EVOlvedROM r3chargeD ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

Looking for full Sense 3.0 experience? Try the EVOlvedROM r3chargeD ROM for the Evo 4G. It’s a pretty smooth ROM with full Sense 3.0. I will have more Sense 3.0 ROM reviews also coming this week!

Download ROM here:

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Download EVOlvedROM

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36 Responses to EVOlvedROM r3chargeD ROM for HTC Evo 4G!

  1. devon morgan says:

    downloaded files but cant install them,keeps saying no files tryed to download EVOlved rom.copied to sd card could not install any help would be nice

  2. Remy M says:

    I did everything right. the rom is fine. but it wont sync facebook or gmail contacts. is there something else 2 be done?

  3. Pcar9119 says:

    I just installed evolved on my wifes evo, and it’s great. Works pretty well and she says it’s like having a new phone!

  4. Ark.Bishop says:

    I was able to install the ROM but now it will not allow me to move apps to the SD Card. The message I am getting is not enough storage space in SD card even though there are 10gb of storage available. I was using the Mik ROM and was able to move all apps to the SD card. Can you let me know how I can fix the problem? Thanks!

  5. bm says:

    It ran fine for a short while and then kept rebooting. I hope it didn’t turn my EVO into a brick. Let me see how I can quickly flash to a different ROM. I’m scared now.

    • bm says:

      I pulled the battery then did volume down and power and started in recovery. I flashed to MikG. I’m staying with MikG for now.

  6. Robert says:

    I just rooted my evo 4g and installed EVOveld. Everything went well until I went to the android market. I tried downloading an app and it keeps getting stuck in “starting download” How can I get the apps to download?

  7. Don Steward says:

    How can I tell if I need to also add Google Apps and Google Talk? Anyone had ongoing success with this ROM? Looking for some reassurance before I give it a go!

  8. Andy Martinez says:

    Content not supported??! What do I do?

  9. This is my first ROM install. OMG its badass, i will donate to this site and th original dev. Thanks for such a great tutorial.

  10. Jerry H says:

    I also tried the EVOlvedROM r3chargeD ROM for HTC Evo 4G rom and on first impressions it kicked butt!,, but after a bit i noticed when i would try to change screens it would lag for just a second or two.. nothing huge but enough to be annoying. After a couple days when i started using the apps i noticed that alot of them that interacted with the camera were messing up. It would ask if i wanted to take a picture or use teh gallery, i would select gallery, then it would ask if i wanted to take a pic or use the gallery,, i kept getting stuck in that loop. Then I started getting the low memory pop up. It would tell me to kill some apps, but when I opened the app, there was nothing listed… So I remorsefully went back to the MikG ROm.. dont get me wrong i love the MikG rom, but I really liked the carousel affect of the home screens where I can just keep turning, not having to go back and forth… One thing I would like to add, in the demo he had his Evo overclocked — since i am relatively new to rooting,, that was one step i have not worked up the nerve to do just yet….


    • vance554 says:

      I’ve been looking for an updated Sense 3+ ROM and the good news is, it looks like the Mik team is working on a Sense 3.5 ROM (with Android 2.3.5)! I was using the Nocturnal Bliss Beta ROM Max posted with Sense 3.5, but I ended up going back to MikG… it’s just a solid working ROM… until then, I’ll wait for the next Mik ROM release (MikRunny?)

  11. Robert says:

    When I try to flash the ROM with evolved, it says the (E) signature is not authentic or something while in boot loader mode. What do I need to do? My phone is rooted and I have the ROM on my sd card and it recognizes it but it won”t go completely through…..

    • Tim J says:

      if your using clockwork recovery probably won’t work……recently switched over to amon ra recovery v2.3 and worked perfectly clockwork recovery is a thing in the past in my opinion!!!

  12. Miguel says:

    this rom is awesome. like having a new phone. there are some gliches, like some lag but for the mos part it is smooth. i will stick with this one for a while.

  13. Tim J says:

    This is by far the best rom, “STABLE” rom i’ve used so far for the evo 4g. On the linpack benchmark i’ve been getting around 40-42 and on quadrant i maxed out at 1853. battery life is exceptionally flawlessy if you set your setcup around 400mhz or less it will last for ever. A+++ for EVOLVED ROM FOR EVO!!!!!

  14. Mr. Rocks says:

    So Ive Been Using this rom for about a day or so and i notice my data icon keeps going from 3g to 1x and stays there the majority of the time whats up with that?

  15. Orlando says:

    does this one do HDMI mirroring?

  16. cmm9719 says:

    What is the best Evo 3D Rom if this isn’t the best?

  17. kyle says:

    Does 720p video work yet on this? I been on this for a cpl weeks now.. seems to take a lot space on yer phone and gets kinda laggy.. I downloaded another version that says final at the end.. does that one have everything work? Please help me out ZEDO

  18. coleby says:

    just downloaded and im getting constatnt errors popping up every two sec saying the process com.android.phone hat stopped and i click force close and it pops up i can barely do anythig i need help plz help!

  19. tony crespo says:

    what can i say i flashed this rom it look great and stuff but its so slow takes long time to do something like when you unlock the phone and want to go to an app it freezes for a bit and then after a couple of second it goes to the app.
    sometimes it will just freeze so you need to lock it again and unlock again so i hope all this things get fixed

  20. tim says:

    should i keep the stock kernel or download one?

  21. tim says:

    i cant send mms with this rom does anyone knows why i cant send them

  22. tonya says:

    lots and lots and lots of force closes!!!

  23. Cody says:

    Keeps force closing on me, Can anyone help please?

  24. Mark says:

    been using this ROM for almost a month. it was awesome at first but then became a little laggy and I’ve been getting more and more force closes. biggest complaint — I can’t answer a damn call anymore. now granted, most of us have switched our usage from primarily as a phone to primarily as a computer so to speak but I’d still like to be able to answer a call. anyone else having this problem? if so, any fixes? 100% of the time, I try to answer but it immediately pops up “missed call from XXX” so then I have to call that person back. very annoying.

  25. Marc says:

    Loved the rom but had some issues I really didnt like. Couldnt open my market and wouldnt sync my contacts. Also kept having a force close for my mail. Does anyone know how to fix these issues.

  26. AndrewZ says:

    i love this rom, but i do find couple glitches:
    * a camera flash doesnt work i keep getting message that flash is disabled due to low battery or cold weather or running apps that uses a lot of power???
    * when i tried to set up my mail im keep getting notice that i need to have an active network connection???
    is there anything i can do to fix those problems?

  27. ASAPSEVEN says:

    can you find the correct download link for the newest evolvedrom recharged FINAL zip
    man i want tha rom so bad please help me

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