, before that, I was unable to do calls, any suggestion about that? I got an Evo HTC 4G on Iusacell in México… But the strange thing is that… before I update my PRL the 3G was working, and everything… Amazing ROM by the way… Keep the good work, and thanks for this forum, I got my HTC Rooted and with a custom ROM, thanks thanks thanks x1000 =)

    • Hamid says:

      I fixed both issues, something on the configuration changed, so I used QPTS to change some values, and that’s all !

  16. Hamid says:

    Oh, another thing… I can finally got signal, but I can’t make phonecalls, nor text msg… only the 3G … do you know what could be the problem? I really ant to have this ROM..

  17. Matt L says:

    Yea i notice that my battery was draining really quick. Any ideas on how to fix this? Other than that, i love this rom. It runs real smooth and pretty quick.

  18. dan says:

    Well I have had it running for a few days now and I like it except for the high battery usage. If there is no fix I will have to use a different ROM that gives better battery life???

    • Ab_id says:

      Can someone fro. The forum or the reviewer help here? I have the same problem with this ROM. I love it but the battery drains very quick.

      Is there a similar ROM out there with better battery life?

    • spidergrafxxx says:

      I downloaded setcpu from the market and after I set some parameters my battery life has improved dramatically

  19. NRHTX says:

    Question? I unrooted my EVO 4G to get Sprint update 4.53.651.1 because I really wanted the voice to text issue fixed. The new updates works great. I tried flashing my MIKG 2.5 rom back but the software built is 4.24. Does anyone know when MIKG will release another ROM with 4.53.651.1

    Also someone in a forum told me I did not have to unroot and I should of waited to get a update from MIKG, is this correct?

    Thank you all


  20. Dj_iET says:

    new update cwm does not work with mikgrom.. i could not flash backup… worried i am

  21. Alex says:

    Hi, I just installed the MikG rom, and now I’m having the “Low on space” problem again… I uninstall some app I haven’t used but still I’m short on space. There is any way to move the biggest app like facebook, maps, contact storage, weather to the sd card using this room or any other stock ROMs??? Thank you for your help…!!!

    • Damon M says:

      Always do a Titanium Backup before you switch to another ROM. I had the same problems. What I did was do a Titanium Backup. After you get your new Rom go to the market get Titanium Backup. When you open T.B. go to restore but don’t restore all apps with data. Choose “restore missing apps+system data”. What that does is keeps your from overloading the MG Rom with apps you already have on your back up. Just restore the apps that the MikG Rom doesn’t have. One more thing make sure you have Apps2SD it will save you a lot of space also because you have the freedom to move apps to your SD card on this ROm

    • Unknown says:

      Probably referring to the low space on the phone not sd card

  22. Jerry H says:

    Loving the MikG rom, but one thing I have notices is,,, if someone sends me a pic in a test message, i can no longer tap the pic and save it to my phone. Has anyone else had problems with this? or is this just a “thing” for this ROM?


    Oh and Paul as a newbie i had the same exact problems you are having.. and I dont know the correct terms but i had an differen version of the unrevoked recovery module.. i downloaded a new pc36 file and upated and wiped the data once,, reinstalled the ROM and it worked great!

  23. alex says:

    can you root htc inspire and how you do it__?

  24. sfascu says:

    I like this ROM. However, it disables my ability to receive picture through MMS. Perhaps, someone here can help me with that as Sprint was no help. Thanks

    • Damon M says:

      Which version of MikG are you using? I’m on MikG 2.5 I do use GO SMS Pro for my text. I checked my stock SMS and I received MMS just fine. I rooted my phone 5 weeks ago I should have went to the MikG rom it’s one of the best out there. I’m not switching for awhile.

    • Unknown says:

      I wouldnt bother asking sprint. Wouldnt be a very smart thing, it would void the warranty and make your insurance invalid because you rooted it,

  25. Esteban says:

    I downloaded and installed this to my phone. Its all good and fine but it keeps saying “Sorry! The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” Then it gives the option to Force Close. I press it but it keeps coming up… help? :c

  26. SEAN says:

    I have rooted my Evo 4g (as shown by SuperUser and that I can run the WIFI Tethering). Each time I run the Tethering, it says I dont have an account for the Mobile Hotspot and to call my providor (Sprint). I installed the MIKG and never would connect and same error. I installed the VIPER ROM and same results. Isnt the tethering supposed to be free if you root & use the app, or if you run either of the Tethering ROMs? Can someone assist me or give an idea maybe? Thanks!

    • Unknown says:

      Download the wifi teethering from market. dont use sprint hotspot

    • Billy Spegal says:

      Hey Sean, did you ever get this fixed? If you rooted with Revolutionary, and used some of the Youtube video links, I may know the problem. Most apps weren’t recognizing my root, and I was having problems right out of the gate. I had gone by a youtube video on rooting and it seemed to go okay. Found out though that the Superuser file on the Youtube video was outdated. Had to go back to the Revolutionary website and downloand and flash the newest version. After that, all was good.

  27. Krubb says:

    I have been playing around with rooting and installing ROMs for a couple of days now. I am running the MikG v2.56 with the HDMI Mirroring kernel as well. The only issue I have found so far (probably because I haven’t hit all the features yet) is that my phone will no longer connect to a 4G network. It will scan for it, see it, obtain an IP address, and then immediately disconnect and will not attempt a reconnection unless I turn the 4G antenna off and back on. I haven’t found anything online yet about this issue with this ROM so I am wondering what I may have done wrong. I did try reinstalling the ROM after doing a few wipes (the Divorak or whatever it is called as well as the other option in recovery).

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