Evo Deck ROM for HTC Evo 4G! [Best Gingerbread ROM]

If there was an award given for the best Gingerbread ROM right now, I would give it to the latest version of Evo Deck ROM, which is based off CM7 but does better with HDMI mirroring and flawless overclocking.  (I am having problems with stock CM7 overclocking and no HDMI mirroring.)

I did review Evo Deck ROM couple weeks back, I believe the brightness settings weren’t working but it works fine now and highly recommend it until there’s a better ROM that comes along the way.

Here’s a quick overview of Evo Deck ROM (again):

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Download Evo Deck ROM here or check here for latest version.

You will need to also flash Google Apps separately and Google Talk too:

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Google Apps download

Google Talk v.1.3 with video download

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20 Responses to Evo Deck ROM for HTC Evo 4G! [Best Gingerbread ROM]

  1. Ken says:

    thanks keep up the gooooooooood work

  2. Tommy Harkins says:

    I have an earlier version of this rom and everything is awesome except that my video camera doesn’t work. Is there any way to update to the current version without reflashing??

  3. Martin says:

    I do agree that Evo deck ROM is an exceptional ROM, I have to disagree that it is the BEST ROM available. While it is most likely the first gingerbread ROM that supports HDMI mirroring and overclocking, there are downsides that most users already see and don’t care about and some that most users cannot live with. After playing around with this ROM for about a solid hour, I found this ROM to be very exceptional in all standards. Some of the downsides I see of this ROM are: Takes a while to boot up (Then again: Which ROM doesn’t have a fast boot?) Can’t access bootloader immediately (you could always hold the power button, restart and choose whichever option you want though), Same problem w/ netflix on Gingerbread update, only has selected widgets (can’t download them either… or so I think) radio seem weaker compared to other ROM’s (couldn’t even find 1-bar of 4g in chicago), only has 5 pages compared to other ROM’s which have up to 7 no quick settings in notification area, HTC sync isn’t available as USB option (or so I think… again) Theme chooser only has 5 skins to choose from (compared to most ROMs that have 7-8), and Notifications appear smaller to see. I’m not criticizing the developer(s) in any way shape or form. I’m only pointing out things to be aware of for any user that wants to flash this ROM and what to expect. I give major props for the developer for creating and spending time on this ROM to make it virtually flawless and zedomax for making me do something for about a good hour (which was well spent). Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Mike B says:

    First I’d like to say…..Great work. I appreciate the newsletters and the videos are always helpful. That being said, what am I doing wrong here? I had no problem with the last Cyanogen Rom and no problem with the MikG Rom. I’m trying to switch back to this latest Cyanogen Rom (based on your opinion) and I’m having a problem getting my phone to work. I can receive calls but the actual Icon for the phone is not there. Like my dialer is gone. I downloaded the Cyanogen update and the Google apps – what did I miss here?

  5. adrian says:

    can any of this ROMS work on HTC evo on cricket? ?? if so please email me back at asimental69@gmail.com thank you

  6. rodney says:

    i’m curious to know your thoughts on the evo deck rom vs. mikG 2.0.

  7. matt says:

    Hi I just flashed over to the new evo deck rom and I am haveing some probs wit the wifi tether app. It was working fine on my stock rom but now I get a error message every time I try to use it any ideas.

  8. curious says:

    How do u uncap throttling for 4g (wimax) in this rom? can’t use ##3282#.

  9. curious says:

    my phone just turned off for no apparent reason.

  10. dawn says:

    i’m a new evo 4g user. I can’t find the market after installing the evo deck rom. Any ideas?

  11. gemini28 says:

    Hi Max! Great rom! However, my navigation is not working and same goes with the visual voicemail. Any suggestions how to fix it? Thanks a bunch!

  12. Alex says:

    I installed the ROM, only to find that it says 1x instead of 3G at the top for data connection. Does 1x still signify 3G?

    • Martin says:

      No. It signifies that you are using a service known as EDGE. It is the lowest service that all phones have other than 3G.

  13. Laserking7 says:

    Which kernel are you using in this video?

  14. Nateroo says:

    excellent work through out the site. everything worked till i wanted to play around and then now.. i dont know what i might of hit.. i can get to the bootloader but i cant get it to boot into any ROM that i had working.. it will boot up into android and have no functions other than the time. nothing else. i tried going in and taking Mikg rom off the phone by going into the SD card through the bootloader.. i also tried to put this version of evo deck on there and it all comes up signed but no go on actually working. when i tried to re-install it again on my phone through bootloader, I get a message stating that installation aborted. this makes me think its already on there so i try to reboot again and then the android ?ROM? opens and no functions again.. WTF? I am not sure how or what i did to fail with your foolproof great directions.. other than being an idoit and greedy and trying to play around with stuff i shouldn’t play around with unless i knew more about it.. so any help on how to get ANY ROM to work.. so it doesnt boot up into the android nothing works? appreciate anything. Thanks for your time in helping me.

    • Nateroo says:

      now on the boot loader recovery it says the back button is disabled and when i press the power button to select options from the menu it takes the menu away. if i press it again the menu is back but still no functions..

  15. anthony alkhawande says:

    I need help with the recovery when i hit the recovery button all i get is a red triangle i already have the gingerbread zip on my SD card but i cant get it to go past the red triangle after the i hit recovery so i really need help on this one i have been trying for 2 hours lol thank u

  16. Alternet says:

    Does Navigation on google maps work on this ROM?

  17. ChrisG says:

    In google maps gps cant pinpoint my location. it puts me in the area but not pinpoint. Its works fine using wifi but not so good using GPS. I really like this ROM. Any suggestions.

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