CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

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Last week we saw TeamDirt’s Jelly Bean ROM for HTC Evo 4G. Well, here’s another great CM10 Jelly Bean ROM you can try for your HTC Evo 4G. Like before, camera/camcorder/4G/Netflix aren’t working but if you don’t mind those this could be a great way to try out the latest Jelly Bean on your Evo 4G.

I think this is a tad better and should be pretty cool to try out the Google Now and other buttery smooth UI features with Jelly Bean.


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Download CM10 Jelly Bean
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Credits – XDA

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22 Responses to CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

  1. Tony Gross says:

    Not sure, but do they have any Jelly Bean Roms for the Evo 3d??

  2. werner salinas says:

    Thnxs for d recommendation on the jelly bean for the HTC EVO 4G but if d camera,free,netflix, tethering,WiFi ,video recorder doesn’t work I don’t see the reason to installed but I want to ask u can recommend me one base on ice cream sadwish that works with this things Thnxs a lot

  3. Vincent says:


    Thanks for all this info.
    I dig this ROM. i was on AOKP but they stopped developing for the supersonic. this works out well and is more stable on the EVO 4G than the last working version of AOKP.

    how do i track this ROM for updates? who’s the developer? you know, when i used AOKP, i went to for info and updates. who’s handling this ROM?

    Mucho Thanks,

    • HTC Evo 4G Hacks says:

      I usually put link to XDA at bottom of all posts, so you can usually check that link to check the developer and updates. This isn’t an official AOKP so you won’t find it there. Also, don’t forget to donate to the ROM developers, every bit helps!

  4. Vincent says:

    PS. how do i subscribe to i don’t see a subscribe button?


  5. Nicholas S says:

    so my major quick question is how do i put the ROM on my evo?

  6. prakash says:

    hi i used this rom, its good but no cam n bluetooth headset doesnt connect mediaplayer…and now it wont go to recovery mode also…how to go back to my original rom??? pls suggest

  7. mip says:

    this site is the best i was running team dirt and attempted to switch over however i am stuck i dont have any of the google apps ran that app that downloads gapps but it is doing some wierd things help please

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  9. Reid Geddie says:

    Hey max, I flashed this ROM last night and I love it so far, but theres a major problem that I’ve come across that no one else seems to have. I don’t have the Google Play store installed on it and it wont let me sign in with my google/gmail account. It asks for my domain\username and it still wont work. I probably made some simple mistake, but any help would be appreciated. thanks!

  10. zimWolfe says:

    I noticed a tendency for the HTC EVO single processor phone to overheat and reset with extended use such as Google Maps/GPS. It usually wont reboot when just running the application laying on the table but in real life when you travel, switching towers and with the screen being on the whole time. Does not do this with CM9.

  11. Shawn says:

    How would I install both gapps and cm10?

  12. Hey guys I Still have the original Evo as my primary phone and I’m running strike team ICS ROM and let me say that it is an awesome ROM..its pure vanilla ICS super fast and incredibly stable I gave been running it for a week and haven’t had ANY problems..its awesome guys give it a try

  13. Argenis Morel says:

    Hey im so digging this ROM, but now im having a problem. every time i try to do a nandroid restore, it goes back to this ROM. i always do a wipe of cache, dalvik cache, and data before flashing anything, and i also have superwipe which i use when i’m flashing new ROM’s. superwipe wipes cache, dalvik cache, data, and system. I love this ROM, but i needs 4g back for a while. can anyone help??

  14. tony gonzalez says:

    hi i have a problem with this rom i know video and camera doesnt work but now my wifi wont connect well it does but it doesnt turn blue it did before and i can look up the browser but play store wont work because it doesnt have a signal and im pretty good with computers and phones but i could not fix this problem

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