CyanogenMod 7.1 ROM + Tiamat Kernel for HTC Evo 4G [1.19Ghz OC]

Probably the most fastest/stable setup for the HTC Evo 4G is the CyanogenMod 7.1 ROM plus Tiamat kernel.  I did have CM7 and SnapTurbo running couple months back running really fast but 4G is broken on that setup.

Anyways, I’ve reverted back to the latest CyanogenMod 7.1 ROM, which runs quite fast coupled with Tiamat Kernel.  It’s not going to put be as fast as some of the better Android phones out nowadays but still, it’s going to give you a bit of an edge over stock.

Let me know what you think of this setup and if there’s any problems with it.
Download ROM here:

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Download CM7.1 for Evo 4G

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Download Tiamat Kernel here

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54 Responses to CyanogenMod 7.1 ROM + Tiamat Kernel for HTC Evo 4G [1.19Ghz OC]

  1. Santis says:

    Hows the battery life, with that setup?

  2. Ark.Bishop says:

    I installed this ROM this morning and everything seems to work all right. When trying to restore some applications based on Sense the phone got stuck (I figured out the reason and stopped trying to restore them). I had to reboot the phone 4 times today as it got stuck so I am hoping is not a pattern. The battery does not seem to drain as much as other ROMs I have used in the past. I did notice the phone get extremely hot and it actually is taking longer to charge the battery.

    Hopefully these issues were just a one time occurrence and I am looking forward to continue testing it.

    My only beef with this is that I have not been able to create a shortcut for a 4G icon, other than just pulling the screen I have not been able to create an icon for 4G. OK ROM so far (I have used it for 8 hours and 25 minutes so far).

  3. Ichisan says:

    I tried this setup since last Sunday and I could not get decent battery life with moderate use my phone was dead in four hours. I was using 7.1 stable and tiamat kennel with the latest radios. I did enjoy it but could not figure our the battery problem. Loving mikg 2.58 at the moment.

  4. Tim says:

    downloaded this rom and kernel, flashed em….kernel kinda lagged, so i did a full wipe again and just flashed cm7. Totally shocked, everything was way better than the earlier cm7 mods. Everything works, like max said it’s very stable and fast even w/o the extra kernel. Camera interface is what caught my eyes, a lot cleaner interface. A+ for interface, gonna use this for a couple of weeks till the next rom of the week comes out! Keep up the good work MAX.

    PS: Finally Sprint gets the iPhone 4s. Although I’m turned to the android community now.

  5. Jerry says:

    I just loaded this ROM and running into one main problem,,, I think anyway. I am trying to get all my contacts and market back online, however when i try to add an account it only gives me the options to add an exchange account? I need to add my google account back. is there a trick?


  6. shane says:

    does this ROM use the standard voicemail app or do you have to use googlevoice?

    • Brandon says:

      you have to download the visual voice mail apk you can get it from xda forum and use file manager to install!!

      • Tim J says:

        easier way, go to a sense base rom, do an update on visual voice mail, back it up on titanium back up, restore cm7 and run restore apps, and presto. i got updated visual voicemail on cm7!

  7. Matt Brown says:

    I have been running CM7 for awhile now once the final release came out I jumped on it (I had been running the nightlies). Every ran nice and clean for about two months then last night for some reason after I installed a few apps everything just locked up had to pull the battery and reboot. Once the phone came back up it mounted the SD card and seemed fine then a few minutes later locked up again. I hear that the final release might not be all that stable, so I am moving back to the nightlies for now the last one #255 was really good and that is what I am on now. I like Cyanogenmod it is clean and light, but that lock up issue really bugged me I mean this was a release not the RC or a nightly. I will say keep tabs on this mod though it should be the first one with a clean ICS release, that I can not wait for I don’t know how a sense-based ROM is going to look with ICS, but CM9 should look as close to the demos of ICS as a Nexus would.

  8. Incitatus says:

    I installed this setup and was immediately floored with the functionality. However, after a day of fixing Forceclose errors with a number of different services, I discovered that for whatever reason the phone had become unable to receive a call. All calls went straight to voicemail. So I’m back on MikG and I won’t be giving cm7 another shot until they have a genuinly stable build that won’t essentially disable my phone’s most important feature.

  9. Mikeadonis says:

    Just one question about this rom. Does WiFi tethering work. The tethering hasnt been connecting on any of my cm7 roms. I get errors connecting and the same tethering apps work on my Sense based roms. Can you test to see if you can connect to you tether and let me know . Thanks in advance. PS I would just test myself, but i can save hours from being wasted when someone who already has it set up can check in 2 minutes.

  10. Brandon says:

    Ive been using CM7 for about a month now but with the stock kernal. I havent had any issue except i had to download the apk for visual voicemail and go through a few short steps to get it working properly and had issue with gps which i did found the fix for. Other than that I love the ROM and its been my permanent ROM, the longest one ive kept so far. Battery life is pretty darn good especially for the EVO, tethering works, 4G works and the internet is actually pretty fast, its not a boring ROM by any means….. I love it!!!

    • Ichisan says:

      I loved CM7 aswell do you show unusually high cell standby? I would show majority of my battery use to cell standby but the time with out signal would be zero. With mikg my battery life is great 4xbetter and cell standby is minimum and display is the number one battery user.

  11. Ark.Bishop says:

    Unfortunately, I gave this ROM a chance but it continously froze on me. Just today I had to pull the battery to get it to work 4 times. I am using MikG 2.58 and liking it thus far.

    Hopefully, a more stable CM7 will be released in the near future.

    I am out!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. andy says:

    everything works great! feels like I bought a brand new phone! only thing that don’t work is the wifi tether!! please help!!! so I can keep this Tom. thanks!!!

  13. Ken says:

    This rom is great! However, I can’t get the GPS to work. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Jeremiah says:

      Yeah, I’m having trouble with GPS too. I can’t get it to work at all. I’ve tried Google Maps and Waze and neither can get a GPS lock. Other than that I like this ROM. Internet connections have noticeably improved from other ROMs I’ve used and I really like all the tweaks. If anyone knows how to fix the GPS problem please post a solution.

  14. k dizzle says:

    I like this rom, but when I flashed it with the tiamat kernel, the USB tethering said it is tethering, but my PC running Ubuntu 10.04 would not auto detect.

  15. shane says:

    Ok…. Semi newb here and need some help. I have tried over and over to get the visual voice mail to work on my sprint 4g. I have tried to download the sprint visual voicemail apk first and used the titanium backup and it didnt work. After I did it the Voicemail icon didnt even show up in the apps. I uninstalled and downloaded the google apps and went through the google apps voice setup and couldnt get that to work either. I would prefer the spint voicemail… does anyone have a solution that works…. any help would be greatly appreaciated and thanks in advance….

    • Steven says:

      Me and my girl had the same issue. She called sprint thru the voicemail setting. (press 1).and ask them to reset her voicemail and mine as well. she did and when the voicemail asked for password it was last 4 digits of #. sprint voicemaill works perfect. Cm7 the best thus far.

  16. NRHTX says:

    I tried the CyanogenMod 7.1 Final and went back to MIKG 2.5.9 because I was not able to do ##72786# or ##3282#
    Anyone know how to get this to work? Because I would love to go back and try it. I was told this is part of the HTC Sense but I found it to be strange because this is to fix your voice and soft reset or Data Reset.

    Voice and Soft reset
    select edit and enter MSL
    select menu and then Reset
    Data Reset
    select edit and enter MSL
    select data profile
    select menu and select Restore

  17. NRHTX says:


    Anyone know why CyanogenMod does not let you do these entries to reset data and voice
    using the ##3282# or ##72786# ?

    • Tim J says:

      no i do not. if you accidently flashed your number over to google voice, go online at sprint and do a live chatting with representative, and they will do a voicemail reset, no matter what rom your using it will fix the problem trust me. gotta love technologies these days.

  18. NRHTX says:

    Wired Tethering does not work on my windows 7. NDIS is yellow out. I tried everything I can and I am about to go back to MIKG 259. Does anything have any idea how to get the wired tethering to work?

    The wifi hotspot works

  19. Fad says:

    have cm7 for about a week now, I love it, only thing is when I attach the hdmi cable nothing happens. installed the hdmi mirroring from tim win and still not working. what can I do? cm7 version 2.3.7

  20. Josh says:

    any1 else having the problem of not being able to recieve txt messages? and if so how would i go about fixing it

  21. evl_z4y says:

    After you “Flash ROM”

    Download SavagedZen-2.2.1-BFS-HAVS-signed
    -link: hlttp://

    Flash KERNAL SD\

    Finally Go to,
    Settings >> Preformence >> Governor>> Change setting to “POWERSAVE”

    My phone hasnt left 100% on a 30min Bus ride home listening to music, w/ screen on, using Facebook (CPU@422MHZ)

  22. raynman says:

    I thought I installed everything correctly but when I rebooted it went into a boot loop (skateboarding droid kept popping up)…anyone else have this problem or know how I can fix it?

  23. alejo says:

    Best Rom I have used so far.. I did not change any settings I’m using it as it came with what ever default settings. and is very fast no lagging and battery life is good so far no force closes am very happy with it. thanks. Max you are the man… thanks.

  24. david cifuentes says:

    gps doesnt work for me please help

  25. eric payne says:

    Hey there I have been on this ROM for about a week now and I can’t seem to be able to receive mms voice recordings. I am able to receive picture mail and everything else just not voice messages. Everything else with it I love bit my boss is always sending me voice texts and I can’t retrieve any of them, it just says message from …….. was unsuccessfuly downloadad. Would appreciate some help on this asap cause if I don’t fix soon, ill have to change my ROM again. Thanks

  26. daniel korup says:

    I flashed this rom and now all off my contacts are gone. What the heck happened. I’m sure I backed them up to SD card. How do I recover the lost contacts

  27. ian says:

    hi there ive been following this article for awhile….i wanted what i read about this ROM and kernel…
    i wana know since its been awhile hows the battery life??? and how stable this rom is?? thanks

  28. Garrick says:

    I am new to this area. Could someone please explain to me something? If the video states to use the most recent Android version 2.3.7, how can you install this custom rom and kernel? Isn’t version 2.3 Gingerbread? I’m running 2.2 on HTC EVO 4G. I was under the impression to do custom rom’s, you have to have root access and that 2.3 is not rootable as of yet. That is why I still have version 2.2 on my EVO. In short, if you cant root 2.3, then how can you install custom rom’s? Thank You for all your help.

  29. Ruben says:

    hey max i installed the cyanogen mod 7 and im having trouble viewing my screen, when i turn on my phone i get a blank screen and i try and try alot untill it turns on, whats wrong plz let me know…

    • Daniel says:

      Yh I think Im having the same problem. I post a comment requesting for help. Is it the blank screen the says “htcEVOtm4G”?

  30. John says:

    4g does not work. I have tried three custom roms on my phone, no 4g. After trying three roms its safe to assume no custom rom will ever have 4g any time soon untill 3g is completly fased out. if you want 4g you have to have the stock verson. with the stock verson you have to deal with carrier iq or simmular. i hate carrier iq. I dout future or updated custom roms will support 4g. thats why i dfont do data plans. 3g is too slow. If anyone has 4g working on their custom rom phone then ill know for sure the 4g circut on my phone is faulty. everything eals on my phone works.

  31. Dan says:

    just curious if you have tried scary kernel with the cm7 yet?

  32. Tim J says:

    I love this Rom/Kernel combo. I try out every new rom and keep coming back to this set up. fast, stable and great battery life…..especially with seidio extended 3500mah battery. I also suggest you use the v6 supercharger mod to reduce lag… get the the script go to;…… script manager from the market, which is free by the ways. Great job max, and hope that someone figures out how to get 4g and camera working on ICS 4.0. can’t wait to get samsung galaxy s2 when my 2 years is up w sprint, although i love my OG EVO!!!!

  33. Daniel says:

    HELP!!! I unzipped tiamet kernel and cm7.1 from this website. I rebooted my phone, but my htc EVO 4G won’t boot up to actually be able to use the phone. It only pops up the the white start up screen when I reboot it. It is the screen where it says “htcEVOtm4g”. It cannot load anything else. It just stays on the screen forever. Does that mean I cant use my phone anymore? If i can, can I fix so it will open up my phone again? HELP!!

    PS. I can still go on to recovery.

    • Daniel says:

      Nevermind i solved my problem myself. What i did was backed up all my stuff in my sd card in recovery. Then I had to wipe all my data off. Reboot it and poof i have cyanogen 7.1. Even though i have the rom, was a waste of time to figure this by myself…….. thx anyway max. 🙂

  34. Daniel says:

    Need help. Why does my phone keep on force closing apps and keeps on freezing? Sometimes when i t freezes I have to restart it….

  35. Mitchell says:

    i have a problem. i recently flashed cyanogenmod 7 and the tiamet kernel. i was curios so i used incredicontrol or something like that and overclocked it to about 1.26 ghz i locked up. battery pulled multiple times and nothing. tried reflashing the kernel and nothing. how can i fix this without losing any data? pictures, apps, stuff like that. if i have to lose it i will but if it can be done without that would be great. thank you

  36. Anthony says:

    as anyone figured out how to fix the cell stand by and phone idle problems cuz i cant figure it out

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