FEARMEde ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G! [Sense 3.5]

FEARMEde ROM is another great Sense 3.5 ROM, based off the Runnymede ROM we reviewed last week, comes with slightly different flavor and Beats Audio.

For those of you ROM switchers out there who must try out the best Sense 3.5 ROMs, this is another great one to try out.

Let me know what you think!

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Don’t forget to read the Evo 4G Cheat Sheet if you have no idea on how to install new ROMs.

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13 Responses to FEARMEde ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G! [Sense 3.5]

  1. RhitmanR says:

    Just wondering if the hulu flash player is different in the Sense 3.5s, because I tried it with runnymede and this fearmede Rom. No sound comes out and sometimes my internet just closes… Thanks

  2. mkrinc says:

    I was wondering if the visual voicemail works on this version. I know the previous 3.5 rom did not have it.

  3. tankdog03 says:

    How much memory does this use, and how much internal space is used… Thanks

    • evoorcursed says:

      I ran mikg roms on my rooted 2.2 for months without a problem, so you should be fine. I’d like to say I try lots of different roms, this is a good Rom overall few bugs like the inability to sign in to htc hub and flash on the internet forces close all the time. Clean tho no bloatware.. better keyboard also needed.. great job!!!!

  4. Mark says:

    Decided to give this rom a try after failing miserably with Rainyday. So far, this rom is much faster and stable. I think the only thing missing that would be nice is the HTC hub and the default wallpapers. Other than that, this is a very nice rom thus far.

  5. m.b. says:

    can you delete the zip file from your memory card after a rom is installed and running …?

  6. jimmy779 says:

    Tried this and the rainyday Rom and both are running super slow on my phone even on WiFi and I can’t get YouTube to stream or even open up. Plus no 4g on either is anyone else having the same issues? I run a qudrant benchmark of 487 on this one and 450 something on the rainyday

  7. dj_iet says:

    Rom is slow. Takes up tons of memory. Don’t like it. Switching back to mikg Rom the most stable Rom till this day. Don’t waste your time people sloppy rom

  8. Don says:

    ok… how do i force an update of my sense version… i am stuck in like version 2 or something… and its been like that since before rooting my EVO 4G…. i would love to go up to version 3.5… but would honestly be happy with a stock version of 3?

    Please get back to me some time…

  9. zenitram102 says:

    Anyone fix the problem when not being able to download certain apps due to not having enough space even though you do? This ROM would be perfect if I could link facebook to contacts….

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